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There is great interest at the moment in seeing what an #antivax V #provax debate actually looks like. Luckily, there are a handful of which one is here:…
The topic was #vaccines and #autism, with @stkirsch J(AV) and @MsAmitripped (PV).
MSAmitripped did a superlative job in the face of all the usual #debate tactics. The discussion centered around the usual talking points, but here's where the discussed went off the rails:
1. People who were in Kirsch's camp felt the need to mansplain and talk over MSAmitripped to show their points. PSA: Normal gentlemanly manners, and proper science communication, dictates that you shouldn't need to mansplain and shout to make your point.
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Every time I engage with an adult who has just been diagnosed with #autism it ends in them telling me about the boy and how they know him more than we do.
If you have made it to adulthood without an autism diagnosis you have no - literally no - understanding of the boy. #autism
And just so we’re clear - non verbal doesn’t mean you’re shy or can’t talk in some situations or with some people. That’s selectively mute. Don’t adopt someone else’s disability just to make yourself feel more disabled
And autism doesn’t mean sauvant. Autism often means severe intellectual disability
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Long 🧵about this ⬇️and about #Autism. Something too many charities, activists & celebrities have been quick to ignore in favour of promoting the 'if they say they are, they are' narrative. It really isn't that simple. @genspect @BayswaterSG @Glinner @LuxuryMoon @RooneyRachel 1/
Many detransitioners realised that autism may explain their gender dysphoria. 2021 research by Elie Vandenbussche showed 54% of detransitioners have at least 3 co-morbid conditions with the 3 biggest: Depression, Anxiety Disorders & PTSD. 20% had an ASD Dx & 28% suspected.
ASD detransitioner Elizabeth Hawker suggested 'we are witnessing a new wave of common misdiagnosis of #Autisticgirls emerging; Gender Dysphoria' Tony Attwood says 'many girls...with Asperger's Syndrome have they think they have a male rather than female brain' 3/
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As an autistic adult, here is a concept I thought of that would have REALLY benefitted me and prevented burn out. (Every autistic is diff, though!)

🫶using “masking” to the childs benefit. Allowing them the power to be themselves, while also getting by in an NT world. 🧵#autism
Ex: “Hey, B. We are going to the grocery store. And you’ll have to __wait in a line__ and you probably don’t want to! But you are special. (*Use whatever term you want-fairy, superhero, princess.*) and you have to try your best to blend in with everybody else while there.
BUT when you come home, or feel safe enough to, you can take the mask off and be yourself. if you need help while out, let me know.”

As the child ages, you would reframe and have the concept grow to work with them. Never hiding their autism, or treating it as “bad different”
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Everything begins with A

Aluminum -> Amyloid -> Autism & Alzheimer's

Aluminum is the main adjuvant in most childhood 💉s

Aluminum is also proven to cause amyloid or misfolded proteins in the brain.

Amyloid plaques are associate with Alzheimer's and autism. 🧵
The CDC states that Aluminum is the main adjuvant, or immune system "stimulator," in many 💉 on their childhood 💉 schedule >…
Aluminum transforms normal proteins into misfolded, messy, junk or Amyloid proteins. >

"The results demonstrated that Al(III) induced the transformation of the initial random coil structure to the β-sheet configuration in the Aβ40 peptides."…
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1/ After chatting with @eugenemcfadden I've been thinking about embodiment. These things that are supposedly in our heads: #depression, #anxiety, #autism, #ADHD are for me PHYSICAL. Here are some thoughts on depression, and how it is different from sadness 🧵
@eugenemcfadden 2/ When you are sad, you are perhaps a little more of yourself. It makes you a little Cartesian; your mind, it seems, is noticing that you are feeling things, and knows it will have to wait this absurdity out, until you can go back to the numb comforts of normality.
@eugenemcfadden 3/ You observe a rawness within and without: eyelids and nostrils, follicles and skincells — these are the external, bodily realities that represent the internal shrinking and puckering.
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I spoke briefly (terrifying but worth it) at #LetWomenSpeakBirmingham yesterday and although I'm worried about any backlash particularly loss of clients and work etc, I'm glad I did. As an #autistic woman who has been parroting the gender woo for a while now, I'm so worried
About what is happening in #autism services and to #autistic kids as revealed by @hannahsbee (her book was a real turning point for me, its evidenced, balanced and free of ideology) I had intense issues with my body as a pre teen. I couldn't cope with the changes of puberty. I
Can totally see the appeal of rejecting all the societal bullshit that comes with being a female, especially when you're also #autistic and moving through the world is hard enough. Except, we can't ever really reject it. 'Top surgery' and Pronouns won't take away dysphoria, or
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For Mother's Day here in the United States, I want all you other moms of autistic kids to know that I see you, and that you are not alone.

