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Alright, I've been asked to signal boost this situation, so I'm going to do what I can... #ttrpg

There is a C&D that was sent to the legal rep of a Chinese dice maker on behalf of Hasbro/WotC. I've seen the letter, but don't want to put myself at risk sharing it. [1/x]
The C&D is over these dice:…
As you can tell, this group is using the words "Mind Flayer" to describe these dice, which we have operated under the assumption is something WotC has the total legal ownership of and we can't touch in any way except under certain licenses.
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It's solo RPG writing week this week! I'm working on and off stream on a new #ttrpg based on the #HintsandHijinx system by @PandionGames! MWF, 5PM EST. More info in the replies!
@PandionGames The game I will be working on is heavily inspired by Star Trek. While exploring a distant planet, something weird happens and you have to figure out what is going on. Working title: "Strange Voyages."
My goal is for the game to be replayable and open ended so that you're not just solving the same mystery over and over again. Again, the episodic nature of star Trek is a perfect inspiration for this.
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Dear @DnDBeyond,

I've restarted my #DnDBeyond Auto-Subscription.

But I want to add feedback I was unable to give in the survey (it bugged out). This is going to be quite a thread with praise and critique for you and some explanation into why and how and what to expect.

You yourselves know best the kind of disaster the #OGL 1.1 / 1.2 / 2.0 rollout was. This has cost you A LOT of goodwill with the community and turned swathes of us permanently away from your products.

But you've decided to do better. Thank you for that.

I'm sure you received lots of feedback and combed through the noise on social media and in your survey. But after not being able to take that survey, I'd like to add my 2 cents and a little extra to the voices, maybe it'll help you make better, yet profitable decisions.

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Here, here. Rather than debating the OGL 1.0's revokability maybe we should take WotCs hint that they want a bigger slice of the hobby they overwhelmingly dominate and move on to other games and systems. Maybe we should let 1/#dnd #ttrpg #DoneDND…
WotC keep all their versions of the OGL and move on to the myriad of other wonderful existing games or those that will rise out of this mess. Maybe it's time to let WotC's hubris dethrone the king. IMO there are too many awesome games to continue allowing D&D to be the hobby's 2/
primary ambassador. For those looking for other games to break the Dragon's stranglehold on the hobby check out my ongoing list of #100ttrpgsIdRatherPlay/3
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Let me tell you a story about fighting dragons and how #WotC and @Wizards_DnD don't understand NFTs, or perhaps they do, and wish to keep them all to themselves.

Time to go on an adventure 🧵
First a bit of background for those who don't know me. I'm the co-founder and CEO of @Gripnr. We're bringing #TTRPG to the blockchain, starting with our first game world, @The_Glimmering

I've never had more fun building a company, but it's not been without its detractors.
After building The Glimmering for nearly 6 months, mostly in private, we got some attention right as we were about to formally announce the project and launch our site,
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Random things I need less of in a #ttrpg I'm hosting:
1/5 A part of play that's an isolated exchange of repetitive rolls where the action is defined in slow motion and even nothing might be happening. Like, what's a combat and why does it have to be like this in every game?
2/5 Design challenges that the author has chucked over the fence to the person hosting that #ttrpg by giving advice instead of tools. "Hey, the game has this problem, so don't let it happen, ok?" I'm sorry, who bought for this book? So why am I doing your work for you?
3/5 Weak reading experience. Let's not have another large heavy tome with glossy reflective pages, small thin text, counterproductive illustrations and a page count that's more about fixed printing costs than adding value to the reader hoping to play this #ttrpg
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So some people have been having fun embracing an hour of chaos with Anarchy Goat. One thing people keep mentioning is that it vibes like I got the bugs in those Goat & Goose games meshed in. A couple asked for #TTRPG design advice.

Honestly? It's both purposeful AND accidental.
*For me*, I have a strong sense of "vibes" and aesthetic in the art I enjoy. So for me, it comes down to starting with a strong sense of what genre, themes, and just general aesthetic I'm going for. What is the core concept? How do I initially imagine it playing out?
For this there was a conversation here that spurred me on. Plus I generally like wild chaos games and animal stuff. Like I made an Everyone Is John hack called Just A Normal Human about a horde of critters pretending to be human. So, right in my weird lane [embrace *your* weird].
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A propos, London in the plague year is an amazing setting for a #ttrpg, especially horror

I developed a whole World of Darkness setting for it once; ran a ratkin game, but it's also perfect for vampires, mages and wraiths.
You have the plague itself - and the dichotomy/juxtaposition between the mystical/religious and scientific worldviews (neither of which has reliable answers, at this point).
You have huge political tensions: the very recent restoration of the monarchy, landowners vs mercantile wealth, the invasion of Ireland, relations with Scotland, Protestantism Vs Catholicism.
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Unpacking a whole lot of data around #dungeonsanddragons

Last week I wasn't expecting to study the implosion of the Dungeons & Dragons brand owned by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming.

