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7 behavioral biases that are affecting #crypto investors right now imo 👇🏼
1. Anchoring Bias

When investors have a psychological benchmark (example: BTC $10k) that warps their decision-making process. When holding at a loss, investors will often hold an investment and hope it returns to their breakeven price.

2. Hindsight Bias

When investors become convinced they accurately predicted an event before it occurred. We typically see both fundamental and technical investors succumb to this bias during crypto market corrections.

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1/ IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Welcome to #Wyoming, @krakenfx!


What a win-win for #crypto & Wyoming! As of **NOW** Kraken has a US bank charter—a 100% reserves-required, audit required (w/ #ProofOfReserves), custody via legal bailment, no #rehypothecation type of bank!🤠
2/ The vote of #Wyoming's Banking Board just concluded & it was UNANIMOUS! It took 27 months for the first #Wyoming SPDI to obtain a charter—congrats to the dozens of people who made it happen, esp @GovGordon, @TylerLindholm & Wyoming legislators & the Wyoming Division of Banking
3/ I’ll be back w/ more analysis later. Next applicant in line for #Wyoming SPDI is @AvantiBT later this Fall (more are on the way). But today is @krakenfx's day. As a shareholder, I'm so happy for @jespow & Kraken team! Applications for this charter opened a yr ago--took longer
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An update to my personal #crypto portfolio. I am still short futures on $BTC and $ETH, but I am buying spot as (or if) we go down. The #elections and the effect the $DXY will (or is likely to) have, can affect crypto and non-crypto assets significantly.

🟧 Holding:
Majors - BTC, ETH, DOT, KSM
Positional - XOR, SNX, LEND
Polkadot - PCX, KLP, EDG, ACU
Blue-chip - FIS

The Q3-Q4 plan is still in action and I will re-fill lower if needed with the profit from earlier TPs will be an option if we have a bearish cycle. It is difficult to write value prospects on XOR, ACU, and KLP at this point. $KLP has a miner decision coming up, $ACU team -

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Atlanta Director and Producer Ryan Felton was indicted in $2 million #crypto investment scheme for ICOs for FLiK and CoinSpark.

He used most of investor’s money on personal purchases, like a $1.5 million home and a Ferrari.
Oh snap! 🚨🚨🚨

The SEC also filed charges today against Ryan Felton AND T.I. (rapper and actor Clifford Harris), T.I.’s social media manager William Sparks, Jr, Chance White and Owen Smith.… Image
All but Felton agreed to SEC settlements.
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I’ve been asked “How did you get that job?” a few times this week. With the markets alive again, people are starting to ask how they can get involved so, I have a CT thread/ story:

So you want to work in crypto?

In 2014 I was working a boring in office marketing job. A dear friend and coworker @Zukaza, would not stfu about #blockchain and #crypto. I broke down later than year bought some BTC.

A few months later, after some great price action, I was down the 🐇 🕳

I quit my job to become a full time independent market consultant aimed at helping crypto projects.

(This part was hard, lots of ramen.)

No tech background, can’t code, I started volunteering my “soft” skill set to anyone who had a crypto project.

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Let us take a closer look at a level playing field in #Banking, and why regulatory clarity is so important.

The information used here comes directly from the @BIS_org

#Ripple #XRP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
While crises often span borders, the pain is always domestic. At the political level, therefore, the temptation is for a narrow, national policy response that tends to make the playing field uneven - the very opposite of what we should be aspiring to.
When the Great Financial Crisis hit in 2007-09, for example, national approaches prevailed - notably in the form of ad hoc ring-fencing and recapitalisation of domestic banks by governments. Cross-border #Banking receded significantly.
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Here;s my #crypto portfolio
#1 #bitcoin 22% ideal number is 50% of my portfolio, less now because other investments have gone up and I have not significantly rebalanced yet.

Lending about 40%, trading account about 20%, cold storage 40%.

Continually add more, long term hold
#2 $usdc 14%
This is almost all lent out. I use Blockfi, cryptodotcom, and Yearn for earning yield on my stablecoins. Not much extra after that though since I just invested in 2 token sales, and bought a little dip action.
#3 #ethereum 13.5%
I keep adding to this position and am very bullish on its future.
Lending most of it out via Blockfi, cryptodotcom, and Yearn Vaults and earning a nice bit of extra $eth as a result.
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As crypto peeps reel from bad Sushi and a two-faced @NomiChef, few pieces are more relevant to read than this one:

Be wary of those that emphasize the *ME*

Join those that have a plan for the *WE*
Why does crypto tend to have a bad social rap?

