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Time for my AD&D 2e campaign.
It is only 14 years old.
#DnD #ttrpg #Psychotronic gaming Image
In progress Image
Homemade sliders arrive Image
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I've got some new followers so I guess is time to get a new pinned thread!
I'm Armanda, a #ttrpg designer from Argentina (#RPGLATAM gang!). Most of my games are solo journaling games. Though I have some hacks and some ideas for more people.
For starters, as most of us, I have a Lasers&Feelings hack and a Honey Heist hack:
Sense and Sensibility, based on Jane Austen novels (
Trick or Treat, a childhood game for getting some good candy (
My first solo game is "The Lay of Our Lands", a Lost&Found game. You play as a map that passes from one cartographer to another, getting changed and experiencing different feelings. It's a reflective game that I love
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Since we've all been talking about fonts and free stuff, I thought that making a 🧵for free resources (or super cheap) that we can use on our #ttrpg creation, would be awesome.
Basically images, illustrations, vectors, fonts 1/25
Unsplash is awesome if you like high-quality photos for free.
Pixabay is a little messier and less curated, but it has photos, illustrations, and vectors categories.
One of my favorites to look for images for inspiration is the Public Domain Review, they have a huge catalog, the make collections and essays, and it's super interesting 3/
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I am *not* criticizing anyone here.
But this is a perfect example of the vast gulf between #ttrpg players that started before ‘81 and those that started about 2k
OG ‘campaign’ = ‘persistent game world
5e ‘campaign’ = ‘a set of specific PCs following a quest and it all ends’ 1/
2/ same word, *very* different meanings.
#Psychotronic gaming can add to any RPG, but we need to start by realizing it doesn’t detract or take away or criticize. Thus starts by realizing we’re separated by common terms!
3/ so be ready to be confused, befuddled, and unsure, but also be ready to use the #SecretsOfSeaward to have more fun
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Moves and Skills: a thread

Premise: as a gamer, I started playing trad games such as VtM (mostly) and D&D (sometimes).
In time, I found out about PbtA and, later, FitD and I fell in love.
Everything that follows, comes from a person who enjoys every kind of rpg

So, who knows me know I am a sucker for new games. I am always reading new stuff to bring on our table.

So my group of friends is quite used to try out several new games every year (and yes, 2022 won't be different guys, sorry about that).

The first PbtA game we tried was MotW (lovely game btw). Thanks to that I, as the GM, had finally clicked with this approach. What about my players though?

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I know this's probably the coldest of possible takes but, in re-listening to the BBC Lord of the Rings radio drama, I realized how GOOD of a magical item the One Ring is.

From a DM's perspective, I mean. A quick thread.

Let’s get the obvious things outta the way first.

It’s a conduit of Sauron’s evil and a fragment of his soul. Makes you invisible when you put it on. Reference to the Nieflungs. The MacGuffin that the entire plot hinges around. All that granted.
Is the Ring intelligent? Sure. Yet not in an obvious way. It can't speak, it can only influence your behavior in ways never expressly spelled out in the text. It "abandons" Gollum but how does it do that?
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The Importance of NPCs. #ttrpg
Long, long ago, PC parties didn't travel by themselves in groups of 4-5. Not often. It simply wasn't practical. The AD&D books included lists of henchmen and hirelings, and it was reasonably expected you'd have a few - more so when you hit 'name'.
Basically, around level 10 or so, you attracted followers. A lot of followers. You basically became a mobile army. But this made sense, and here's why:
A PC party. 5 members. With camping gear, horses, perhaps a wagon. You're going into the dungeons. Are you taking your horses, camping gear, and wagon with you? What about the 800 pounds of loot you've picked up so far? Is that going down there with you?
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The First Rule of Combat #ttrpg
Practically speaking, the goal in combat is to inflict as much damage as you can on your opponents, while mitigating the damage your side will take. You don't enter a combat you don't think you'll win, and you try to gauge how much it'll 'cost'.
Some games are designed to allow for this kind of mentality (Shadowun as an example, 2e Legend of the Five Rings as another). Range, cover, and the sheer damage output the character can unleash can end a combat in a single round.
Other games don't consider this, and you're expected to whittle each other down until one falls or the other - and it's expected that both sides are going to suffer damage in the process.
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The Unique Beast.
We find it interesting, and frustrating, that unique creatures from our mythology become just generic creatures when they show up in a #ttrpg. Something gets lost when this happens.
First, and foremost, they always stop being mythological. By this, we mean such creatures can't only be taken down by 'a hero'. They're not as terrifying as they were in mythology - because it's expected a PC party should be able to beat them.
You don't have to be particularly heroic or special to take down the creature - and they lose impact when they become part of a species. For example, a town may say, "within the swamp lurks a hydra, it's killed 20 of our men."
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Been seeing seeing a lot of #TTRPG/#dnd5e posts about this pic, to showcase the size of a Roc to players!

