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Is @igadstvs a tool to disadvantage Somalilanders?

A Thread

IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School and Reference Centre (ISTVS) gives opportunities rightfully belonging to #Somalilanders to students from Somalia under the guise of IGAD and “Somali”. 1/7

Somaliland government handed over the Sheikh Technical Veterinary School to IGAD under the supervision of the EU (3 million EUR project). This means the #Somaliland government knew the purpose of the transfer and what the school will be used for. 2/7
The project is implemented by Terra Nuova and under the auspices of African Union, Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources. According to Terra Nuova’s website, the school’s purpose is “leading Somalia becoming a world leader in the export of live animals”

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@It’s Official

@BBC_somalia is finally suspended operating in #Somaliland by the government.

Why? Let’s examine

It’s Impartial and always looks one side - ignoring the other

Swahili people has got BBC but they don’t feel they’re segregated
Not credible as they started to spread unsubstantiated stories whenever is about #Somailand sovereignty

Make no mistake it didn’t bother to report the ill-fated regime in Somalia or their President who is guarded by AU peacekeepers from his own people.
It’s not fair and balanced source of news for many somali speaking including Somalilanders

Simply because it doesn’t fairly report complex matters of culture and history differences between 🇸🇴& SL

This is confusing for many people Specially those interested in history
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An old piece

July - Now after 62 years , Somalia is celebrating their independence from Italian Colony .

The Idea of Somalis to have one people , country and flag hasn't been successful despite efforts made by the lobbyist from #Somaliland
Perhaps the principal was wrong or worse than expected.

Today we hope with the New FIVE regions formed within Somalia and ruled by Mogadishu would prosper and restore hope among people who never had a day to celebrate in PEACE
Maybe this is the Five Somalis they were yearning
— for and aspiring to get one day.

Still they’re searching and only thing they could do is to dance on 1 Jul as it was a day that brought joy and happiness.

On contrary it was a day that witnessed the birth of a merciless and totalitarian state, one that committed a genocide
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Maxay Shacabka Reer #Hargaysa, gaar ahaan ganacsatada Waaheen, uga qayliyeen in Xukuumada Biixi iyo Wasaaraddiisa Hawlaha Guud loo xilsaaro maamulka iyo dibudhiska suuqii gubtay ee Waaheen?


Thread 🧵

Ina Mari;

Shacabka SL guud ahaan waa dad soo jeeda, wax xan ahina kama qarsoona. Ka faa'idaysiga dhibaatadoodu waa mid ay ogyihiin, kuna baraarugsan yihiin. Damac kasta oo hantiyeed oo qoyska Madaxwaynaha ama cid kale ka gala suuqa gubtay ma aha mid ka qarsoomaya.

Qandaraaska dhismaha suuqa ayaa la doonayaa in cid gaar ah lagu naasnuujiyo, hadhoowna sida biyagelinta Hargaysa weligii la sugo ama wax aan naf lahayn loo macmalo, malaayiina lagu lunsado.

Tan ayaa durba walaac ku abuurtay ganacsatada xoogsatada ah ee suuqa Waaheen.
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Wuxuu yidhi, ilaahay hal diid, Ba-Xawaadlena hal diiday, anna hal diiday!

Muuse diid inuu faraha uga qaado golaha degaanka Hargeysa inay dib u dhisaan Suuq cusub oo bedala kii gubtay, ganacsatadii dhibku gaadhayne taa diide inay aqbalaan,
Shacabka Somaliland iyaguna diide in ninkaa corrupted-ka ah ee lagu sheegay wasiirka hawlaha guud ee calaamadaha nifaaqa lehi uu hormuud ka noqdo dhismaha cusub, maadaama uu yahay nin hore loogu soo tijaabiyay wasaarad kale oo ku soo fashilmay,
lacago malaayiin dollar ahna loo tirinayo inuu la kala goostay caaqilkiisa Muuse, isla markaana uuna oofin ballano badan oo uu qaaday intuu ahaa Wasiirkii gaadiidka iyo Waddooyinka, sida 5 Millyan oo lagu bilaabi lahaa Waddada Oodweyne ilaa , Hargeysa iyo Oodweynena uu yidhi
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Reasons why #Somaliland is not a secessionist.

