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“Practically sci-fi royalty” Trauma & Creativity Coach.Thinking Partner. Facilitator. Provisional SEP Survivor of C-PTSD She/Her. BLM. Insta @theclaudiablack
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Oct 24, 2021 22 tweets 5 min read
If you’re an aspiring actor, and as my advice was good enough for a young Mcavoy I pray you’ll listen now.
When we were filming Pitch Black a producer came to give me a choice. They had a problem and needed to do a reshoot with me and a stuntie. The shoot thus far had been rough The crew was exhausted. 6 day weeks are unsustainable. Mistakes happen when crews are tired and often on the 6th day. The crew couldn’t say “no” to another Saturday but I could. I asked when they needed a decision & went to speak with some crew. I made sure that they themselves
Oct 18, 2021 29 tweets 7 min read
As the new #Dune premieres in London I’ll share a lil story. I’m the actor in this article whom James McAvoy quotes-pretty bonkers in and of itself. What tickles me about *his* story is that our respective recollections of our encounter are very different in sweet, powerful ways. About 20 years ago, as a lead actor in a series on the then Sci-fi Channel, I was invited to a screening —with my co-star Ben Browder— of a Dune miniseries. Ben & I sat together. I fidgeted a lot; sorry Ben. Undiagnosed ADD and PTSD made screenings at the best of times torturous