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I don't think the $CRYPTO market has topped for this bullish cycle.

Here are a few thoughts as to why.

1. This bullish cycle has brought huge institutional demand.

In #TradFi, an annual rate of return of 10% is typically deemed as good ROI... so if 100%+ returns are seen in #BTC or $crypto (as was/is the case), profit taking is highly likely...
2. This would lead to faster market cycles, which I believe we're seeing right now. A market cycle within a market cycle.

IMO institutional investors or large investors from #TradFi taking profit & looking to re-enter w/ better R:R played a large role in this recent #BTC top.
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Durante los últimos días estuve siguiendo de cerca lo que pasa en @AlchemixFi y les quiero compartir mi bullish case para $ALCX 👇🏼
Alchemix tiene menos de 4 meses desde su lanzamiento a mainnet y considero que es uno de los protocolos más innovadores dentro del sector #DeFi. Básicamente, te permite depositar $DAI y tomar un préstamo de hasta el 50% de tu colateral en $alUSD, que es la stable del protocolo.
Lo interesante es que ese préstamo en $alUSD se va cancelando automáticamente con el tiempo. Te preguntarás cómo? @AlchemixFi deposita tus $DAI en el vault de @iearnfinance y con ese retorno (hoy alrededor de 8.3%), van cancelando tu préstamo y se deben quedar una parte ofc.
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watching this crypto interview with @BanklessHQ and @markcuban on why NFTs are the future

im blown away

Mark Cuban said

#defi is america 2.0...

ill reply in this thread my notes from the podcast

@BanklessHQ @markcuban #DeFi IS AMERICA 2.0





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1/ 🍇 DeFi Pulse Drop #22: @DeFiSaver 🍇

The UI/UX of DeFi Saver's Recipe Creator streamlines the experience of using #DeFi by reducing what can often be a tedious process down to a single transaction.

🤔🤖🧑‍🍳 Now imagine what you could do if you could automate your recipes...
2/ Every DeFi user has imagined at one point or another how cool it would be if you could automate some task you were doing in DeFi in just a few clicks. 💭

With Recipe Automation on DeFi Saver's roadmap, that future may be here sooner than you think.
3/ Recipe Automation is just one stop on DeFi Saver's roadmap filled with new features, integrations, and further UI improvements.

Consistent updates are key to DeFi Saver's goal: to be your one-stop dashboard for creating, managing and tracking your DeFi positions.
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Been debating whether or not to share this or not, here goes:
💩Poopster's big brain🧠thread for farming on @0xPolygon :
First off, the principle idea behind all of my farming strategies is simple: accumulate $ETH (which has recently expanded to #defi blue chips as well)
Of late, 90% of the farming i am doing has been on the $MATIC network. Txn fees are nonexistent and txn speed is fairly fast
1. Add collateral ( $ETH, $AAVE, $MATIC $wBTC) to @AaveAave ( and earn $MATIC rewards for both lending and borrowing.
2. Borrow $USDC from aave @ 3% APY (I try to keep my HF above 1.5)
3. Swap 50% $USDC for $miMATIC on @paraswap (
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Today in #Chainlink 🔗

"We’re excited to announce the Chainlink bounty winners from @ETHGlobal’s recent Web3 Weekend Hackathon 2021"

Booster Protocol: NFT cardpacks

DeArchive: decentralized internet archive

Perpetual Platform Pro: forex /commodity AMM…
"Our current integration involves the use of #Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) to fairly and transparently select a special grant fund winner from the list of participants taking part in our upcoming @OVRtheReality Treasure Hunt"

"We’re excited to announce that @neutrino_proto has sponsored a new #Chainlink Price Feed for $USDN/USD on the Ethereum mainnet"

Algorithmic stablecoin pegged to $USD and backed by $WAVES tokens now usable in the #DeFi ecosystem 🤔…
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1/ #DeFi yield opportunities for $LINK, a thread

With permissionless, compossible, and decentralized financial infrastructure, anyone can turn their tokens into productive assets

*NOTE* Nothing I describe here is risk-free, bug and hacks can happen, always DYOR before apeing
2/ The first yield opportunity is one of the newest on the street, @iearnfinance's V2 $LINK vault

This is a yield aggregation solution that automatically rebalances your funds into the DeFi protocols that earn you the highest yield on your assets, simple!
3/ If you're looking for a passive yield strategy, then this is what you're looking for

Yearn V2 vaults deploy a multi-strategy approach, where deposits are split across multiple yield protocols at the same time so as to not dilute yields once running at large scale
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🙌 Just imagine having a universal tool allowing you to build ♾ number of #trading strategies and getting you closer to 🚗 a cherished #Lambo...

Well, now you got one 🙃

⚡️Introducing the #1inch Limit Order Protocol!

More info ⤵️

#DeFi #crypto…

📜 A limit order option has been available in the #1inch #dApp for a while, but, until recently, it was based on the @0xProject protocol.

🚀 Now, it has been replaced with the much more 🛠 efficient 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

The #1inch Limit Order Protocol will be available on 🔷 #ETH, 🔶 #BSC, and 💠 #Polygon.

