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May 14 15 tweets 5 min read
⌛️New #VALORANT Lore to discuss with patch 8.09 and it is exciting! We got a voice mail and the format for it is amazing, I love the dynamic between Harbor and Astra. Without further ado let's see what we got 🧵: Image ▶️In Patch 8.08 Clove mentioned that Harbor & Astra were headed to Lotus and at the time I was thinking they were visiting Omega, but turns out our dear controllers paid visit to the location that would be where the Alpha Nexus once stood
Aug 9, 2022 11 tweets 4 min read
Once again I am in the middle of working on an art piece and here with another Valorant #Lore theory thread... This time hopefully smaller than the last one. Speculation inbound 🧵: I'm guessing the pyramid we see in L'Accord trailer that is holding Brimstone prisoner is actually something Omega Astra used to escape Brim finding out about her. There's going to be a fair bit of speculation and I'll explain it further below. Image
Jul 20, 2022 14 tweets 5 min read
I'm working on my next art piece right now but could not help but make one more #Valorant #Lore Theory thread in the meantime, this time focusing on Pearl. This is a follow up again on my Odyssey theory thread which you can find here:
What I'm going to discuss here is the rooster motifs we see all over the B side of the map & what it could possibly mean. The best example of these rooster motifs can be seen on the double doors in mid section. small rooster statues as well as floor tiles bearing the sign. ImageImage
Jun 22, 2022 21 tweets 6 min read
Ok guys I'll get back to posting art soon I promise, but here's another #Valorant lore thread for now which is kind of a follow up on my last thread. This thread revolves around what happened in Fracture and Chamber's role. speculation inbound: Image My apologies in advance for the long thread
Jun 21, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
#Valorant Lore Theory: The method Alpha Earth uses to reach Omega earth is not the same method Omega earth uses to get to Alpha. The portals the Omega agents use are a far more advanced tech than the ones Alpha acquire through Chamber getting the blueprints. Look at these pics: ImageImage Now look at Phoenix coming back from Alpha earth mission on Duality cinematic in a frame by frame manner. A portal opens, Phoenix walks through and the portal closes. ImageImageImageImage