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Illegal Alien in Florida Who Terrorized Family with Knife during a Home Invasion is Tied to Human Smugglers
#IllegalAliens #Florida #BuildTheWall
#LockThemAllUp #WalkAway #MAGA #KAG #TreasonSummit #GreatAwakening
#QAnon #Trump2020 #Trump
#RedPill #REALNews…
32-year-old Samuel Hernandez broke into the home of an older family in Mascotte, Florida.

The woman was asleep in bed with her husband, and awakened to find this ANIMAL charging at her with a Knife.

He was literally trying to kill her, but she fought back and grabbed the knife.
She cut both her hands and blood was pouring all over the room, he sliced her up badly when she grabbed the knife.

Had she not grabbed she'd be dead.

The #IllegalAlien was going to kill her folks.

This is an upper middle class neighborhood in Western Hills Lane in Mascotte FL.
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A few thoughts on today's extraordinary meeting. Vladimir #Putin hinted that the FSB does indeed have #kompromat on Trump. Putin said he didn't know about #Trump's 2013 visit to Moscow, therefore this material can't exist. A non sequitur. Conclusion: there is a tape
Putin's offer to cooperate with Mueller is playful trolling. Mueller's agents won't be travelling to #Moscow anytime soon. In 2006 the Kremlin offered to cooperate in the Litvinenko murder probe. UK detectives visited Russia and were given the run-around, used as pawns in PR game
The limits of British diplomacy were woefully exposed. Theresa May had asked #Trump to raise the novichok poisoning of the Skripals and the death of Dawn Sturgess. Trump didn't and appears to have forgotten about them. No mention today of (alleged) #Russian state murder ops
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CROWDSTRIKE: A Look Behind the Mask

The Deep State Plot to Frame Russia for a DNC Hack.

#QAnon #12Russians #MAGA #Crowdstrike #MuellerProbe #Rosenstein #Trump #MondayMotivaton @realDonaldTrump
Before we begin our dig into the Deep State's plot to frame Russia for a DNC hack...

Let's dive into a bit of Crowdstrike's history, their founders & execs, as well as other notable connections.

#QAnon #MAGA #Crowdstrike #12Russians #Trump #MuellerProbe @realDonaldTrump
Crowdstrike founder Dimitri Alperovitch is an anti-Putin Russian expat who's company was discredited over their revision & retraction of a report of Russian hacking of Ukrainian equipment. Crowdstrike's lack of credibility raises questions as the sole analyst of the DNC server.
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1/ Thread

#OpDomesticTerrorism #WhiteSupremacy #Militias #NationalSecurity

Context: Thread touches on militias; specifically anti-government groups gaining attention as of late.

Definition I'm using is in screen cap below.

2/ Thread

#NWO #QAnon #ThreePercenters #Patriots

This movement has many different ideologies. One of the most dangerous is "Anti-Government Extremism"

"Defining Extremism: A Glossary of Anti-Government Extremist Terms, Movements and Philosophies" Link:…
3/ Thread

Some #AntiGovernment groups have strong links to more radical, racist and fascist groups like #NeoNazis, #AltRight, #AltLite and other #WhiteSupremacist organizations

"So, About That “Well-Regulated Militia” Part of the Constitution"…
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13-Year-Old Maria Lopez and her 49-year-old grandmother, Oralia Mendoza were brutally murdered in Alabama by ILLEGAL ALIENS.
They BEHEADED... a child...
@realDonaldTrump is RIGHT AGAIN. These people are ANIMALS. How evil can you possibly get. Where is mainstream media?
26-year-old Yoni Martinez Aguilar, and 34-year-old Israel Gonzalez Palomino are facing capital murder charges.
They're affiliated with the Sinaloa Drug Cartel... One of the most brutal and savage Mexican Drug Cartels in existence.
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#Breaking BADABOUM Pour #Trump, président des #EtatsUnis, l'#UnionEuropeenne est 1 ENNEMI. La #Russie seulement sous certains aspects. Oui, vous vous en foutez à cette heure mais vous avez bien lu... Encore 1 fois, aucun hasard, et 1 projet délibéré de destruction. RT+
2) #Breaking #Trump a été élu président sur 1 projet nationaliste, identitaire et mercantiliste, financé en particulier par le milliardaire Mercer qui soutint aussi le #Brexit. Jusqu'ici, il l'applique à la lettre. Ce n'est pas lui qui est surprenant mais la naïveté des Européens
3) #Breaking Je renvoie à mon #thread d'avant-hier sur la politique extérieure de #Trump: 1 doctrine cohérente pour abattre l'ordre mondial libéral post-1991 que ses partenaires de l'UE ou l'OTAN croient pouvoir réduire aux excentricités du personnage...
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#Breaking #miseàjour Et désormais la Maison Blanche de #Trump boycotte @CNN en représailles. Le conseiller à la Sécurité nationale #Bolton a été interdit de se rendre chez @jaketapper ce dimanche matin. Démarche inédite aux #EtatsUnis. RT+
2) Et ce boycott de @cnn est assumé et théorisé par la Maison Blanche de #Trump. La presse doit être respectueuse du président US pour être"prioritaire"...(sic)
3) Dans ce domaine de la #presse comme en politique étrangère (cf. mes threads de la semaine), grosse erreur d'analyse de traiter #Trump en "bouffon"incohérent sans ligne directrice...
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Thread. Let’s talk about #Novartis. What did #Trump want out of it? Money, yes. But you’d be a fool to think that was all there was to it. No, Trump’s relationship with Novartis is not just dubious but nefarious, as well. As greedy as Donald is, some of his deals aren’t related
to financial gain, but rather, for something he wants more - cover-ups. So, what about Joe Jimenez? Well, I’ll start out by saying this: he has ties to Sergio Ermotti. Sergio is a powerful #Swiss banker who is tied closely to the #Kushners, the #Rothschilds, and the #Mercers.
All three of these families are helping Ivanka take over many millions - and soon to be billions - of cryptocurrencies. Ivanka is a high-level gambler in the cryptocurrency field. She gets a little then risks a lot, gets some more and risks more. But she’s a good con just like
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That is not correct we abstained from disrupting democratic processes, we did however hand the US public information repeatedly on #Trump's illegal activities which any other country would have used appropriately to disqualify him from any election.

