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🧵A thread on Argent
1/15 We're excited to host @argentHQ on our Twitter Spaces this week. Want a primer on Argent and what they do? LFG! 🚀 Image
2/15 Argent is a smart wallet 💰 designed for all things #DeFi and #Web3. It is a non-custodial wallet that combines easy access to dApps with security features such as multisig and social recovery, doing away with seed phrases.
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7 Tips Every Trader Should Know✊

Whether you're a🐂or a🐻, everyone should have their own set of rules to follow. You're trading plan is your guide to success. Here are 7 tips I've learned to live by, and you should too. #Bitcoin #SPY #ETH #Crypto
🧵👇 Image
1. Establish a plan!💯

Plan your trades carefully before you enter a position. This means having the price you want to enter, a stop loss, and a take profit zone BEFORE you enter a position. If you aren't doing this, you're probably losing money.💸 Image
2. Protect your capital!🪙

Cut losses quickly. Don't hold and hope, it will 9/10 create bigger losses. If you're plan says to cut at 5% loss, cut it without exceptions, EVERYTIME!

Here's a chart that shows what it would take to recover funds at certain levels of loss. Image
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1/n @mcuban came back to the @BanklessHQ Podcast. Since the last appearance on the podcast he researched, invested, and given the market, lost a lot of money. Nevertheless, he has lots of optimism about the future of crypto. Learn or get burned 🧵 Image
2/n He made it through the last bear market & he clearly sees the difference between the 2017 crash and the 2022 #bearmarket: Back then it was an #ICO mania but no game-changing applications. The interest was mostly getting in early & lots of hopium.
3/n "First came the innovators then the imitators then the idiots": If something worked on #Ethereum it was ported to other chains or L2. Imitators need lots of volume to survive. That is why some turned into idiots with unsustainable business models. We all know some examples…
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#VitalikButerin tweeted about a possible path to build #AccountAbstraction with ERC-4337

Here is a quick Twitter Thread 🧵 on what is #AccountAbstraction and why it is important? 👇

⚡Timeline of #AccountAbstraction Proposals⚡
#VitalikButerin proposed initial abstraction changes for #Metropolis in 2016

The goal was to prepare an account security abstraction.

In traditional model, ECDSA and the default nonce scheme are the only way to secure an account.
In the model discussed by #VitalikButerin, all accounts are contracts, contracts can pay for gas, and users are free to define their security model.
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Te traemos 8 Cripto-Herramientas 🛠️ que te serán de mucha ayuda en tus análisis.

Esta es una recopilación de #dApps, #Apps y páginas recomendadas anteriormente, resumidas en este 🧵.

Agradecemos su apoyo con un ♥️ y dando RT 🔄 para hacerlo llegar a más personas.

#Bitcoin #BTC
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 1️⃣

⚙️ DappRadar

DappRadar proporciona información y perspectivas sobre todas las Dapps (Aplicaciones descentralizadas) existentes.

🔗 Enlace:
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 2️⃣

⚙️ DefiLlama

Esta herramienta es un rastreador de protocolos #DeFi. En ella encontrarás prácticamente todas las plataformas que hay actualmente para hacer #farming, #lending mint etc.

🔗 Enlace:
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#DeFi Weekly

TGIF! 🌳 What went down this week? Here's 5 headlines you can't miss!

1. Solend..decentralized?
2. Bancor Halts IL protection
3. dYdX Builds Chain on Cosmos
4. Solana Announces Web3 Smartphone
5. $100M Horizon Bridge Exploit

#WebTr3e #Crypto #Web3

a short 🧵👇
1. @solendprotocol approves whale wallet takeover:…

Doubts were raised over #Solend's decentralization. Read our thread on this matter! 👇
2. @Bancor Halts IL Protection:…

@Bancor, famously known for its IL (Impermanent Loss) protection feature, is under scrutiny as it halts this LP service due to "volatile markets".
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What happened to @solendprotocol?

It is a decentralized lending platform on #Solana that has been facing community backlash after its recent actions that seem to go against the ethos of decentralization. A summary 🧵👇

#WebTr3e 🌳 #DeFi #Crypto #Solend
Just 2-3 weeks ago, $BTC’s poor price action led to a massive sell-off in major altcoins such as $ETH and $SOL, which reached lows of $881.56 and $25.86, respectively. This also led to on-chain liquidations at the $1K-$1.1K level, according to @parsec_finance.

