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Time to talk a little bit about #ScreamsAmongstTheStars, my minimalist #Space #Horror #TTRPG that is being funded through Kickstarter right now! It’s built under the #IntoTheOdd engine with some modifications! Read along for more info!

Back it here:… Image
In this #Game you play as a spacer, an individual working in the far reaches of space, where new colonies are being established. You may be a crew of space truckers, miners, soldiers, scientists or even bounty hunters. You won’t be prepared for what you’ll find anyway. Image
In the frontier, resources are scarce and you have to pay attention to what you are carrying and the survival gear that you have. Things breaks. There isn’t much around, so make the best use of what you have. Image
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So I'm reading over @FallOnMyBlade 's Tidebreaker for tomorrow's #FCRD game, and first and foremost, it makes me super excited to play. More games should make me this excited.

Specifically, I want to spare a word for how approachable the format and layout is, and how this helps.
Most rulebooks, not gonna lie, leave me confused. The choice of how to arrange core mechanics, versus what I should expect from this game, and relevant terminology I need to know in order to Get Started... they're normally all over the place.

Not so here.
The thing I think distinguishes Nick's work from a lot of TTRPG's by large publishers is that those other games have a habit of kind of drowning you in lore or (hopefully) evocative situations at the front end of the book.

I can see the reasoning for this. The hope is that-->
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This. Constructs, the undead, demons and devils, beasts (non-sapient monsters)... There's lots and lots of options. #DnD #TTRPG
There's also rivals, unscrupulous competitors, dangerous cults, and so on and so forth that can... wait for it... be from other intelligent species in the game, be killed, and not paint the whole species as being self propelled pop-up targets for adventurers to attack.
It's almost like if you gave them as much attention and nuance as is given to humans in the game, more options open up!


Oh wait, lots of us. And we've been making noise about it for years.
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As promised, it's a special #FollowFriday for artisans & merchants of #TTRPG and #DnD worlds.
Boost these makers for #FF and consider sending your coin to them instead of some boring corporation!
I'll list the @'s by category and then provide additional info after:
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A thread of #DnD classes, in GIF form, starting with: Barbarian (1/13)

#dnd5e #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons
Monk (2/13)
Artificer (3/13)
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Okay! My planned series of posts about generic #TTRPG and #WorldBuilding with them is shaping up nicely. I've got hardcopies of FATE Core & Accelerated with Condensed on the way, Cortex Prime, Savage Worlds SWADE, and a pdf of Open Legend. Just waiting on Genesys!
The plan is to do an opening post, then explore each system in its turn. I'm sticking to newer systems that are more active for it. I'm looking forward to it, even though it's going to be a lot of reading.
At this point, an unashamed support post! I'm not sponsored or a big enough presence to get review copies from most publishers, so if you can support POCGamer, it's most appreciated. #TTRPG
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Let me talk about #TheDeadAreComing, my minimalist #OSR #TTRPG #Zine which is at Kickstarter right now!

