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Hope you had a great week of #WWDC23! 🎉

As a yearly tradition, I wrote a #SessionSummary tweet with my key takeaways for 23 selected sessions covered on @WWDCNotes.

Get a sense of each session & find ones that pique your interest!
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Thread 🧵🧵🧵👇 Image
What's new in Xcode 15:
🚀 Smart code completion
🌈 Image/Color Symbols
💬 Auto-extraction of Strings
🗂️ String catalog + visual editor
⚡ Quick Actions ⇧⌘A
🔖 Bookmark line/query
✏️ Editable Git staging
🧪 Test report redesign
📝 OSLog in console

More:… ImageImageImageImage
What’s new in Swift:
🔀 if/else & switch expressions -> concise code
📦 Param Packs overcome API overload limits
🛠️ Macros eliminate boilerplate
⚡ Foundation rewrite -> more performance
🔗 C++ interop, like ObjC
🎭 Actor executors for custom sync

More:… ImageImageImageImage
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Apple's Revolutionary AI Innovations at WWDC 2023

A Thread 🧵

#AI #WWDC23 #Apple
1️/ Journal app on iOS 17: AI-powered daily journal combining music, photos, podcasts, messages, and more.

#JournalApp #AI
2️/ Improved autocorrect: Machine learning enhances typing accuracy and reduces errors.

#AutoCorrect #MachineLearning
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🚨BREAKING: A Apple lança o Apple Vision Pro.

Um computador de realidade aumentada completo dentro dos seus auscultadores.

O mundo real está agora a misturar-se com o mundo digital.

Este é o "primeiro produto Apple através do qual se olha, não para".

Pode controlar a interface 3D com os seus olhos, mãos e voz.

A vista de casa está mesmo à sua frente.
Como controlá-lo:

O modelo de entrada NÃO utiliza controladores - apenas os olhos, as mãos e a voz.

Deslize, desloque-se, clique com as mãos e fale com a Siri para comandar acções.
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Many developers are sharing great tips on Twitter for #wwdc23

I've collected all my favorites.

Check them out 👇
Using Swift Macros for Public Initializers. A great example of removing boilerplate code:
A new refactoring mode that you'll love if you're limiting your code to a certain length:
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So, I tried Vision Pro, and no matter how good you think it is… it's better. Just astonishing immersion backed by mind-boggling audio fidelity, and the UI has been polished and polished until it's almost invisible. Zero friction; I was a confident user in minutes. #WWDC23
There were so many individual experiences that would make you say, "that alone is revolutionary." But when you see 50 of them back to back, culminating in an immersive experience that somehow blows the top of everything you already saw, it's just jaw-dropping.
And you know the odd thing is that we know a lot of the APIs: we know ARKit, we know RealityKit, we know SwiftUI, and more. But bringing all those together, mixing in new features, new interactions, and just incredible hardware… yeah, it's a real "only Apple can do this" moment.
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BIG NEWS: Apple's Vision Pro headset is here!

A whole new world of "spatial computing" awaits us.

Say hello to the future of tech, blending reality with the digital realm.

#AppleEvent #WWDC23
This isn't just another gadget you stare at - this is a device you EXPERIENCE!

Control a 3D interface with your keyboard, game controller, or even simulated apps within Xcode.

Your home view is now 360-degrees!
How it works?

- This tech marvel has been engineered for developers, with app support playing a crucial role.

- Developers can create immersive 3D apps that were once a dream.

#TechTrends #AppleVisionPro
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Yesterday was the biggest day for Apple since the launch of the iPhone

• iOS17
• Vision Pro
• Spatial Computing

Here's a recap of everything that went down at #WWDC23 Image
1. Vision Pro is here

• Cost: $3,499
• 7x as much as Meta Quest 3

Listen to the crowd react to the price lol

2. No controllers necessary

To quote Tim Cook, "it's the first Apple product you look through, not at."

