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[Maximiser ses rendements sur Uniswap]

🦄 #Uniswap est une plateforme riche en opportunités de #farming

🌾 Voici une technique peu connue que j'utilise pour trouver les meilleurs rendements

(Thread co écrit avec @cmfthomas)

🧶👇 Image
@cmfthomas ⚙️ La technique présentée s'appuie sur l'outil @revertfinance

C'est une plateforme vous permettant d'analyser vos positions #Uniswap via des graphiques précis & compréhensibles

Vous pouvez voir votre APR, actifs, range etc .. Image
@cmfthomas @revertfinance Mais ce qui est intéressant avec Revert, c'est qu'il est possible d'inspecter les positions des autres farmeurs 👀

🔎 Le but de cette astuce va donc être de trouver les positions de #farming les plus profitables afin de les répliquer
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Missed #Arbitrum , Here’s 👇🏻

Mantle #Airdrop: Claim Your Free $10,000 Tokens Today! 💰

Mantle Already raised $200M Ecosystem Fund😱 Image
What is Mantle?

👉@0xMantle is a scaling solution developed for the Ethereum blockchain, operating as a Layer 2 solution.

👉 It is a product of #BitDAO, and is governed by the $BIT community.

👉 BitDAO raised a whopping $230M from top investors like Pantera and Dragonfly Image

$200M Ecosystem Fund😱

👉 Big Airdrop Hint🔥

Mantle has hinted that they have allocated some tokens for the community.

How to Participate in the Mantle #airdrop ⚡️👇🏻 ImageImage
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@eCompass_io is a 🇫🇷 community project and a one-stop data provider @MultiversX #blockchain, providing charts, monitoring, statistics tools and more.

Its Charts MVX sections displays data from @xExchangeApp @JEXchangeDefi @ash_swap @Exrond_Dex @OneDex_X and @binance 🔥

🧵👇 Image
It also highlights #DeFi projects from @MultiversX, such as @ProteoDefi , @DemiourgosH , @JEXchangeDefi

Recently, they introduced BRC-20 charts from @unisat_wallet 🔥

They also display data from #staking providers, #MxBridge, #xLaunchpad and @BHeroLaunchpad , @CantinaRoyale ’s game ranking and some special charts for LP tokens.

A #herotag generator is available at:

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Introducing Hubble Exchange: a Purpose-Built App-Chain for Perps

A trustless & composable trading system for perps. Hubblenet is a perp-specific chain; customized to embed a fully Decentralized Limit Order Book & its Matching Engine


Overview👇 Image
The chain builds upon Avalanche’s subnet-evm repo, and we deploy our solidity smart contracts to control the logic for deposit/withdraw margin, place/accept orders, pay fees, & liquidations.
We customized the block-building process, integrating our order-matching system for decentralized validation. As users place orders, data is indexed locally in the validator node with details on open orders, positions, margins, pending funding, & margin ratio.
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𝗩𝗘𝗡𝗢𝗠 - Snipa Finance NFT

A short step-by-step tutorial for claiming @SnipaFinance NFT available on Venom testnet

✈️ Airdrop : (Venom) 22% for community
⏳Estimed time : 5min
💸Cost : Free

#airdrop #airdrops #Venom Image
If you haven't started your Venom testnet adventure yet, here's my complete guide to create your wallet, claim faucet and first #NFTs :

⛔ As I write, VenomPools is still under maintenance, no problem, we'll claim that later Image
This time, I'm going to give you a quick tutorial to claim Snipa Finance #NFT, it will only take you 5 minutes

For your information, Snipa is a #DeFi portfolio tracker designed for users to manage their assets Image
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$R You Ready?

Raft is Live! 🚀

🧵 Image
Raft is redefining #DeFi by offering $stETH holders a unique opportunity to generate $R, the ultimate decentralized USD stablecoin.

Try it now:

Keep scrolling to learn how to generate $R while earning staking rewards on your $stETH collateral. 👇
TL;DR: What is $R?

