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14 Oct
DD For Dummies: A History lesson vs. Today's price action...
On January 5th, $AMC was at its lowest point at $1.91. From then to the run up on January 27th, that was 22 days...
From January27th to March 11th, AMC went into a pennant. It filled gaps and experienced a false breakout, back onto the previously formed pennant, and had a breakout to the upside, on May 11th at the end of that pennant. 22 days later, AMC went to $72.62.
Since June 2nd, the stock went into another pennant. It's filled gaps, and even had a false breakout from that pennant. On September 30th, another pennant formed and crossed the larger June 2nd pennant, AMC broke out of both of them...today, October 13th.
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26 Sep
*DD FOR DUMMIES: What's beta? Beta is a measure of risk commonly used to compare the volatility of stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs to that of the overall market. The S&P 500 Index is the base for calculating beta with a value of 1.0.
Securities with betas below 1 have historically been less volatile than the market. While securities with betas above 1, have historically been more volatile than the market. The beta is calculated using data over a 5-year period.
GameStop Corp. Class A Report has a negative beta of -6.8, according to Infront. Roughly speaking, the negative coefficient means that the stock often moves opposite the general market trend. See below the comparison of GameStop's beta with its main segment peers. Image
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15 Sep
Payment for order flow is essentially the practice of a PFOF broker routing orders through a series of market-making firms, instead of directly to a stock exchange.
The broker gets paid by these firms for redirecting trades to a particular market maker for completion. These companies pay a small amount to participating brokers and complete the order.
The market makers gain from this flow of trades in two ways. First, as market makers, they are typically able to sell at the (higher) ask and buy at the (lower) bid.
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12 Aug
**DD FOR DUMMIES** Morning, STONKERS! If you’re a bag HODLER, and have no idea why you’re in the red, this tweet is for you!! I want to talk about Cost Basis Per Share or “Average Price”.
Your Cost Basis Per Share or Average Price Per Share (depending on your brokerage) is just that. The average price that you bought your shares at. If the price goes up, from there, then obviously you’re gaining money in your investment, and if it goes down, then the VALUE of
your investment is going down. You still own your shares, so the VALUE of your shares goes up, and it goes down on a daily basis.

A good way to ensure that you get ROI or “Return on Investment” sooner is to do something called “Averaging Down”. So say I buy 2 shares of $STNK
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3 Jul
Ok lets talk AMC and the big morning drop yesterday. A few interesting notes on this. In my opinion there was a coordinated short attack and it was intentionally covered up. Let me explain how I reach that conclusion. @cvpayne @SEC_News @SEC_Enforcement #AMC $AMC 1/10
1)At 10:02 est. A tweet goes out from some obscure company called Iceberg Research, of whom no one ever heard of claiming they had a short position in AMC. Now how obscure is Iceberg? Well they hardly even made a dent on Twitter. 2/10
2)After that tweet if you all look at the chart below, you are going to see this massive selloff begin at almost the same time this tweet came out. 3/10
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