Supported token standards:


✳️ Other standards could be supported via external extension.
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1/ El Salvador classifying #Bitcoin as legal tender was a monumental moment

It sets the precedence that crypto can indeed be alternative to fiat and normalizes it as a tool of economic freedom

It's good for all crypto, here's how #Chainlink can help expand this even further
2/ Under this law, businesses are required to accept #Bitcoin if offered by consumers (and if they have the technical means to accept it)

However, businesses also have the option to automatically convert revieved Bitcoin into US dollars to manage their exposure risk
3/ The El Salvador government has created a $150M $USD trust fund that will purchase any #Bitcoin that businesses don't want, allowing for instant redeemability

This process and beyond will require the $BTC/USD exchange rate

You can probably see where I am going with this
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but why?

“There is no intermediary to monitor markets for fraud and manipulation, prevent money laundering, safeguard deposited funds, ensure counterparty performance or make customers whole when processes fail”

🤦🏻‍♀️here's why it's A BIG LIE:

lie #1:

There is no one to monitor markets for fraud and manipulation


each & every trade made in DeFi derivatives protocols is recorded on a public blockchain which is accessible 24/7 & auditable by anyone. if something bad is happenin' it's forever transparent

lie #2:

There is no one to prevent money laundering


money launderin' should b traced & prevented at on-ramp/off-ramp points, not on a DeFi derivatives level. u're not able to use DeFi derivatives protocols if u haven't acquired crypto earlier (collateral/margin)
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🇸🇻 El Salvador has approved #Bitcoin as legal currency.

El Salvador has:
Pop. - 6.5M
Unbanked Adults - 60%
Mobile Phone Connections - 1.45/person
Internet Users - 59%
Active Social Media Users - 59%

Is this a benchmark for #DeFi adoption? Who's next?

A short thread
1/ 🧵👇
2/ 🇨🇴 Colombia 🇨🇴

Colombia has:
Pop. - 16.5M
Unbanked Adults - 65%
Mobile Phone Connections - 1.19/person
Internet Users - 69%
Active Social Media Users - 69%
3/ 🇮🇩 Indonesia 🇮🇩

Indonesia has:
Pop. - 270M ⭐️
Unbanked Adults - 52%
Mobile Phone Connections - 1.24/person
Internet Users - 64%
Active Social Media Users - 59%
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1/What's next for #ElSalvador once they implement #Bitcoin as a legal tender?

Is to create a financial system that would also serve their citizens with savings account through #DeFi to achieve financial sovereignty using #Chainlink proof of reserve.

2/To bridge this gap.

#Chainlink Proof of Reserve reference feeds provide #DeFi applications the data required to audit the reserves of BitGo’s $WBTC as well as $REN Protocol’s $renBTC.

Currently representing over 90% of all wrapped Bitcoin on the #Ethereum blockchain.

// Image
3/By making this reserve data available on-chain, smart contract-based #DeFi applications are able to employ customized logic to automatically protect user funds during an undercollateralization event when there is a less than expected amount of Bitcoin backed.

// math based 🖥️
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🤠@DeriProtocol V2: Extreme Capital Efficiency of #DeFi !!

⏰When: June 10th 11:00 am (UTC+0)

1500 $DERI warm up #Luckydraw +1500 $DERI in the event + 6000 $DERI afterparty! (ONLY for people in TG group)…
Background info of why derivatives protocol on #BinanceSmartChain
ETH has been plagued by the network's inability to scale to meet demand without incurring high transaction fees as well as slow execution of transactions.

Small #DeFi users are unable to afford the expensive transactions as derivative smart contracts are complex.
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1/ 🍇 DeFi Pulse Drop #22: @DeFiSaver 🍇

Much like how it doesn't take a chef to follow a recipe, anyone can cook up complex #DeFi transactions with DeFi Saver's Recipe Creator.

Performing multiple actions on many protocols in a single transaction is as easy as drag-and-drop.
2/ DeFi Saver's recipes make some of the most powerful tools like flashloans available in DeFi accessible to anyone.

Flashloans let you borrow large amounts of crypto without collateral so long as the debt is paid back within the same transaction.
3/ Previously flashloans and the ability to string together a series of actions in a single transaction were only for the most technical DeFi experts.

But now DeFi Saver's Recipe Creator makes it simple and safe with their audited, reputable, and user-friendly infrastructure.
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Every sell-off ends when a catalyst emerges... easy to find catalysts for things like $ETH (EIP-1559), $DOT (parachain launch) but what will be the likely catalyst for $BTC?

Here are 2 possibilities:
1) People constantly confuse "institutional buyers" w/ "fast money traders"

Ruffer, Blackrock, Minerd, etc - traders. They entered (unemotionally) when $BTC was cheap & underlevered ahead of catalysts (4Q20) & exited when expensive, overlevered, & lost its catalysts (2Q21)
But these traders made a lot of money, & will return (with others) when $BTC gets cheap again... when
- leverage is flushed (✅)
- fear gets too high (✅)
- fiscal/monetary stimulus continues unabated

Nowhere else to go with rates heading back to 0% & the USD going down.
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The future is #DeFi, and the future is #DAO 🏗️

$DPI (DeFi Pulse Index) was created to be a passive investment vehicle for broad exposure to the DeFi Sector. 💰

Updated allocations for the index are below, as of 6/7/2021.

