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The problem isn’t #trump or #biden it is that everyone wants the political system in the USA to be fixed. One group is going with full frontal assault and the other group is throwing money at it. We need to run the country like a successful business (but not a casino or tv show)
Extreme change is needed- term limits, line item vetos, end lobbyists, election finance, and most of all changes to terms. A house member must campaign constantly because elections are every two years. Make them 4 years with a 16 year limit. Make presidents have 1 6 year term.
Change the Senate so it doesn’t make laws. It only votes on appointments and Supreme Court.Change Supreme Court drastically must represent nation.8 judges, 1/2 women,must have at least 1 white,1 black,1 indigenous,1 Muslim,1 Jewish,1 Protestant,1 catholic &Senate vote breaks ties
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Ecoutez d'abord ceci: #Zemmour chez #BercoffSudRadio
Puis écoutez la nouvelle capsule de @LaCroixduSud3.
Une analyse lucide sur #Trump, le #PassDeLaHonte et #Zemmour.…
Ça ne va pas être simple pour la #Presidentielle2022.
L'enjeu: reprendre le contrôle.
Reprendre nos libertés, exercer notre droit en tant que nation à défendre notre identité, reprendre notre souveraineté, mettre fin au jacobinisme.
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22nd Amendment states “No person shall be elected to the office of the #President more than twice..”

#DonaldTrump & @GOP must either acknowledge that he did NOT win the 2020 #election, or continue to insist he did & is thus constitutionally ineligible to run again.

The moment #trump and other #Republicans claimed that he actually won and was elected to a second term, they therefore acknowledged that he cannot be #elected again, as per the #Constitution. The text is clear - whether he served 2 terms or not, he CAN’T win a 3rd time.

If someone who has been president was (legitimately) elected for a 2nd term, then declined to take the presidential oath and serve that term, by the text of the 22nd Amendment, they cannot be elected again - regardless of whether or not they served the 2nd term.

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I don’t believe in coercion, but if I did this episode of the @joerogan podcast, with #AlexBerenson, would be a required listen for every human on planet Earth.

#COVID19 #COVID #CDC #Fauci #DrFauci #Trump #Biden #vaccine #JoeRogan #FDA #therapeutics…
How the hell is there a single person left in the #USA that trust the leadership of #DrFauci.

#Fauci has been lying to the world about #COVID19 since day 1, including lying in front of #Congress. This is a fact, it’s indisputable.

#COVID’s now all #politics.

#COVID #pandemic
It’s insane how many people are terrified of #COVID19.

We’re so driven by #propaganda and so mathematically illiterate we’ve idiotically chosen to destroy our society.

There’s ZERO REASON to turn our lives upside down because of #COVID.

#Sweden did it right. The #USA did not.
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Is your #meditation practice checking a ✅ or creating impact?🚀

I took @naval’s advice 1 year ago and listened to my thoughts. My life changed a lot...

thread🧵: 1/n #success #meditation @tferriss @ScottAdamsSays
Oct. 14, 2021: advice from @naval on @tferriss podcast:

Sit for 60 mins. a day, for at least 60 days in a row. Let yr mind do its thing.

"When you do that for at least 60 days, my experience has been that you kind of clear out your mental inbox..." 2/n…
For 60 mins, "whatever your mind wants to do, you just let it do. If it wants to talk, you let it talk. If he wants to fight, you let it fight. If it wants to be quiet, you let it be quiet." @naval.

If you do this, you clear out "all the craziness that was going on." 3/n
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@LuizGabrielMa17 @gruninger_b @govbrazil @jairbolsonaro @Astro_Pontes @mcti Ô SE É! filharada toda no filé-mignon, só nos passeios de feriado com @depheliolopes seu negão... revela um grande desprezo por quem não se sujeita a lambe-botas e por quem tem algum neurônio p/questionar essa seita maluca de teocratas pendurados na grana! @mandetta @TeichNelson
@LuizGabrielMa17 @gruninger_b @govbrazil @jairbolsonaro @Astro_Pontes @mcti @depheliolopes @mandetta @TeichNelson AMAZING: #LIES, #FAKEADAS, #NEONAZIBOYS... THE WORKS LIKE @Round6Brasilll #round6Netflix

