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THREAD on why the @cpaguk #universalcredit case this week is important for thousands of low paid workers (1/6)
High Court found that the way the Govt calculated earnings to apply the benefit cap for a single mother who was paid 4-weekly was “irrational and unlawful”. The Govts refusal to acknowledge 4-weekly pay in calculating UC payments causes stress and hardship for many workers. (2/6)
UC is calculated monthly. When you’re 4 weekly paid you might have 2 payments in one monthly assessment period. If that takes you over the earnings limit for UC then you may have your payment reduced the next month, or even receive nothing at all. (3/6)
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Over 1.4 million new claimants of #UniversalCredit are about to learn the reality of the UK benefits system and the debt and poverty it causes.
It took 8 months in 2016 for @jreynoldsMP to have my sanctions lifted at which point every penny I would have been paid, were paid.
By this point I had lost my car from spiraling non payment charges which I couldn't afford and similar late payment charges from utility providers. My mobile contract was cut off the day before the payment was made, which forced me to buy a new handset.
It was during the 8 months of sanctions I tried to end it. Taking a step back from my emotive connection to this. I cost the NHS a fortune in urgent medical care and follow ups. I was very lucky, but many have not been so fortunate. 4 years later I'm still in debt from 2016.
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Today, you can engage with two very different types of #UniversalCredit expertise. Shortly, Iain Duncan Smith will give evidence to the @CommonsWorkPen
On the same day, a @jrf_uk report into experiences of the benefit is published - drawing on expertise of claimants
If the expertise of recipients of benefits had been taken into account in the design of #UniversalCredit, it might have been very different. But there is still time to re-design the benefit; putting the expertise and ideas of recipients themselves at the heart of the process
In this thread, I'll pull together key findings from the @jrf_uk report, published *TODAY* , co-authored by Mark Simpson & written in partnership with @UcUs_Now You can read the full report here…
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/// THREAD on Chancellor @RishiSunak's announcement tonight on the future of the income support schemes. 1/
After considerable media speculation, the Chancellor has finally pronounced on the economic future of millions, by detailing the changes to be made to the #JobRetentionScheme (JRS) and the #SelfEmployedIncomeSupportScheme (SEISS).… 2/
These have been the two most important income support measures in what is likely to be the biggest economic recession in modern history. Both had serious shortcomings from the get-go. 3/
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We received over 6,000 responses to our survey on people's experiences of the benefits system during the #coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s what we learned (thread):
1. Individuals are grateful for how @DWP has adapted its operations.
2. But some people trying to claim #benefits were still facing delays.
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#Coronavirus: understanding the support available doesn’t need to be complex.

Scroll to find out more 👇
➡️ #UniversalCredit combines different benefits into a monthly payment

➡️ You may be eligible if you’re out of work, on a low income, caring, or have a health condition/disability

➡ If you have worked and have paid enough NI contributions in the last 2 to 3 years, you may be eligible for New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance

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Tweeps: two weeks ago today, I nearly lost my life due to a very serious bilateral pulmonary embolism.

I had no symptoms at all, except for tiredness & a little breathlessness, which I attributed to other causes. When you're living with chronic mental ill health & ...1/
...on a very low income due to #UniversalCredit, you get used to feeling rubbish a lot of the time. Vague symptoms like fatigue are inevitably dismissed by GPs.

Over the course of about 8 hours on that Tues, tho, I started feeling faint & very weird. 2/
I got up to use the loo & collapsed, losing consciousness. When I came round, I couldn't breathe.

Luckily, I managed to reach my phone & paramedics from @Ldn_Ambulance came within 30 minutes.

Unluckily, I couldn't get to the door & ... 3/
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Well, yeah... this is why #UniversalCredit has a 'claimant commitment'. It stems from this idea that unless guided/coerced into good behaviour, people in need of social security are inherently feckless. This stuff has been baked across policy for 10 years of Coalition/Con govts.
Same as those 'household ambition plans' and 'deals' from social landlords that turned a person's home into something they had to prove that they 'deserved'. All the same language in use.
The #bedroomtax portrayed as a policy to address single feckless people clogging up 3 & 4 bedroom houses, when the vast majority of people affected are in households with at least 1 person with a disability, where only 1 room was "spare". Almost like there is a pattern.
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Tory Ministers must *MUST* be cringing & upset at BBC2’s #universalcredit documentary #InsideTheWelfareState. Does not paint system in a good light, but highlights the poverty & anxiety it currently causes. It could be fixed if UKGov wanted to. #fiveweekstoolong #scraptwochildcap
Work should absolutely be the best route out of poverty, but IN-WORK poverty is on the rise, as is the number of people with jobs who are using foodbanks. Over a third of UC recipients are IN-WORK.
#universalcredit #InsideTheWelfareState
But little evidence current incarnation of UC is leading to people finding work - National Audit Office said so too.
The social security safety net, like NHS when we are ill, should be there to pick us up & help when any of us need it
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If Jeremy #Corbyn becomes PM on Friday 13th, here's my rundown of 13 of #Labour’s worst policies which will hurt many, not just the few.