A Thread

1/10. Many uninformed and staunch anti-Somaliland individuals use the term ‘secession’ without understanding the legality of the word. Does Somaliland’s Declaration of Independence fall within secessionist criteria? Image
2/10. From international law perspective, secession means unilateral declaration of independence without the consent of the parent state. Somalia is not the parent state in this matter as there was a illegal union with Italian Somalia to form what was known as the Somali Republic
3/10. Two equal entities united illegally (See my thread below explaining why the union was illegal), Therefore Somaliland has legitimacy and does not need a consent as there is no parent state. A recent example of secessionism will be South Ossetia seceding from Georgia.
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The Jasiira massacre in Mogadishu on the 17th of July 1989 was part of the #IsaaqGenocide

A Thread

1/22. This witness statement came from the only survivor Omar Muse. It pays tribute to the 56 innocent lives lost that day to a state sponsored genocide. رحمهم الله

2/22. Mr Muse said “It was the middle of the night when #Somalia’s army knocked on our door to identify people from S/land, especially people from the isaq tribe. They have threaten to break the door unless we open the door. The door was opened by a gentleman named A/risaq Aidid”
3/22. “I hid in a toilet whilst the army ransacked the house and woke everyone. I glanced to see what is going on and I made a noise which brought the attention of the army to myself. The army ordered me to come outside where they were holding all the household members”
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The illegal union between British #Somaliland and Italian #Somalia.


1/12. A pan-Somali dream to step-over colonial borders separating the 5 Somali inhabited territories (Djibouti, NFD, Ogaden region) has brought Somaliland and Somalia together but was the union legal?
2/12. Protectorate Somaliland achieved its independence on June 26, 1960 and received international recognition from 35 countries such as #China, #Egypt, #Ethiopia, #France, #Ghana, #Israel, and #theSovietUnion. There were numerous congratulatory messages notably from #USA.
3/12. The independence of Somalia was guided by the Italian Trusteeship Administration. On April 1960, officials from protectorate Somaliland and trusteeship Somalia met to create the illusion of the so called ‘Somali’ dream and on July 1, 1960, joined to form the United Republic
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#Somaliland and #Taiwan: The benefits


1/14. S/land and Taiwan have a lot in common such as both being a fully functioning democracies with volatile neighbours. Both are striving for international recognition and will not budge to threats or diplomatic pressure. Image
2/14. Somaliland brings a lot to the table. S/land’s strategic location in the Horn of Africa will give Taiwan a gateway into East Africa and beyond. Landlocked countries in Africa can benefit from this diplomatic move such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda.
3/14. S/land will give Taiwan an important access to the Gulf of Berbera (Gulf Aden) where access to the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world can be established which will boost Taiwan’s export opportunities as well as a chance to make new friends in the region.
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Update on #Somalia's delayed elections & contextualising the emerging grievances as the elections take up steam. Thread🧵(1/5)
On 17/09/2020, Somalia’s leaders agreed on indirect elections. FMS were given responsibility to oversee elections committees (SEIT) in their respective regions. Oversight for #Somaliland & Benadir was placed in the hands of the Prime Minister due to the absence of SL admin. (2/5)
From 27/05/2021 through to 09/01/2021 – Oversight on #Somaliland elections were delegated to the deputy PM & head of Upper House Mr Hashi following a gentlemen’s agreement aimed at appeasing their claims of being the rightful representatives of SL. (3/5)
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A high resolution view over the #HornOfAfrica and Nile Basins from this morning from the @NASA Worldview satellite system. #GERD #Ethiopia #Somalia #Somaliland #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Uganda
A closeup of Ethiopia's #GERD and #Sudan's Rosieres dams.
And a close up of the upper reaches of the White Nile showing Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga which are downstream from the Lake Victoria outlet of the White Nile at Jinja.
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Today's rainfall/weather update for the #NorthAfrica #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follows.

