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We’re a team of chemists, social workers, computer scientists, pharmacists, and people who use drugs, partnering to provide and evaluate drug checking services.
2 Nov 20
Our Quarter 3 report is now available on our website. It showcases #drugchecking findings from July 1st - September 30th, 2020, in #yyj. Below are some key findings from the last quarter ⏬
We tested a total of 456 samples. This
shows an increased uptake of testing from the prior quarter, where we only tested 269 samples. This increase was seen across every drug category. Find our first two quarterly reports here:
Adulteration with other notable components was highest for samples expected to be methamphetamine (29%), cocaine HCl or base (21%), opioid - down (17%) or dissociative (16%), demonstrating the volatility of the illicit drug supply which continues to be impacted by prohibition.
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29 Oct 20
Trick or Treat? A Halloween Thread.

Unlike the chocolates and candies we get from the supermarket during Halloween, drugs don't come with an ingredients list. When we get illicit drugs, we don't always know what's in them and that can sometimes lead to spooky situations. /1
Imagine wanting a Caramilk, but when you bite into it, it's an Aero. No juicy liquid center, just air pockets, kind of sucks right? Now imagine ingesting what you think is cocaine, only to find out it's actually ketamine, and all of a sudden you're in for an unexpected ride /2
The point is, there is often no reliable way of knowing what's in the drugs we consume. Sometimes we get the treat we're expecting, other times, we get tricked. Drug checking is one way of providing some quality control in the illicit drug market. /3
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