Thread from:… #autism #Neurodiversity #parenting 1/
I see your joys, and I see your sorrows.

I see you when you are having a tough day yet still manage to interact with your child with respect and kindness.

I see you when you keep your voice calm during crises, because you know your autistic child is extra-sensitive to emotions and they need you to help them keep it together, or get it back together. 3/
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We went grocery shopping and the boy was amazing. Grocery stores are a lot of sensory input - sounds, smells, lights and textures (especially the floors if you’re helping mum push a cart). #autism
One mum with a young teen gave me the dirtiest glare when the boy got away from me and ran to slap the watermelons (it’s his thing). #autism
Another mum with a toddler saw the glare and gasped and then engaged with they boy and talked about all of the meat at the butcher counter while we all waited for our orders. Be like the second mum please. Or just ignore us. That works too. #autism
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1/ I've been thinking about my status as a neurodiverse educator: I'm #ADHD, and on the pathway for an #autism diagnosis. There's not a lot of discussion about what working life is like for neurodiverse educators, so I'm doing my own research and I plan to discuss it here. 🧵
2/ I'm going to start with a core tension the neurodiverse face: the DOUBLE EMPATHY PROBLEM.
3/ According to Milton (2012), cognitive neuroscience and other psychological paradigms don’t acknowledge the divergence and difference in social reality between autistic people and the ‘neurotypical’.
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The first bill for one month of therapy for the boy. The night I got this I stayed up all night crying and wondering how we could make this work. Thanks to @fordnation Lisa MacLeod and Amy Fee for freezing the list and gutting the program. #autism #onpoli Image
Imagine of you didn’t have a basement you could turn into an Airbnb, parents who would help and savings/retirement you could drain? There’s literally thousands of kids who are just waiting because they’re parents don’t have the same privileges. #onpoli #autism
if anyone wants to tell me the boy didn’t need this level of therapy. It was medically necessary and with this therapy he got into a public autism focused kindergarten the next year. He was denied entry before because his needs were so high. Therapy is necessary. #autism #onpoli
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This video is about the current bullying I’m experiencing and other Autistic people are experiencing from a 50+ year old woman called Connie Manning from Langley, BC, Canada. Her Twitter is @buggbabe and she runs a Facebook page called Autism Spectrum Disorder. I’ll include proof……
Link to a thread with screenshots of all that’s happened to @NeuroRebel , me and other Autistic people over the years
Just found out Connie Manning has a new account to target another Autistic person. It’s @EDalmayne1 …. Please report the account and the @buggbabe account. #WeSeeYouConnie #HiConnie #ConnieManning #Autism #autistic #ActuallyAutistic
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If you’re the parent of an autistic child or adult, and also horrified by MAGA-style disinformation, please know you should be just as skeptical about getting autism information from “autism grievance parents.” Thread:…

#AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism

"Autism grievance parents" brand themselves as autism experts, yet promote reactionary ideas about autism and resentment towards autistic advocates, while encouraging followers to become too upset about having autistic children to question autism misinformation.

Who are these grievance parents? They are generally—like me (@shannonrosa)—parents of autistic children with significant disabilities. Except instead of targeting “the libs,” grievance parents and the forums they run target autistic, disability, and #neurodiversity activists. 3/
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Let's be clear: Well-connected autism parent lobbying via media & research outlets for a "profound" autism label is not the same thing as making that label official. Also, creating that label would lead to segregation—not progress. Here's why, at TPGA:… 1/
It’s not surprising that certain parents of high-support autistic people are seeking to segregate their own children via the label “profound autism.” Parents often aren’t given good info on how to support children who have speech or intellectual disabilities along with autism. 2/
Parents may also feel isolated when autistic kids get lumped together, as when your kids' disabilities are obvious, it can be hard to recognize how they share autistic traits like a need for consistency or sensory sensitivities with kids whose support needs are less obvious. 3/
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_____ PULLING TAFFY ______


