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Transgender man. Pro athlete @Nike. All-American. 2x Men's National Champ. Team USA. Founder | insta: @TheChrisMosier Venmo: @Chris-Mosier-2
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25 Mar
Arkansas Governor @AsaHutchinson signed the anti-trans sports bill into law today.

We've explained how harmful this is to trans athletes & all women. Here we are, with it in law. It is incredibly hurtful, but SOMETHING MUCH WORSE is still up & we need to take action RIGHT NOW ⬇️
Arkansas HB1570, the bill that would ban healthcare for trans people in Arkansas, is NOT LAW YET. We can still protect healthcare for trans kids, but we need to mobilize RIGHT NOW.
As a reminder, HB1570 would ban gender affirming health care, taking away a patient's personal treatment options & undermining the prevailing recommendations of EVERY major medical association.
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25 Mar
🚨NORTH DAKOTA residents: HB1298 is delayed, giving you a bit of extra time to reach out to your senators TODAY & tell them to vote NO.
You can personalize a message to your senators here:…
HB 1298 bans transgender youth in North Dakota from playing on sports teams that align with their gender identity. This bill is discriminatory & dangerous to North Dakota's youth.
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24 Mar
For Transgender Week of Visibility and Action, let’s commit to elevating trans and nonbinary voices and taking action to stop the passage of these dangerous bills. Today through Friday, let’s focus on Arkansas.
Two bills we need to take action on in Arkansas:
🚨HB1570 bans healthcare for trans youth & insurance coverage for all trans people.
🚨SB354 bans trans women & girls from sport & polices all women’s bodies in sport.

Join me in calling on @AsaHutchinson to VETO HB1570 & SB354
More about HB1570, a terrifying bill that would take away a parent’s right to make informed decisions about their child’s care, and impact every trans person’s insurance coverage:
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23 Mar
🚨ARKANSAS SB289 says doctors & other medical providers are “not required to participate in a healthcare service” if doing so would violate their religious or moral beliefs by far, this is vthe nation’s worst anti-LGBTQ+ healthcare refusal law.
SB 289, the nation’s most extreme anti-LGBTQ healthcare bill, is at the Governor’s desk. If signed into law, it would apply to everything including counseling & therapy, general medicine, PReP, hormones & other affirming care, as well as ambulance, EMT care & insurance coverage.
ARKANSAS has 3 anti-LGBTQ bills dangerously close to passing. No matter where you live, please contact Governor @AsaHutchinson & tell him to VETO SB289…
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20 Mar
CURRENT STATUS of Anti-trans sports bills across the United States:
#LetKidsPlay Image
In 2021, anti-trans sports bills gave been defeated in South Carolina & Utah, but signed into law in Mississippi. And 25 other states have pending legislation.
Recently, in part because of the hard work of organizing & public outreach (thank you to everyone who contacted her), the South Dakota governor vetoed HB1217 - but sent it back to lawmakers to edit & try again.
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27 Feb
🚨MINNESOTA: HF 1657 not only bans transgender girls from participating in girls sports but actually imposes a criminal penalty ON CHILDREN.

HF 1657 threatens kids with arrest & juvenile detention for using the school locker room or playing sports.
Once more, Minnesota lawmakers not only want to ban trans kids from sports - they want to fine or JAIL trans kids who play.

We are talking about kids. In school sports. Being criminally penalized for who they are.
Minnesota is the 1st state in the country to attempt to CRIMINALIZE trans kids in sport. We’ve seen extreme bills requiring genital inspections, but this is BEYOND.

#mnleg I’m calling in you to aggressively stop HF 1657 & send a clear message this is not okay. #protecttransyouth
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23 Feb
🚨 WEST VIRGINIA: HB2141 would force trans kids in elementary & secondary school to play on sports teams by their "original birth certificate." But let me tell you about what happens when they don't have a birth certificate that designates "male" or "female" :
If an elementary or secondary school KID’s original birth certificate issued does not designate male or female, then participation in sporting events with and/or against others must be established by a "valid genetic test sampled from the applying athlete’s own bodily tissue"...
... to establish whether the applying athlete’s chromosomal makeup is XX (female) or XY (male). (My note: only two options here in the bill) Also: "The valid genetic testing required by this section must be conducted by a certified genetic testing provider."
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26 Jan
🚨 IOWA: yesterday Iowa introduced HF 184, what I think is the WORST, most HORRENDOUS anti-trans bill targeting transgender student-athletes. Here's why it's awful:
(THREAD) #ialeg
Iowa HF 184, being billed as a "Save Women's Sports Act," would require student-athletes to participate in sports based on biological sex. This is similar to other bills introduced this year & last, but Iowa goes above & beyond in who they are targeting. #ialeg
Iowa HF 184 defines an “educational institution” as any public or accredited non-public school, regents institution, community college, or any other institution of higher education that is a member of the @NCAA or @NJCAA. It specifically names both NCAA & NJCAA. #ialeg
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25 Jan
#mtleg is discussing HB112 right now, issuing an amendment.
proposal to take out all of the garbage background info from anti-trans advocates, conveniently after it was read and digested. passed... all this is out.
Katie Ledecky is being brought up - and her performances are being compared to men. LET'S BE CLEAR: Montana's HB112 is not about elite Olympian men competing against elite Olympian women.
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1 Nov 19
YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS: Today the Trump administration announced it will allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination in all grants from

Removing a requirement that recipients of grants from HHS enforce nondiscrimination rules that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity will allow adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ people & still get federal funding. 2/
Removing a requirement that recipients of grants from HHS enforce nondiscrimination rules that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity will allow foster care agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ people & still get federal funding. 3/
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5 Sep 19
JOURNALISTS: when you're writing a piece about a transgender person, it is unnecessary to use their former name (if they changed their name). That's called "dead-naming."

