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27 Aug
Concerned citizens : β€œAll this sisi Eko you are doing 😊 just give pastor a child pls, we are begging.

My physics face : πŸ™‚ β€œThe babies are coming ma/sir”

My mind : β€œDo you people know what I’ve been through trying to ensure this happens?”

Me Behind closed doors : 😒 God when?
Today nko? Thank you Jesus for victory over delay. It Feels good to actually have the babies here.
STOP passing hurtful comments to those waiting to have a child.

You don’t have an idea what they are going through behind closed doors and the words you utter out of concern may break them down emotionally.

Don’t be the one causing distress to someone else’s feelings.
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8 Mar 19
Good morning Ladies and Happy international Womens day once again. Can a woman truly have it all? The questions on the hearts of many women especially those struggling in one area or another #inspiringNewDimension
#IWD2019 #Balanceforbetter
Recently I had a baby and the journey leading to his arriving had me stay off work for about a year. #inspiringNewDimension
#IWD2019 #Balanceforbetter @Inspiringchang
Did leaving my role as the Chief creative officer of my events planning business shut it down? Did that stop me from fulfilling purpose? Are You guessing? Well, let’s find out in my next few tweets. #InspiringNewDimension #balanceforbetter
#IWD2019 @Inspiringchang
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