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👀Enrique Hernandez or Martin Shkreli...

Former Hedge Fund Owner

🚨Recently Released from Federal Prison in New York after serving 4 of his 7 years for...

💥SECURITIES FRAUD💥 These 🤡 aren't fooling us lmao #AMC 💎🏴‍☠️🌙 ImageImageImageImage
He Orchestrated a violent short squeeze on a failed biotech (KaloBios) that caused it's share price to raise 10,000% in 5 days. Kbio's only real drug had failed & the company has insufficient cash to pay over it's 6M Debt🔪…
Shkreli is known infamously for buying the rights to an antiparasitic drug called Dara­prim and increasing the cost to $750 per tablet from $17.50, this drug was needed for Elderly & Pregnant women... 👇…
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$HYMC has discovered more silver than previously expected. $TSLA is in need of silver for their cars/charging stations. $AMC can provide parking lots for #Tesla chargers and rooftops for Tesla solar panels. #AMC owns #HYMC. It's a perfect trifecta. @elonmusk @CEOAdam @DianeG_CEO
@HycroftMining CEO @DianeG_CEO's recent video displays a Tesla charging. Image
@Tesla CEO @elonmusk tweets about the movies. Image
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$AMC - Trading Update

#AMC cost to borrow for #ShortSellers #ShortInterest has absolutely surged over the past month.
The recent spike in $AMC CTB demonstrates that a sustained utilization rate of 100% does not necessarily translate into a higher propensity to pay borrowing fees, as discussed in this previous thread.

If you compare $AMC utilization and CTB over the past year, it’s hard to see any direct correlations in the data. While utilization and CTB are somewhat related, both metrics can fluctuate independently and provide investors with different info regarding the lending market.
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1/ I saw they borrowed several million more today & CTB average is above 14%. Think of it like someone having credit card debt & borrowing from a new card to pay the old one. Day-after-day they keep borrowing shares to short us & attack the price. Price is a way to lie...
2/ Get the price down, scare apes, make you leave. But we know better. Massively high on borrowed, shorted, cost to borrow, & days to cover. OBV has never gone down. Market liquidity has been drying up. Business vastly improved. EVERY metric is in our favor.
3/ So see through their ponzi scheme of borrowing to cover borrowing which covered borrowing. And see through short attacks as actually representative of the real price action. We are winning. Just takes paytience and hodl. $amc #atAMC #apesnotleaving #amc
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#AMC #APES Plz🚨Retweet This🚨

Ken G has managed to build an Empire by Screwing the Average Person on a daily basis for years on end

➡️Since 2016 He's been Utilizing This (Specific Tactic) To benefit off of us, & line his pockets. That⌛️is running out🏴‍☠️…
The HummingBird Project👆- A Movie that basically tells this Same Story

➡️Neutrino/Microwave Tech utilized to outpace the Dark Fibers. A Fraction of a Micro-Second is EVERYTHING when it comes to HFT TRADING!

➡️The📽️is on Hulu, Worth Watching imo
#atAMC $AMC @GammaMonkey100 Image
#Citadel Securities & Ken Funded Aurora Illinois Mayor, & Richard Irvin to the tune of 20 mil.
➡️Scientel Solutions - Communications Company have given Irvin over 135k... Image
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Why #AMC #GME MOASS is more likely now:
1- the retail strong base.
2- major shorts use leverage.
3- bear market seduces shorts.
4- retail have not sold per OBV, #LogTheFloat & AA. Wouldn’t matter even if they did b/c:
5- retail owns at least 4 times the float; Documented for DOJ
6- Fed may limit the shorts via SEC to prevent an arbitrary recession.
7- institutions needing to make money & $GME $AMC are the best vehicles b/c of FOMO support & historical precedent.
8- negative beta = fast recovery
9- small & mid caps move higher faster in a recovery phase
10- major indices are down more than 20% which means by historical standards we are in margin call zone.
11- everything (stock, crypto, spy, my wife sex appetite) have been tied together which means breakaways occur soon.
12- imbalances cause stress for high risk equities.
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تحت هذه التغريدة ابرز مسلسلات شهر ابريل
مسلسل #TheOutlaws

يركز المسلسل على مجموعة غرباء يجبروا على
سداد دينهم للمجتمع معاً في بريستول

- S1 | #BBC/#Amazon
- 1 ابريل 2022
- بطولة كريستوفر ووكين
- العرض الثاني
- تم تجديده لموسم ثاني
مسلسل #SlowHorses

مقتبس من رواية تجـسس عن قائد ذكي لكن
سريع الغضب لمجـموعة جواسيس الذين قد
انتهى بهم المطاف بـ Slough House التابع
الى MI5 بعد ان تم نفيهم