Too much *ME,* too little *WE.*

But the VIBE of SQUADS is changing that ✊
"Whether housemates or friends sharing a Discord group, squads allow social currency and financial capital to inter-convert, creating opportunities and group resiliency that would have been impossible to achieve alone."
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@latokens What a Fcking rip off!

You charged me a 10110 fee to withdraw from your exchange.

10100 at the current time of withdrawal was $170+ USD

You greedy bastards!

Especially when it costs less than 0.0000005 to send tokens from one address to another. ImageImageImage
These #Ripoffs are the cancer of #Crypto Worse than the Fcking banks!

If we all stop using #exchanges like these they will eventually die and cease to exist!
So @latokens got back to me in regards to the atrocious fees they are charging the community

They charge a 1% Fee + some other fee on top!

The 10100 RWN i was charged is now over 360USD worth! @latokens come on guys this is pure bullshit!

You are literally robbing us! ImageImage
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Much wow right now, maybe too much nom nom...

...or maybe that's a senile OG talking after getting mercury poisoning just looking at the @SushiSwap buffet.

Some thoughts on #DeFi's ongoing food frenzy 🧵
For those getting queasy or blistered fingertips, you don't have to farm every food you see, or even farm at all 👇

There are many ways to contribute to the #Ethereum, #Bitcoin, #crypto & #DeFi cause(s).

Placeholder, for example, has worked with a number of #DeFi teams over the last few years and have strongly advocated for users, suppliers, and governors *earning* yields.

But we don't farm.
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1/ I did some calculations of the potential price of the based on its utility and how it works with .

A thread:
#XRPCommunity #XRP #Flare #FlareNetworks #Ripple #XRPthestandard #crypto
2/ Spark needs to be used as collateral to make . According to the whitepaper, there needs to be 2.5 for every 1 FXRP. Given that FXRP is the same price as , the price of Spark needs to be at least 2.5x the amount of XRP used in smart contracts.
3/ Examples:
If 10% of the 45 Billion supply is used for smart contracts, that's 4.5B XRP locked up. If XRP is $1 (for easy calculations) then you'd need $11.25B worth of spark (in ) to collateralize that much .
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Great resource --> #Crypto Fees:

Fees show which protocols people are *actually paying* to use; maybe the single most important traction metric that's hard to game.

Almost everything else can be easily subsidized or hyped.
Now we just need to cover the top 100+ networks 🙏

And if it catches on, we'll watch how this metric will get (expensively) gamed with time, likely first by @justinsuntron.
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The @renprotocol is increasing the utility of your $BTC $BCH & $ZEC by enabling you to put your cryptoassets to work on the ethereum blockchain so you can earn passive income, all while providing secure, decentralized custody of your underlying cryptoassets.

#RenVM #Crypto
$REN Valuation Propositions:
1) Turn your $BTC into $renBTC so you can deposit it on the etherum blockchain & earn passive income
2) Enables secure, trustless, permissionless, scalable, universal interoperability between blockchains (#interoperability)

#RenVM #Crypto
$REN Valuation Propositions:
3) Ren Mainnet is live:
4) Ren Bridge is live:
5) Ren Alliance has a strong community…
6) Team is public & active in community: @bftzhang (CEO) & @bzlwang (CTO)

#RenVM #Crypto
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@thorchain_org appears to be solving many of the issues DeFi is facing in 2020, and building an incentive-based, permissionless, self-regulated, stable Liquidity Network for Node Operators, Liquidity Providers and Consumers since 2018.

$RUNE #thorchain #cryptocurrencies

$RUNE Valuation Propositions:
1) Permissionless,non-custodial, Interoperable liquidity protocol creating a Network of Liquidity
2) enabling cross-chain exchange of all digital assets
3) Stake assets in Continuous Liquidity Pool’s and earn fees & block rewards

#RUNE #thorchain
$RUNE Valuation Propositions:
4) Both symmetrical vs asymmetrical LP staking
5) Stake in the BTC/RUNE pool, you will receive rewards in BTC & RUNE.
6) Node Operators (THORNodes) service the Network and earn fees and block rewards

#RUNE #thorchain
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Binance: 0 to crypto-Unicorn in six months

Thread 👇

#fintwit #cryptocurrency #Crypto #startup #unicorn
1/What is it?

Binance is an exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies...probably the biggest.

Founded in 2017, it raised $100-M through initial coin offering and $10-M in venture funding.
2/Business model

Trading fee per exchange begin at 0.1%. The trading fee drops if you are using BNB.

Average daily trading volume: 2-billion!
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1/ 🧨💥 How much would people freak out if they were able to get ±0.9 every ±25-30 days with staking?

