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Well where do I start with this one!

#Article from #TheLiverpoolVermin who are just as #bad as the #TheScum

🤬#Police #drag man off #Merseyrail #train in #handcuffs after he '#refuses to #wear #mask'🤬…
I've #watched the #video many times in #shock & #horror at the #actions from the #police #FORCE & I've read both #articles #TheLiverpoolVermin & #BritishTransportPoliceFederations #Statement

Something not quite right none of it adds up, the video shows the #Police ARE #Lying🤬
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1/ I am reading the UK National Data Strategy. Some great stuff, some concerning stuff, but overall, I wish other countries can do this too in the open. Here is a loose thread of my thoughts while I am reading it. Nice job @la_gaia and team! #NationalDataStrategy
2/ There is something very colonial about the phrasing - "Championing the international flow of data." Data Colonialism is real and the UK doesn't need to champion international data flow, it needs to be collaborative. #NationalDataStrategy
3/ I find it strange that this strategy defines data as information. It can be a single piece of information, but the definition there is confusing data types, information and knowledge. Should be a bit tighter, because this will help others as well later. #NationalDataStrategy
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1. News: President Trump Must Investigate How Inflated Our COVID-19 Death Count Is - Thread 8.3.20… #TRUMP #INVESTIGATE #COVID #NUMBERS
2. News: The Lessons from History on Masks: It’s Kabuki Theater All the Way Down… #Masks #HISTORY #LESSONS #COVID Image
3. News: CDC Director Says 'It Is in the Public Health Interest' to Reopen Schools for K-12 Students… #CDC #SCHOOLS #OPEN
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Right-wing groups have been organizing protests against the stay-at-home/quarantine orders put into place by various states to combat the spread of the novel #coronavirus. We took a look at the hashtags promoting these events. #AltWankers #Covidiocy

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded a week's worth of tweets containing all permutations of #Open, #OpenUp, #Reopen, #Liberate, or #Free followed by a state name (250 hashtags total), yielding 55095 tweets from 34787 accounts. #FreeMichigan was first to achieve significant volume, on April 15th.
Which states do hashtag-happy Twitter accounts want reopened so that citizens may exercise their hypothetical right to contract and spread #COVID19 unhindered? Texas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia were the most frequently hashtagged.
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Advancing the Refugee and Migration Agenda in the Middle East – Arab Thought Forum/Working Conference 2005
The issues:
1. Refugees in the Middle East;
2. Migration from the Middle East to Europe;
3. The Hague Process as catalyst for change
Volgens @kittyedy is er helemaal niets asn de hand, lief hé🤡
"Das Boot ist Voll" : study of the reception of asylum-seekers in Germany. Report written for the Peter Kirk Memorial Fund in (1-1-1994)…
De MigPolGroup is belangrijk onderzoeks/adviesorgaan met daarnaast de EU en hun EUROPEAN WEB SITE ON INTEGRATION / Migrant Integration Information and good practices
Het is slechts een onderdeel vd beïnvloeding via de MSM.……
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@BarackObama did not take out
#Qasem #Soleimani a US listed terrorist because he was in negotiations with #QasemSoleimani with the #Iran #NuclearDeal


2015 Article
Under @BarackObama intelligence was actually passed to #iran's terrorist faction #Hezbollah ,
Warning them of a pending attack.
US weapons were ending up in their hands.
#JohnKerry has been helping Iran avoid sanctions, negotiated with IRGC #Solemani…
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hellohellohello! The #GivingTuesday thread is here! No shortage of causes to care about. Pick something that won’t leave you alone; then, volunteer, donate $, and/or advocate to your elected official. Here are some orgs that my family donates to:
Independent journalism is the backbone of any social movement & change. @cpipr does that & more for 🇵🇷.
The @cpipr investigation led to uncovering over 4k died as result of #HurricaneMaria; brought corrupt chats to public from the [now former!] Governor, ignited massive peaceful public protests until he resigned; every day they produce unbiased reporting.
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Sono dispiaciuto per tanti amici che mi hanno sostenuto e sono stati svegliati all'alba come criminali. Una retata degna di una gang, non di famiglie incensurate che hanno seguito in trasparenza le regole delle fondazioni. Per il resto combatto.
Ho appena presentato al procuratore di #Firenze, Creazzo, alcune denunce per diffamazione a tre giornalisti. Vede che mi fido della giustizia fiorentina? Vedremo se adesso Creazzo procederà contro #Travaglio per la sua diffamazione.
Che #Open dovesse finanziare la mia attività politica era scritto nello statuto. Quando si è abolito il finanziamento pubblico, le fondazioni hanno acquisito un ruolo maggiore. Ci sono oltre 100 fondazioni politiche: hanno indagato l'unica che presenta tutti i documenti
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🔴⏬ Here I start a thread about some Oracle Database concepts. We will see how far it goes - all questions/comments welcome.
🔴⏬ A database (or DBMS - database management system) stores (for short and long term) and manipulates (from many concurrent users/devices) your #data.
🔴⏬ #data is logically structured (tablespaces, schemas, tables, columns, datatypes, constraints,…). The structure is described by #metadata.
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It was a ploy to take over the oceans, in more ways than the criminal elite already have stolen

More on why, will be revealed in coming days #Disclosure
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Da es zahlreiche Stimmen gibt, man möge auf den österreichischen Verein #OriginalPlay keine Hexenjagd veranstalten & nicht in Lynch-Hysterie verfallen, habe ich bisher bekannte Fakten zum Gründer und den Strukturen zusammengefasst. [Thread] 1/13
1. Es geht um Kinder- & Jugendschutz, dafür muss in der Gesellschaft alles getan werden. Die Einstellung der Vereinstätigkeit von #Open Play bis zur restlosen Klärung der Anschuldigungen ist naheliegend und keinesfalls „Lynch-Hysterie“. 2/13
2. Die Methode von F. Donaldson war bereits vor dem ARD/ORF Bericht von Experten kritisch beurteilt worden. Ein Angebot von OP an die Stadt Wien z.B., wurde 2018 zurückgewiesen. 3/13
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Interpersonal interactions play a major role in quality of #life. People strive for positive interactions yet they can be upsetting.