$R draws inspiration from stablecoins like $DAI and $LUSD but distinguishes itself with improvements:

✅ Solely backed by $stETH – a more capital-efficient approach to lending/borrowing

✅ More efficient liquidation mechanism

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1/14 Insights from crypto VCs can help you discover the latest #DeFi trends.

I track the money flow to find the most innovative protocols that are winning over investors.

Here's where the money went last month: 🧵
2/14 Sadly, the fundraising data is not showing any bullish signs.

There were 120 crypto fundraising deals worth $1.20B in May, down from 130 deals last month. Image
3/14 The same goes for the DeFi sector as well.

After bullish April, only 20 DeFi projects managed to raise funds last month, accounting for just $59M USD.

In fact, DeFi was the smallest crypto sector by dollar amount raised. 🥲 ImageImage
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🧵Introducing Stader ETHx - Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD)

@staderlabs #ethereum #Staking 👇
1/ Liquid staking has gained significant attention in the crypto space, and @CroutonDigital has introduced a fascinating derivative called Stader ETHx, which stands for Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD). Let's explore its features and potential benefits. #Crypto #LiquidStaking
2/ Stader ETHx allows users to trade liquid staked Ethereum (ETH) derivatives. It enables ETH holders to access the benefits of staking while maintaining the flexibility to trade and utilize their ETH for other purposes. #Staking #Ethereum #DeFi
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【牛市加速器——详解 #RWA & 最具潜力的 7 个项目🔥】

花旗银行「区块链下一个十亿用户和万亿价值」报告中指出区块链下一个万亿级别赛道,将是真实世界资产代币化(RWA),预测在私募市场将增长 80 倍以上

🧵本文深度介绍 #RWA 概念及赛道中最有潜力的项目,相信一定会成为牛市中的 #财富密码
1⃣ 什么是 #RWA

RWA 是将真实世界中的资产,如房子、车、收藏品等真实物品,或债券、股票等金融物品,通过区块链技术将其代币化,拥有代币就代表你在现实世界里有这个物品的所有权,你可以用它去贷款、出租、买卖等。

1.1 RWA 最大意义:降低投资门槛并提升资产流动性。

如纽约有一套房子,房价太贵没有人买,房地产商可以通过 RWA,将这个房产的所有权代币化,分成 10,000 份,即允许 10,000 个人同时投资这个房子,房价上涨的收益也由这一万人平分,而拥有代币的人可以转卖,或者通过借贷协议进行贷款。

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Did you know that @justinsuntron was a few mins away from a $1bil liquidation

Did you know that @Tetranode provided the biggest redemption in Liquity's history?

& did you know that there will ALWAYS be $11m of LUSD liquidity on @CurveFinance ?

Time for a few stories... 📖

👇 Image
Today, we'd like to go back on some Liquity folklore & share the stories of our Chads who, despite their Chadness, sometimes made mistakes

These chads are chads for a reason: they learn from it & tend to have mishaps that benefit the community

ft. @Tetranode, 0x71 & more

-- 1. Accidental Protocol Owned Liquidity --

We all know how sweaty palms can get when moving with size onchain

Immutability can be a harsh mistress when attention slips away.

Our first chad, 0x711CD, fortuitously became part of @LiquityProtocol's & @CurveFinance's history

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🚀 Exploring $Oshi Finance: A Promising Future for Decentralized Finance on Bitcoin! 🌟 #BRC20 #OSHI Image
🌍 Oshi Finance has emerged as a project aiming to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin blockchain. Let's dive into the details! #OshiFinance #DeFi
🔖 $Oshi Token: Oshi Finance introduces the $Oshi token as a governance tool. Holders can actively participate in shaping the ecosystem, ensuring transparent decision-making and fair governance. It aims to empower the community and bring a sense of inclusivity to the platform.
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#上海升级 以来,#LSD 在以太坊爆炸式增长,且可能在其他 L1 网络中继续爆发,引领启动 #DeFi 的强劲反弹,带来LSD Summer🚀


