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16 Oct 19
A guide on how to best stack Sats in Europe

(as easy and private as possible)
1/ It should be clear by now that #stackingsats and HODLing Bitcoin is the way to go. Especially after the @TFTC21 episode with @american_hodl.

This is a step by step guide on how to best #stacksats with @GetBittr. (Europe)
2/ First you will need to create a completely new wallet. Do *not* use any other old or already used wallet, since that would damage your privacy. Use this new wallet for @GetBittr *only*.
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26 Aug 19
A Guide on Privacy and Security (Online + Bitcoin)
1/ This guide will cover what steps to take and link to resources explaining how to take these steps.
I noticed while falling down the Bitcoin and Cypherpunk rabbit hole that there are a lot of great guides out there, but no good summary of steps to take. Hope this helps.
2/ VPN
There is no best VPN, but you can use this website to find a good one for you. Most are fine just make sure you never connect to the internet without it (Kill-Switch).…
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