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Automated portfolio strategies. Available on @TokenSets. #Ethereum
26 Dec 19
1/ Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the ETH 20 Day MA Crossover Yield Set (ETHMACOAPY) 🎅

The ETHMACOAPY Set supercharges our existing ETH20SMACO Set by swapping out USDC for cUSDC — an interest-bearing stablecoin.…
2/ The Yield Set functions similarly to the ETH 20 Day MA Crossover Set.

However, if the price of ETH falls below the 20 day SMA, ETHMACOAPY will rebalance into cash (cUSDC) and earn interest on Compound (instead of rebalancing into vanilla USDC).
3/ The additional rebalance criteria for the ETHMACOAPY Set differs from the ETH20SMACO Set.

Minimum rebalance interval is set to 48 hours (instead of 96 hours) and its minimum signal confirmation is set to 2 hours (instead of 6 hours).
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31 Jul 19
1/ A thread on Set rebalancing:

The magic of Set Protocol is that rebalances happen automatically via an open dutch auction that anyone can participate in.

Unlike the minting of a Set on @tokensets (which is via @kybernetwork) rebalance liquidity can be sourced from anywhere.
2/ Rebalancing is the process of realigning the weights of a Set by periodically purchasing and selling components to maintain a certain allocation.

This works in 3 stages:

1. All rebalancing criteria are met
2. A rebalance is proposed
3. A rebalance is executed and settled
3/ For example: the ETH20SMACO Set will only be ready for a rebalance if the following conditions are met:

1. A minimum of 4 days has passed since the last rebalance
2. The current price of ETH has crossed the 20 day moving average of ETH for between 6-12 hours
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22 Apr 19
1/ Today, we are thrilled to announce that TokenSets is live after the last few weeks in beta. 🚀

For the first time, anyone in the world can acquire a single token to automate trading strategies for crypto.

Set it and Forget it. #SeFi with #DeFi 🛌…
2/ With launch, we are a major step closer in our mission to democratize wealth creation tools. Put your crypto to work on without the need to create a bank, brokerage or exchange account. No management fees, no minimums, and no counterparty risk
3/ Getting started is just a few clicks. In addition to @metamask_io, we support a novel SMS / PIN login via @fortmatic, and all mobile wallets including @CoinbaseWallet @imTokenOfficial @TrustWalletApp to make Sets accessible from anywhere.
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