/1 Image
One prominent potential liquidation that stood out was a $108M $USDC debt on the #Solend platform where a user deposited 5.7M $SOL, worth $170M at the time, as collateral. The liquidation price of $22.27 was very close to the $SOL price then.

/2 Image
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Nansen's Entity Billboard shows you the top crypto entities🔥

1/ Top 10 entities (Ethereum) by 7-day/weekly users:

Tether 194,032
USDC 141,919
OpenSea 123,455
Uniswap 117,191
Coinbase 47,471
Gnosis Safe 45,793
Hop Protocol 38,106
Binance 35,040
Arbitrum 34,016
0x 33,304
2/ Let's dive into each sector 🤓

#DeFi Top 10 entities by users:

- Uniswap 117,191
- MakerDAO 24,751
- Chainlink 23,833
- SushiSwap 17,932
- StrongBlock 13,894
- Curve 8,707
- WBTC 8,317
- Aave 8,007
- DeFi Swap 4,854
- Lido 4,802
3/ #NFT Top 10 entities by users:

- OpenSea 123,336
- X2Y2 11,730
- LooksRare 10,761
- Gem 8,549
- BAYC 8,010
- Gala Games 4,800
- Foundation 4,364
- Decentraland 4,000
- Immutable X 3,922
- Sorare 3,165
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The #Web3 scene welcomes a new Layer 1 competitor!! 🥳

@Cube0x, a.k.a. Cube Chain, is an EVM-compatible public blockchain funded by the world-leading #crypto exchange @HuobiGlobal. 🧵 (1/8)
As the world shifts towards #Web3 and the #metaverse, Cube Chain provides state-of-the-art infrastructure to make the transition as seamless as possible. ✨

What will @Cube0x bring to the table? (2/8)
1) An innovative consensus mechanism:

@Cube0x uses a hybrid randomized delegated proof of stake (DPOS) protocol named “Chaos Consensus.”

This allows more nodes to participate in the consensus, increasing the system's decentralization. (3/8)
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There is a new stablecoin farm in #DeFi town.

Up to 26% APY on $DAI by @oasisdotapp earn.

The vault opens 50x leveraged position on DAI to provide liquidity and generate trading fees on Uniswap V3 DAI/USDC LP pools.

How does it work 🧵

Flash loan is used to borrow 50x the amount of your DAI deposit.

DAI is swapped for USDC and deposited to Uniswap V3 to generate trading fees.

The Oasis Earn is built by integrating @gelatonetwork DAI/USDC wrapped version of Uniswap V3 LP that reinvests the earned fees.

There are 2 Uni V3 pools to choose from.

1⃣ GUNIV3DAIUSDC-A that trades with a spread of 0.9994 - 1.0014 at a 0.05% fee.

2⃣ GUNIV3DAIUSDC2-A represents a Uniswap V3 position with a spread of 0.9998 - 1.0002 at a 0.01% fee

Which one is better? No clear winner for now.
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Wait til yield farmers & stETH holders learn about bonds:

$MSTR, $COIN & $GLXY bonds now yielding more than anything in #DeFi:

1) MSTR: 0% converts due '27 @ $47 = 17% yield + very OTM call option attached

MSTR has $2.4 bn of debt vs $2.6 bn worth of BTC on their balance sheet
2) The most egregious: $GLXY 3% converts due '26 @ 68 = 12.75% yield + OTM Call option

GLXY has $500mm of debt versus $845mm of cash and $2.2 bn of digital assets on their balance sheet

Equity ($1.7 bn) trades well below book value (~$3 bn) and debt is covered 6x by assets!
3) $COIN 3.375% unsecured bonds due '28 @ $65 = 11.25% yield

COIN 0.5% converts due '26 @ 61 = 14% yield + very OTM call option

COIN has $4bn of debt covered by $6 bn of cash + $750mm of investments (marked at cost) at Coinbase Ventures

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1: A quick thread🧵on decentralized exchanges, AMMs and impermanent loss, and explaining a gross misunderstanding among beginners in #DeFi about liquidity pools and AMMs:

"I'll yield farm with a stable coin pairing, that way at least half of my money is safe."
2: Decentralized exchanges ("DEX") use what is called an "automated market maker" rather than an order book to complete your order when you submit swap on a DEX. An order book is what you see on centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, etc, where you can see all the orders.
3: On a centralized exchange, an over simplified explanation of when sales is that they occur when buy/sale limit orders overlap or when someone buys/sells using a "market order".
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1/ The need for high-quality on-chain data to surface the signal has never been greater, so we're excited to announce the launch of #DeFi Paradise!