- S1 | #AppleTV
- 1 ابريل 2022
- بطولة غاري اولدمان، جونوثان برايس و غيرهم
- اخذ مراجعات ايجابية
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Volkswagen had 4.041 billion shares outstanding back when it squoze, giving it roughly a $4 TRILLION market cap (in Euros)

The exchange rate to USD was 1.47 making their market cap $5.88 TRILLION

Being that this actually... (1/x)
... happened, it makes it 100% plausible that #GME & #AMC can reach such a size & wayyyyyy beyond

By having a market cap of $6 TRILLION, their share prices would be:

$GME = $78,783 (41,464%)
$AMC = $11,608 (39,577%)

KEEP IN MIND: Porche had... (2/x)
...settled with the g0vt and sold at a friendly agreed upon price which did not allow the full squeeze-potential to play out b/c it was literally dependent on WHAT👏🏼EVER👏🏼PRICE👏🏼 Porche wanted to ask for

***(which is... (3/x)
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1/11 $AMC #AMC
Wanted to touch on a few things @jenne_roberts and I have been looking at. I know it’s been stressful, especially the last few months. My conviction hasn’t wavered and yours shouldn’t either. If you look at the CCI we’re not even at the lowest point in the past
year. RN it’s -129.45, it was at its lowest early July and in early December. Showing we had a lot more selling pressure then than now. This also shows that we are holding. Our price may be slipping but we’re not seeing massive selling pressure. RSI is right around oversold
territory. It’s also not a 1 yr low though. A bounce does look to be in the cards just not yet IMO. For the last few months we’re tracking both SPY and IWM fairly close. SPY is on the verge of a death cross. It probably will happen early this week. AMC very well might track
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🦋Another 1 of those Thought Provoking Threads...⌛️

#AMC has been Abused, These Short Selling Activists have been using the Media & Social Promoters in Attempt to Destroy a 100 year old company with the Massive Short & Distort Plan, by Shadow-marketing...

They Mis-Calculated... ImageImage
(OG Thread Got Broken Up, Re-Writing So its all In 1 Place)

Img1. Musk explaining Short & Distort
Img2. 500k Payout for Social Influencers
Img3. Companies Attacked are delisted,suspended
or removed from Stock Exchanges.
Img4. Activist Short Sellers = Nightmare. ImageImageImageImage
Marc Cohodes has been a 🗝️part of the Short Selling 🕸️He Flips Sides Constantly, He can't be trusted, He Had His Lawyer Write to Senators declaring

