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10 Oct 19


If you live near the Houston area, here are 4 free upcoming events you can attend in October.

Come meet @ScottPresler, and get trained on how to keep TX Red in 2020.

All 4 events are listed in the thread below with links to RSVP⬇️⬇️⬇️
Event #1 Cleveland Texas

October 29th

Event #2 Houston

October 30th (Day Event)

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29 Aug 19
BREAKING: DOJ Inspector General Releases James Comey Report!!…
IG found that James Comey stored classified information at "SECRET" and "CONFIDENTIAL" level at his home.
James Comey used his personal scanner and email to transmit classified information.
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9 Aug 19
NEW: Some of the Newly Unsealed Epstein Documents Are Here - More Epstein Documents Coming Soon…
Virginia Roberts explains how Prince Andrew caressed her 'naked body':

"He was caressing every part of my naked body and filling my head with endless compliments about my blossoming figures. He paid careful attention to my toes and was licking them."
Virginia Roberts testified that Donald Trump did NOT, I repeat, DID NOT have sex with any "girls" and that she never witnessed Trump at Epstein's NYC mansion, ranch, or Pedophile Island.
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4 Mar 19
**WARNING** Everything I'm about to show you is extremely disturbing.

This thread includes crimes that were reported and committed by illegal aliens in America.

(1 of 16)

Let's begin, first up is a illegal alien in Tx that beat his infant child to death…
Alert: MS-13 Planning To Kill New York Police Officers At Their Homes…
Media Blackout: Pair Of Illegal Aliens Caught With ‘Assault Rifles,’ High-Capacity Magazines In California…
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5 Feb 19
🔴NEW: The President of the University of Houston, Renu Khator, Has Refused to Condemn The Rape Enabling Actions of (D) Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee -- President Khator Refused to Comment to @PatrioMedia about Rep. Jackson Lee Firing Her Staffer Who Was Allegedly Raped... (cont.)
at the Black Caucus Foundation. Khator was recently pictured with Jackson Lee **after** the report was confirmed that Jackson Lee was being sued by the former victim staffer she fired. At this time and due to Khator refusing to comment, it can only be assumed... (cont.)
that Khator wants to use her power to protect Jackson Lee in the upcoming election. After further investigation by @PatrioMedia, it was found that the @UHouston close ties to Jackson Lee go back yrs, including hiring Lee's husband Elwyn Lee, to be Vice Pres of Community Relations
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22 Jan 19

We had another amazing MAGA Meetup. Here are some pictures of the event. Thank you to everyone who came out and attended the event. We appreciate your support.

We will be scheduling our next MAGA Meetup soon. Stay tuned to my Twitter feed for upcoming date.
2 - More pics
3- More pics
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20 Jan 19
Weekly Recap:

Buzzfeed drops Fake report - MSM promotes fake report and screams "impeachment"

Mueller Debunks Buzzfeed

Liberal post partial video of teen in MAGA hat smiling at 'Drummer Man' w/ racist narrative

MSM calls teen racist

Full video debunks racist narrative
'Beto' Campaign staffer accused of rape at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Rape Victim tells Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee she wants to take legal action

Jackson Lee fires rape victim

Americans demand Jackson Lee's resignation

Jackson Lee refuses to resign

Media ignores
Anti-Semite Leaders hold Women's march

Loomer gets on main stage & #Loomered the entire event

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks at Women's March

Loomer confronts AOC at Women's March

AOC runs away from #LauraLoomer trembling & refusing to answer any questions
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16 Jan 19
Daily History Pop Quiz: Instructions - Please explain your answer in the comment section below and RT.

Question: What does this picture Represent in world history?

"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future" ~ Theodore Roosevelt
Question 2) Which Political party founded the KKK?
Question 3) Where did the Term 'Make America Great Again' originate from?
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25 Oct 18

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25 Sep 18
Promoted by "Twitter Government"?

🤨WTH is "Twitter Government"??

🤨Twitter has already been caught meddling in the elections by suppressing conservatives & shadow banning Republicans & NOT their Dem opponents.

🤨Twitter cannot be trusted with a voting tool of this importance.
I tested the site and here is what happened

When you click "I can't vote," when asked, "Are you registered to vote," it brings you to the same exact page as if you clicked "Yes."

Why is Twitter wanting to send reminders to those who "Can't Vote"?

🤨This stinks of voter fraud!
Test Continued..