I'm beginning to see why, "#KASPERSKY"
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I’m confused… because I see parents label themselves as “autism mom” and I get offended by a neurotypical person using their child’s diagnosis as an identity.
Our diagnosis isn’t neurotypical peoples identity.
#autism #autistic #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAcceptance
When you use a disability or condition as your identity that you do NOT have it’s called identity appropriation.
Parents calling themselves “Autism Mum” “Autism dad” “Autism parent” is offensive and harmful As they’re using their child’s Autism diagnosis as their own identity when they have no right to. What if the child doesn’t want people to know they’re Autistic? They’re outing their……
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“Not the community I know & love”… yeah that’s because you speak over Autistic people and silence us and block us for speaking out… so your “community” is an echo chamber of mostly others who ignore Autistic people on this. #ActuallyAutistic #allautistics #autism… Image
I don’t understand why ANYONE wants to be associated with the puzzle piece symbol considering the organisation that uses it partnered and supported the JRC that straps ELECTRIC SHOCK DEVICES to Autistic people. It’s stronger than a taser and designed to hurt. ImageImage
Autistic people DIED at The JRC, they were tortured.
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Yes… this disgusting comment was on a post about an Autistic girls poem. Are people really this uneducated and ignorant about Autism? Especially Autistic girls?
Link to the post…

#autism #autistic #AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance… This child has been fed thi...
This was the poem. ImageImageImageImage
this is just a poem describing some of what she goes through. It doesn't explain every single thing she experiences and struggles with.
Do people not actually know how hard it is to get diagnosed as autistic?
How thorough and long and intense the ASD diagnostic testing is?
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I want to remind you all that not wanting to do anything or having to stimulate yourself with low energy stuff like eating or TV can be indicative of #AutisticBurnout for some, and that the old dopamine systems may need a bit of a reset.
If we think of burnout as an umbrella term for a state that can include fatigue, anxiety, depression and so on, then any of the symptoms of those will fall under the umbrella condition of burnout. With #depression, #anhedonia is a symptom for many.
#Anhedonia refers to a lack of pleasure. When I was in #burnout, I didn't want anything, I didn't know what I wanted and I couldn't even do things I actually loved. I ate and ate and ate to try and stimulate myself and kickstart my brain functioning.
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I celebrate Autism Acceptance Month because most people are already aware of autism, but they don’t accept autism and people who are autistic like me. Happy #AutismAcceptanceMonth to all my fellow autistics! #Autism #ActuallyAutistic 🧵1/3
Remember non-autistics: don’t support A$ (Autism Speaks) and the puzzle piece and light it up blue because they are triggering to me and other autistic people. #AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism #ActuallyAutistic 2/3
Please wear #redinstead and support organizations run by autistic people like @awnnetwork_ and use the infinity symbol ♾️ #AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism #ActuallyAutistic 3/3
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🉑 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior.
🉑 The prevalence of ASD has been increasing in recent years, with current estimates indicating that approximately 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with ASD.
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Rules of Engagement #WorldAutismAwarenessDay 1) foster #AutisticAcceptance 2) Believe us when we say, Puzzle Pieces DO NOT help promote #AutisticAcceptance (Dig Deeper into the very problematic history of Autism organizations to understand why)
3) Avoid using toys or childhood images to represent #Autism. #Autistics are #Autistic and will remain as such. We are #DifferentNotLess. When you use toys to represent us, it infantilizes our authentic Ways of Being. Use Rainbow Infinity or Gold Infinity symbols instead
4) Always take an #Intersectional approach to understanding #AutisticTruths. We are from all faiths, cultures, gender identities and more, but our experiences are dramatically impacted by how the world sees our diverse layers of identity and whether we are multiply marginalized
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7 weeks ago today the boy woke up having soaked through 3 diapers sobbing because he was so thirsty. Diabetes was in the back of my mind for a few days but I thought it couldn’t possibly be that #autism #t1d
I took him to our doctor and just waited until they could see us. Within 20 minutes of him being seen we were at emerg. It was diabetes. #t1d
He had a yeast infection on his stomach from sweating sugars but before I was told it was a diaper rash because he’s “too old to be in diapers” (he’s only in bedtime diapers). It couldn’t be diabetes
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