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20+ years as a youth worker | London Assembly Member | Hon Col Cadets for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
8 May
Now that the results are in, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this election.

While we didn’t quite get over the line, I’m incredibly proud of my team. Despite a global pandemic, they ran an amazing campaign and together we shattered expectations.
But although the pandemic brought new challenges, there was another challenge that felt familiar.

I’ve been written off a lot in my life. So it was no surprise when the pundits said I come never even come close to winning.
Today’s result shows that while some wrote me off, Londoners didn’t.

My campaign gave a voice to people worried about their safety, about house prices, about an ever-rising cost of living.

Together we shone a spotlight on issues that @SadiqKhan ignored.
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17 Feb
London faces record levels of knife crime, unaffordable homes, a bankrupt transport network & a rising cost of living.

So we need a fresh start.

And I have a plan to deliver it.
I’ll make our streets safe by hiring 8,000 extra police officers and reopening 38 police stations to the public.
I’ll help young people get out of crime with 32 new youth centres and 4,000 new youth workers.
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25 Nov 20
Londoners have been asking about my policy of 100,000 homes for £100,000 each.
They like the policy — but they want to know how it will work. Read on to find out!


It’s every Londoner’s dream to buy a home. And it’s the Mayor’s responsibility to make that dream a reality.
But homeownership has been out of reach for too many Londoners. So in my first term, I’ll fund the construction of 100,000 homes to be sold for £100,000 each.
City Hall has more than enough money. @SadiqKhan was given £4 billion to build affordable homes. But he allocated 80% of it to building homes for rent.
If @SadiqKhan gets his way, a generation of Londoners will be locked into renting and unable to save a deposit.
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1 Nov 20
On a cold and wet weekend, I want to thank all the activists who were out campaigning for a safer, fairer and more affordable London.

This weekend, @SadiqKhan was bailed out. He has wasted £9.56bn at TfL. Now he’s going to make Londoners pay. This city deserves better.
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1 Nov 20

For the second time this year, TfL has run out of money.

So once again, the government are bailing @SadiqKhan out.

This £1.7 billion bailout covers the cost of Covid — but not the cost of @SadiqKhan’s mismanagement.

.@SadiqKhan racked up £9.56bn in waste over 4 years.

That’s SIX TIMES the cost of Covid, which cost £1.6bn in lost fares.

The bailout does NOT force Khan to extend the congestion charge, despite what he claimed. But if he wants to bring back services, he needs to cut waste

He could end free travel for friends of TfL staff, which has cost £159 million.

He could reform TfL’s pension system, which has cost £828 million.

He could end Crossrail delays, which have cost £5.25 billion.

He could cut executive pay, which has grown by £58 million.

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24 Jul 20
After receiving a £1.6bn bailout from Gov in May, @SadiqKhan is now demanding another one.

It's easy for the Mayor to blame the virus.

But if he had managed TfL's finances properly, he wouldn't have needed one bailout, let alone two.

THREAD 1/15…
It's easy for @SadiqKhan to blame TfL's current financial crisis on Covid.

After all, TfL revenue took a hit during lockdown.

But if the Mayor had built up reserves, grown the network and paid off debt during the last four years, these bailouts would not be necessary.

So let's look at what happened.

In 2014, when Boris was Mayor, he was told that TfL would need to become ‘self sufficient’. The Mayor was given the power to collect business rates, but the Gov grant was cut.

In essence, the two cancelled each other out.

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22 Jul 20
In 2016, Sadiq Khan became Mayor and Chairman of TfL.

Four years and £13bn of debt later, TfL is bankrupt. Londoners are stuck with a higher congestion charge. And fares are set to rise.

Khan defended his record in Parliament today. But he left a few things out.

Read on 👇🏿
Sadiq Khan has mismanaged TfL for 4 years.