Becoming aware of what one wishes to #experience interpersonally is a great first step to feeling:

Next, try and become aware of what you did and said as well as what the other person did or said in response.

Notice the responses of yourself and the other person. Is what you wished for what happened? If not, maybe there is a pattern that can explain recurrent negativity.
To figure out what the wish guiding your patterns of relating to others might be, consider the response of the other person. Were they:
Sometimes responses of others can inform our awareness of our unconscious or #implicit motives.
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1/ Hi everyone! Today we’re going to take a bit of time to talk more about protocols, permissions and some Indigenous-led projects and resources relevant to the #GLAM sphere. And we’re going to start talking about #metadata!
2/ As we’ve mentioned, in many Indigenous knowledge systems, a person’s right to access certain information (especially traditional knowledge and customs) may be bound by specific, contextual permissions. #OpenGLAM
3/ Here’s an example relevant to the G in #GLAM: the proceedings from @_FPCC's Cultural Protocols & the Arts Forum in 2014. As the late Dr. Greg Younging said, “Protocols provide guidelines for behaviour.”…
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1/ Happy Wednesday afternoon @OpenGLAM community! Today we're hoping to talk a little more about the L and the A in #GLAM: #Archives and #Libraries and some of their experiences with #OpenAccess re. Indigenous materials and belongings :)
2/ #Openness & #access are inseparable & access is a core value of librarianship & the archival profession. In both the American Library Association @ALALibrary Core Values & Int'l Federation of Library Associations & Institutions @IFLA Code of Ethics access is @ the forefront.
3/ The ALA’s Core Values of Librarianship state that "all information...should be readily, equally, & equitably accessible to all library users." Likewise IFLA pinpoints Access to Information as the core mission of librarians & other information workers.…
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Some fun stats from product sidehustle land 👇

Since March 2015

2695 hours
1.8 hrs/day average

3-ish products
~2800 sales
$139,208 revenue post fees
$81,767 expenses

$21/hour 🤔

This must be why most people share only the revenue numbers #open
Now the obvious question: Why would anyone do this?

Well for starters it's still better than a coding job back home. My first job building websites was for $7/hour.

That was in high school.
I eventually got better jobs, yes. Mostly thanks to moving into freelancing, being picky about clients, and choosing to work for foreign clients (primarily US startup land) whenever possible.

That got me to about $70,000/year. It was great. Lived like a king.
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What’s that you say? I haven’t tweeted in a few days about this AMAZING JOB w @AutisticaUK & @turinginst that I’d love for you to apply for or share with anyone you know?

GO ON THEN. A thread about our values and project outcomes! 🌟🙌🏿🙌🏾👩🏻‍💻👩🏿‍💻👨🏼‍💻👨🏾‍💻😬🥰💖🥳…
The values are attached as a pdf to the job description linked above. Here’s the direct link:…

Before I dig into them I want to give a quick shout out to Georgia Aitkenhead who wrote the first draft based on our long conversations. THANK YOU Georgia!
The values are only loosely ordered. Don’t read too much into which ones come first etc. They’re ALL important.

When you apply for the job PLEASE address the values in your cover letter. It’s an essential requirement that you have a commitment to these values.
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A little thread telling you one of my motivations for this #CitizenScience collaboration between @AutisticaUK and @turinginst.

It’s about how non-autistic folk can adjust our behaviour to make places easier for #autistic people to live and work.

Job ad:…
In 2016 I was selected to attend #OpenCon @open_con - a conference to support #EarlyCareer researchers in #OpenData #OpenAccess and #OpenEducationalResources.

We were asked to watch a couple of videos before arriving in #DC to make sure we were all on the same page.
The video/webinar that stuck with me the most was the one on #Diversity, #Equity and #Inclusion in the #Open community.

And in particular the section by @pennyb which starts around 15:30

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(1/x) In mir wächst der Gedanke,dass für #OER in DE/DACH derzeit "eierlegende Wollmilchsau"-Problematik besteht: OER soll so viele Funktionen erfüllen, dass es an klaren und eng definierten Einsatzszenarien fehlt.…
(2/x) Diese Einsatzszenarien müssten m.E. nach a) skalierbar (vgl. Konzepte wie Flipped/Inverted Classroom, die gut kommunizierbar sind) sowie b) konkurrenzfähig sein ("herausragende Alleinstellungsmerkmale" [USPs] gegenüber der Konkurrenz besitzen).
(3/x) In den USA z.B. existiert das große Alleinstellungsmerkmal des kostenfreien Zugangs für Lernende ("equal access"/Phänomen "textbook broke"). Auf Kosten als Argument zu setzen ist riskant, aber funktioniert dort derzeit. Es gibt einen klaren Mehrwert:
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So please excuse me for a bit of a rant....

There’s a lot in common with #bruceoake recovery, #PortageandMain and other initiatives in Winnipeg. I remember moving here 16 years ago and experiencing it and was caught off guard.
At my arrival or shortly after Glen Murray was mayor and he was trying to get public support for user fee based trash collection. He did public meetings and more expousing on the benefits of user fee systems- something very common & with economical sense
It went nowhere, which is unfortunate in my opinion. But things carried on in Winnipeg and good things happened. A new arena was built but that too came with controversy and issues. A world class human rights musuem too, but not w/o issues.
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