"Dead-naming" is when someone says or publishes the name a transperson used prior to transition. 1/13
Not only is dead-naming unnecessary, but it's also bad practice and incredibly disrespectful. It's a way to sensationalize a story and to position trans people constantly as "other." 2/13
Revealing a transgender person’s birth name without their explicit permission is an invasion of privacy. It undermines a trans person’s true authentic identity and can put them at risk for discrimination, harassment, and violence. 3/13
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25 Jun 19
Not all trans people take hormones.
Not every trans person has surgery.
Not all trans people change their names, pronouns, or ID.
Not every trans person hates their body.
Trans folks can be non-binary.

There's not just one way or a single "right" way to transition.
Transgender is a gender identity and not a sexual orientation.
Trans people can be straight, gay, bisexual, or any other sexual orientation.
It is inappropriate to ask a trans person who they sleep with, if they've "had the surgery," or how they have sex.
Transgender is an "umbrella term" meant to encompass many more specific identities.
FTM, MTF, transman, transwoman, gender queer, gender fluid, gender-expansive, non-binary & two-spirit fall under the umbrella.
Not every trans person will identify w/ one/some of those.
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12 Sep 18
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults aged between 10 and 34 in the US.
More than half (51 percent) of trans male teenagers have attempted suicide in the past year, according to new research from the University of Arizona.
42 percent of non-binary adolescents & 30 percent of trans female teens had attempted suicide, according to the study.
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3 Sep 18
The @AFL recently released a new gender policy for transgender athletes - and it clearly discriminates against transgender women. 1/
The AFL policy requires trans women be within a certain hormone range, which has become standard practice for adult/elite competition. That's not the problem (although on the whole it can be considered problematic - but it's in line with other policy). 2/
The AFL policy requires transathletes to submit data pertaining to certain physical statistics & tests to determine if a trans woman is eligible to play. This includes height, weight, bench press 1RM, squat 1RM, 20m sprint time, vertical jump, and a 2 kilometre run time. 3/
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8 Aug 18
Yesterday was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. That means Black women had to work all of 2017 and until this day in 2018 to catch up with what white men earned in 2017 alone. #BlackWomenEqualPay 1/
More than 1 in 3 Americans are not aware of the pay gap between Black women and white men. On average, Black women in the US are paid 38% less than white men and 21% less than white women. 2/
50% of Americans are not aware of the pay gap between Black women and white women. Hiring managers are also unaware. 3/
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20 Jul 18
50 years ago @SpecialOlympics put a bright - and very public - spotlight on ability, not disability. Today, more than 5 million athletes train and compete in more than 100,000 events each year & in over 170 nations.
The @SpecialOlympics has become a global movement that has taught everyone around the world, disability or no disability, to play & live unified & to choose to include. #YouCanPlay
To mark the 50th Anniversary of @SpecialOlympics, the Eternal Flame of Hope - a permanent, 23-foot monument honoring the birth of Special Olympics at @SoldierField in 1968 - will be lit at a dedication ceremony today.
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12 Jul 18
This is America for LGBTQ people in Mississippi: the law singles out three religious beliefs for special protection: that marriage means 1 man & 1 woman, that sexual relations should only happen inside such a marriage, & that gender is “immutable” & corresponds to sex at birth.
In MS, a person, an organization, or a corporation may refuse to serve a same-sex couple marriage celebration at your for-profit hotel or restaurant, refuse lodging at your hotel, or refuse to provide any marriage-related services if you hold one of those beliefs. 2/
In MS, "marriage-related services" relate to “photography, poetry, videography, DJ services, wedding planning, printing, publishing or similar marriage-related goods or services" 3/
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10 Jul 18
Trans women are largely erased in sports. Shout out to @BritneyStinson, who in 2015 was an out profession trans athlete playing in pro women's team sports.…
For Britney, it wasn't about fame, money, or being a role model - it was about playing the game she loves & being herself at the same time. She was open about her identity, but didn't push for media coverage; she simply inspired others by being herself and living her life.
And in 2015, @BritneyStinson probably wasn't even the first trans athlete to play as a professional in a team sport - but she's the first I know of ever.
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10 Jul 18
This made me tear up. Thank you @Starbucks!!

Cannot overstate the importance of this. I encourage you to get a reusable straw if you like them, or say “no straw” when you’re getting drinks out.
Also, if you get hot or cold drinks out, BYO CUP! Most of us don’t get surprise coffee - we have habits and we know that we are going to get coffee on the way to work or whatever, so save the plastic cup & lid and carry your own.
Carrying your own water bottle can save you lots of money and save a ton of plastic bottles from the landfill. There are plenty of great leak proof water bottles on the market, and many affordable ones at thrift shops and resale stores.
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4 Jul 18
Study: LGBT Teen Athletes 'Overwhelmingly Closeted'… - new info from 2017 @HRC study
"Sports are a transformative way for students to build social skills and community, but when too many LGBTQ student-athletes are blocked from being their true selves -- we fail them," - @ashlandj11, HRC Foundation director of public education and research
The @HRC report found that 80% of lesbian, gay, & bisexual athletes & 8% of transgender athletes kept their identity hidden from their coaches.
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29 Jun 18
Delaware is not alone: Ohio also has bad things in store for transgender youth. (thread)
In late May, Ohio Rep Tom Brinkman introduced House Bill 658, which would require school administrators, teachers & counselors to determine what they believe are signs of “gender dysphoria” in students and, by law, report back to parents. 2/
Any young person whose expressed gender identity doesn’t match their biological gender would be reported to their parents in writing. It would be up to teachers/administrators/counselors to determine what is "gender appropriate." 3/
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