本篇深度研究 LSD赛道中最有潜力的项目,无论投资还是质押,都一定能帮你找到 #财富密码 👇
之前的的文章全面分析了 #板块轮动,强烈建议大家读读。



0⃣在开始之前,让我们了解一下什么是LSD(Liquid Staking Derivatives)。

#LSD 代表 #POS 区块链中的抵押资产,与直接质押之间的主要区别在于流动性。持有者仍在获得奖励,但可以自由进行基本上所有的 #DeFi 活动。

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#ACNH—亚数行1:1锚定离岸人民币的数字资产,现已登陆 #everPay
解锁流动性,摆脱 #Web3 内卷,为下一个亿级用户做好准备!👁

🤝与 #everPay:亚数行提供支付通道,支持 #everPay 业务,实时无 #Gas 费⚡。

@Permaswap:亚数行整合 #ACNH 进入 @Permaswap,间接提高资产流动性🌊。 Image
📌1️⃣ 探秘 #ACNH 发行方 —— 亚洲数字银行🔍

👋大家好!#ACNH 是亚洲数字银行发行的数字资产。

亚数行@AsiaDigitalBank致力于将传统银行业务与 #Web3 解决方案相结合,专注于利用区块链技术实现安全便捷的交易。

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Auto-Pools are here.

Automated liquidity built on Liquidity Book, the most capital-efficient AMM in DeFi🌊📘
What are Auto-Pools? 🤖📘

Auto-Pools are set to democratize access to Liquidity Book by automating the process of liquidity balancing within Liquidity Book Pools. The era of effortless, one-click yield farming has arrived.

Trader Joe makes #DeFi easy. Image
How do Auto-Pools work? 🌊

💧 Deposit Liquidity into an Auto-Pool

⚙️ The Auto-Pool automates the process of rebalancing the liquidity

📤 Upon withdrawal users receive their share of assets and any accrued fees

Auto-Pools are straightforward and accessible for all of DeFi. Image
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1/ @solana, known for its low transaction costs and quick confirmation times, has found its strength in consumer products with lower-value transactions.

@0xallyzach dives into some key insights and trends shaping Solana's ecosystem and user activity. 🧵 Image
2/ Despite the decline in on-chain liquidity, @solana's developer ecosystem has shown resilience.

They have been actively building new functionalities, especially in the consumer sector, including programmable #NFTs and compressed NFTs.
3/ While @solana's TVL has depreciated since the beginning of 2022, it's important to note that TVL is primarily a measure for #DeFi protocols.

Solana's focus on consumer applications has led to a shift in user activity away from DeFi and toward consumer protocols. Image
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$BioFi Everything you wanna node 🧵

Biometric ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard personal data. It's a utility token that binds together a secure set of solutions developed by @Finnovant, Inc., and key providers. #BioFi #Blockchain #Biometrics Image
$BioFi addresses concerns about personal data protection and fraud. The $BioFi utility token is available through an online ecosystem that contains secure products, easy to download, activate, and purchase with the $BioFi token. #DataSecurity #Crypto
BioFi has real-life utility functions already launched in the market: Say-Tec API and developer portal, Krptic cryptocurrency wallet, Phēnix X1 Secure Android node mining smartphone, and UniSafeBox password manager. #DeFi #CryptoWallet Image
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The survival of #DeFi depends on the integration of Real World Asset (#RWA). 🌎

Let's dive into one of the most significant DEFI protocols that incorporate these RWAs into the blockchain. 🔥

/26 Image
1- What is @synthetix_io?
2- What are synthetic assets?
3- How does it work?
4- Synthetix utility
5- Synthetix ecosystem
6- Tokenomics
7- Metrics
8- My opinion

1- What is @synthetix_io?
Synthetix is a protocol that enables the issuance of synthetic assets on the blockchain.
These synthetic assets are backed by a real-world asset or another cryptocurrency such as gold or Bitcoin.
2/ Image
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🧵Strap in your bindings, #crypto community! We're about to carve fresh tracks into a thorough exploration of the transformative #FlareNetworks. If you believed you've seen all the trails in crypto, time for a double take 🤙