You can get this game and two others at:…

Let’s dive in!
1. #TheDeadAreComing was created inspired by #ElectricBastionland and #Mausritter system and organization, as well as other influences (including #Troika). Character creation is super straightforward and gives you a lot to work with nonetheless!
2. You get details, a background, suggested names and some items that will help you determine who your survivor is and what are they like. Don’t get too attached though, life isn’t easy in a #ZombieApocalypse!
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People seek our advice bc of our large #playtesting pool. Real #IndieGameDev talk? It was PURE LUCK. We have no special advice. Me (Liv) and Jim went to school in the States. One of our classmates knew the Rev from LGBT and adult sex ed presentations. #TTRPG #indie #TRPG (1/4)
We three ran a #LARP Rev Casey wrote. He ran a game in his home city. 2 other cities ran LARPs too. Plus a gaggle of "LARPletops". By the end, we had over 200 people who played the game. The Dallas and Boston ppl especially stuck around, *starting* us with 60+ ppl. #TTRPG (2/4)
The Rev is... prolific. Non-stop idea machine. Endless notes & brainstorms. Piles of material, from fragmentary concept notes to full drafts. 1/2 the original testers (around 30) stuck around and built tables. Jim and I kept at it as #playtest leads. #TTRPG #indiedev #RPGs (3/4)
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#selfpromosaturday for my late night #TTRPG, #PodernFamily, #artists, and #writing lovelies! Drop your hype and links! Share your lovely stuff with us! Like, rt, follow, comment to each other, be excellent. #SelfPromotionSaturday #TRPG #RPG #gamers #fantasy #horror
#Motif Story Engine seamlessly enables #solorpg, #GMless, and #noprep play. Use it with your favorite #TTRPGs, like #DnD or #SavageWorlds. Simple 3d6 system with rich results. Includes patches for twists & turns and running mysteries. #TTRPG #IndieGameDev…
No Angels Live Here, an occult detective agency #TTRPG supporting everything from single player #solorpg mode to classic #GM tables. Player facing system without NPC rolls. Explore a supernatural world and join the fight against the Dark! #IndieGame #Motif…
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OK, I got permission to spew. I (Liv) am currently running the playtest rounds on a diceless/LARP version of Motif. Player facing bidding system for actions. Flat difficulties/spend costs. Similar story pool for bidding on story elements. #TTRPG #indiedev
Did not think I would like the narrator bleed. But it really works. Color me wrong. It was empowering. The resource management tactics are great too. PvP is ugly by raw mechanics (everyone autosuceeds). RP is pushed because of limited resource pools. LOVE IT.
All that to say: Picking up Jim's role on this one and project managing the manuscript for the #Motif Parlour Engine. Fine-tuned for diceless parlour games and #theaterstyle #LARP. A radical rewrite of the diceless system that ran the old Arthur's Legacy game. #TTRPG #indiedev
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Jim is starting his morning. He's going to upload a few things and make announcements. Also a promo thread and a few other things. Most excited for the Like I Give A BLEEP #GMless and #solorpg. It was too much fun to playtest.
My solo test runs were more or less #BackToTheFuture with #RickAndMorty time cops, #DrMephisto (from #SouthPark) in #Heinlein's #NumberOfTheBeast, and #DoctorWho as written by @ChuckTingle. My group run was #DoomPatrol set in a @TimRobbins1 universe written by #AnaisNin. #TTRPG
The solo runs were especially benefited by a rule that says fill in whatever later. Character creation can be done during play. Which is good because there's a lot of bits for a lite system. Plus making things up on the fly to fill in the blanks boosted the mad scientist theme.
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I have been working on my own little #DnD campaign for a while, which I want to piece together from various sources, not all of them in English. So lets talk about one of those pieces: "Jarandell - le jardin des magiciens" (Jarandell - the garden of the magicians) #ttrpg
and I don't see anyone else talking about it, at least in English. This small setting was published in Casus Belli no. 59 to 60 (maybe 61?) back in 1990 (!).
This was way before even this old fart got into roleplaying games, and in the wrong language. Back in '90 I could say Hello and Goodbye and even count to ten in English and was way proud of it.

Luckily for me it was translated and reprinted in WunderWelten 40 to 42.
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A @lisahimai é game designer e fundadora do @Kama_studios. Além de trabalhar com jogos de RPG e já ter participado de lives lá no Contos Lúdicos, ela é especialista em card games e streamer de jogos de computador e é expert em representações saudáveis de personagens asiáticas.
Se você quer arte, @kimsuco_ é a pessoa ideal. Esse artiste nb é especializade em Artes Visuais e ilustra todo tipo de arte, em especial artes para RPG e focadas no conceito da monstruosidade.

Essas três artes foram feitas por Kim para ilustrar a mesa de GStQ no CL: ImageImageImage
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Geralt of Rivia & the Importance of Disabled Protagonists

A Thread.

Geralt of Rivia is disabled.

That statement always surprises people, even fans of the series. But it's true. It's just that people only remember how Geralt is shown in- 1/20 Geralt of Rivia from CDPR's The Witcher 3Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia from Netflix's The Witcher sh
the CDPR videogames - a grizzled but able-bodied monster hunter - without realising that CDPR removed that disability.

'It's only a disability, it's not that important' you may say, but it's actually VERY important. Geralt becomes disabled shortly towards the end of novel- 2/20
Time of Contempt after taking a severe injury that shatters his elbow and his thighbone and leaves him screaming in agony and delirious until the Dryads help him.

'But he was healed by the Waters of Brokilon!' I hear you book fans decry and you're right, Geralt was healed- 3/20
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Darth Maul & Disabled Villains

A thread:

I get asked a lot about #ttrpg #dnd villains and disability. In popular media, you often find villains who are disabled because disfigurement and "body horror" are staples that usually connote 'bad' or 'evil'. 1/23 Darth Maul from Star Wars: ...
The horror genre is built on fear of the 'other'. We are expected to fear things that are different from ourselves - therefore able bodied people have fear of the disabled. Villains in stories and media are made to be feared. We as an audience are expected to fear them as- 2/
much as the heroes of the story, if not more so. With media being dominated by white, cisgender, able bodied folks, it's unsurprising then that disability is an aspect frequently shown through villainy. The problem lies in disability being used as a driving force for the- 3/
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Disabled/chronically ill/neurodiverse/mentally ill ARTISTS!

I'm looking to compile an online document of you all so that when job openings for #ttrpg art come around at companies/publishers, I have a comprehensive list of folks to pass around to my contacts.

Reply with info! 💜
Once I've compiled the document, I'll also share it here on twitter so any smaller/independent companies can find some artists looking for work!
You don't need to disclose your disability or illness to submit your work. If you identify with any of the illnesses/disabilities (visible and invisible) listed above, you are more than welcome to submit art!

Don't worry if your style isn't what 'typically'-
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Me on my usual #ttrpg ranty bullshit- please mute this thread as usual.