It gives you an overview of what’s happening in the DeFi space & what Smart Money are doing.

More details:
2/ #DeFi Paradise is available across 7 chains: @ethereum, @0xPolygon, @BNBCHAIN, @avalancheavax, @FantomFDN, @arbitrum and @CeloOrg.
@ethereum @0xPolygon @BNBCHAIN @avalancheavax @FantomFDN @arbitrum @CeloOrg 3/ There are 2 tables during this release:

- Liquidity Pools
- Staking

We will be building out more tables and dashboards to cover other areas of DeFi in the time to come.
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Dive in to learn more about @YetiFinance! This thread 🧵will cover 4 main points:
- What problems does CDP solve?
- What is Yeti Finance?
- How does it work?
- Yeti Finance's Stablecoin: $YUSD


Lending projects for #DeFi have similar role as banks in traditional markets, where they allow capital to flow freely and stimulating economic development.

Lending projects are classified into 2 types: Third party and First party. 👇
Third Party: An intermediary protocol for users to deposit tokens to earn interest and receive profit when lending those tokens back to others.
- Users can borrow & lend
- Not sufficient when the demand for #stablecoins loans is large
- Featured project: @AaveAave with TVL: $6.3B
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Durante #cryptosummerweek de @cryptoplaza_es debatimos sobre las plataformas integradoras y los puentes de conexión CeFi<>DeFi 🌉

Gracia a @YerayJMS de @Onyze_official y a @YaelHOaknin de @token_city por participar!😁


Si quieres saber más sobre la conectividad CeFi<>DeFi, este hilo es para ti.

-La industria #crypto necesita madurar, y eso lo hará a partir de la entrada de #capital💸
-El capital, en este caso, tanto de retailer cómo de inversores institucionales 🏦

Para que el #capital institucional🏦llegue al mundo #crypto, requiere de:

-Más #seguridad regulatoria⚖️
-Facilidad tecnológica 👨‍🔬
-Garantias y buenas rentabilidades 📊
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A historically bad week for digital assets, and the rest of global markets, led to me spinning up 11 random thoughts about this bear market…

1) Why $BTC & $ETH are underperforming

2) #DeFi is kicking the crap out of #CeFi

3) #DeFi is being held back by lack of adoption of stablecoins, not DeFi itself

4) USDC = USDT; BlockFi = Celsius; Grayscale = Lido - Stop pretending they are different
5) Tether and Circle are making a fortune right now from higher rates

6) Transparency vs non-transparency -- pros and cons

7) The grave-dancing, negative clickbait bias is very lopsided -- lots of stories on forced sellers, no stories on willing buyers
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Où en est-on sur ce marché ?
Est-ce le moment pour investir ?
Quelles projections à long terme ?

Coup d'œil sur l'état global du marché 👇
1/29 Pour ceux qui ont passé les dix dernières années dans une grotte, petit rappel.

Une #cryptomonnaie est un actif numérique négociable et décentralisé basé sur la technologie #blockchain . La blockchain est un grand livre numérique qui enregistre toutes les transactions.
2/29 Depuis la création du #bitcoin en 2009 jusqu'à l'explosion des #NFT en 2021 en passant par le crash monstrueux de 2018 et la chute de 80% de l' #ethereum , le développement des cryptomonnaies a été turbulent, évoluant entre avancées significatives et reculs drastiques.
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Not many know this: DeFi Option Vaults (DOVs) have gained tremendous popularity over the past few quarters. The potential for DOVs to revolutionize DeFi in the coming years is HUGE.