"Clube de tiro nos #EUA🇺🇸 é acusado de utilizar códigos de grupos #neonazistas e logo se assemelha ao do estado #nazista #alemão🇩🇪."…
@LuizGabrielMa17 @gruninger_b @govbrazil @jairbolsonaro @Astro_Pontes @mcti @depheliolopes @mandetta @TeichNelson @Round6Brasilll "Bandeira de grupos #armamentistas que foi usada na invasão ao #Capitólio aparece em Rancho de tiro nos #EUA frequentado pelos irmãos #Bolsonaro.
@CarlosBolsonaro usou Câmara do RJ @alerj para homenagear clube de #tiro em Santa Catarina cujo dono é instrutor do clube nos EUA."
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So you’re vaccinated but are scared to associate with the unvaccinated. What was the point of getting the 5-10 shots?
You took it so you don’t die when the survival rate is 98.7%.

Ivermectin, zinc etc is now being shown to cure it

You can still catch, spread, die, have to wear a mask & isolate.
If you took it to go to the pub that is your decision. To keep your job also your decision. To travel, not sure where in the world you want to go at this time 🥴
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The disgusting transphobic discourse in some mainstream media publications, and the apparent dismissal of transgender people by our prime minister @ScottMorrisonMP , is extremely damaging to trans and gender-questioning children.
The use of emotive phrases such as ‘castrating children’ is likely to create unwarranted concern and fear amongst the general public who have no personal experience of trans people and will influence their attitudes and perception of trans issues in a very negative way.
@ScottMorrisonMP , #Trump & many other far right conservative politicians & political parties using transgender children as a conservative rallying call to arms against progressive changes in society has lead to an increase in stigma, discrimination, social exclusion,
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Afgelopen jaar of 2 heeft 't Afbrokkelende #Evil #Empire de Bouw van de #Russische #NordStream2 #Gaspijpleiding door de Oostzee naar Europa (Duitsland) gesaboteerd & gefrustreerd.

#Glastuinbouw komt met #Crisisteam vanwege #Hoge #Aardgas #Pijzen: via @NOS
't Begon met #Caesar #Trump, die de Russisch Nordstream2 Pijplijn wilde blokkeren omdat hij duur Schaliegas aan Europa wilde slijten, per schip vanuit de VS naar Europa.

Opnieuw sterke stijging gasprijs, nu al 8 keer zo hoog als 'n jaar geleden: via @NOS
Maar #Rusland wil de #Contracten met #Oekraïne voor #Gasdoorvoer niet langer verlengen, omdat die al een paar maal Russisch gas #Zelf gingen gebruiken in plaats van naar de EU door te sturen.

Bedrijven in de knel door extreem hoge energieprijs: via @NOS
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#TheAlternative - Taliban are made of several extremists groups. They are like a supermarket of extremism. If you are an extremist, you don't need to create your own special group. You can easily find a group within the Taliban franchise. From school bombing groups to lesser evil
There was no such group as ISIS-K in Afghanistan until this September. If you are an extremist who share the values of ISIS, you could easily find yourself a group within the Taliban to join.
The people who financed the Taliban are the same people who are financing ISIS-K now.
In 2017 when #Trump dropped the mother of all bombs in Nangarhar province, the Americans didn't even bother check the damage it caused. The bomb wasn't dropped to kill or damage tunnel networks of ISIS-K, it was meant to serve the ego of the president. The mother of all ego's!
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@Europarl_EN 14 Jan⏰1999 @Europarl_EN
Report on environment, #security & #foreignpolicy.
Committee on #Environment, Public #Health & #Consumer Protection🔔▶…🔔 #HAARP disrupts❕ #climate

#ClimateCrisis😱 #MADEinUSA ® HAARP #DEW

@Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @EU_Commission @EUCouncilPress @EU_Consumer @EUCourtPress @eu_echo @EUClimateAction @fvdemocratie @coe @PieterOmtzigt #FreemanDyson💎math physicist. Worked in the same building @Princeton as #Einstein💭when Einstein was there "big brain"💭
Knew the guy who designed 1st #ClimateCrisis👎model"

"EU using #ClimateChange to justify its own existence"
- #PaulNuttall @ukipmeps
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Of 15 #Republican candidates for Secretary of State (the office that oversees #elections), in 5 battleground states,

10 lack confidence in the 2020 results or flat-out claim it stolen.

