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25 Mar
As #Deliveroo prepares a multibillion-pound stock market flotation that could net its chief executive as much as £500m, our investigation finds many riders are paid less than the minimum wage. Sometimes earnings drop as low as £2 an hour

We collected and analysed thousands of invoices from #Deliveroo riders across the country. Deliveroo say riders earn £13 per hour during their busiest times. But one in three of the riders we sampled made less than the adult minimum wage of £8.72

“These findings raise concerns” said @TomPowdrill of investment advisers PIRC, as Deliveroo prepares for a highly-anticipated LSE flotation.

“Investors considering taking a position in Deliveroo should familiarise themselves with these matters”

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11 Mar
One year ago, our world changed. The @WHO declared the rapidly-spreading coronavirus outbreak was officially a pandemic.

Throughout the crisis, our reporters have dug into the systematic issues undermining the battle against the virus. Twelve months on, what have we found?
We exposed how Europe’s mishandling of the coronavirus turned the region into the epicentre of the pandemic. Our investigation revealed how complacency, confusion and a lack of cooperation thrust Europe into crisis.…
We revealed how patients are dying from a lack of oxygen across sub-Saharan Africa due to the business practices and high prices charged by two European gas companies dominating the region's market.…
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6 Mar

Often in response to @TBIJ #FOIA requests black redaction blocks hide the juicy details. Sometimes (as with @ben_stockton’s Barracks story this week you can crack this and here’s how... Image
This isn’t some big secret & if they’ve done the job properly you won’t crack the redaction.

But! It’s always worth copy & pasting it into a Word document (other flavours are available) as @chantaladasilva did (and don’t worry if the format changes as below). Image
For our case, most of the key lines in the site report were in the unredacted sections but it was still useful to see the whole doc.

It only works if they’ve redacted by setting background colour to black, so: highlight the black section & just switch the theme colour to white. Image
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21 Feb
How do we know we’re on to something good when investigating a company like @BATplc? One of our journalists is offered a bribe of course...…
“What is your price?” our reporter was asked via text - by an employee of an agency, @Engage_BCW, working for BAT in Kenya. He wanted our man to hand over everything we had on the tobacco company ImageImage
“Often when you try to expose a scandal of a government officer here they will send a public relations see if you can drop the story or cut a deal,” the reporter said. “It is normally expected that an agency representing a multinational will be more professional"
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21 Feb
New products, old tricks…

Our latest investigation reveals how marketing tactics used by @BATplc have attracted a new generation - including non-smokers - to highly addictive nicotine and tobacco products…
Despite claiming their products are aimed at adults who already smoke, there are clear signs the business also wants to attract new customers... Image
“The only rationale for putting this amount of effort into the design is to create a new generation that is addicted to nicotine” said @martinmckee from @LSHTM Image
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21 Dec 20
2020 is a year many people around the world will be glad to see the back of. Here @TBIJ we can’t deny it’s been tough - but we’ve also felt the urgent need for public interest journalism on global, systemic issues. Over coming days we'll be looking back at a very busy 12 months…
We launched a global health investigative team in March - they sure had their work cut out. We've investigated systemic issues that #coronavirus threw into sharp relief, starting with the world's opaque and fragile drug supply chains:… Image
Our investigation into Europe’s chaotic response to the early days of the pandemic led to a strong response from the EU Health Commissioner, and helped prompt an official inquiry…
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8 Dec 20
EXCLUSIVE: Mark Zuckerberg’s secret discussions with @MattHancock

After a two-year battle, today we can finally reveal what was said at a behind-closed-doors meeting between the @Facebook CEO and former head of @DCMS…
Kicking it off, Zuckerberg apparently threatening to pull Facebook’s investment from the UK, which Hancock responded to with an olive branch: shifting from “threatening regulation” to offering Facebook a chance to collaborate on “proportionate and innovation-friendly” legislation
Determined for "a new beginning" for the government's relationship with social media platforms, Hancock made clear he sought “increased dialogue” with Zuckerberg, in order to show he has support from Facebook at “the highest level”
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4 Sep 20
Momentous week here as we say goodbye to our longest-running investigative project. Here’s a look back at 10 years of revelations behind ‘Shadow Wars’, and how we exposed the failings and wrongdoing of the world’s most powerful military and security forces…
When we first started, there was a complete lack of official data on when and where US war on terror air strikes were being carried out, and who was being killed in them. So, it became clear we would have to build our own datasets of strikes and casualties from scratch
And soon, we were the go-to place for information. Our datasets were visited hundreds of thousands of times and we were cited thousands of times in publications by Amnesty International, the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch, UN special rapporteurs, etc.
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21 Jul 20
The #RussiaReport, which we tried to get released before the election, is out. It says Russian influence is the "new normal." UK 'enablers' (lawyers, bankers and PR agents) who make this happen are key.

Here's a thread on what it says and how we are digging into this.
Russia's wealthy elite has poured money into the UK and we welcomed this with open arms, the report says. But there is little scrutiny, illicit funds multiplied and London is now described as a 'laundromat.'
Russian money has fuelled a boom in professional enablers, who lobby for Russian interests, many of them connected directly to President Vladimir Putin.
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24 Feb 20
THREAD: One of the world’s biggest tobacco companies @InsidePMI claims it wants to end smoking and switch people to “reduced risk” products. It has hired expensive PR, advertising and lobbying firms to help it “Unsmoke The World” #SmokeScreen #Dispatches
@InsidePMI Tonight we show the “Unsmoke” campaign is in fact a marketing drive for its new heated tobacco product Iqos and a blatant attempt to detoxify its brand so it can influence policy and regulation #Dispatches #SmokeScreen
@InsidePMI Iqos releases fewer cancer-causing chemicals than cigarettes but does have health risks. Experts fear glossy advertising and glamorous launch events will entice non-smokers to start using it too, addicting them to nicotine #SmokeScreen #Dispatches
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13 Nov 19
BREAKING: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has launched an urgent legal challenge aimed at forcing the government to publish the report examining alleged Russian interference in British politics…

@carolecadwalla @bbclaurak @adamboultonSKY @jonsnowC4 @paulwaugh @PaulBrandITV @Peston @openDemocracy @nickeardleybbc @lawsocgazette We have written to the Prime Minister @borisjohnson demanding he uphold his common law duty to disclose this information of the utmost public interest. Read our full letter here:…
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23 Sep 19
As world leaders meet for the UN #ClimateSummit2019, here’s a few reminders of why food lies at the heart of the crisis….
Meat is the new commodity, controlled by just a handful of gigantic firms which together wield unprecedented control over global food production…
Swathes of the Amazon are lost each day for cattle farming - cattle which are turned into beef that goes all over the world:…
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3 Jun 19
On September 23, 2018, an airstrike on a house in an Afghan village killed 11 children from the same family. The US military denied carrying it out. That denial was false. Here’s how we know...
Masih Mubarez lost his wife, all seven of his children and four young relatives. Determined to find out who had killed his family, he took photos of their destroyed home and weapon fragments at the scene which he passed to our Afghan reporter
From the image metadata, we got the coordinates of Masih’s home in the village of Mullah Hafiz. Satellite images confirmed the house had been attacked, with the damage consistent with an airstrike. The left image shows where the bodies were found, the right shows the damage
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