That would be ±$10,000 USD every month. Decred is now only ±$20 USD. There will be only 21M

Let's explore some possibilities.
#cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency Image
2/ Want to pay your mortgage for free? Let's calculate $500 mortgage payment.

If hits $100 this bull, you will need only 5 tickets to pay mortgage for free. For that you need 5 tickets. Ticket price now is 150 .

150 * 5 * $20 = $15,000 USD.

3/ What if hits $200 this bull? You need to invest now $7500 USD to pay a mortgage worth $500 FOR FREE.

This gets more crazy with higher price of course.

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1/ JUST READ opinion in latest lawsuit against #crypto exchanges/custodians over whether customers are owed forks/airdrops. As discussed on podcasts (@APompliano, @PeterMcCormack, @stephanlivera, @PrestonPysh+others), these contracts tend to be 1-sided...…
2/ ...& judges generally will uphold the contract to which parties agreed, so breach of contract & conversion claims not likely to win (& they aren't). This is why these 1-sided contracts are a prob for institutional investors who owe a #fiduciary obligation to their customers...
3/ ...a fiduciary asset manager who agrees to a vague, 1-sided contract will get sued by its clients for breach of fiduciary duty if something goes wrong (& if it's an #ERISA fund, that fiduciary has PERSONAL liability & will be sued personally, not just sued professionally)...
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Crypto data thread


Although I'm a PA trader, I often use extra market data to support my bias.

And the question I get the most is what websites or tools I use.

Instead of continuing to answer a million questions, here is a thread...

#Bitcoin #Crypto

Their futures market dashboard is usually the first thing I always check out.

Incredible on-chain analysis.

Some of their indicators are pretty unique and give you a good idea of what’s going on in the market.
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1/15 We’ve been getting a lot of questions from the @OrchidProtocol community about our journey. Here’s a quick snapshot.
2/15 The Orchid team are Web1-3 OGs and #opensource advocates. I worked @SunMicrosystems in the 2000s & co-founded @PanteraCapital, @saurik built Cydia, core to the iPhone jailbreaking movement, @brianjfox is the author of GNU Bash shell, & @classygustav was an #Ethereum core dev
3/15 In 2017, disheartened by Web2 business models incentivizing companies to track and sell our data, we began a mission together to restore the Web's original promise. Our vision is of an Internet where users can explore and access information freely.
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A THREAD (1/9) about the evolution of my #CRYPTO #portfolio and the reasoning behind it.

I started investing into Crypto markets in Oct. 2017. I wasn't sure about any project so I started with equal amounts of $BTC $ETH $LTC. The amounts in total was 1% of my investment capital.

The purpose of this small allocation was to have "skin in the game". I make better decisions when I have real money at stake. So, with prices fluctuating I decided to research projects quickly to find my optimal portfolio. Here is what I found:

$BTC: 1st mover, store of value, most liquidity, proof of work converting value of energy into monetary value.

$ETH: 1st mover for providing decentralized smart contracts. Value of providing platform for dapps is reflected in its monetary value.

$LTC: Silver to $BTC
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BREAKING: #China will launch the next stage of DCEP (central bank digital currency) pilot projects in 28 cities and provinces. HUGE SPEED UP, details below 👇thread

Thank @IvanOnTech @mattysino @CryptoGodfatha @boxmining
#Crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC Image
The Ministry of Commerce of #China just issued the “Comprehensively Promote the Pilot Plan for the Innovative Development of Service Trade” file. China plans to carry out DCEP (digital RMB) pilot projects in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region;
the Yangtze River Delta (around Shanghai); the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, plus the central and western regions where conditions permit.
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It only takes one rushed project to turn someone off from #crypto forever.
Whether builder, user, supplier, or investor, take care of each other.
We learned the lesson of rushed code with #TheDAO in 2016, and again now.

If we *get it* we don’t need to keep re-learning it.
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DOJ announced they disrupted 3 terrorist financing cyber-campaigns involving the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, al-Qaeda, and ISIS!

It was the largest seizure ever of terrorist #crypto accounts.
The US seized $ millions, 4 websites, 4 Facebook pages, and over 300 crypto currency accounts.

Great job! 👏👏👏 Image
The terrorists bragged publicly on their websites that crypto was untraceable. 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣 Image
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When investing in a #crypto bull market, you will miss more opportunities than you catch.

Getting comfortable with that is important for your mental health.
Since we feel perceived losses more than gains, I’ve seen myself & others struggle through processing the remorse of “misses.”
You’ll know you’ve done solid personal work when you’re at peace with the opportunities you missed, and cheering them on regardless.
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