We understand the frustration many have with #Anonymous. However given the failure of not only the US mainstream and alternative media, general public, and security apparatuses which are primarily focused on attacking us rather than listening, our assistance is rendered limited.
When you have both the #Russia/n and United States government obstructing and attacking us combined with an apathetic public only interested in celebrity voices; it becomes very difficult to stay operational let alone fight for the democracy of a population of 300 million.
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Got to love the idiotic trolls in “#theResistance” who have the audacity to tell us what we should or shouldn’t post. And tell us we need to focus on midterms. 1.) Most of the Guardians are not American citizens and 2.) We’re on the frontlines bringing the cabal down - politics
are secondary to us. Our main goal is to rescue the children, stop the #Nazi agenda, bust trafficking rings, stop #falseflags, etc., not politics. That’s secondary. The work we do plays a key role in taking down #Trump’s #regime - but we’re not doing it for political reasons.
We’re doing it to stop the NeoNazi Movement dead in their tracks, which will bring #Trump down. Funny how members of “#theresistace” try to tell us what to say or do on OUR timelines. And it’s even funnier when somebody #follows our accounts and then, comments and tells our
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1.A not revealed story pertaining to the @Comey letter is that public evidence prove that #Prince #Giuliani and #Trump conspired to "Lean" on #Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary

#Trump #Russia #HumanTrafficking #Prostitution #Conspiracy…
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United States Department of Homeland Security is sourcing information from right-wing, fascist, and neo-Nazi blogs to investigate and crackdown on anti-fascists and #Anarchists.

#antireport #antifa #Repression #Anarchism…
United States Department of Homeland Security requests US police departments nationwide to target anti-fascists and #Anarchists organizing protests.

#antireport #antifa #Repression #Anarchism…
United States to Create Journalist-Tracking Database, Labels Critics “Conspiracy Theorists” & crackdown on investigators covering antifa, police street executions, anti-ICE, and other State abuse protests.

#antireport #antifa #Repression #Anarchism
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Still one of the greatest @realDonaldTrump tweets ever... One could suggest it's *promiscuous* by nature.

What bothers me most is the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation were coaching Lisa Page into what to testify and how to do it.


She's a former lawyer, and not affiliated with the FBI???

Why is Christopher Wray, a TRUMP APPOINTEE, covering this up?
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George Webb sued John Podesta in 2017, along with other elected and public officials including Justice Department personnel but today, exact language, accusations and content from Webb’s suit appeared in the Justice Department’s indictment.

Yesterday, Rod Rosenstein made a Mueller indictment announcement.

That wasn't even true. The inconveniences #Facts came back to bite them in the A$$

#Mueller & #ROSENSTEIN #RussianHacking turns out to be from a George Web lawsuit against #Podesta…
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@amjoyshow @MSNBC @CNN @ABC @CBSNews @FoxNews @nytimes @washingtonpost

Appears #Mueller accomplished several things:

1.Confirmed #Putin was behind the attacks.
2.Made it near impossible to fire #Rosenstein.
3. Reset the field-now it’s REAL Americans vs Putin collaborators.../1
@amjoyshow @MSNBC @CNN @ABC @CBSNews @FoxNews @nytimes @washingtonpost ...ANY of the GOP Senators/Congressman who continue to back #Trump & his love-fest w/ Putin are UNQUESTIONABLY enemies of the state.

The battle lines are being drawn: you’re either w/ those of us who won’t stand for an attack on our democracy or you’re on the side of TREASON./2
& Twitter, IF YOU’RE LISTENING, you can’t permit the platform to be used by anyone voicing/supporting attacks against this country.

This MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Among other things, it may constitute rebellion, insurrection, sedition or other subversive activities.