📰News you probably already know: A thread.

1/ 👇🧵 Image
3/ @AaveAave

$Aave will be implementing the first wave of exploring new scalability frontiers with @0xPolygon…
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1/ 🍇 DeFi Pulse Drop #22: @DeFiSaver 🍇

Ever thought of a clever way to string together #DeFi apps but didn't know how to execute the idea?

Or maybe you want to save time by performing multiple actions at the same time.

Meet DeFi Saver's Recipe Creator
2/ DeFi Saver's new Recipe Creator is a transaction builder interface for creating and executing "recipes."

🧑‍🍳 With the Recipe Creator, you can build complex transactions interacting with multiple DeFi apps to use flashloans, borrow, lend, swap, and more in a single transaction.
3/ Now anyone can become a DeFi superuser wielding an arsenal of powerful protocols and tools with only a few clicks.

Simply drag and drop actions in the order you want them and DeFi Saver handles the rest, executing your recipe in a single transaction.
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Future of #DeFi

- Generate revenue/profits
- Token utility
- Revenue sharing / dividends
- Stability / staking
- Buy/stake pressure = Rewards paid out in stablecoins (not native tokens) - Only revenue generating projects can do this

*Example 👇
$20B thru DeFi platform

5% company profits = $1,000,000,000

10% shared with staking pool = $100,000,000 (stablecoins)

500M tokens staked
Current token price $1.00
TVL $500M

Rewards per token staked
= $.20

- Platform flow
- Company profits
- Total tokens staked
Incentivizes all parties:
- Company: profits, reputation, stability, support, company valuation
- Investors: buy pressure, price increase
- Stakers: stablecoin rewards, reduce sell pressure from "native project token rewards" selling, then buy even more tokens with stables
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1/#Chainlink is not meant to be held by retail investors...

The tokenomics of $LINK span beyond the simple use cases of an average #Robinhood trader and therefore will be missed as a generational opportunity by many.

// Simple thread to digest thread 🍑
2/#Chainlink not only provides on-chain and off-chain data to #dApps, but also creating a decentralized oracle network to take some of the computation off-chain in a trust minimized way.

Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and simple retail tribalism FOMO cannot be applied here.

$LINK demand:
- Data receiver pays oracles in $LINK
- Oracles need to hold $LINK as a collateral to guarantee data quality and uptime

$LINK has: Consistent institutional demand + Fixed supply = deflationary pressure.

// Just look at the $LINK exchange balance Image
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The idea of a 'flippening' between $BTC and $ETH is a contentious topic that has once again reemerged in popular discussion.

I decided to do a deep dive into the subject.

What I found was very interesting, to say the least.

All data and observations can be found below⬇️
First, let us define the term.

The #flippening refers to the possibility of $ETH gaining a larger market cap and surpassing $BTC.

This would make $ETH the largest and most important blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world.

$BTC has never lost the #1 spot Image
The idea of the #flippening becoming a real possibility first started to gain traction in June 2017.

At the time, $ETH had 83% of the market cap of $BTC,
It's market cap was quickly increasing, and $ETH 's rise seemed to have no end in sight. Image
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1/ This thread will cover 90% of what you need to know to make money in crypto.

Many of the mistakes people make when investing is because they don’t understand the world of crypto, and that its mostly a wild west world of bulls**t.
2/ Everyone in crypto is shilling you or fudding you.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is the idea that crypto = blockchain. It isn’t equal to blockchain. Blockchain is a massive sector with huge enterprise software solutions by IBM, Microsoft etc.
3/ Theres no tradeable token in these solutions and don’t need one. It’s bigger than just crypto. Crypto is subsection of this. Blockchain projects with a tradable crypto token.

The majority of these crypto projects are just excuses to do ICO’s and “grab cash”.
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Thread for Weekly Review. It's been a long while since we used this format for our review so here goes.
#TOTAL Marketcap on the Weekly tf has flipped the 20 Ma and the 1.75T Weekly level into resistance. Price is trading well below the monthly level. No sign of strength for the bulls to hold onto on this TF.
On the Daily TF the #TOTAL chart has very clean SR levels. Daily close below 1.37T opens the market up for significant downside. Price can confirm strength on a reclaim of 1.82 + monthly open as support.
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Thread: @allianceblock Beginners Guide

- Introduction of allianceblock
- The Founders
- Description of allianceblock
- Partnerships
- Products
- Use cases for the allianceblock token
- How to buy $albt
- How to stake and provide liquidity

Here we go! #NoMercy (1/11)
Intro: @allianceblock is a globally compliant investment banking platform created to bridge crypto & traditional finance. Financial institutions & retail investors will gain access to crypto & #defi assets across multiple blockchains ensuring compliance with local regulations
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