Only 2 of 9 interviewed acknowledged #Biden as the legitimate winner.
In 2020, #Trump, and #GOP legislators, not only undermined trust in elections, with false claims repeatedly debunked, they told partisan state legislators to send electors for Trump in states where voters selected Biden; a blatant rejection of #democracy.
It was only laws, and honorable officials holding to those laws, that prevented the #coup from succeeding.

The GOP are not done. Those protections are only going to get weaker with time.
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Bom dia Pipoca pra todo mundo 🤣🤣🤣
Sigam abaixo ⬇️ Image

Que comprovam fraudes durante as eleições de 2020 para a corrida Presidencial dos EUA.

#donaldtrump #trump

17.322 cédulas duplicadas
- Mais de 25% de Cédulas Duplicadas chegaram entre
4-9 de Novembro (depois do dia da eleição)

-9.041 cédulas a mais recebidas do que enviadas pelo correio.
- 255.326 "Early Votes" (votos feitos antes do dia da eleição) sem registro válido.

- Problemas graves de segurança no sistema da Dominion
- Arquivos .exe e .dll criados e
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Thread Trump: A imprensa do mundo todo, tentou abafar o caso, mas já saiu o resultado extra oficial da auditoria no Arizona, que comprovam fraudes durante as eleições de 2020 para a corrida Presidencial dos EUA.

#donaldtrump #trump
17.322 CÉDULAS DUPLICADAS ( falsas )
- Mais de 25% de Cédulas Duplicadas chegaram entre 4-9 de Novembro (depois do dia da eleição)

-9.041 cédulas a mais recebidas do que enviadas pelo correio.
- 255.326 "Early Votes" (votos feitos antes do dia da eleição) sem registro válido.
- Problemas graves de segurança no sistema da Dominion
- Arquivos .exe e .dll criados e modificados após a instalação do software nas maquinas de votação.
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Les écoles #Waldorf font partie d’une secte raciste par nature.
Ou pquoi je n’ai pas adhéré du tout
(par Jennifer Sapio, PhD)

Il existe des écoles Waldorf dans le monde entier, et elles sont particulièrement populaires dans les communautés progressistes des États-Unis.

Cependant, après avoir accepté un poste de professeur dans une école Waldorf, j’ai très vite observé un décalage entre ce que les parents comprennent de ce que l’école dit offrir, et ce dont les enseignants discutent lors des réunions de professeurs.

On parle aux parents d’une "approche holistique du développement de l’enfant", on leur dit que les élèves feront des travaux manuels, joueront des instruments à cordes et étudieront les cultures du monde entier.

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In three graphics the @nytimes shows how tightly #COVID19 #vaccination and death rates correlate now with #Democrat v #Republican voting patterns and support/opposition to #Trump.
First, vaccination rates:
2/ Second, #COVID19 death rates cross-plotted against 2020 voting, Red v Blue States.
3/ Finally, daily death trends to #COVID19 versus 2020 voting patterns
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1/#Trump suffers major loss in arbitration against #Omarosa for 2018 book w/ruling that NDAs are enforceable under NY law as "vague and indefinite". I litigated Trump NDA cases & these were nothing but aggressive attempts to intimidate frmr employees.…
2/Notably, we now learn that #Trump withdrew all his claims abt #Omarosa's time in White House. In 2018, I wrote in @PostOpinions that these NDAs were unconstitutional in those circumstances.…
3/Trump & his Administration repeatedly crossed the line trying to illegally silence former federal employees, as I wrote in 2019 when I was representing a former senior WH staffer fighting Trump's aggressive efforts.…
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Dear @SecDef #Austin, the Afghan Government "collapsed" because the US Administration cut a deal with the Taliban, not because of Taliban attacks which they countered for 19 years.

The Taliban made advances because they had a deal with the Adm that they will be the next power.
Dear General #Milley, the best way not to "Americanize" any war is not to cut deals with the enemy, the Taliban in the case of Afghanistan.

As simple as that.
Can Congress ask the secretary of defense, the joint chiefs, and @CENTCOM commander, what is the plan they established with the #Taliban in #Doha, to transfer #Afghanistan to them?