#Hasbro #wotc #criticalrole #wizardsofthecoast #dnd5e #dnd #ttrpg #pathfinder Image
As a company Wizards of the Coast did over a billion dollars in revenue last year.

After one week of brand damage millions of dollars have been shaved off this revenue and it appears to be getting worse day by day. It will likely evolve into double-digit percentages.
Just on Youtube there were 500+ videos covering the topic this week. Fan creators and influencers generated over 10M views across hundreds of videos that generated millions of hours of view time and 110K+ comments spreading to every other platform.
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WotC's move to end #OpenDnD has created an uproar among fans, and a lot of people are blaming the corporate suits at Hasbro. Here are some thoughts from a former corporate suit, and how I'd try to use business arguments to convince other execs not to "de-authorize" the OGL. 1/🧵 #OpenDND logo, but it's on fire
And to be clear, I never worked at Hasbro. But I did work for three of their key competitors: Mattel, Spin Master, and Moose Toys. In fact, my last big career choice was whether to become the President of @bwisegames or pursue a VP-level position at Hasbro. 2/🧵
I'd start by pointing out what's obvious to fans: that making D&D "open source" took it from around 50% market share in the year 2000 to 85% in 2022. In a highly fragmented market, the #OGL incentivized potential competitors to play *with* D&D rather than against Wizards. 3/🧵
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Last week, @Gizmodo's @lincodega caught a killer scoop - a leake Hasbro's plan to revoke the decades-old #OpenGamingLicense, which subsidiary @Wizards promulgated as an allegedly #open sandbox for people seeking to extend #DungeonsAndDragons:… 1/ A remixed version of David Trampier's 'Eye of Moloch,' the c
The report set off a shitstorm among #DandD fans and the broader #TTRPG community - not just because it was evidence of yet more #enshittification of D&D by a faceless corporate monopolist, but because Hasbro was seemingly poised to take back a #commons. 2/
RPG players and designers had built that commons over decades, having taken #WOTC and the #OGL at their word.

#Gamers were right to be worried. 3/
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Everything you don’t know about #monopoly:
And speaking about assumed monopolies:
Given the current glacial state of the #ttrpg hobby, this is the kind of content that you can post every day while waiting for the penny to drop for some relevant number of people.
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I began playing D&D 5e again, and discovered one easy hack that made it easy to play.

We removed rolling d20 to hit in com at.

And it took just a few minimal adjustments to make it work. Buckle up for a #ttrpg long post 🧵 A hand holding multicolored dice
1: All attacks hit if circumstances are met.

In melee range? Attack hits. Shocking Grasp's Target in range? You hit. Ranged weapon used against an enemy in range? It hits!

So how do we treat armor class? ⬇️
2: Armor is Damage Reduction.

Subtract 10 from your AC, that's your new Damage Reduction.

When an enemy deals damage to you, subtract the results from your new Damage Reduction.

So how do we treat advantage and critical hits? ⬇️
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Probably one of the best pencil drawings I've ever done. Lt.Cmdr. Amanda May Lusenkya of the Seekers, an offshoot of the Interplanetary Space Exploration Service. The space-stranded astronaut survivors after WW3 nearly completely obliterated life on Earth. Seekers were all born
and raised among the ramshackle space stations, asteroid colonies and rundown ships of the ISES survivors. Trained since birth, in a quite literal military dormitory, the Seekers would be the first humans to finish developing and then use experimental Wormholes drives to travel
Beyond the Sol System. Nearly All the Seekers are born psychics who would use their powers to ensure the survival of their race And to explore the Ancient Alien and First Humans relics and artifacts found scattered across both the Sol and Alpha Cee systems. The tunnels of Luna
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#TTRPG #BlackFriday deals from #ExaltedFuneral are going to be pretty amazing! It starts TODAY (the 24th) at Midnight EST!

I have a few titles that are going to be heavily discounted there! Don’t miss out if you want a copy!

I will put links to each of them below!
Lost in the Deep is a Solo Journaling RPG inspired by The Wretched and other Wretched and Alone Games. To play you will need a deck of cards, a block tower and a single d6.…
The Dead Are Coming is a minimalist RPG about survival in a post-apocalyptic world where the dead have risen and other survivors can be much worse than the undead.…
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the unused art of Plerion, courtesy of

prompt is usually: “line art in the style of Michael Whelan”


#IA #scifi #plerion #ttrpg #nsr #osr ImageImageImageImage
2/x ImageImageImageImage
3/x ImageImageImageImage
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the unused art of Plerion, courtesy of

prompt is usually: “line art in the style of Michael Whelan”


#IA #scifi #plerion #ttrpg #nsr #osr ImageImageImageImage
2/x ImageImageImageImage
3/3 ImageImageImageImage
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(A very small #ttrpg)

- 2 people in different rooms
- a phone (and maybe earbuds) for each person

Call up the other person with a video call. Agree upon a mundane task as a MISSION. One player is now the BODY, the other is the GIRAFFE.