He froze single fares, mostly benefitting tourists. Cost = £640m

He delayed Crossrail again and again. Cost = £5bn

He paid out massive bonuses to TfL staff. Cost = £1.7m (in 2019 alone)

And he refused to find savings.

Even worse, Sadiq Khan misled Parliament today.

He said that he cut the number of TfL staff earning over £100k a year.

Actually, he increased the number. To 557.

I have written to the Mayor asking him to correct his statement.

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16 Jul 20
At 8pm, I’m debating race on @ITV. Here’s what I’ll say.

I believe in equality of opportunity. It’s the reason behind London’s success.

Equality isn’t about defunding police or ending capitalism. It’s about unlocking the potential of every Londoner, black and white.
The more chances we all have, the better our city becomes.

Opportunity is the route out of poverty, the route out of crime.

I know this. I was a youth worker for 20 years. When you give people opportunity, they thrive. Because at the end of the day, we all want the same things.
When Stephen Lawrence was murdered, Britain was a different place.

To people of colour, Stephen’s murder was upsetting and scary. But it wasn’t shocking.

Racism was more acceptable back then. Racist violence was all too common.

What that shocked us was the police response.
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30 Jun 20
The Mayor is threatening to cut the police budget by £110m - that's 1,692 officers.

Despite hiking his office costs by £527m (320%).

A summer of crime is coming.

@SadiqKhan needs to retake control of the streets.

👇🏿 THREAD 1/14…
Crime is rising in London.

Knife crime is up. Burglaries are up. Illegal raves have turned violent from Brixton to Maida Vale.

And with pubs set to reopen on this weekend, police are expecting more chaos.

So we need to support our police — not cut their budgets.

Sadiq Khan is losing control of the streets.

But instead of hiring more officers, he’s planning to cut £110m from police budgets.

That’s the same as sacking 1,692 police officers.

How will cuts help the Mayor take back control of the streets?…

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10 Jun 20
I have some thoughts about tearing down statues.

👉🏾Communities should make decisions, not mobs
👉🏾 Statues should end up in museums, not seabeds
👉🏾 We need to be building more monuments to showcase our present day role models, not cutting ourselves off from our past

This is a thread about history, what it means to live in a civilised society and why @SadiqKhan 's hastily announced commission to tear down statues and rename roads across London is both a dangerous and divisive idea.

London has historically been an international city, and that means we have an international history.

I'm proud for example that Parliament Square hosts statues not only of British leaders, but international giants like Gandhi, Lincoln and Mandela.

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5 Jun 20
The Mayor has been caught lying (again) about the terms of his TfL bailout.

He claimed that the Gov forced him to suspend free travel for under-18s.

But the Dept for Transport today released a letter confirming that @SadiqKhan 's Deputy AGREED to this suspension.

The Secretary of State for Transport's letter to Sadiq Khan was made public today.

In it, he slaps down the Mayor for misleading the public about his bailout and the conditions attached to it.

This isn't the first time the Mayor has lied about the details of his bailout.

He spent two weeks claiming that the Gov had forced him to hike the congestion charge, before eventually admitting it had been his decision.


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29 May 20
The details of Sadiq Khan's TfL bailout have now been published.

And it's not great for the Mayor.

- No Gov instruction to increase the congestion charge.

- Khan was already planning to hike fares last year.

- Appalling state of TfL's finances prior to lockdown.

The Gov, DfT as well as the Mayor's own spokesman have now all confirmed that it was the Mayor's decision to increase and expand the congestion charge.

Nobody else's

On GMB last week, the Mayor himself admitted it had been his decision last week.

"It was us."

The terms of Khan's bailout now confirm that the Gov DID instruct Khan to restart the congestion charge, but they DID NOT instruct him to increase it.

The Mayor decided to immediately increase the congestion charge without a review - before blaming Gov for that decision.

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20 May 20
This is a lie @SadiqKhan.

As you well know (and as Gov have confirmed), you were not forced to increase the C-charge. You were only asked to make proposals to review.

