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1/ On the eve of #Bitcoin's quadrennial supply shock, inquiring minds are wondering whether the so-called "Bitcoin halving" is "priced in". In this thread I will explain that it is not and it cannot be priced in. 👇
2/ It is important to understand that #Bitcoin is not a traditional financial asset and cannot be priced as such.
3/ In finance the term "priced in" refers to whether information that affects future potential cash flow of a revenue generating asset or company has been properly discounted into the current valuation, factoring in things like interest rates.

Yet #Bitcoin has no cash flows...
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A guide on how to best stack Sats in Europe

(as easy and private as possible)
1/ It should be clear by now that #stackingsats and HODLing Bitcoin is the way to go. Especially after the @TFTC21 episode with @american_hodl.

This is a step by step guide on how to best #stacksats with @GetBittr. (Europe)
2/ First you will need to create a completely new wallet. Do *not* use any other old or already used wallet, since that would damage your privacy. Use this new wallet for @GetBittr *only*.
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1/ Kleiman | Wright



hint: It suсk$ to be CSW right now
2/ There was no any additional evidence from both sides so we moved into an argument right away.
3/Defendant (Wright’s lawyer) tried to highlight the fact that we are here because CSW did not present the public addresses he was ordered to provide.
“Dr.Wright can not comply with the order simply because it is NOT possible”
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Fiat vs Bitcoin vs Bikes Thread:

0/ In this thread I will the compare soundness of bikes, Turkish Lira and Bitcoin. Show how compounding inflation devalues fiat currencies. Got triggered from a question on Tv, too deep in the rabbit hole.
1/ The image below is from a Turkish tv Show. The question was: How many years it would take for someone to buy a 7800 Turkish Lira(TRY) worth of a bike if he is saving 50 TRY a week?
2/ Answers were 1,2,3 and 4 years. When simply thinking the answer is easy and 3 years. 7800/50/52= 3 years. In practice it is a complicated question and none of the answers given were true. No fiat savings of a constant amount would result in 3 years due to inflation.
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1/ Trading/Investing observations/education from TINA: I happen to know a thing or two about TA, having traded for many years. Let me pass along two important lessons in a bull market, which I believe #Bitcoin has likely resumed.
2/ I have heard some guys talking about their opinions on how #bitcoin ought to trade. How it is "over bought" and has to drop $X amount. 1. Bull markets can stay over bought for long periods of time. Just as bear markets can stay over sold for long periods of time.
3/ 2. Markets can correct over boughtness by price or by time. There is not "requirement" how a correction may occur. When you listen to either young or old Technicians please remember those two points when thinking about their advice. This is really for #hodlers who are
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1/ #bitcoin moves, and of course the world wants to know why 🤷🏽‍♀️

expanding on my thoughts shared with @MelissaLeeCNBC and crew @CNBCFastMoney👇
2/ let’s start with what’s changed since my last visit during the CRYPTO CRISIS

✅ legacy finance players are legitimizing the asset class
✅ new consumer touch points are expanding access
✅ new platforms and services are enabling institutional investment
3/ real talk, in the last 6 mos:
- @NYSE @Bakkt announced $182.5M raise for bitcoin exchange, clearing & custody services
- @DigitalAssets bitcoin trading & custody set for launch
- @TDAmeritrade launching bitcoin futures

not to mention ppl like @jack are #stackingsats
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0/ This whole bear market I've been repeating that Bitcoin prices move quickly, unexpectedly and in large jumps. If you are following any of the technical analysis talking heads or if you think you have an edge in doing TA yourself, take a few moments to analyze historical prices
1/ The chart below, for example, has data from 1/1/15. The scatter plot shows daily returns. Do you see how many of those are above 7%?
No need to go far, remember 4/1 when BTC moved from 4,150 to 4,900?
How many "experts" saw that coming?
2/ When markets go down, you often hear: "well... I'll just take my money and wait on the sidelines"
The opportunity cost is massive. I remember in 2008, after the crisis, when many investors were on the sidelines and only came back after 2011 at much higher prices.
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‘A Window of Opportunity’ from @LayerOneBTC

— MOST Boomers were born too early to understand how bitcoin can change the world. Their exposure to internet adoption came too late & was limited in time/scope. The youngest cohort of Boomers is now in their mid-50s today. 1/5
— MOST of Gen Z (1995) and earlier experienced the benefits of an internet-based world since their early childhoods. They have been indoctrinated by the web, and subsequently missed out on seeing life during the shift from a pre-internet world to an internet-rich world. 2/5
— ALL of Millennials/Generation Y (1980 - 1994) were born in the sweet spot. A perfect window of opportunity. Most are searching for a way to regain some semblance of financial stability after being drowned by student debt, and Boomer policies like Social Security. 3/5
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What is the most scarce asset?


How valuable is it?

Ask yourself this question: Warren Buffet is 88 and worth $84 billion, would you trade lives with him?

I’m in my early 30’s and would not.

Therefore, I value a year of time at more than $1bn.
We convert time into money through work.

Money = stored time.

We trade our most scarce asset for something less scarce.

Scarcity can be measured through stock to flow ratio (inverse of inflation)

USD: 20:1
Gold: 50:1
Bitcoin: ~25:1 but trending towards infinite
For the first time ever, there is a money whose scarcity will equal that of time.

I believe people will eventually realize the importance of this and start storing their time in bitcoin.

If not, you give government the ability to steal your most scarce asset

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