"The Share Price was not Manipulated Down❗️ It was Manipulated Up"❗️ Image
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1/ As usual, I'll live journal earnings. Plenty of places to catch them - some spaces, some YT live. Enjoy whatever floats your boat and get informed. To listen for yourself see link. $amc #amc #amcparty #apesnotleaving…
2/ the press release is out...…
3/ 60 MILLION people attended $amc around the world in Q4 and average revenue per patron was over $19 a person which is about 25% HIGHER than per person before COVID AND higher than any other major theater
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In Case anyone is looking for some sick gear to rep their love for #AMC #GME or to help support the channel, BossBlunts' ThinkTank;
#Babies, #Men's, #Women's Gear and more!
In Case anyone is looking for some sick gear to rep their love for #AMC #GME or to help support the channel, @BossBlunts' #ThinkTank;
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We know the drill- often on earnings day, hedgie likes to ruin a good #amcparty so I focus on fun with the apes and on the real news (not on price or corporate media spin.) i wait to hear from @CEOAdam . Meanwhile we dance! Let’s go!!! $amc #amc #apesnotleaving
Mental games that's all it is. They seek control over your emotions. Simple as saying to them they don't get to have authority over your feelings. So I party today. Red, green or sideways. Today is an #amcparty #apesnotleaving $amc #amc Woohoo! I love the stock!
They do it with automated control of price action via algorithmic & HFT trading. Send lot size signals through L2’s to shift price up and down. Or did all retail collude to sell in 66’s, 67’s and 68’s today? @GaryGensler @DOJCrimDiv you know the answer. #APESNOTLEAVING $amc #amc ImageImageImageImage
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Can anyone oppose Wall Street’s and the City of London’s bankrupt system by supporting their wars? This woman acknowledges that she knows Ukraine is being used as a shield for desperate banking & corporate Western cartels to set their New World Order. Putin is the 1 fighting NWO.
Make no mistake, the same punks that r riling u up in hatred for the Russians or to divide us btwn Russia & Ukraine, r the same mutherfuck3rz that robbed us all on 2021Jan28, who r now seeking our support on their side of a war they’ve instigated. #FuckWallStreet #EndTheFed
Putin scares the evil forces in the West & so they’ve unleashed an all-out speculative attack on Russia’s banking & financial system. Those r the same people who r growing labs with deadly viruses in & around countries that represent a threat to their New World Order. #EndTheFed
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Transactions were authorized until January 28th, the day the buy button was turned off. Image
On January 26th, another document was released, updating the effective date to May 27th, which was the day after #Gamestop, #AMC & others, jumped. Image
At the PEAK of #Gamestop & #AMC price, Biden amended the Executive Order on June 3rd, delaying the effective date to June 3, 2022. Be careful, because the next EO could cause a run up at any moment. ImageImage
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I believe this is the same executive order that caused #Gamestop #AMC #BBIG #PROG & all #MEME #STOCKS to run huge in January 2021 and May 2021.
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@POTUS, If the @federalreserve can take 10 yrs to disclose $ trillions to banks. And Big Pharma can have no liability & withhold data for 55 yrs, I've decided not to pay taxes until 2032. Maybe by then, financial crime penalties won't be business as usual. #AMC #GME @AMCbiggums @TheJusticeDept "investigating...Alleged Abuses of Short Sellers...60 firms..."
The next day a storage facility allegedly used by Charles Schwab & TD Ameritrade is burnt to the ground because racks fell over taking out the ceiling-mounted fire extinguishing system. Huh?!?!?
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You may have heard the news about the fire in Chicago, a major financial hub in the United States and home base of Citadel Securities. If not, here is a link. I've done a little digging and have some experience in this. Tin foil hat time. (1/x)
As a meager retail store manager, we had fire safety inspections at least once a year with the fire marshall. We thoroughly inspected our sprinkler system for faults. All sprinkler heads were required to be at least 18" clearance from the next highest thing.
The sprinkler control system, even in the most basic of approved structures was required to be in a separate, fire-controlled, room. These were also inspected and tagged yearly. The water access had to enter through that room into the building.
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In 2005 #Darkpools took up 3-5% of Trading, In 2014 there was 12% of the volume being traded off the lit exchange. Now we are in 2022, certain securities #AMC have👀over 60% of the trading volume go Dark by PFOF brokers sending retail orders through the #OTC to ATS/Darkpools... Image
The Operations of #Darkpools are very problematic & hinder price discovery. In other words they provide better pricing for big institutional investors who use them to create worse pricing for the rest of us. Although the damage a simple "glitch" can have.
➡️2010-$862B in 20 Mins ImageImageImageImage
➡️2014 Around 40% of all U.S. stock trades happen "off exchange" up from 16% 6 yrs ago.
-Credit Suisse under investigation for use of its #darkpools, Goldman Sachs paid $800,000 to settle claims it failed to ensure trades on its platform that took place at best possible price. ImageImageImageImage
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AMC recruiting new investors playbook. #AMC

Promise transformational wealth. $1000,100k,500k per share

Tell them hedge funds are trapped even though they’re not.

Tell them there are billions of synthetic shares

Convince them that all media, and anyone negative about the stock are paid by hedge funds to get you to sell.

CEO selling 42 million dollars worth of stock is ok, because he warned us, and he is 67. 😂

Execs sold all of their shares because it’s part of their salary (cont)
Every new dip is “the dip before the rip.”

“No one is selling.” I guess Apes believe price goes down when people are buying, and price goes up when people are selling.

Tell everyone that they already won, and are holding a winning lottery ticket. (Cont)
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Every one of you, @USCongress @BankingGOP @FSCDems @FinancialCmte @SEC_Enforcement @federalreserve are part of the problem. None of you are fighting for the taxpayer! NONE OF YOU!!! We have no recourse at our disposal when the FED hides bank names receiving secret loans.
While you're reading this I want you to think of the family who lost their home in 2008. It won't be hard to do, there was a shitton of them. That family lost a home, paid for bailouts, then lived through an economy created through criminality.…
Once you're done reading, pat each other on the back for doing such a bang-up job of setting things on a course in America for yet another economic collapse at the hands of the same people who didn't learn the lesson in 2008. Why didn't they learn any lessons?
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"if he makes money, he must have done something right. if he loses, he can blame the market"

Mark Douglas on herd mentality
"The rationale or explanation for the individuals part in the collective Behavior will be decided on later by the consensus opinion of the group"
see this a lot with social politics as well
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#AMC #GME @cvpayne For some time now I've been trying to get a handle on the "economy", viewing it from the perspective of the regulators, congress, and the financial industry.

How do the above entities view the "economy" and its priorities on a nation?
I place quotes around "economy" because I want to convey that I'm not just talking about production and consumption within a country. I'm thinking more of a golden calf, a tangible thing but no less real.
At some point in history, the "economy" was lifted up to be the linchpin of the country. As the economy goes, so goes the country. True enough, it became so big that government doesn't understand banking and finances, so they just handed it over to regulators.
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