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Very touched to read some of your reasons for donating to support our work:
- For Emma Coupland and Nicole Anderson
- For Vibhaa
- Thinking of the women who were murdered yesterday. Thanks for all you do
- In memory of Eva, the brightest and loveliest! x
- A huge thank you to the ISVAs at the ELRC for all that you are doing. Your selfless dedication to helping sexual violence victims is truly inspiring.Thank you
-Womens Day is coming up, thanks to all who bought a womens day T-Shirt or print, I hope this helps a woman &/or child
- Thank you Nia for everything you do. I'm forever grateful for your time, compassion & empathy. I wouldn't have made it through my hardships without your support :) Sending love & blessings always xx
- Thank you for the important and courageous work you do for women & girls
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A fascinating discussion with Mushaal Hussein Mullick, human rights activist, and wife of jailed Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik. She lived in Srinagar with her husband, before India jailed him.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
Speakers included Dr. Samina Karim, Program Director and Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bradford; and Ms. Abida Rafique, Advisor to OIC, Jeddah, who covers Southeast Asia from Bangkok.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
.@MushaalMullick narrated her story, her life in Kashmir, her impressions of Kashmiri women, and stories of Pakistani wives of Kashmiri men who denied travel documents by Indian authorities.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
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#IAmTheStorm @JoanMcAlpine
"A major ideological schism has opened up in feminist thought, with its roots in university gender & so-called queer studies courses, in which it is argued that gender is a personal choice & that sex is an identity.
"That view is taken by the leadership of most Government-funded organisations. However, it is increasingly being challenged by a growing number of grass-roots feminist movements, which argue that gender roles are oppressive & that women face discrimination, violence & subjugation
"due to the sex that they were born. The debate is polarised, but it is dynamic and changing. Only yesterday, one of the grass-roots feminist groups succeeded in a legal challenge to the UK census, which will force the Office for National Statistics to collect sex information in
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#BinTheBill today.
Hear from #IAmTheStorm @JennyMarra
"Hate is now such a contested term, and I am worried that members of the Parliament are complacent about the atmosphere in which
"women are currently arguing that sex continues to matter in shaping their experiences of the world.
I know that from my experiences over the past two years.
I was branded online as hateful for questioning NHS Scotland’s policy that stated that a baby’s gender was
"assigned at birth. I know that not to be true and that my son’s own sex was clearly observed and recorded at birth, but for that to be branded as hateful is perhaps an example of the atmosphere that we are operating in.
The campaign group @Womans_Place_UK which submitted
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Stage 3 debate on the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill has begun.
Johann Lamont: Patrick Harvie said about my speech on #IWD2021 that I had displayed vicious transphobia.
JL: by ascribing the motive of hatred says a great deal more about his lack of self awareness than it does about good law. I defend to the death his right to make those comments about me.
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Halima Salat @halimasalat was disinvited as a speaker on #IWD2021 by the Global Sisterhood of the Dutch @womensmarchnl.

Let's make sure she's heard anyway, this is what she had wanted to say.… via @vrijlinks
I would like to have started sharing a story about my personal struggle against the hijab, which was first published in Sisterhood magazine. After that, I would have made a few arguments to substantiate that the hijab is not a matter of free choice, and that the hijab is
definitely a patriarchal chastity check over women's bodies.

I find it wrong, in the fight for freedom and self-determination, not to listen to the first-hand experiences and reports of women faced with violence, coercion and even imprisonment, because they made their
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WE #choosetochallengewithbackup every barrier against the advancement of women all over the world!

"In much of the world, the face of farming is female."
- Maryellen Kennedy Duckett

The @FAO reports that the majority of economically active women in the least-developed countries work in agriculture.…

But there are gender-specific obstacles that put female farmers at a significant disadvantage even as they strive to make their mark in the industry and contribute exceptionally to the development of Planet Earth.

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Now that #IWD2021 #8M has passed it is a good moment to reflect on what I am doing to make academia a more inclusive and egalitarian place (and on what I could do better), so here is a recopilation of measures that I am doing, which perhaps could inspire/help others 🧵
1) Ensure that my lab is a flexible, healthy, people-centered and family-friendly workplace where harassment/discrimination of any form is not tolerated… My actions for doing so are summarized in these 10 rules 👇…
2) Help to visibilize the work of my female colleagues. Actions for doing so include nominating them to prizes, participating in awareness campaigns and launching the Women in dryland science list…
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A #thread on #IWD2021 at #brhills at IPH field station in collaboration with the #brhills #Panchayat, Zilla Budakattu Girijana Abhivruddhi Sangha (Sangha; Dt. #Indigenous #Adivasi People’s Welfare Society) & VGKK #THETAProject; Main organisers: Mahadevamma, Susheela & Mahantesh Image
Idea for holding ಮಹಿಳಾ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆ mooted by Mahadevamma who is a #Soliga woman leader and supported by the Sangha; initial discussions with the newly elected #Panchayat members drew support; they didn’t recall a gathering for this purpose before
Rangamma, a newly elected GP member from Seege Betta Podu agrees to preside; all GP members agree to attend and involve as many people from nearby settlements as possible; Muthugada Gadde & Hosa Podu girls throwball clubs formed under THETA intervention too involve themselves
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1/ A few INCREDIBLY impressive
Lux family ceos + founders + entrepreneurs—
whose names you should know who are tackling serious stuff
from AI to addiction to autonomous cars to rare diseases
matter that matters
(celebrating them and all pioneering WOMEN #IWD2021)
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@DaveSharma handing out flowers on #IWD2021. Intentions may have been good but unfortunately the reaction to his tweet demonstrates that he is simply not in touch with #WentworthWomen and does not understand the seriousness of the issues #auspol…
To many, this feels like a trivialising, belittling and tone-deaf response to a watershed moment for women in Australia. For #Wentworth voters it is a national embarrassment. #EnoughIsEnough
There’s no point having a “nice guy” representing #Wentworth. We need a representative who listens, understands and then acts. The issues currently facing Australia are serious. Women’s rights to be treated fairly, with equity, with respect, to be safe in their own homes #Justice
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Some Thoughts From Being in
Process of Raising Two Girls with @lovefitmama
(and everything applies to coaching).
#InternationalWomensDay #iwd2021 #girldad

