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6 Apr
MaxShill : $luna

Holy. Fucking. Fuck.

This is what the opportunity of a lifetime looks like.

You can tell your wife and kids that you're gonna make it. No one that discovers $luna ever goes back to being a failure

Yes I own $luna. And keep reading below to find out why. 🔥
Look. Crypto investing doesn't have to be hard. You shouldn't need to do mental gymnastics to determine why your shitcoin's price will go up. It should be easy as fuck to conclude how a #crypto is gonna gain massive traction, adoption and print some massive green dildos.
That's the beauty of luna. It's easy to figure out how it moons. Once you get that, you quickly conclude that 4 digit $luna is an inevitability. What makes $luna price go up? $ust adoption. It's that simple. Elegant as fuck. Why? How? Who gives a  shit. Do your own research nerd.
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