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14 Apr
🤸The young children training for Olympic glory.

🇨🇳China's notoriously demanding state sports system has attracted legions of critics but has also made one of the most successful Olympic nations

@telegraphworld Thread ~ 🧵👇…
🥇 Despite the tough drills, officials say the focus is now on 'happy gymnastics' rather than securing medals.

AFP have gained access to China's gymnastics training centres over the past 4 years, chronicling the lives of children who are being honed for Olympic glory
💪"We are more relaxed now. In the past, we certainly hoped to produce lots of champions," said Liu Fen, deputy headmaster at Li Xiaoshuang school.

"But now society and people's minds are changing, so our training mode is also changing"…
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14 Apr
🔴In recent weeks Islamists stormed the town of Palma in Mozambique leaving decapitated bodies scattered across the town.

But Mozambique’s insurgency has been growing in power and violence for 4 years.

@TelegraphWorld investigated, thread ~ 🧵👇…
🇲🇿The siege of Palma was a real life nightmare:

📌Armed terrorists took over the hotel town
📌 Law and order collapsed
📌 Civilians were left to fend for themselves
📌 Masked psychopaths slaughtered with impunity

Observers were shocked…
🔴 “The brutality is unbelievable,” said Lionel Dyck, whose private security firm was hired by the Mozambican government in 2020.

"What they do to the people they capture and kill I have never seen anywhere in Africa,” Dyck continued…
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14 Apr
“This was going to be the first time I could get out... Older people like me don't have this computer knowledge” - David Walters, 78

@age_uk has warned that older drinkers are at risk of discrimination in pubs if they do not have smartphones

Thread 👇🧵…
🍻 Pubs and restaurants reopened on Monday after months of lockdown.

However, some venues have made ordering via a smartphone app mandatory, and have refused to serve customers who do not have a smartphone
📱@Age_UK have found that 70% of the UK’s over-70s do not use a smartphone.

They warned that similar policies risked “reducing the opportunities for some older people to enjoy socialising again”
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12 Apr
🙈 The sex education curriculum is about to be updated for the first time in 20 years. So what would young people most like to be taught?…
From sexting to online porn and dating apps, it's fair to say that teenagers in 2021 are growing up in a very different world from their parents and teachers when it comes to sex and relationships
Young people are desperate for more reliable information. They know the gist of what they're missing; they see it online; on porn sites, Bridgerton even. But for many millennials and older members of Gen Z, getting good sex education has come too little, too late
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12 Apr
When traditional avenues didn't hit the mark, @jj_phillips1 went off-piste to manage her anxiety…
🍻 I can’t wait to be back in a beer garden. The thought of drinking a pint of ale from a barrel, rather than a lukewarm cooler, almost makes my brain short-circuit
😎 Sitting on wonky wooden benches, donning sunglasses and SPF when it hits eight degrees and scoffing on the bar’s offering of deep fried anything come 10pm – I want it all.

But, before going to the pub, there’s somewhere else I’ll be heading Image
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12 Apr
The UK is facing a slowdown in the number of first vaccinations being offered, after the delivery of a batch AstraZeneca jabs from India were delayed.

Use our tool to see if your area is ahead or behind target 👇…
📌 In the last week, there has been a 57.46% decrease in the rollout of first doses across the UK

📌Ministers have told the NHS to stop booking new appointments in April, with the rollout instead switching focus to giving people their second dose Image
📌 The slowdown also comes as UK vaccine advisers recommended people aged 18 to 29 should be offered a different vaccine due to evidence linking AstraZeneca jabs to blood clots
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12 Apr
🏙️Coronavirus has people rethinking big city living.

🏡Buyers are no longer happy to sacrifice a bigger home and greenery for the sake of a shorter train journey. So where should you buy around London?

👇🧵 Thread ~…
🌳There's been a surge in demand for village properties in rural locations with extra bedrooms and outdoor space.

We take a look at 4 places you can move to near London with £700,000 👇 Image
📍South west of London: Chaldon sits by the Surrey Hills Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is just a 33-minute commute from nearby Oxted station.

Homes in the Surrey Hills cost on average £696,264 Image
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12 Apr
Today has been marked as ‘Freedom Day’ as coronavirus restrictions in England ease once again.

You can now 👇
🍻 Have a drink in a pub garden
🍽 Eat outdoors at a restaurant
🏋️‍♂️ Go to the gym
💇‍♀️ Have haircuts and beauty treatments
🛍 Go shopping…
🍻 Pub goers didn’t waste any time ushering in the easing of lockdown restrictions as pints were pulled across the country when the clock struck 12
💄Long-awaited beauty treatments also went ahead in the early hours of this morning Image
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11 Apr
In a letter to the Queen, Prince Philip wrote: ‘To have fallen in love completely and unreservedly, makes all one’s personal and even the world’s troubles seem small and petty.’

This is how he overcame family tragedy and won over the hearts of the Queen and nation.

After the war was over, Prince Philip remained in the Far East to collect and bring home prisoners of war, arriving back in Portsmouth on 17 January 1946.

A series of unexciting home postings had left him restless after the buzz of action
His home postings did allow for more frequent trips to London, and he was “always in a hurry to see Lilibet”.

According to a governess, Elizabeth began to take more trouble with her appearance and to play the tune 'People Will Say We’re in Love’…
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11 Apr
Prince Philip, whom the Queen described as her "strength and stay" during her record-breaking reign, passed away at Windsor Castle on Friday.

Prince Philip's obituary:…
The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral plans have been completely revised due to coronavirus restrictions, with no public procession or access.