But the real story of this statue, & the mythical Indian Creature behind it, Jatayu, is something I feel more people would be interested in!

Let's Go!
So, let's start with the myth.

The story of Jatayu comes from the Ramayan, one of the major Indian Sagas depicting the adventures of the God King Rama, an avatar of the Major God Vishnu!
In the Myth, Vishnu re-incarnates as one of his avatars (a word directly borrowed by the English language from Sanskrit), called Rama, to help rid the world of demons, primarily the great demon king Ravana.
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#ttrpg "Too Generic"
There's some RPGs out there that have gone minimalist, and that works for them. Then there's others that go that route, and we're wondering what they're thinking.

Pick a genre or movie where 'getting better' - either linearly or laterally, is a thing.
For example, Star Wars. Luke's journey into learning how to use the Force. Any number of anime where the main character develops and grows. Superhero comics where the character has their origin and grows. You get the idea.
Now, imagine an RPG which completely throws that out to give you the most basic traits to cover the character's abilities.

For example, "The Force". If you're playing a Jedi, you get 'The Force'. Any challenge the GM throws at you, you can solve with 'The Force'.
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Okay so... Night time #TTRPG marketing thread because I'm thinking about it and want to share the concept. 🤔

I'm going to talk about marketing funnels and how they can be applied to conversion in the TTRPG Twitter sphere.

This is what a standard marketing funnel looks like.
First off, I want to add a little disclaimer that this is completely irrelevant if you're not releasing commercial goods.

This isn't a tip for getting followers. It's a tip for marketing products. Now that I've said that, lets roll!
Awareness: This is the stage where the person knows very little about you and it's your job to give them a sense of who you are and why they should like you and your product.

The objective of this stage on Twitter is to convert followers. Unaware > Follow is a success.
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There's a lot to unpack here. #DnD #TTRPG A post by a regressive and reactionary D&D fan, saying: &quo
Okay... 1/?

First and foremost, no, not everyone has been welcome in D&D. Women, minorities, the disabled, and the LGBTQ+ communities have all been collectively fucked off by one of or both the game in text and depiction or by the community since day one. Perfect recent example?
2/? The combat wheelchair. It did literally nothing to anyone's game who didn't want to use it, but whole swathes of the D&D community verbally assaulted and harassed its creator and anyone who supported them while a larger swath of the community remained silent. Silence is...
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It is my firm #TTRPG head cannon and homebrew staple that goblins are an entire group of people who are predisposed to #ADHD , and have it to an extreme degree. It is untreated because no one has stopped to study it.

They do not lack intelligence, they lack impulse control.
A goblin is hyperactive and always in search of the next bit of dopamine to keep them going. It's why they can come up with creative solutions, but it always seems super dangerous.

Going specifically into #DnD5e you can see a decent example of a few #ADHD types.
Goblins are hyperactive. They can't stay still unless they have to. They lack impulse control. They are startled by loud noises and smells. They have hyperfixations that they obsess over. Their executive dysfunction manifest is opposition to authority. They have anxiety
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Open Legend by @OpenLegendRPG uses a hybrid level/point buy/XP spend system and a boon/bane mechanic. Someone converted all the non-IP D&D monsters; and pound for pound, it out performs 5e in every metric around player agency and character development. It also plays faster.
Dungeon World is problematic on several levels, and @olde_fortran has been upfront about it. That said, it's PbtA, it plays smoother, and has more focused playbooks (classes) than D&D and they work pretty much off the hop. When the second edition comes, it'll be worth looking at.
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Just finished the last episode of the new season of Restaurant to Another World and I will say, without hesitation, it is doing some of the most amazing amd beautiful #WorldBuilding I've ever seen, and it's all completely secondary to the main location and theme. #TTRPG
I am not kidding either. In 2 seasons, 12 episodes each, primarily focused on the the restaurant and its clients' immediate environs/backgrounds, it has, through imagery and mild exposition, created a detailed, politically complex fantasy world complete with deep history.
We've learned there's multiple continents. We know there's a Kingdom, Empire, and nations called the Land of Sand, Sea, and Mountains respectively. We've seen Vampire, Elf, Faery, and Naga lands. We know some about their religions, and how the Blue Dragon god grants its...
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Welcome to another edition of #itchFundingFriday

Follow this thread to learn of cool #ttrpg projects that I found that are currently itchfunding!

If you want to recommend me something, drop me a link in the replies!

Let's do this!