The short version is that the peak of the rainy season may have passed, but there are signs of another Indian Monsoon surge coming in 10-12 days in long range forecasts.
Here is the long-range GFS model PWAT forecast for the Indian Monsoon. Towards the end it strengthens and we see high levels of moisture heading for the #HornOfAfrica.
Here is a big picture view of the greater region including all the areas that this weekly bulletin will cover.

A review of the past week showed that Sahel-Sahara rainfall has continued, as has rainfall in northern Sudan. The northerly rain is however not particularly heavy.
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This week's rainfall forecasts for the #HornOfAfrica, #NorthAfrica and the #Middle East follow.

Image: Typhoon INFA over China showing the lights of Tokyo where the world is gathered to celebrate youth & excellence and the unity of the nations of the world at the Olympics.
Here we see Japan again and tropical storm #Nepartak which is on route towards the Olympics.

#Nepartak is a child of #INFA's gyre and you can see an atmospheric river coming from #INFA's outflows which leads directly to her.
This weekly thread is the sequel to the daily threads published April-July in solidarity with the efforts to complete the 2nd filling of the #GERD dam under difficult circumstances.

There hasn't been a clear view of the #GERD in the past week sadly, just a glimpse.
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Two typhoons getting closer and closer to each other. #INFA on the right is sucking the much smaller #Cempaka into its orbit. Sucking up all its outflow and chucking it out east.

The pair of typhoons current winds are fixed by JTWC at 70 and 65 knots at 06Z.
Here are the current warning graphics from the JTWC. ImageImage
#Cempaka is a midget Typhoon (1). Spinning like a top south west of Hong Kong.

Disregarding its size, #Cempaka is directing rain from Hanoi to Taiwan (2). The forecast (3 & previous tweet) shows Cempaka moving west in a loop, but this hasn't started yet. ImageImageImage
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Congratulations to Ethiopia and Ethiopians everywhere on today's completion of the 2nd filling of the #GERD. It has been a great honour to follow along during this moment.

Today's rainfall forecasts for #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follow.
In honour of the #GERD we will change up the order of today's bulletin and get right to the most important issue, rain over the #Abbay basin, which due to its great quantity and consistency made this possible over such a short time period.
But first a brief explanation, as when it comes to the GERD not all rainfall counts. The first image here shows the path of the #BlueNile / #Abbay from Lake Tana to Khartoum where it meets the White Nile and becomes "The Nile".
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The presentation of the #ArabianMonsoonBurst has changed dramatically today with the consolidation of activity over the Arabian Peninsula into a single huge storm which is currently moving into the Red Sea over Makkah and Jeddah.

Today's rainfall forecasts follow.
The scale of the storm over Islam's holiest city is huge, larger than France. Two more huge storms loom over the greater region tonight. One on the Iranian Gulf coast and another supercell thunderstorm complex over New Delhi/Rajastan, India, the size of the United Kingdom.
The last six hours in three animations, first India which is experiencing a massive monsoon day today in the north.

[Here the initial frames show a blank SEA as their was a satellite data outage.]
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Today is possibly the apex of this #ArabianMonsoonBurst which began several days ago now. It's hard to imagine it getting bigger than this.

Today's #NorthAfrican #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast rainfall forecasts follow.
The animation above is for 12 hours hence the arriving and departing light effect. As always the engine behind this is the Indian Monsoon which you can see here this morning gathering strength.
A close up from the end of today shows how the big storms over #SaudiArabia are generating new atmospheric rivers of moisture, or plumes, over the Sahara, you can see these top right.

[Note: Atmospheric rivers are often invisible, this one becomes visible as night falls.]
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The magnitude of #ArabianMonsoonBurst is now apparent. A major storm is about to cross the Red Sea and arrive in the #HornOfAfrica. Behind it are two enormous super-cell thunderstorms.