If the Gov wanted to force you to increase the c-charge, they would have done so. But they didn't.

Anybody who has spent any time in Government knows what "proposals" mean.

It means consultation. Cost-analysis.

It doesn't mean you were "forced" to do it during lockdown, when people should be avoiding public transport.

So where are your proposals?

They don't exist. why?

Because instead of working with the Government on this, you chose to play politics.

You decided to go ahead and immediately increase the c-charge yourself.

Even Gov ministers were shocked when they heard.

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18 May 20
Sorry @SadiqKhan, but this is rubbish.

The bailout you first asked for was 2x the amount accounted for by lost revenue due to covid. You knew you had a blackhole to fill.

No wonder the Gov insisted on a review of your finances.

The Transport Secretary confirmed today in the HoC that the Gov did not ask you to increase the Congestion Charge.

Even your own spokesman confirmed it was your decision to increase it on Friday, presumably before your spin operation kicked into action.

And just take responsibility for rising fares. You signed off a TfL Business Plan in Dec 2019 that ended your partial fares freeze anyway.

Why? Because it didn't work. It cost £640m and subsidised travel for tourists, while travelcard costs for London commuters shot up.

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15 May 20
To be clear, it was @SadiqKhan's decision, and his alone, to increase the Congestion Charge from £11.50 to £15, and expand it to 7 days a week.

The Department for Transport have confirmed that the government did not force @SadiqKhan or TfL to raise the congestion charge as a condition of approving the bailout.

To suggest they did, is a lie.

Even a spokesman for the Mayor of London said today that the government and Khan agreed that the charge should be reviewed, but that it was the mayor’s decision to increase it.

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13 May 20
As expected, @SadiqKhan is now running to the Government for a bailout of TfL, where Khan serves as Chairman.

On one level it makes sense - the coronavirus is hammering fare revenues.

But that’s not all of the story. Far from it. #thread 1/12
When Sadiq Khan became Mayor, TfL had healthy finances. That he is now asking the Government for a bailout of £3.2 bn - i.e. far in excess of the impact of COVID - is evidence of four years of bad management, not simply the impacts of this horrible disease.

What do I mean? 2/12
In 2014,  TfL was told by the government that it would have to become ‘self-sufficient’.

The then Mayor, one @BorisJohnson, identified £12bn of savings to start. Another £4bn would have put the service on a sustainable footing over the long haul. 3/12
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27 Mar 20
@CityAM this morning:

Imagine being a key worker tomorrow morning.

A twenty-minute wait for the next tube — if you manage to get on. A carriage so overcrowded that you’ve got no hope of social distancing. And then a rush to your hospital, your police station, your school.
We’re asking key staff to put their health on the line at work. Why are we forcing them to put their health on the line during the commute?
It’s obvious that London’s public transport is failing the people who need it most — doctors and nurses, police officers and teachers. The very same people we need the most.
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27 Feb 20
.@SadiqKhan never takes responsibility for issues he has control over. But he loves to take credit for things he has no right taking credit for.

Just like today’s win on Heathrow expansion - THREAD

Let’s look at the facts.

In 2009 Sadiq Khan was a transport minister in Gordon Brown’s government.

Sadiq Khan voted to support the Labour Government’s plans for a third runway before confirming to the @EveningStandard he was “firmly in favour” of Heathrow expansion.

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17 Dec 19
With Corbynism now a smoking ruin, Sadiq Khan is frantically trying to distance himself from the Corbyn project. I say not so fast. Let’s take a look at Khan’s record on this: (THREAD)
Sadiq Khan was one of the 35 MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party. He even tweeted “Good to see @jeremycorbyn has made it onto the ballot for next @UKLabour leader.”
Khan knew in 2015 that Corbyn had a long association with bad actors like Hezbollah and the IRA, and that Corbyn was far-left on the economy. The measure of the man was known. Then again, Khan needed to win selection in London.
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