(games presented in random order)

1. 'Legacy of the Lost' by @BasiliskOnline

"Legacy of the Lost is a BOB (no dice no masters) game about a galaxy spanning post apocalypse. Play as members of a community on a ship trying to survive and gather knowledge of those lost to the cataclysm"…

2. 'Reminiscence of Decay' by @le_jean_verne

"A Wretch&Alone hack inspired by Annihilation. Come explore and try to understand the Enclave, but careful or you might lose yourself."…
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I'm finally getting to DM again in a few days. Afterwards, I won't be able to DM again until Feb/March. I'll have a single #DnD session to keep my players 100% invested.

Q: How can I do that without an intricate "story?"

A: By using 1:1 time and downtime actions.

Thread 1/15
If you've seen the #BROSR tag, you've seen people advocating for real-time in #DnD. Short version: 1 day of real-world time = 1 day of game-world time. This comes from an obscure rule in the original LBBs, found on the last two pages of Underworld and Wilderness adventures.

2/15 Image
Timekeeping in an ongoing #ttrpg campaign is obviously important, and using a 1:1 scale is generally the simplest and most intuitive way.

Using it is the first key to creating what @jeffrojohnson calls The "Always On" Campaign.…

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Today I decided it is #itchFundingFriday

So follow along because throughout the day I'll be sharing cool #ttrpg projects that I found that are currently itchfunding!

If you want to recommend me something, drop me a link in the replies!

Let's do this!

1. 'Lacuna Apostasy' by @OrdoaleaP

"Welcome to the Dystopian Religious Cassette Futurism future! Experience the Domains Horror RPG in a fully new setting that allows you to make the most out of sci-fi technological horrors!"

2. 'Overgrown' by @BenNewbon

"Overgrown is an all-ages rules-lite #naturepunk #TTRPG about weird animal hybrids in a post-human world. Support the crowdfund to add a full campaign and professional artwork throughout to the existing rulebook"…
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#ttrpg #ttrpgredlist
Culture. Faith. Education.
This, we think, should be what determines what kind of magic a character has access to in games where magic exists. Rather than having magic be an open book where all spells are available to choose from,
where your character is from, where they were trained, and what beliefs exist should determine what's available and what isn't. You follow the Goddess of Peace, you don't get harmful spells. You're from a desert region, you might get a lot of fire, sand, and wind spells.
We had a character from an Arabian-like kingdom, so when we made a magus, we restricted elemental spells to fire and wind. The character had a few other spells to round things out (extra movement, buffs), but we decided that most of the spell list was out-of-bounds.
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#TTRPG Twitter, what are some of your favorite one-page/micro RPGs that can be looked at online? This is a request for any and all recommendations. I am particularly but not exclusively interested in ones with very collaborative storytelling and quantifiable goals/win conditions.
If you're asking how I'm defining "micro RPGs"... I'm not. I'm thinking "maybe the author was aiming for a one page RPG and missed" but I'm not going to be picky or prickly about this.
Also, a lot of the great one page RPGs I've seen before, I saw as Twitter posts by the person who made them, so if you're wondering if it's cool to just boost your own... yes, yes, it's very cool. I hope you do and will.
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#ttrpg #ttrpgredlist
For us, a good RPG is one that allows you to explore the setting, in any way you wish, and support you in that goal. The mechanics should be able to support this desire, and the characters you want to make within the confines of the setting.
If the game doesn't have a setting, it needs to support the players (and game master) in the genre of the game - a fantasy RPG supports playing in a fantasy world, a cyberpunk RPG supports playing in a cyberpunk world.
And we believe, a good RPG needs to be able to provide the group options. For example, a cyberpunk game should provide support for street level, corporate, military, gang, media, entertainment, or sport-star characters. (Cyberpunk 2020, and Shadowrun, are excellent for this).
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Never mistake prepping a #ttrpg game and planning a narrative like a story or film.
I used to plan out adventures meticulously, but that DOES NOT SERVE THE PLAYERS.
Prep for me is having all the pieces for an adventure ready to use with whatever the players throw at me.

Some plot ideas.
Some maps.
Some items.
Some npcs.
A list of random names, mannerisms, visual hooks and adverbs that I can use to pull stuff out of my butt
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Playing 5e DnD without the Identify spell. In my current campaign, for plot related reasons, detect magic and identify aren't working any more. Its an experiment, and it's been massively more successful than I could have hoped. I'll explain why. 1/N. #ttrpg #dndsessions
It took a while for the players to get used to it, they had expections of immediately knowing everything about magic items. Now they carefully study things they find. They look for clues found with the items, they think about what kind of items the owner would have had. 2/N
But most fun they experiment. They sip potions, they find a quiet corner of the desert to fire off a charge from a wand, they role-play working it out. And they are loving it. Its a journey of discovery, and there have been so many funny moments. 3/N
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