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26 Aug
I don't think White American's have thought about this simple fact.

When was there ever a good time for black folks in America?

I just want people to simmer on that. I think too many white folks have been taught that everything was fine in the 80's/90's.
And that someone things have gone "bad" in modern times. Which is just not true.

The early 1920's was about the "best" black folks had, and the most wealth. But then ya know.

Black wealth was literally bombed into dust.

There's a mindset that black folks don't have wealth because of our own issues and failings.

Except history shows that everytime we do good, white America goes out its way to set us back.

Ever heard the term redlining? If not, you should.

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2 Mar
Some Perspective.

It's the year 2020.

Elizabeth Warren, while giving a speech, is gunned down.

But the scene is secured. The investigation is short and blames two people with no evidence.

The case is closed. Everyone moves on.
The following year, while giving a speech to a huge crowd and Medicare for All, Bernie Sanders is assassinated.

The investigation is odd. Turns out the FBI was digging for dirt and spreading lies.

The killer is killed. All the answers die with them.
At the funerals Donald Trump talks about how great they are. How much he loves and respected them.

Mike pence says he'll pray for them.

It's 2028.

Mitch McConnell quotes Warren to advocate ending healthcare. It's what she would have wanted, he says.
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31 Dec 19
White people never pause to consider ALL the different triggers black folks have from being in America.

They want us to know ALL of there issues. But can't seem to grasp all they shit they do that triggers us everyday and we have to just live with.
Do you understand what it's like to have hundreds of white people descend upon you?

All crying ally cause "reasons" but never stop to realize it's always one black guy vs. the majority.

I don't magically stop being black at 9k followers.
Everyone will sit there and go, "Ya more diversity!" While running another PoC out of town cause they did something different.

Because we always become the standing grounds for white proxy wars.

Why were people in me instead of Onyx Path? There Twitter is clean of protest.
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12 Sep 19
I will say, it is a little annoying see how well rants do vs actual content.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I KNOW THIS. I play into it.

Still. It's kinda annoying. I've never had a 1k post about actual Swordsfall content.
So I snicker a little when people accuse me of stirring shit on Twitter.

Like, ya bruh. All the actual content posts have less than 20 likes.

That's on Twitter, not me.
I've never wilted when asked about Swordsfall. I find pride in being unstumpable when it comes to lore.

I find the Twitter format extremely fun to post on. Short and punchy lines is my forte.

Alas I can't control the algorithm.
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24 Jul 19

There is no cancel culture. Cancel was originally coined by the black community as a way to vocally declare you no longer had our support.

It wasn't until it was co-adopted that it became "cancel culture"
Like most black phrases they get picked for how "fun" they sound.

Then there repeated endless across memes and popular media until the definition is lost.

Only for white people to eventually rebrand it as they want to use it.
And because of the sheer numbers involved, there new definition gets taken is the origin.

It's another and old as fuck form of Columbusing and it's annoying.

Now everything is being sanitized back into the neutral territory that white people love.
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22 Jun 19
Sees #wafflehouse is trending...has no idea why.

Well, time to share a story. Let me tell you how our favorite "crazy" cook at our favorite Waffle House ended up being convicted for MURDERERING A CUSTOMER.
So back in high school, the crew used to hang out at Waffle House. Cause that's about one of the only places teenage kids could hang out at 1am in the midwest.

Plus, dem Hashbrowns (Scattered, smothered, covered, Fight Me)
We end up being regulars after a few months of this. Eventually, we came to know one of the cooks. Charles.

Or Crazy Charles as we called him.

Dude was obviously not all there. He'd say the weirdest stuff. But he'd also give us free food. And we were broke teens. So cool.
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27 May 19
Sure, here's some free tips and a subtle (not subtle) way to advertise my coaching services.

1.) Brand Synergy.

Use the same name (your product) on everything. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram should all have the same name or close to it.
Why? Because Google LOVES to clump stuff together. If your random Twitter posts pops off, then it'll raise just about everything associated with it.

Your goal is to make your product a KEYWORD.

Google Swordsfall sometime. You'll see what I'm saying.
This is important because no matter how many times you tell people the site address... they WILL type it in their google bar.

You want to capitalize on this. Never underestimate the weird ways people will hear about you.
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26 May 19
🔥Napalm Take🔥

The biggest issue in the #ttrpg industry isn't the reach of Dungeons & Dragons. Its that we have Content Creators who say,

"I don't care about the money."
"I'm not looking to get rich"

No. Stop this. Stop it right now.
If you act like you won't make money....
Then you won't make money.

That's it.

Stop letting your love for the hobby rob you of a livelihood. You can charge an equitable price AND making a living.

One last and extremely harsh word..
You won't get rich. I won't even add a probably. Getting rich is hitting the lottery. Bank on it all you want, but luck is luck. It happens or it doesn't.

Find your vision, fuel your passion and give it your ALL. The industry needs that and you deserve it.
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7 Apr 19
🚨Real Talk Warning 🚨

It's late night, and after a day of shooting shots, maybe I should actually explain to all of you who I am. And why I battle so hard.

I'm a 35 year old cis black male. And I grew up in a few of the whitest suburbs in the Midwest.
I was in 3rd Grade the first time someone called me Nigger. It was also in 3rd grade that we had to read The Whipping Boy.

Guess who had to read the Whipping Boy parts?

I was nicknamed The Whipping Boy for the rest of the year.
That same 3rd teacher tried to have me pulled from her class as well. Because she was worried I wouldn't be able to "keep up with the other kids"

Of course, I had no idea this was going on. I just saw my mom HOT one day. And the next day Ms. Everett was REAL nice
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31 Mar 19
It's late night, and I feel like talking about lore. Related to this beautiful picture.

She's an Iconic (that's not trademarked....right?) character

Her name is Isola. An elite even among the Minos. However, she never was one for the sisterhood that is the all-female army. 1/?
She enjoyed the silence. The still of the night when it's only you and nature. Those were the moments she cherished.

Even when it was through the scope of her rifle...

Isola never questioned who the target was. She cared little for the moral weight of the situation.
She loved the silence. The hush of the night settled over the soft rustling of leaves. The way the world paused when she took that deep breath.

The slow squeeze of the trigger...

Everything afterward was the problem of people higher up than her.
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