1. Remove "Be Careful" from our Vocabulary
Give them confidence to explore freely and to challenge their limits.
2. And I Am Smart Too
Anytime someone tells them they are cute, welcome the compliment but also add to the conversation "and I am smart too." We want them to feel and know their value beyond superficial things...substance that has been developed through effort.
3. Honor Them
Hold space. Honor what they want to do, to try, to experience. Create an environment where they can experience things rather than simply being told things. Honor their creativity and learning, rather than dictate what I think and want for them.
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On #IWD2021 let's talk about the reality of women's experience in the professional world:

1. According to study after study, women are consistently paid less than men for doing the same job. WOC make even less than their underpaid white women counterparts.

2. Numerous studies have shown that in promotions, men are considered based on their potential to do the job while women are evaluated on whether they've already demonstrated the skills of the job (I've experienced this myself)

3. Women are consistently assumed to have lesser technical expertise than their male peers.

4. Women are far more likely to be interrupted during meetings and have their opinions minimized or ignored.

5. Women with tattoos are more harshly judged for them than men.

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Dr. Christine Gaffney launching our inaugural event Speak up for Women's Rights. #IrishWomensLobby, #SpeakUpforWomensRights #IWL2021. I'm not sure if it is too late to register but here is the link if you want to try…
Ruth Breslin up now speaking about the sex trade. Many are young, 1/3rd advertised as between ages 18-25. Many migrants. Severe financial pressures suffered by the women.
Ruth Breslin reading out some buyer reviews. Very revealing of the mindset.
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Techcabal’s audacity series profiles 50 women in the Lagos technology ecosystem from different backgrounds and at different stages of their technology careers.

#IWD2021 #iwd
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Women will bear the economic brunt of Brexit – 86% of austerity cuts came at women's expense, who will also shoulder the majority of Brexit costs to households of £850-6,400 per year…
Women worker's rights are threatened by any post-Brexit deregulation and loss of EU protections – including paid holidays for five million UK women and protections for 430,000 pregnant workers and new mothers every year…
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For #IWD2021 here's some of my favorite books by contemporary woman in philosophy.
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Women and COVID: “Women at the front-lines have been under immense pressure from Day 1. From mothers and health-care workers, to teachers and grocery clerks, this last year has placed a disproportionate burden on women.” #IWD2021 #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli…
In addition to being disproportionately represented in front line jobs, women have also suffered a disproportionate share of job losses. As a result of what economist @ArmineYalnizyan accurately calls the “she-cession” women in Alberta have lost 30 years of labour market gains.
A new report shows that almost half a million women who last their jobs as a result of the pandemic still hadn’t returned to the workforce by January 1. 200,000 are now classified as “long-term unemployed.”…
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A short thread on supporting women's career progression in aerodynamics & fluid dynamics based on the responses of women in the field #WomeninSTEM #IWD2021 #InternationalWomensDay #ChooseToChallenge /1 Image
Comments on equality incl. more inclusive & supportive work environment; removal of systemic barriers; training to encourage culture shift; equal career benefits & salary rights; fair distribution of high/low prestige tasks; blind peer review for research funding in academia /2
Comparison on industry vs. academia: issue of equality in academia more significant (less well addressed?) than industry, where the need for mentorship takes on a more significant role for supporting career progression /3 Image
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Hello everyone,
Here to remind you about educating girls! Educating young women is the climate fix no one is talking about.
Educating young women across the world could stop tens of billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere

What springs to mind when someone says ‘climate change solution’? Probably wind or solar farms, maybe meatless burgers or ‘moonshot’ technologies. These are all important if we are going to urgently cut our carbon emissions in line with the science!
In fact, there are a wide range of climate solutions with huge potential. We have been talking more about restoring nature, but what about educating girls? Universal education can start improving people’s lives right away, as well as stabilising our climate.

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Happy International Women's Day #ClassicsTwitter
To celebrate #IWD2021 here's a thread of some of our favourite Ad Familiares articles that explore the lives of antiquity's most iconic and formidable women...
Remembering Hypatia | Edward Watts looks at the illustrious life & legacy of Hypatia of Alexandria. Mathematician, philosopher, teacher - she defied society's expectations to become the driving force behind a philosophical revolution:
Remembering Zenobia of Palmyra | Nathanael Andrade interrogates history's ideas about Zenobia - woman warrior, vengeful queen, chaste matron, selfish despot, courageous ruler, eastern potentate, arab nationalist - to ask, who was Zenobia really?
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Women in science, a thread in numbers 👇 (1/x)

This is a talk I gave for our MSc Earth Sciences students today

I started by asking them if they regard or treat me differently than they do male teachers or professors. They said they didn't (2/x)
But they probably do! (3/x)
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Covid-19 is more than a healthcare crisis. It's proving to be an existential crisis for working women in particular. In 2020, for the first time ever, there were more women in the workforce than men. Then the pandemic struck. 1/

Art Credit: Sam Whitney Image
Lockdowns, remote work, virtual school, and the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a household proved to be too much. Now, more women are leaving their jobs to care for children or aging parents and sometimes both. 2/

This shift is so monumental that the number of women in the workforce is expected to at least temporarily drop to late-1980s levels. That effectively erases all the gains made in the last 30 years. 3/

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