And you do it all through your voice, eyes, and touch

Pretty wild tech
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So you wanna learn how to design for Apple Vision Pro? 👀

We just dropped 3 must-watch #WWDC23 videos that go over it all

Principles of spatial design
Design for spatial interfaces
Design for spatial input Image
In “Principles of spatial design”, @nathangitter and Amy show you the fundamentals of designing with depth, scale, and immersion on visionOS. 🌟 ImageImageImageImage
Miquel and @lorepazmino deep dive into visionOS’s UI system, Typography, and Materials in “Design for spatial interfaces” 🥰 ImageImageImageImage
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Apple's #WWDC23 event was packed with exciting announcements.

The mixed reality future is (almost) here.

Here's everything you need to know from the keynote: Image
1. Apple introduced Vision Pro

An all-in-one AR computer that you can wear on your head.

It lets you control a 3D interface with your eyes, hands, and voice.

For example, you can use your eyes to select objects, your hands to manipulate them, and your voice to give commands.
2. MacBook Air 15

The new MacBook Air is here, and it's thinner and more powerful than ever before.

With the new M2 chip and a 15.3-inch display, you can do more than ever before on a MacBook Air.

And with up to 18 hours of battery life, you can stay productive all day long.
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Hear me out:

NB:Officially coming September

1. No longer support iPhone X downward

You can update to iOS 17 when it's released only if you're using an iPhone XR or later. iPhone X, 8plus and 8 still enjoys the iOS 16 though.

#WWDC23 Apple Image
2. Interactive Widget
This helps you do more with your widget by sliding over the standard widget to show, say, a music widget where you can play a song and it shows on the dynamic island. So many interactive widgets added as well. Image
3. Updated Lock screen picker

Pressing down on the lockscreen wallpaper let's to add new kaleidoscope wallpaper and also the new iOS 17 wallpaper. Wallpaper light and dark mode returned, Watch widget size can be adjusted. Image
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HOLD UP: Apple just dropped Apple Vision Pro.

It’s a whole AR computer in your headset.

Say goodbye to reality as you know it.

#WWDC23 #AppleVisionPro #AR
This is the “first Apple product you look through, not at.”

You can interact with the 3D interface using your eyes, hands, and voice.

The home view is like a hologram in front of you.
How to control it:

- Forget about controllers- you only need your eyes, hands, and voice.

- Gesture, gaze, and gab with your hands, eyes, and Siri to make things happen.
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昨夜突发:苹果发布了Apple Vision Pro.。







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Apple 发布 Apple Vision Pro。


让我们进入绿洲 #WWDC23 📷📷


* 用户体验给我留下了深刻的印象:没有控制器,只有你的手指。
Apple 训练了最好的手势识别模型——可能比我见过的任何最先进的研究论文都要好得多。
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🚨 BREAKING: Apple released its new headset, Vision Pro.

The 12 things you need to know 👇

1. It's the first Apple product you look through and not at.

It's Augmented Reality (AR) + Virtual Reality (VR).
2. It's the beginning of spatial computing.

The interface looks and feels truly present in your room. They respond dynamically to light and cast shadows.
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🚨🍏 THREAD | On vous a récapitulé toutes les nouveautés annoncées par Apple lors de la #WWDC23 👇 ImageImageImage
🚨🍏 La nouveauté la plus importante est la sortie du VisionPro, un casque de réalité virtuelle qui permet de voir des films, naviguer sur internet, jouer à des jeux vidéos de manière totalement immersive. 🤯
Ce casque sortira l'année prochaine. ImageImageImageImage
🚨🍏 Apple a annoncé le nouveau MacBook Air 15", ainsi qu'une nouvelle puce M2 Ultra qui sera implantée sur leurs différents Macs, dont le nouveau Mac Pro. ImageImageImage
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1/5 🚀Apple has just unveiled its brand new VR headset, the Apple Vision Pro, at #WWDC2023. Entering the realm of virtual and mixed reality, this premium device promises to reshape our digital experiences.
#Apple #VisionPro #VirtualReality Image
2/5 🌐The Vision Pro introduces "spatial computing," a novel form of computing that creates virtual desktops around you, blending #AR and #VR for immersive interactions with the digital world. #SpatialComputing
3/5 🎥Imagine watching movies in unique virtual environments, all controlled by your eyes, hands, and voice. The Vision Pro promises just that, adding a new dimension to your digital media experience. #MixedReality #WWDC2023
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🔴 At #WWDC23, Apple has unveiled its first-ever headset: Vision Pro.