PS. I could have chosen a completely different 13, and these are in no particular order… (thread)

1. Expropriating up to 10% of the value of corporate equity. Employee share ownership is usually a good thing, but dictating the terms would deter job creation and investment, and encourage firms to relocate overseas. More explanation here...…
2. Rent controls. Almost all economists agree that these are a bad idea and, like many of Labour’s policies, would actually end up hurting the very people they are supposed to help. And before replying ‘well, it works in Germany', read this……
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Today, we release our #FromTheFrontline report covering Universal Credit and local housing allowance (LHA):

We've used real life experiences to show how #UniversalCredit and #LHA are pushing people towards hardship and poverty.

Settle in for a /thread...
Our research shows that in 97% of areas a small family can’t afford even the cheapest local rents with #LHA.

This creates a shortfall between people’s rent and what they get in housing allowance; 65% of households have a shortfall. #FromTheFrontline
With #LHA not doing its job in covering the cost of renting, families have to make up shortfalls in other ways.

This means they are having to make decisions no family should have to make – such as whether to cut back on food or heating to pay the rent. #FromTheFrontline
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🚨 #UniversalCredit scenario thread

You claim Universal Credit and are told by the DWP it'll be 5 weeks till you're 1st payment.

You have no money.

Do you take an advance of £317?

Majority answer determines next step. 15 minutes to vote

You take the advance.

5 weeks later you're 1st payment arrives. *Rent is covered.

It's £245.

They took £52 for the advance & £20 for old debts.

Electric = £45
Gas = £40
Broadband = £20
Water rates = £30
Bus costs to Jobcentre for month= £20

You have £90 left.

Do you;

You decide not to pay water rates and gas.

You have £140 remaining for 30 days.

How much do you spend on you're 1st food shop?

30 days until any further money remember.
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#UniversalCreditUncovered Week 3: this is what the DWP’s ad campaign says people should do while waiting for #UniversalCredit. But an advance is a loan that has to be repaid. It’s not the solution to the wait - in fact, repaying it can push people further into hardship. 1/5
We're working with debt charity @StepChange as part of the #5WeeksTooLong campaign so this week we’ve joined forces to highlight why so many people are forced into needless #debt because of the 5-week wait. Read our new joint briefing here: 2/5…
Why is repaying an advance a problem? People’s ability to afford repayments isn’t taken into account; even small deductions have a big impact when people are living on a knife edge; & people can be hit by multiple repayments. This can push people further into #poverty. 3/5
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Today on Universal Credit:
I believe the system has now collapsed.
All day spent answering calls about payments that are missing or wrong.
The phone rings again before I can finish fixing each one.
Put myself into 'not ready' to finish the work and I'll have a manager whingeing.
There is no mechanism to pass that work to someone else
At one point I have five different claims open at the same time
I leave the office, well after finish time, with work not done. More for tomorrow

I've had two claimants who've suffered heart attacks
One with a brain tumour.
And a single mother, heavily pregnant has been sanctioned and she's in bits.
I do my best, within the rules, to help her.
The help is limited. I hope the decision maker I've sent this to isn't a bastard.
Another claimant told they've been overpaid by thousands of pounds, so...
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“Much of the glue that held British society together since WW2 has been deliberately removed & replaced with a harsh & uncaring ethos.A booming economy,high employment & a budget surplus have not reversed austerity,a policy pursued more as an ideological than an economic agenda.”
The UN Special Rapporteur @Alston_UNSR adds: “If Brexit proceeds, it is likely to have a major adverse impact on the most vulnerable.”

So 2 devastating ideological agendas pursued by the Conservative govt at huge cost to British society & our most vulnerable.

Yet they continue.
This report should make extremely discomfiting reading for govt. Their response to date has been to attack the Rapporteurs criticising their policies.

Jeremy Hunt has appointed a “human rights ambassador” this week. Important for govt to remember human rights matter at home too.
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In Scotland, @policescotland tell "victims of serious crime" that "all electronic devices need to be checked to ensure there's nothing relevant missed."

How do I know?

My house was set on fire and they took my phone & another I had lying about, made me unlock it & checked it.
They then trawled my phone and started asking me questions about my social media habits/messages and, about my YouTube video watch habits.