The funeral will take place on Saturday, April 17, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor…
The Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin will be carried through the grounds of Windsor Castle in a modified Land Rover that he designed for the occasion himself…
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10 Apr
The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral will take place at St George’s Chapel at 3pm on Saturday 17th of April, at which time there will be a national minute's silence

Duke of Edinburgh's funeral details - latest updates…
The timings of the procession

2.40pm - Coffin leaves State Entrance of Windsor Castle 2.45pm the Procession steps off

2.53pm - The Land Rover reaches the West Steps of the Chapel

3.00pm - National Minute Silence, Coffin enters St. George's Chapel, service commences
A Palace spokesman said "The Covid-19 pandemic has of course required us to make significant adaptations to the original arrangements for His Royal Highness's funeral,"…
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10 Apr
The Duke of Edinburgh, the longest-serving consort to a monarch in British history, has died at the age of 99.

Prince Philip's obituary:…
Prince Philip was able to pass away "peacefully" at Windsor Castle, where he was Ranger for more than half a century, very much on his own terms

Read more:…
Britain has entered eight days of mourning for the Duke of Edinburgh.

During this time flags will be flown at half mast, TV presenters will wear black and Parliament will pass no new laws…
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9 Apr
Prince Philip was the longest-serving royal consort in British history.

The Duke of Edinburgh was Patron, President or member of more than 780 organisations and supported several charities.

We look back at his royal life and remarkable achievements ⬇️…
Prince Philip, the only son and fifth child of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg, was born on 10 June 1921 in Corfu.

He was styled as a prince of Greece and Denmark
In 1922, Prince Andrew was banished from Greece after a coup d'etat. Prince Philip's uncle, King George V, ordered a Royal Navy ship to collect them.

The family relocated to Paris, but Philip went to live with his Mountbatten relatives in England in 1928
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9 Apr
🚨 Breaking: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies aged 99

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Prince Philip, whom the Queen described as her "strength and stay" during her record-breaking reign, passed away at Windsor Castle on Friday
The palace said in a statement:

"It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen announces the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle"
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8 Apr
🔴 Police in the UK recorded 248 murders involving a knife or sharp instrument in 2020.

Most of the victims were young men.

Each victim leaves behind a distraught family – including, in most cases, a grieving mother 🧵…
The Met Police have launched a campaign, in which mothers affected by knife crime call on the public to contact Crimestoppers with any information that might prevent violence.

Here, three mothers tell their stories 👇

🔴 This thread contains content some may find distressing
🔴 Lorraine Jones, a church minister, was unpacking shopping at her home in Brixton on 25th Feb 2014, when two young people knocked on her door and told her that her 20-year-old son, Dwayne Simpson, had been stabbed in a nearby park
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8 Apr
🐟🐠🦐The new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy has sparked a fierce debate about the fish on our plates

Can you tell your Seaspiracy facts from fiction? 👇🧵…
📉The scandalous documentary has been the target of criticism by marine conservationists for failing to provide the full context for its facts

Take our quiz to find out the full story 👇
'The Ocean will be empty of fish by 2048'

Is this statement fact or fiction? 🧐
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8 Apr
💉 On Wednesday the JCVI recommended that under 30s are offered an alternative to the AstraZeneca jab

For Alexandra Phillips, this sensible decision does not vindicate the Trumpian manoeuvres of Macron and Merkel in the weeks leading up to the announcement👇🧵
🇫🇷 @ThatAlexWoman on President Macron’s interpretation of the science

‘Macron’s smears of the AZ jab fly in the face of advice from the WHO, who have repeatedly implored leaders to continue with the rollout - making it plain that the jab is critical in the fight against Covid’
🇫🇷 Macron’s initial attacks were over the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca jab

💉 However, a US study recently showed that the AstraZeneca vaccine is 100% effective against severe or critical disease and hospitalisation
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8 Apr
"If you go on a TV talent show that majors on theatrical emoting, dodgy cover versions, faux sincere judges and the lure of instant fame and fortune, then perhaps you’re setting yourself up to be manipulated" | Writes @JamesFHall

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Simon Cowell faces claims of bullying from former X Factor talent.

For years he seemed untouchable. He was the brains behind:

⭐ The X Factor
⭐ Britain’s Got Talent

He stuffed the charts with pop stars such as:

⭐ One Direction
⭐ Little Mix
⭐ Susan Boyle
⭐ Leona Lewis
But now the 61 year-old svengali is facing the kind of critical mauling he used to gleefully hand out to his wannabe chart stars.

Cher Lloyd, who finished fourth in The X Factor in 2010, this week used TikTok to accuse the show of “selling me the dream just to exploit me"
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8 Apr
📊 The UCL model also suggests that the threshold level needed for herd immunity will drop to 40% protection by the middle of the summer…
💉 More than 57% of the UK's adult population have been vaccinated
Use our postcode tool to find out how many people have been vaccinated in your area ⬇️…
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7 Apr
🌎 The UK has approved three different Covid vaccines, just over a year after the #coronavirus pandemic started circling the globe

But, how much do you really know about each vaccine? Take our quiz 👇…
Amid ongoing fears over blood clots, healthy people ages 18 to 29 are to be offered the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines instead of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs.

Which is the most expensive?
This is how they compare:

1⃣ One dose of the #oxfordastrazeneca jab costs £2.23

2⃣ Two jabs of the Pfizer cost £29.47

3⃣ The Moderna jab costs £23.99 but that price may drop…
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7 Apr
🔴 The UK's medicines regulator will hold a joint briefing with the Government's vaccines advisory committee to discuss concerns over the AstraZeneca jab and its reported link to blood clots

Follow all the LIVE updates on our #coronavirus blog…
What to expect from the press conference:

1⃣ Has it been established whether there is a link between the vaccine and blood clots?

2⃣ Which way is the expert consensus leaning?

3⃣ What rates are clots occurring?

🔴 The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is also holding a briefing on the AstraZeneca vaccine relating to cases of blood clots

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