If you click "NO," when asked if you "Are you registered to vote," it takes you to a screen that ask if you are a "citizen" of the U.S. Twitter then explains how they can "help you" as a non citizen, to track elections & "suggest other ways" to be "involved."
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29 Aug 18
Today President Trump Tweeted this short video with the #StopTheBias .

If you support Donald Trump, please sign this 👇 Petition and Retweet.…
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23 Aug 18

Comey told Congress that the FBI had “reviewed all of the communications” on the Weiner laptop


Only 3,077 of the 694k emails were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating info

Continue reading thread 👇…
“Most of the emails were never examined, even though they made up potentially 10 times the evidence.”

This was obviously done to protect Hillary Clinton.

Here's why 👇
The info found on the laptop "included highly sensitive info dealing w/ Israel & the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas"

Q: Why was HRC never confronted about the sensitive new info & why was it was never analyzed for to see if it was a national security risk?

Cont. 👇
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13 Aug 18
🔴EXPOSED: MSM Had A Copy Of The Unredacted FISA Application For Over A Year

Let this sink in..

Buzzfeed, WaPo & NY Times, Hid The Unredacted FISA Application From The American People And Knowingly Reported Lies Instead of The Confirmation of FISA Abuse.…
"The media’s role in the DOJ/FBI corruption scandal is not only pervasive, it’s participatory."

"In preparation for explosive developments soon to reach critical mass CTH strongly urges everyone to think carefully about these recently discovered empirical truths":
#1) "The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence had the full, unredacted, FISA application on Carter Page since March 17th, 2017.  Think carefully about that. Think about what every member of that committee has said since March 17, 2017."
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30 Jul 18
🙏 Dear America,


Do you want to help President Trump Make America Great Again?

So do I...

Here's how I decided to help @realDonaldTrump #MAGA

I opened my ears, I listened to what Trump said. He told us that he needs more Republicans. So I...

Found a Republican @Ron4California to help that was being shadow banned by Twitter, while his Democrat incumbent opponent Karen Bass was not. 🤔 I thought to myself how unfair this was and asked myself what could I do that would make THE MOST difference in helping him win...
The first thing I thought of was donating to his campaign, which is always a great way to help someone. So I donated $10, but even after donating, I still felt the need to help him more. Well I'm not rich enough to fund his campaign, so I decided to...
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26 Jul 18
I'm old enough to remember when Obama threw out a reporter for asking him questions that he didn't like.
I am also old enough to remember this...
And this...
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18 May 18
🔴THREAD: Breaking Down of the IG Horowitz Report Into The Clinton Email Investigation; With Sessions and Huber

This thread will cover how I have reluctantly come to understand that Sessions has actually been doing his job and there is a second counsel coming from the IG Report.
I have been openly against Sessions's and his DOJ for a year now, and I completely understand why Americans have had an extremely hard time trusting him, as I did.

But.. Now, I understand why he has been so quiet and what he has really been doing.
So, please keep an open mind about Jeff Sessions as you read this thread. I know it's hard because it seems like he has done nothing since his appointment, but in order to understand what he has been doing, an open mind is necessary.
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6 May 18
🔴Federal Judge Rejects Mueller’s Request To Delay Court Hearing

Here's the Breakdown

Mueller didn't think the Russians would show up for court

But guess what, they had lawyers show up for them

Mueller wasn't prepared for a battle

(Cont. thread) 👇
He panicked and asked for a delay, but the Judge rejected it.

Washington-area lawyers representing Concord Management, who is accused of U.S. election interference, showed up ready to battle the case.

(Continue thread)👇
The lawyers demanded Mueller’s team turn over relevant documents that incriminate the Russian firm.

Mueller's team freaked out and did not want to provide documents, claiming it was sensitive information.

(Continue thread) 👇
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3 Apr 18
🔴THREAD: Meet The Deep State Wife of Rod Rosenstein - Lisa H Barsoomian

She’s a US Attorney & protege of Comey & Muller.

She represented:

Muller 3 times

Comey 5 times

Obama 45 times

Bill Clinton 40 times

HRC 17 times

FBI 5 times

Cont. Thread 👇…
Someone has purged most of the information of Barsoomian from the internet, which...

"Historically this indicates that the individual is a protected CIA operative."

Did I mention that...

Barsoomian specializes in opposing FIOA Freedom of Information Act requests for the intelligence community.

HENCE... Wire tapping, spying, and the entire Mueller investigation ...

Cont. 👇
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