The BODY raises their phone high above their head with the camera facing out, giving the GIRAFFE a view of the BODY's environment. The GIRAFFE then gives instructions to the BODY in order to accomplish the MISSION using only their free hand.

If a social interaction is part of the MISSION, the BODY can only repeat the exact words the GIRAFFE gives them when speaking to a “non-player character.” (Earbuds are handy here.) If the MISSION is accomplished, both players win.

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Everything on here is terrible, so let’s get lost in a haunted house 👻

As a #Halloween2022 🎃 treat, allow me to introduce you to #LonelyHouse - a new game of collaborative fiction

Which path will you choose? #TTRPG #HorrorGame #NaNoWriMo #RPG…
This is available only as a digital release for now

Because #LonelyHouse is an indie release, I could really use your help in getting word out

Any reposts or retweets would be most appreciated - doubly so if you are a writer, game designer/publisher - but every boost helps
Tomorrow on Halloween as a special treat, I will read a few chapters aloud on a Facebook live starting around 9 pm EST

If you haven’t found my verified Facebook page yet, it’s under the same handle as this Twitter account: sethanikeem
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One of the sentiments many people seem to have in my #ttrpg threads is why not just let people enjoy games and play them the way they want?

The answer is because baselines are important. To show why, take a seat as I recount the story of the KibblesTasty artificer #dnd 🧵
For context, back before the final version was released in ERftLW, the artificer went through multiple UA passes, including a very poorly received wizard subclass attempt. The most prominent ones were the 2017 and 2019 playtest versions.
The 2017 version had a more general scientist bent than the final version, which was more akin to its OG Eberron inspiration. The two subclasses - alchemist and gunsmith - had bespoke options, with the base class being more a chassis than a core set of mechanics.
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In lieu of my Battle Master conundrum thread, this is basically what I've been saying.

The reality is, d20 systems designed as mechanically heavy experiences are the most awful match for these kinds of games. #dnd #ttrpg
OP provides a literal example of this mismatch here. People want to reward ingenuity and open roleplay, in systems that mechanically chafe if not outright punish it.

This is why people like me are convinced the appeal in DnD is not the game itself, but the branding, or the aesthetic of a game-y system that people want to have the illusion of being freeform at the expense of the GM's enjoyment and sanity.
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I do find it amazing how much in my #ttrpg related threads how often people just dismiss complaints and criticisms with the reasoning 'well I've never seen it before, so I don't see why it's such a big deal'. Tenfold when it comes to problem players and social isssues at tables.
Like that's great for you, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Part of me doesn't even believe you, but even if it's true, all that means is you've been lucky to be gaming only with decent people. From my (completely anecdotal, admittedly) discussions, most people aren't.
It's just a low key and less serious, but still egregious version of people who dismiss discrimination, racism, sexism, etc. and say it isn't real because you personally haven't seen or experienced it.

(sometimes those things are even involved in tabletop issues)
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Because I'm bad at following what's happening in the #ttrpg world, even for games I adore, I only recently discovered that Urban Jungle has not one, but two supplements!

Now that I have summoned the supplements to my grubby mitts, I want to tweet about them for a bit! The core rulebook to Urban ...
I'll start by saying that while I haven't played with these supplements—I've only just read them in the past week)—I have played Urban Jungle. It was a wonderful experience. You can feel the contours of the rules as you play and they guide you down the most intriguing paths.
This'll probably be a little scattershot as I highlight a assortment of rules without explaining the entirety of the game, but hopefully I can portion out a few appetizers to whet your hunger.
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Howdy new followers! It’s Thursday, & we experience most strikingly the distinction between live performance & prerecorded #ttrpg actual play tonight. #CriticalRoleSpoilers in this thread in an hour — mute as needed. Woman in blue light glasses and a shirt that reads “histor
Shirt is by Coalition of Master's Scholars on Material Culture @_CMSMC_ from their original design -- tons of cool variants now: (not an ad, just citing to thwart dumb algo bots & because everyone needs a "Girls Just Wanna Have Funding" sweatshirt)
Note: we've restarted a few times, so we're 10 minutes away from start, and a total a 4 hour 15 run tonight, so play time of well under 4 tonight (say, 3.30-45).

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