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26 Dec 18
@glasgowcathcart Also sad are the people being on #universalCredit in the days before Christmas. Came across on such lady on Sunday in a local church. No money for 5-6 weeks (at least). Helpline said “no help or advance payment until after New Year”. What is “Advance payment” about? (Next reply)
@glasgowcathcart “Advance payment” = “you have no money today to live on, so while you starve & go hungry for the next 5+ weeks, we’ll take money from your future benefit to make sure you also are hungry when we eventually decide you can continue to receive a benefits payment”. #universalCredit
@glasgowcathcart And then you need to pay back your advance. So much for the UK Government promise that no-one will go hungry. #UniversalCredit
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