The new VR device - which is controlled by users’ hands, voice and eyes - allows users to watch movies, shows and connect with others in a 3D immersive environment.

Read more here ⬇️…
⌚️The announcement marks the first time the world's largest company has moved into a new product category since launching the Apple Watch nine years ago.

#WWDC23… Image
The VR goggles can be used alongside Apple’s apps, including FaceTime, Safari, and Apple Music.

▶️ It will also offer an immersive version of streaming platform Disney+

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Apple releases Apple Vision Pro.

An entire Spatial Computer on your head

Let's enter the Oasis

Comfy Back Image
Apple industrial design Image
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آبل تعلن عن الثورة الحقيقية لبداية الولوج للعالم الافتراضي بحياتنا، والاستغناء عن الهواتف، وذلك عن طريق النظارات الجديدة (فيجين برو)

لن تعد تحتاج شاشة للمشاهدة أو جهاز للتصفح، ستتاح لك تجربة نظام متكامل من آبل أمام عينيك في أي وقت وفي أي مكان!

#WWDC23 ImageImageImageImage
🔴اعلان الكشف عن نظارات آبل فيجين برو (مترجم)

سيكون التحكم بها عن طريق: العين/ اليد/ الصوت

ميزات إضافية لمحبي المشاهدة: أخيرًا تقدر تشوف سينما من البيت، النظارة تسمح لك تشغل أي فيلم أو عرض وتختار حجم الشاشة المعروضة زي ما تبغى وبجودة صوت خاصة!

تابعوا الفيديو لمعرفة كل المميزات
سعرها سيكون 3499 دولار
بما يساوي 13100 ريال سعودي

برأيكم مناسب؟ Image
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The dad playing with his kid while wearing the new Apple Goggles to take spatial 3D video is some dark, dystopian stuff. I don't know if you watch that and think it looks natural by any means. #WWDC23
Honestly the headset doesn't look that bad for viewing media alone. But I have a visceral negative internal reaction the minute any of those videos feature someone else walking into the room. #WWDC23
Even the FaceTime example, I kind of want to know what other people on the call would be seeing. You can't just be on audio, right?
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BREAKING: Apple releases Apple Vision Pro.

An entire AR computer inside your headset.

The real world is now blending with the digital world.

This is the "first Apple product you look through, not at."

You can control the 3D interface with your eyes, hands, and voice.

The home view lives right in front of you.
How to control it:

The input model relies on NO controllers- only your eyes, hands, and voice.

Flick, scroll, click with your hands, and talk to Siri to drive actions.
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📢 Thread: WWDC 2023 Live 🚀

🕗 8:19 am: We've arrived on site and going through the check-in process. Excitement is in the air! #WWDC2023 #AppleEvent
🕗 8:48 am: Take a glimpse of the main seating area with the new shade structure, preparing for an incredible event. The stage is set for something amazing! #WWDC2023 #AppleEvent
🕘 9:39 am: Apple's live stream is now available on the TV app. Stay tuned for the start of the event. Watch it wherever you are! #WWDC2023 #AppleEvent
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Comenzamos la cobertura del #WWDC23

Síguenos en vivo en este hilo. Image
Hablaremos del futuro e introduciremos nuevos productos, dice Tim Cook
Presentando la MacBook Air de 15 ".
🔹11.5 mm de grosor siendo la laptop más delgada del mundo con 15"
🔹Cuatro acabados
🔹Retina Liquid Display
🔹500 nits de brillo
🔹Mil millones de colores
🔹Chip M2
🔹12 veces más rápida que una PC con intel
🔹18 horas de batería Image
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