Was there a joint plan? If yes, what was it. If not, how would a transition take place?
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There is no complex international conspiracy. Everyone who is destroying the UK via #Brexit or the US via #Trump is either a member/donor of

1. Conservative Party
2. Republican Party

(eg. Elliott/Cummings/Bannon/Mercer)

We can un-elect the UK one, so lets #GTTO #BrexitReality
Some fake accounts will try to distract from #GTTO with a never-ending international conspiracy hunt that never concludes, never has a real target, has lots of dark and shadowy figures.

Its very simple. They are Billionaires avoiding tax.

They use Tories to do it. Simply #GTTO
The reason sockpuppet accounts (some have many followers) want to take you on a joyride forever is it stops you from taking action.

They want to discredit me and GOV2 because the want to protect Tories.

You can literally just Google "Lloyd Hardy". I've been online since 1999 🤷‍♂️
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🎆 E X P L O S I V E 🎇

2017 @POTUS #Trump cancelled the 2014 #Obama #GoF ban.
2018 #EcoHealth bat #Coronavirus study proposal first #Rejected by #Pentagon #Agency #DARPA due to #GoF research #Prohibition.
Revived later by Anthony S. Fauci, MD, Director of NIAID, with US money.
Leaked Documents, now made public by #Drastic.
The Full publication (PDF):
Cover and Index:
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During this election, I’ve seen a ton of hypocrisy and dishonesty in #ConservativeParty attacks, and compiled some of this
#cpc claim: the cons never wanted this “vanity election.”
Picture: #otoole was demanding it for months #elxn44vote
#cpc claim: Trudeau bought the media and it was all biased for him.
Picture: most media in Canada is heavily biased in favour of the conservatives, and has been for years.
#cpc claim: they are against negative adds and condemned #trudeau for supposedly using some.
Picture: a still from the first Con party add of the election, which featured Trudeau’s face photoshopped on a little girl from Willy Wonka, but got pulled for copyright infringement
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On parle beaucoup ces derniers temps en France du modèle #Trump pour la conquête de l'espace politique conservateur puis du pouvoir en 2015-2016 comme dans cet article du jour du correspondant parisien du @nytimes...Petit fil sur les faits/la comparaison👇…
2. Le 1er fait historique à rappeler est l'insatisfaction, dans le cadre d'un financement privé et dérégulé de la présidentielle US, des gros bailleurs de fond conservateurs radicaux- Adelson, Mercer etc. après la défaite de Romney contre Obama en…
3. On l'a un peu oublié mais la campagne présidentielle 2012 était la 1ère où les grands milliardaires pouvaient dépenser à fonds perdus. Adelson donna au moins 70 à 90 millions de $...pour rien. Romney fut battu par…
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Le représentant républicain conservateur d'Ohio Gonzalez, ex-star de la NFL, vota l'#impeachment contre #Trump. Ce dernier promit de lui faire "la peau" et fit 1 meeting sur place pour soutenir son concurrent en primaire.
Gonzalez renonce à se présenter.…
2. Le renoncement de #Gonzalez est 1 nouveau signe, parmi d'autres, que D. #Trump est le vrai patron actuel du parti républicain et que malgré sa défaite en 2020, sa ligne politique y gagne. Durable? C'est que j'étudie pour l'@IFRI_ dans ma nouvelle note.…
3. Mais quand on lit que D. #Trump apporte 1 soutien désormais ouvert aux émeutiers du Capitole emprisonnés avant leur jugement, on comprend ET la ligne politique imposée aux républicains ET son intérêt électoral de mobilisation pour des primaires internes…
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Avec le peu de considération des 🇺🇸 pour leurs alliés en Afghanistan et la toute nouvelle affaire des sous-marins 🇦🇺, la question de la défense 🇪🇺 va légitimement revenir au premier plan.

Un petit mot là-dessus pour ne pas se faire trop d’illusions !

(Sources à la fin.)

D’abord, les 🇫🇷 (et les 🇪🇺) ont eu tort d’espérer être beaucoup mieux traités par #Biden que par #Trump. Comme souvent, les 🇺🇸 font passer leurs intérêts (du moins : ce qu’ils jugent être leurs intérêts) avant le reste.

#Bush avait été particulièrement brutal avec les 🇫🇷 au moment de la guerre en Irak (alors que, pour le coup, il aurait peut-être mieux fait de les écouter…).

Mais #Obama, malgré sa bonhomie, n’a pas été beaucoup plus favorables aux Européens.
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