How my D6 starwars homebrew mod is going.
So, funny thing, WEG pretty much slipped a fast one on us with all the rulebooks because if you scan down the cheat sheets available online pretty much everything is 3 dice or 3dice+1. Blast pistol vs an eweb blaster? Honestly it makes fuck all difference for most encounters.
So for me starwars is way more swinging... it is high drama with epic highs and comic lows.
The d6 die system means you get bell curves happening, averaging out die rolls. That doesn't feel right to me.

So I decided to mix things up a bit and go to the queen of swing- d20
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On today's #ttrpg docket - rebuilding 20 year old villains for modern day audiences. #spycraft3 @craftygames
This has been a fun project, but a challenging one. @BryanCPSteele and I have been diving into the Spycraft lore deep, looking for ways to bind the game's past to its new incarnation. This process has crystalized how I think about effective worldbuilding in existing properties.
(BTW Bry has been a real trooper in this process, as I've swatted away a lot of drafts trying to sort this out for myself. I'm sharing in the hopes maybe you all can dodge some of our collective pain)
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The first(?) arc in my #EclipsePhase #TTRPG campaign has reached it's climax.

After receiving a mission to investigate a shady medical technology company, the Firewall team (the PCs) backed up their egos, just in case... and promptly woke up as their backup selves.
So the mystery of what was happening on the base became suddenly PERSONAL, as they wound up investigating their own disappearances!

Turns out, the MedTechCo was trying to isolate & duplicate some of the mechanics of the Exsurgent virus for military use, & the virus got loose...
MedTechCo wiped the base and started again from scratch, but some of the infection survived the sterilization, and the process started again... Just as the PCs arrive on the base to investigate.

Like Groundhog Day, except you don't know shit.
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It's october and I thought it would be fun to create some #Horror #AdventureHooks for modern and #UrbanFantasy #TTRPG games. I have #DarkStreetsAndDarkerSecrets in mind with these, but they can easily be used with other games, such as #EsotericEnterprises, #NightShift, etc.
#Horror #TTRPG #AdventureHook 01: The ghost of a drag racer is terrorizing the highway in the outskirts of the city, killing drivers in the night. Full of hate, he desires revenge against those that killed him. His former partner sabotaged his car to get away with other crimes. Image
#Horror #TTRPG #AdventureHook 02: In the local university, students bring back an old and banned cult, worshipping a demon of secrets. Sacrifices are made in exchange of knowledge and influence. But someone decides it’s too not enough and now harbor a demon inside them. Image
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1/ Are you an indie #ttrpg creator whose work is being shared w/o your permission?

Today I will show you how to register a DMCA complaint. Caveats abound (I am NOT an attorney) but this inexpensive/easy way worked for me when I was self-publishing.

Let's dive in...
2/ You must have a postal address to give your DMCA teeth.

Don't use a personal postal address (unless you have an LLC tied to it). There's no telling how this information is used. I have a virtual PO Box tied to my old LLC. I recommend -
3/ Register a Google Voice telephone number or have a business line already established. You'll include this in your DMCA request.

Once again, don't send personal cell numbers (unless you have an LLC tied to it). Which brings me to...
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If you truly care about the #ttrpg industry: creators, artists, editors and producers, you will immediately report @/TeamTrove to Twitter.

The Trove has pirated incalculable RPGs over the years. Cost indie creators $$$. Monetizes its site with ads. And needs to be shut down. Image
@Lancer_RPG unsure if you know about this, but Lancer pdf is being shared on The Trove @/TeamTrove Image
@ArkaneStudios @Modiphius Unsure if you are aware of this but @/TeamTrove is sharing pirated copies of your pdf. And, asking for monetary donations because of it on their website. Image
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... Y'all

Would you listen to / watch a #ttrpg podcast / stream

Called "lawful good boyes"

Where everyone plays a standard, nonmagical (unless they spec wizard) dog

In a standard d&d setting? They start by having to rescue their adventurer people?

@Shauntelleb, @shadowravyn?
Or like, it's a fire, and the adventurers can't get back to their base, so its dogs trying to keep the livestock (and one small child because the Disney value is too strong) safe, with canine level intelligence and no opposable thumbs?

Have everyone both play & DM, taking turns?
Guest players come in as other animals. A bird they talk into scouting for them, bribing with a grain sack of corn.

A prairie dog that rides on their back, who they saved from a coyote and will be their ambassador to the squirrels.

A dragon. He's the mastiff's hat.
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#ttrpg folks -- a lot of people are arguing to dump D&D as a system, because their track record on inclusivity is horrid.

Question: Is producing content using the SRD considered sending them $?

@DichotomusPrime, you turned me on to these issues. Any advice?
I mean, obviously, it is, because people will buy the core books to play, if they don't already own them. I'm tearing out most of the guts, and thinking of just leaving base mechanics (combat system stuff).

Maybe if I provided stats for multiple systems...?
I'm torn between not wanting to support them, but wanting to produce content people will actually use. Is there a balance? Or is the only moral choice to just dump them and risk being unseen?
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