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Father of two stillborn twins and three rainbow children writing about experiences of stillbirth, miscarriage and life afterwards #BLAW2018 #BabyLossHour
17 Oct 19
I'm probably going to write a #babylossawarenessweek debrief soon but would like to say a few things about why the campaign is important @BLA_Campaign
@BLA_Campaign I'm still speaking to bereaved parents that are struggling to find the psychological support they need. #babylossawarenessweek #OutofSight
One mother did manage to get counselling after an 18 week wait. The counselling was held in the antenatal ward @BLA_Campaign #babylossawarenessweek #OutOfSight
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8 Oct 19
I'm seeing a lot of flack directed at awareness weeks. I can see they are problematic and can be viewed as a cheap way of acknowledging an issue without addressing the root causes / issues underpinning them.
Particularly around mental health there is a justifiable anger about focus on certain more 'acceptable' forms over others and the gaping void between intent and outcome of 'talk to someone'.
Awareness weeks are a chance for people with lived experience to come forward, talk about it and encourage others to either talk of their own if ready or seek support.
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10 Oct 18
@Sandbach @willquince @VictoriaPrentis @drcarolinej @LilianGreenwood @GarethThomasMP @BenMLake @PGibsonSNP @HughGaffneyMP @JimShannonMP @MartinJDocherty This was an example of politics at its best. No point scoring, yah-booing. It was a shame it was so poorly attended. #babylossdebate
@Sandbach @willquince @VictoriaPrentis @drcarolinej @LilianGreenwood @GarethThomasMP @BenMLake @PGibsonSNP @HughGaffneyMP @JimShannonMP @MartinJDocherty This wasn't just sad stories, it was a collective will and demonstration of joint working to improve not only awareness but prevention, bereavement care and holding the Government to account on maternity care #BabyLossDebate
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2 Sep 18
I have been quiet of late, much thinking though. I have awoken from my dormant state by news that #BabyLossAwareness week will be marked with a documentary
I have very, very mixed feelings about this. I have seen the comments from participants urging critics to wait and see and not believe the 'media hype' about the film.
I have no doubt of the sincerity of these pleas. I find it difficult though to support a film based on highly questionable ethics no matter the aim it hopes to achieve.
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1 Jun 18
Late night thoughts on #babyloss the workplace and #FindingTheWords @SandsUK
There's been big steps in #KeepTalkingMH in the workplace that hasn't quite made the shift for #babyloss due to a pervasive stigma and taboo. #FindingTheWords
Even the phrase #babyloss is enough to cause issues let alone talking about the lives and deaths of our babies. #FindingTheWords
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1 Dec 17
The interviews with the producer are enraging.
My wife heard the plan to capture the primal scream of loss and was furious
The sound haunts her dreams at night. The thought of it being captured and replayed is horrific
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30 Nov 17
Images of individuals, whether in still photographs or moving film images, will often be caught by the definition of personal data in the Data ProtectionAct 1998.
In many cases consent from the individuals will need to be obtained in order to process (capture and use) the images fairly and lawfully.
Consent must be “freely given, specific
and informed”. It is important to keep a record of the individuals’ consent.
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28 Nov 17
I had considered a blog but I'm going to go for a thread instead on the tension of awareness raising and offence following on from @TheLegacyOfLeo better post on the…
Time and time again we come round to the same tension. Often we can’t talk about our experiences for fear of offending / upsetting someone whether that person has suffered loss or is pregnant or not.
We have to moderate the message and any offering that is intended to help people when they feel that they want it should they need it.
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19 Oct 17
Today marks my twin sons 6th (still)birthday. This time last year my wife had been induced and told to come back two days later.
Hours later her waters broke and we went to hospital so she could give birth…
This isn't the birthday they should have had but we mark it as though they were here with us.
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