Basically, they decided I lit the fire while I was asleep and just waited to burn alive....
The same Detective Sergeant at Alness CID also told me:

"If you play with fire you expect to get burnt," after I was targeted by the far-right online shortly before the fire. Sorry the FIRST FIRE attack.
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#UniversalCredit means three-quarters of adults entitled to means-tested benefits see a change in their entitlements.

1.6 million people will see their benefits increase over £1,000 per year. 1.9 million will lose £1,000 per year.

Read more:…
Who's likely to see their entitlements fall under #UniversalCredit?

🔻 Workless households, those with substantial financial assets, the self-employed and working owner-occupiers.

Who's likely to gain?

🔺 Those in working households who rent.
#UniversalCredit integrates benefits, which inevitably creates winners and losers.

But the biggest losses experienced as a result of the switch are mostly down to a small number of specific choices the government has made in how the system treats four particular groups.
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THREAD (a long one). Some of you may remember my client, @Tonyrice66, otherwise known as "the real life Daniel Blake". I tweeted about his case in December 2017 and it went a bit viral (see this other thread here..)
Well, after much wrestling with the DWP regarding the sanctions Tony had had placed on his #UniversalCredit claim, they admitted the sanctions were unfair and refunded him the money he had been entitled to all along.
Tony was able to use this to pay off a chunk of his rent arrears, and kept a roof over his head. (Thanks @spikemullings for huge amounts of work on this).
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So, after a very tough week, where my mental wellbeing was heading towards the danger zone, where the challenges of #UniversalCredit, insecure housing & a violent neighbour almost broke me....& then #Brexit & #Christchurch..., here is my story of #HopeInTheDark...1/
I went to a community "repair cafe" today, run by @RestartProject. Basically, you take along your dead appliances & a handy-minded volunteer will have a go at fixing it. 2/
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Thread. So you might have seen #IDanielBlake last night and were shocked by it. I've been campaigning for approx 5yrs against the inhumane DWP system
I've seen it all, women and children eating the tins of food that we've given them outside the Jobcentre because they were starving. They hadn't eaten properly for days.
This is the system that was created purely to punish the poor for their own poverty. It kills people. People die. People commit suicide because they can't see a way out. In reality there isn't a way out. Universal credit ensures that you stay in poverty
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My New Year Honours list:

For her selfless weekly vigil outside her local jobcentre @charlotteh71 deserves much respect.

She is on the front line seeing the effects of #UniversalCredit.

Please check her blog out 👇
@MrTopple has systematically shown the utter failure of the Tories on Welfare.

His articles and now podcast, are a must read if you want the truth.

Here's a link to his all his articles and podcasts on @TheCanaryUK.…
My good friend @PeterStefanovi2 has come a long way since his time as a medical negligence lawyer.

He stood the the junior doctors, now he fights to dispell the lies put out by the MSM.

Please check his profile out, his videos are essential daily watching.
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@glasgowcathcart Also sad are the people being on #universalCredit in the days before Christmas. Came across on such lady on Sunday in a local church. No money for 5-6 weeks (at least). Helpline said “no help or advance payment until after New Year”. What is “Advance payment” about? (Next reply)
@glasgowcathcart “Advance payment” = “you have no money today to live on, so while you starve & go hungry for the next 5+ weeks, we’ll take money from your future benefit to make sure you also are hungry when we eventually decide you can continue to receive a benefits payment”. #universalCredit
@glasgowcathcart And then you need to pay back your advance. So much for the UK Government promise that no-one will go hungry. #UniversalCredit
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Dear anyone who thinks they will vote Conservative when we have a #GeneralElection ...please read the below report from UN Rapporteur on extreme poverty & human rights before you cast your vote.

Let your conscience do the rest.

#ChildrenInNeed #Poverty…
“But through it all, one actor has stubbornly resisted seeing the situation for what it is. The Government has remained determinedly in a state of denial.”

@theresa_may @EstherMcVey1

#UNVisit2018 #poverty
“Even while devolved authorities in Scotland & N Ireland are frantically trying to devise ways to ‘mitigate’, or in other words counteract, at least the worst features of the Government’s benefits policy, Ministers insisted to me that all is well and running acc to plan”
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UN special rapporteur Philip Alston giving press conference now after his time investigating #poverty in the UK: on benefits there is 'a sense that we should make the system as unwelcoming as possible'.
.@Alston_UNSR on impact of Brexit on UK #poverty, says 'those on the lower income levels are really going to suffer' - calls for much more attention to be paid to this.
.@Alston_UNSR on the risks of paying #universalcredit to only one partner in a household: 'the impact on many women is extremely problematic: it puts them at risk of domestic violence'
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