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[ колледж!ау, подростковая ау по йоруниксам, джетт с неон присутствуют #VALORANT #Yoru #Phoenix #yorunix ]

Йору пытается дотянуться повыше слегка подпрыгивая на кровати, чтобы прицепить новые плакаты рок-группы на обшарпанную стену. Его комната завешана этим добром до предела, ImageImage
гирлянда под потолком приглушенно светит синим, за окном начинает заходить солнце. Феникс сидит на этой кровати с каким-то комиксом в одной руке. Второй хватается за лодыжки Йору, пока не получит пинок, убирает ладонь на немного, а потом тянется снова, и так по кругу.

— Еще
чуть-чуть и пизданешься. — Изрекает он, переворачивая страничку и закатывая глаза.

— Продолжишь меня за ноги хватать — так точно! — Фыркает Ре в ответ, пихая его носком куда-то в макушку, что тот откидывается на подушку. Джетт в кресле-мешке аж отрывается от ленты инстаграмма.
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‼️ How to communicate in #VALORANT ‼️

A (long) thread 🧵 Image
Good communication is essential to play well as a team in any game and as we all know VALORANT is a team game.

In this thread I will cover all need-to-knows about how and what to comm.
Communication can split into two segments: the basics and advanced comms.

The basics are what you should always be saying, essentially on autopilot, and shouldn’t take much brain power.

In the same way you don’t think about walking you should be saying these things.
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Episode 5 Act 3 BP - Starlit Odyssey | #VALORANT

Vandal Standard - V3 ImageImageImageImage
Episode 5 Act 3 BP - Starlit Odyssey | #VALORANT

Spectre Standard - V3 ImageImageImageImage
Episode 5 Act 3 BP - Starlit Odyssey | #VALORANT

Guardian Standard - V3 ImageImageImageImage
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Pearl Changes (Thread / Before & After) | #VALORANT

> Art: Removed Boxes
> A Main: Wall has been moved in to help smoke easier. A Main Cubby will also be moved in a bit. ImageImageImageImage
> Mid Shops: Removed a Corner.

> Mid: Wall has been pushed in to remove the corner ImageImageImageImage
> B Main: Lowered B-Main Side wall. You can no longer hide behind the wall anymore.

> Mid Shops: Platform has been Extended ImageImageImageImage
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Chamber Changes | #VALORANT (1/2)

~ Trademark Slow & Ultimate slow Duration Decreased from 9.5s to 6s
~ Ultimate Point Increase from 7 to 8
~ Bullet Cost increased 100 >>> 150
Rendezvous Changes | #VALORANT (2/2)
~ Base & Recall Cooldown increased from 20s to 30s
~ 45s Cooldown whenever a Rendezvous anchor is destroyed.
~ Radius Size decreased 21m to 15m
Full PBE Patchnotes :…
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I'm working on my next art piece right now but could not help but make one more #Valorant #Lore Theory thread in the meantime, this time focusing on Pearl. This is a follow up again on my Odyssey theory thread which you can find here:
What I'm going to discuss here is the rooster motifs we see all over the B side of the map & what it could possibly mean. The best example of these rooster motifs can be seen on the double doors in mid section. small rooster statues as well as floor tiles bearing the sign. ImageImage
The map Pearl is located in Lisbon,Portugal. So let's start by looking into the significance of rooster as a symbol in Portuguese culture. In Portugal, the rooster is a symbol of faith, good luck & justice based on the legend of the "Old rooster of Barcelos" or "Galo de Barcelos" Image
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lf kaduo

𓄲 a heesun au wherein levi (lhs), a competitive valorant player with a reputation that precedes him finds solace in a random player he met in game. a player he nicknamed ‘cho’.

enter cye (ksn), the player behind ‘cho’ who is much closer to levi than he thinks ImageImageImageImage
{ notes } ImageImage
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Ok guys I'll get back to posting art soon I promise, but here's another #Valorant lore thread for now which is kind of a follow up on my last thread. This thread revolves around what happened in Fracture and Chamber's role. speculation inbound: Image
My apologies in advance for the long thread
The first impression after watching Chambers causing the explosion is that he is mercilessly just murdering some scientists for an ulterior motive, I am going to disagree with that assumption based on evidence and clues we've been given.
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#Valorant Lore Theory: The method Alpha Earth uses to reach Omega earth is not the same method Omega earth uses to get to Alpha. The portals the Omega agents use are a far more advanced tech than the ones Alpha acquire through Chamber getting the blueprints. Look at these pics: ImageImage
Now look at Phoenix coming back from Alpha earth mission on Duality cinematic in a frame by frame manner. A portal opens, Phoenix walks through and the portal closes. ImageImageImageImage
Alpha Valorant Protocol got their hands on inter-dimensional portal blueprint through Chamber getting it from Fracture. I think it is safe to consider the portals Omega Kingdom shared with Alpha Kingdom were very outdated in their own world.
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🔻 Map 8 Teasers Explained w/ Cynprel 🔻

Hey Leak Friends,

ValorLeaks has invited me to compile and explain the various teasers for VALORANT's next map!

At a glance:
- Map 8 is likely to be in Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹
- It takes place on Ω-Earth

/Thread | #VALORANT
Teaser 1 // Oct. 2021

The first teaser was delivered in a dev blog post about Fracture's development.

The standout email was this one from Rúben's niece, Aurora. It detailed a Lusophone country with a geo-dome used to avoid a harsh climate on Ω-Earth.
"What the heck is an Omega Earth?"

In a nutshell:
Ω-Earth is the Earth that the attacking-side VALORANT Protocol Agents hail from. VALORANT's primary conflict is the one between the α-VP and the Ω-VP. We refer to it as "The Mirrorverse Conflict"
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Been a while, Omen Smoke Material;
#VFX #RTVFX #VFXFriday #Art #Valorant #Ue4
Not as good as it could be, spent maybe 40 mins on it
For anyone wondering what the material looks like
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