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23 Jun
Been having an interesting debate about "managing up" with some friends this morning and interesting patterns cropped up

1) Managing up with a bad manager feels like you're doing their job. You aren't, but it feels like you are.

This is when folks are most frustrated and complain. It sucks for everyone involved.

Manager thinks you're unmanageable. You think manager just gets in the way.
2) Managing up with a great manager feels like Just Communication.

They set direction and talk company priorities.
You decide how to achieve those priorities, communicate blockers and hiccups, proactively say what's up, and keep the manager informed.
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17 Feb 19
Some fun stats from product sidehustle land 👇

Since March 2015

2695 hours
1.8 hrs/day average

3-ish products
~2800 sales
$139,208 revenue post fees
$81,767 expenses

$21/hour 🤔

This must be why most people share only the revenue numbers #open
Now the obvious question: Why would anyone do this?

Well for starters it's still better than a coding job back home. My first job building websites was for $7/hour.

That was in high school.
I eventually got better jobs, yes. Mostly thanks to moving into freelancing, being picky about clients, and choosing to work for foreign clients (primarily US startup land) whenever possible.

That got me to about $70,000/year. It was great. Lived like a king.
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5 Apr 18
LEARN WHILE YOU POOP: Why you should learn React 🧐

Hi 👋 I’m trying something new and need your feedback. What do you think of this as a format for a daily 2min video?

No pressure learning at 2 minutes per day.Start with WHY React all the way to a React 16.3 master in a month.
LEARN WHILE YOU POOP: Why are components so great 🤔

React, Vue, Angular, or whatever. Components are the future and you should learn how to think in them. Here's why 👇

Hint: it's a lot like LEGO except you also have a 3D printer to make your own.
How JSX makes your life easier 👇

Some still debate it, but I love how JSX lets you get in there and get your hands dirty right with the stuff your code is meant to be outputting. Like a top chef 👩‍🍳 gently massaging a steak. 🥩
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