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Somaliland by birth. Banker by Profession MSc| MIS , Author, Activist, Member of Somaliland Professional, Doha -Qatar
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My coming note 🚨🚨

@HassanSMohamud has been elected for his second term - of-course without one-man one-vote since 1991.

But not only the election was same. challenges and daunting issues also exist and thrive.

For him- to be fair with other leaders

He doesn’t care much What’s inside starting from security, peace and providing basic life for ordinary people

It wasn’t to end the very long AMISOM stay to protect him and not that other guy who hopes to return back his home safely

It wasn’t to lead exercising some democracy within
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@It’s Official

@BBC_somalia is finally suspended operating in #Somaliland by the government.

Why? Let’s examine

It’s Impartial and always looks one side - ignoring the other

Swahili people has got BBC but they don’t feel they’re segregated Not credible as they started to spread unsubstantiated stories whenever is about #Somailand sovereignty

Make no mistake it didn’t bother to report the ill-fated regime in Somalia or their President who is guarded by AU peacekeepers from his own people.
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May Allah rest your soul in peace Sheekh Adan Siiro.

The very name explains your story of educating people and giving them countless Dawa lessons.

The very name simplifies what a kind of man you were

The very name truly speaks in volumes how humble you were Image — the very name make us love you abundantly and makes sure not miss any of your great Dawa sessions.

No doubt you revive the Sunnah through the Hadith and story of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

I would not forever forget how you inspire me and many for reading and memorizing the Quran
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Sheekh Adan Siiro departed our world today.

Before he becomes a Sheekh , he was a normal person with a vision to educate his people and country

If you want to see him, you would only need to join him in one of his Dawa and religion lessons. He was very calm and happy young man, always on his speech it was full of wisdom and advice for his people.

The way he delivers messages was always on very low tune that’s peaceful and compassionate.
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An old piece

July - Now after 62 years , Somalia is celebrating their independence from Italian Colony .

The Idea of Somalis to have one people , country and flag hasn't been successful despite efforts made by the lobbyist from #Somaliland Perhaps the principal was wrong or worse than expected.

Today we hope with the New FIVE regions formed within Somalia and ruled by Mogadishu would prosper and restore hope among people who never had a day to celebrate in PEACE
Maybe this is the Five Somalis they were yearning
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An old piece


Somaliland wasn't born in 18 may but 26 June and if we want to tell our story to the world then it's that very time and year which we took our independence from Britain which gives us a fair share of the nations that had taken independence too from European — Colonists but that's not the reality on the ground today and that's not what the debate about Somaliland quest for recognition is at least from views of the historians, theologians, authors or even experts, today our history of a nation

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1/7 An Old piece about Morsy - the human and the President!

Ever murdered an elected president through trial? Well it happened June 17, 2019 exactly after six years of being elected. The place is Egypt and the Victim is Mohamed Morsy , a man who wasn’t suppressing Egyptians … In the first place nor he was a president for life, his only crime was that his people chose him on the ballot and made him the first ever elected president on Egypt, Something even the late Anwar Al Saddat didn’t reach but for Morsy it was a victory for his people and country …
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1/3 Let’s try out
my first spoken word

They call me a warrior. They call me a fighter

I listen to them but again I know deep in my heart I’m just a learner.

A life learner or someone who tries to understand how the ocean form.

When I sit alone. I think deep that I want to Stop a time that’s moving fast.
I learned the velocity has rules so do the life of a single man like me.

Impossible is a word they told me to stay away. I listened but again that self packed with Chinese spirit has told me not.

I resist and she resisted back
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1/11 🚨 🚨 🚨

An Old piece of mine.

The day of 18 May wasn't just like a fluke or easy earned victory for Somalilanders, everyone back there believes that this certain day is a sympolic not for SNM or who died for the barbaric war against Barre Regime but also stipulates Sometimes true factors of Somaliland National Identity because this day belongs to everyone who faught, worked hard and done so many things in a belief that Somaliland could stand on its own no matter how difficult it's
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🚨🚨🚨 Stop being nice!


Ever asked ourselves to behave differently, perhaps change our discourse?

We’re peace loving nation and sane somehow

Are the world we’re living is sane too?

Do we fit into this insane world we’re dealing with who hardly can heard us Perhaps if heard cannot understand it.

We say we have adversaries and enemies within but what about if we’re enemy to our own cause.

We chose to be Switzerland ( politically wise) which are very polite and nice

It’s Okay if we’re like that only of we’re heard of.