Learn more 🧵👇

#WebTr3e 🌳 #DeFi #DOVs #Options Image
What are DOVs? 👀

DOVs are automated vaults that use options as their underlying product to generate returns. At its peak, DOVs accounted for >$500M of the total #TVL in #DeFi options.

2 reasons why DOVs are a force to be reckoned with:
1️⃣ DOVs democratize complex options strategies to the masses
2️⃣ DOVs bring high organic yield to DeFi

We believe that DOVs will shape the #DeFi space moving forward. 🚀

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1/⚖️ [CIP-11] The V2.6.0 upgrade is here 😉

Key improvements to #Carbon
🔹 Bridge module
🔹 Token import
🔹 Promoting greater participation → Slashing inactive oracles

Calling all $SWTH stakers!

📜 Proposal details…
🗳 Vote…
2/ Bridge module 🌉

The bridge module will enable users to bridge tokens in just ONE transaction — without needing an account on Carbon. Soon, you will be able to bridge $SWTH across #BNBChain, #Ethereum, #Neo, #Zilliqa and #Osmosis directly on CarbonHub!
3/ Token import 🪙

#Carbon is here to streamline your #DeFi experience. With the upcoming token import feature on #Demex, users can list tokens permissionlessly in just 2 steps without having to submit a proposal!

Simply select your desired blockchain & token address to go🚀
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Think tanks are an underestimated business development weapon.

We spent over $1M to sponsor 6 different think tanks to enhance the user experience and to push #web3 into the forefront of innovation.

🧵 a thread on what we learned: 🧵
We funded these think-tanks, which we call “Working Groups”, to gather research and propose improvements to the $EOS network.

After identifying the key areas to focus on, we collaborated with the most qualified people.

The final deliverable was 6 academic research papers.
The 6 topics we focused on are:

1️⃣ Client-side Integrations
2️⃣ Security
3️⃣ #EOS Core Biz Dev
4️⃣ API's
5️⃣ DeFi Risk Mitigation
6️⃣ $EOS Yield Opportunities to Maximize TVL

The @EOSNFoundation then offered financial incentives to community members who provided their feedback.
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1/9 @dYdX has well integrated itself as a leader in process quality. A high score is backed up by great real-world crisis management and all this leads us to a strong update into our records.
2/9 dYdX's public team does an excellent job at explaining their testing methodologies. Testnet deployments, perfect code coverage and scripts for users to replicate the tests themselves are all documented.
3/9 dYdX has also shown a fantastic commitment to good audits being conducted each time code is deployed. This is considerable given that they've literally launched their own L2.
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💻Being a validator providing on-chain security for Osmosis chain, Zenscape is committed to supporting our partners at significant points along their journey.

One year after mainnet, @osmosiszone, the largest interchain #DeFi AMM, will undergo its first "thirdening".
🧪Osmosis' thirdening, a play on the #Bitcoin "halvening", is an annual emissions reduction event where the amount of $OSMO released into circulation is reduced by a third.

Emissions will be continually reduced until the asymptotic max supply of 1B $OSMO.
The thirdening emissions reduction schedule:

🔹Year 1 – 300M tokens released.
🔹Year 2 – 200M tokens released.
🔹Year 3 – 133M tokens released.

And so on...

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Ladies & gents, please welcome #ParaSwAPP

The FIRST NFT P2P mobile trading app on iOS

🏆 Buy & Sell NFTs with any token
🔐 Secure non-custodial wallet
💳 Fiat OnRamp with 0 fees

Start here 🚀
It's a BIG day for #NFT & #DeFi: Never easier to trade your NFT or offer it as a gift! #ParaSwAPP is upgrading the #DeFi and #NFT game! more on our blog…
💳 Buy crypto with 0 fees 💰

@RampNetwork is offering the first 500k/ 3 weeks at 0 fees 🔥

*All supported chains except Ethereum ;)
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1/ incentives drive behavior, and yield comes with risk.

In #DeFi, financial incentives drive market development, liquidity, and collateral.

This can lead to mercenary behavior, and unsustainably high returns.

here are five such DeFi incentives ⬇️
2/ lock-ups

pay interest or a share of trading fees for immobilizing digital assets to serve as liquidity or collateral.
3/ liquidity mining

pays interest in the form of tokens issued by the service itself, typically governance tokens.
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