Today's rainfall forecasts follow.
The rain activity shown in the @zoom_earth animation preceding is only radar based, Saudi radar, and in this case is complementary to the @Meteoblue satellite rainfall estimates you see below. There is likely significantly more rainfall in this than you see here.
Here we see India (the heart of this Monsoon), this morning to 10am East Africa Time. I.E. around seven hours ago.
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On day 3 of #ArabianMonsoonBlast here's the view over the region tonight. This is definitely bringing rain, and lots of it to both Tigray and #GERD.

Today's rainfall forecasts follow.
Today's Big Pictures provide a view of the entire planet today in three images.

1. The Atlantic
2. The Pacific
3. Asia

Sometimes its helpful to take a broad view and remember that we are all on this planet together. And that we share the one amazing life giving biosphere.
I found another #MonsoonBurst in the pipeline, this time over the Western Pacific. One which shows very clearly that weird weather is now a universal phenomena in the Northern Hemisphere. And it all started with another Typhoon...

Thread attached...
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The full monsoon has now arrived in the #HornOfAfrica. Very intense rain has begun in the Nile Basin and will continue for a week or more.

What will happen in the #MiddleEast is less clear, but it will involve a lot of rain and #ArabianStorms. Today's forecasts follow.
This animation shows the flow of rain bearing clouds heading south west across Pakistan which signals the first phase of an event which will intensify significantly over coming days.
This animation shows under wrapped in pulsating bands of storms headed both East and West. It is this intense period of Monsoon activity which is powering the phenomena that his bringing this rain to Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
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Since the last rainfall forecast bulletin on Saturday, the forecast West Sahara rainfall burst has come and gone, and the forecast #ME/#HoA rainfall burst is now about to commence.

Today's rainfall forecasts for #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follow.
First an update on Western Sahara. The peak of the storms came overnight on Saturday morning. Here we see a 6 hour rainfall animation from 2.30am to 8.30am.
And here we see a wider view following sunrise on Saturday morning. If you are curious as to what was forecast Saturday's rainfall forecast thread is quoted below >>
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The next two weeks promise to bring astonishing weather to both sides of the Red Sea & across the Sahara. In this weather bulletin I will explain what the models are forecasting.

Today's #NorthAfrica #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast rainfall forecasts follow.
In the image above we see part of Arabia and part of the #NileBasin storms - those which feed the Blue Nile/Abbay and the Tekeze basins the source of most of the Nile's flow.
Below we see:
1. All Nile Basin rainfall as of this evening
2. All of this evenings #ArabianStorms
The rainfall we see on both sides of the Red Sea comes mostly from the same source - the monsoon over the Arabian Sea, India and South East Asia.
A satellite image from this morning shows what we currently think to be the cradle of humanity. Where we all come from.
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Two Nile dams joined by nile 100kms apart as seen this morning by @NASA's Modis satellite. [Top right Sudan's Roseires and bottom left the #GERD.]

Today's rainfall forecasts for #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follow.
Today's big picture is a dramatic shot of the Sahara at sunset with a massive storm over Mali and a line of clouds from the heart of Algeria's desert south east to Chad. On the right you can see tonight's storms over the #Ethiopia highlands.
The rainfall in the Western Sahara has just started but it has a few more days to run. In this animation of a simulation you see the precipitable water anomaly, which highlights areas which have much more water than normal for this time of year.
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As the UNSC met tonight to discuss the #GERD storms continued to form over Ethiopia's highlands the source of the water which is currently filling the dam.

Today's #NorthAfrica #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast rainfall forecasts follow.
During the UNSC meeting. Ethiopia's water minister explained how this works. "The filling of the dam is part of the construction process.... When the dam is filled the water either flows over the dam or through the bottom outlets."
The Minister later spoke to media :

Q: (@AJEnglish): Why don't you stop filling the dam?

A: All dams are filling. Why? Because it is the rainy season. In fact it is good to protect from floods. We have bountiful water. It doesn't hurt anyone.
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