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Oct 22, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Clarifications to the academic clickbait title:

1) not on his own: he has *898* coauthors across 161 papers, most of whom are his PhD students
2) it seems he has mostly done critical review of manuscripts (and been on funding apps)
3) he teaches *one month a year*!!! 4) his papers have been picked up for high levels of self-plagiarism - using chunks of text from one paper in another
5) he has also has high levels of self-citation

Shout out to @deevybee for her work on this, which is basically dismissed in the article.
Aug 23, 2020 31 tweets 17 min read
For #WeeklyPapers this week, I've chosen to present a new paper that is explicitly about autistic men.

While there is a lot of autism work which has mostly/all male samples, looking at male lived experiences *in their own right* is still surprisingly rare!

#Autism #AutisticMen "What does success mean for autistic men? A narrative exploration of self-determination" (2020) Webster & Garvis, ADLI

Most of my work has focussed on non-male autistic people, so I'm looking forward to reading qual work that looks at male exps w/gender lens, not as 'default'
Aug 14, 2020 29 tweets 18 min read
Paper 32 of 2020! I'm back!

'When my autism broke': a qualitative study spotlighting autistic voices on menopuase (2020) Moseley, Bruce & Turner-Cobb, Autism

Picking up this paper in response to a Twitter chat yesterday

#Autism #Menopause #AutisticElders #AutisticWomen Abstract

Onset of menstruation can be very difficult for aut women, but this is first paper looking at onset of menopause. 7 aut ppl assigned female at birth (AFAB) took part in online focus group, age 49-63. Found lack of knowledge, impact on masking, and need for support
May 17, 2020 20 tweets 10 min read
Paper 20 of 2020!

Autism in Later Life: what is known and what is needed? 2020, Sonido, Arnold, Higgins & Hwang, Current Developmental Disorders Reports

This is a review of work with #AutisticElders covering a wide range of areas

#WeeklyPapers #Autism Abstract

Review of literature with autistic over-50s between 2010 and 2019, as we know little about impact of aging among autistic people

Find high rates of co-occurring conditions, often complex. Compounded by low employment, healthcare access issues, and relationship issues
Sep 15, 2019 26 tweets 10 min read
I'm going to try to tweet from the front for this one - I'm presenting on mental health of autistic men, women and non binary people at 11.10.

In this giant room (below)

But first is @dewinterjeroen talking about sexual relationships.
#AECongress19 Starts by telling us that this has only really been looked at in the last 10 years. Prior to that sexual interest was seen as pathological in autistic people

Sep 14, 2019 30 tweets 12 min read
New session, new thread (same seat)

Most excited to hear from @Sarah_NottsUni about her updated work!

#AECongress19 First an overview of mental health in autism, covering:

What do we mean by MH?
What do we know about MH in autistic people?
What are the consequences?
What contributes to MH problems?
What factors protect from MH problems?