This thread is about $FLR and its groundbreaking……
🚨⚠️ Warning: This tweet thread contains high doses of #crypto innovation and disruptive potential. Side effects may include an irresistible urge to ape into $FLR. Proceed with caution and always #DYOR. Let's continue... #FLR #DeFi 🚀🌕
The Flare Network introduces F-assets, a game-changer in the crypto world. F-assets are a truly trustless representation of other cryptocurrencies on the Flare Network, bringing smart contract functionality to coins like $BTC and $XRP. #FLR #Fassets
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Don't miss out on @_zkSwap and $zksp! 📈🧠

Concentrated Liquidity - Revolutionizing Decentralized Exchanges on zkSwap 🔄🔒🔥

1/ 📚 @_zkSwap introduces Concentrated Liquidity, a game-changing approach in decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Here's why it's superior to regular AMMs:
2/ 🎯 Regular AMMs distribute liquidity across the entire price range, resulting in capital inefficiency. With Concentrated Liquidity, liquidity providers can now concentrate their funds around specific price ranges where action is expected.
3/ 💰 Concentrated Liquidity significantly improves capital efficiency. Compared to regular CFMMs, @_zkSwap's DEX way more efficient and liquidity providers can maximize their returns with optimized capital utilization. (See whitepaper for further explanations).
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Why #Arbitrum could be next big winner in crypto 🚀

Don't miss out 👇 Image

➡️ Arbitrum's TVL soared to $2.3B, making it the 4th largest chain in #crypto.

➡️ Users and investors are trusting and adopting it.

➡️ Stablecoin value grew by $500M in just 2 months since launch.

➡️ The demand is increasing rapidly⚡️ Image

➡️ With over 600K active users, #Arbitrum surpasses #Optimism and approaches #Solana

➡️ It's popular and valuable in the #Cryptocommunity

➡️ Arbitrum maintains the highest liquidity among Layer 2 solutions

➡️ It ensuring smooth transactions and a great user experience Image
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Project Levon is one of our answers to a key challenge in #DeFi:
comprehensive & cohesive risk assessment.

Traditional lending practices offer inspiration as they utilise objective data for risk assessments.

How does Levon work and what are the use cases? 🧐


Levon is a machine learning-based, credit-grade solution.

It provides a DeFi Credit Risk Framework for lenders & borrowers.


We use unbiased, public on-chain data to create an innovative, transparent credit grading methodology.

It's our answer to standardizing risk assessment in #DeFi.

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Get an exclusive look inside @JewelSwapX!🕵️‍♂️

We sat down with their Co-Founder last Wednesday and delved into #NFTs, their modules, and plans for the future!

Here are the top 3 key takeaways from our conversation🧵

#MultiversX #EntityFinance Image
Q: Can you talk about the process JewelSwap goes through to ensure the security of its smart contracts? Since there isn't any audits mentioned on the JewelSwap Website or Docs section.
A: Our approach to securing smart contracts on JewelSwap is deliberate and transparent. The initial strategy was to hold off on auditing until we had completed a substantial portion of the code. While the cost of audits is significant, that wasn't our primary reason for this……
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Have you heard about Sei Network? It's a L1 blockchain that focuses on trading and provides optimized infrastructure for DeFi. What's more, they have just launched a $50 million Ecosystem and Liquidity Fund to support the development of innovative apps on Sei. #DisruptDeFi 🚢🚢🚢 Image
Sei Network is a platform that prioritizes scalability and efficiency in cryptocurrency trading. Now, with the Ecosystem and Liquidity Fund, it offers even more opportunities for developers building DeFi applications. Join the revolution today #SeiNetwork #DeFi
It's time to get to know Sei Network! This innovative blockchain network provides specialized infrastructure for trading and decentralized finance. And now, with the Ecosystem and Liquidity Fund, the possibilities are even greater! Join Sei and unlock the potential of DeFi.
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We're thrilled to be coming to @ethbelgrade! ✈️ 🏙️

We'll be setting up a booth to demonstrate our innovative products and services, including our newest offering - Project Levon, a credit scoring tool for #DeFi.

We are also excited to share that two of our team members are joining the conference as speakers!

First one is @PrimozKordez, Block Analitica’s founder.

Primož is a DeFi pioneer, advises MakerDAO and other DeFi projects on risk parameters and leads Block Analitica in creating customized DeFi risk dashboards.

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