@tribelaw /3
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Finally, a journalist from @FoxNews, @johnrobertsFox has the integrity to protest this disgusting slander & suppression of the constitutional right of free press by the most corrupt @potus in history, @realDonaldTrump
Trump said “I do not take questions from @CNN ”. The pronouncements of @POTUS have legal status. The Furst Amendment prevents laws that suppress Freedom of the Press.…
#Trump is in conflict with the constitution. Of course, rather more seriously has took money from Kremlin money launderers and conspired with the Kremlin to rig the election. The evidence is profound. It is time for all responsible professionals in politics and media to turn
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What was the content in DNC/Podesta emails that was SO bad it was "act of war" "threat to democracy?" Rigging primary? Teneo memo pay4play? $1M bday check to Slick Willy from Qatar? Proving Obama & Clinton aides lied? "Follow the $?" Media collusion? HVF, Foundation, dark $?
People are using strong language like "we were attacked,' but that's not true. "WE" werent anything. Private orgs & people are NOT govt nor are THEIR failures to protect their systems OUR problem. Is it the truth revealed by publisher Wikileaks that people are outraged over?
Is the outrage about #12Russians because our 2-tiered justice system was further exposed? Are people outraged there was info in DNC/Podesta emails that revealed disturbing things we didnt know? How bout money flow & collusion btwn PACS, think tanks, campaigns, bundlers, etc?
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Weinstein Admits Jobs for Sex in Hollywood Happens Every Day?
What the Hell is REALLY Going On in Hollywood? His Attorney Now Denies 🤔 #RedPill
#Weinstein #MeToo #WalkAway #TimesUp #PedoGate #KAG #MAGA #HollywoodVampires #Evil
#FridayFeeling #TRUMP #Qanon…
This story is INTRIGUING-
PERSONAL friend of Harvey Weinstein interviewed him for Spectator - Taki- Weinstein allegedly told Taki, "I offered acting jobs in exchange for sex, but so does everyone – they still do.”
Hours later? His Attorney FREAKS OUT claiming misrepresentation
So I'm thankful that #MeToo exposed a TON of powerful Hollywood DEMOCRATS-

Sexual Abuse is wrong. But does it not seem stunning that we never see Hollywood Pedophiles exposed by it? 🤔
Does it make sense thst Weinstein was telling the truth and the elite were scared?
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In a few days left before #HelsinkiSummit b/n #Putin @realDonaldTrump I'l be using this THREAD to share my own & my @AlMonitor colleagues' works and reports on what the two presidents may and may not achieve on #Syria, #Russia/#US-related developemnts b/n #Israel and #Iran, etc.
1. In our latest @AlMonitor #Russia-Mideast @lavmir brings an interesting story of recent talks b/n @netanyahu - #Putin in #Moscow
There're types of reads that good you regret it wasnt you who authored them. To me this exclusive take for @AlMonitor by #Russia's leading foreign policy analyst Fyodor Lukyanov on a possible #Syria deal b/n #Putin & #Trump is in this category…
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#flashbackfriday #StrzokHearing Fmr ODNI IG warned about SAPs on Clinton server👉Clapper didnt care. Comey knew bout SAPs, didnt care. #Strzok was "concerned" when TS intel & SAPs were found so he/FBI IGNORED IG warnings her server was breached by foreign entities? REALLY?
Everyone knew. @HurdOnTheHill questioned Comey about it a couple years ago.

Not only did foreign entities have access to Clinton's emails, but guess what shared the same network as Sec of State??? Clinton Foundation. THE biggest global criminal enterprise. And dont forget about Teneo.
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1 fois encore, les menaces et intimidations du président #Trump sur Theresa #May à propos du #Brexit rappellent qu'il est dépositaire d'1 projet idéologique cohérent, à la fois nationaliste et mercantiliste, soutenu et déployé par le milliardaire US Robert #Mercer... #thread
2) Au coeur de l'interview au #Sun du président US #Trump, on retrouve en effet les piliers de sa doctrine politique: le peuple, ici britannique, vs des élites qui trahiraient le vote du #Brexit, la volonté de démanteler les bureaucraties étatiques ou supra-étatiques type UE...
3) la menace de #Trump à #May sur 1 accord commercial des #EtatsUnis avec l'#UE en cas de #Brexit doux démontre l'approche mercantiliste"bilatérale"où les partenaires US sont mis en concurrence et amenés à se soumettre par la position dominante US.…
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My thoughts on #Trump's bombshell interview w/ The Sun: He puts his finger at inconvenient truth: tradeoff between regulatory alignment w/ EU post-Brexit and regulatory alignment w/ US as part of US-UK #trade deal. But he goes about it in undiplomatic way that isn't helpful.
Trump's explosive interview calling US-UK trade deal off is likely part of negotiation tactic. Throw UK off balance and then extract more concessions in future negotiations.
Still a lot more on trade for T May to talk to Trump about: US steel and aluminium tariffs and looming tariffs on cars and automotive imports. T May should position herself as bridge between US and EU.
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