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It's time for a thread.
My latest piece for @BitcoinMagazine is the epitome of an "unpopular truth". Yes. Truth.

Bitcoin are The Remnant.
The masses don't matter.
Neither does "mass adoption" or any of that PC bullshit.
I hope this challenges you…
"Mass adoption of Bitcoin isn’t important. Selective adoption is and always has been how any revolutionary technology or transformation comes about. The masses will join by default".

This piece was inspired by Albert J Nock's Isaiah's Job from the 1930s…
3/ I was introduced to it by @francispouliot_ at Bitcoin 2021, on a roundtable with @RussellOkung, @SPACEBULL, @mattcsnow and a few others.

It eloquently describes “The Remnant”.
A character or archetype which you might know instinctively, but may not yet have put into words.
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With the frenzy of NFT activity we've seen its hard to believe Solana is still in its infancy.

Early movers in the space were lucratively rewarded, so how did they go about achieving this?

This is a story is about everyone’s favorite NFT marketplace @SolanArtNFT 🧵👇
Before we start, shout out to community champion @MilstGuga who worked with me on this. It took quite a lot of digging so thank you also to those who shared their experiences.
Solanart (completely unaffiliated with the @Solana foundation despite its name) was the first NFT marketplace on Solana.

It's earliest listing in July was cryptopunk copycat @PunksOnSolana and the team is run by a lean four man team with some mod support.
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Learning lesson thread coming tomorrow morning #BTC #Crypto

Will cover -

• Charting vs. Trading
• Missed opportunities
• Probability
• Emotions
I'm writing this thread for my own personal reference (in the future) and for anyone that is interested to see my most recent experience trading Bitcoin. Everything in this thread covers the last week of
my trades, mindset, executions, emotions, etc...
Charting and trading are two totally different games. It is important to understand this, especially if you are a new trader or investor in this industry. Anyone can make a chart that plays out, but just because the chart plays out does not mean the trader executed properly.
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Alright, SCAMS are getting out of control in NFT land.

Here's a short thread on the different scam types I've seen and some thoughts on keeping safe.

1/ Thread. 👇
2/ Please correct/add to any of these tweets.

If you think there's a better way - add. If you've seen something else - add.

This thread is just what I've personally seen.
3/ First let's go through a bunch of different types of scams.

- The discord DM. Whether it be from a "known" person or brand. ALWAYS check if something is dodgy.

Below is someone impersonating Akira trying to get people FOMO clicking the link.

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James Delingpole interviews Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report on the future plans for our financial system. Don’t miss this.
Link to full video ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1/…
2/ An attempt to return to Babylonian times, yes ...
3/ A history of using the plague laws to move the reserve currency you say?
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Evergrande FUD: What the China property market really looks like, what the CCP does and how it impacts #crypto. Let's deal with facts.

1st we look at the sector and how leverage compares among the top 30 stocks. #Evergrande isn't even at the top
There are ~30 *major* China property companies. Guangzhou R&F has the most leverage. Actually, of the China government's 3 "red lines", G R&F is the worst off.

These are the CCP's policies. Evergrande can *still* increase debt by +5%
How did Evergrande get into this position? Due to my former life as a equities PM, I've been investing in China property for 13 years.

Evergrande diversified into non-core businesses, like healthcare, water, sports, tech. They've had the among the higest debt for *many* years.
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We all see a lot of doubters with respect @swissborg recently as many ppl want to get rich almost overnight (within few months, half a year, year... it's same) & they think within limits they've created themselves.
If there people were smart enough to invest in @swissborg time ago then they obviously did their own research and trusted this project. Nothing changed. All great things requires time to build.
If people don't have much enough patience and don't have the vision of bright future of @swissborg and $CHSB it's not @swissborg to criticize but their own attitude and mindset.
#SwissBorg is going to be a game changer and not just another clone in #crypto space.
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1/ (of 17)💥Even if you HATE #HEX or @RichardHeartWin, read this thread. Clarity ahead.

I helped a friend set up a STAKE LADDER this year. Here's how it went:

She bought $10K of $Hex total back in Feb of this year. Price was a little under 1 cent at ...
(continued) 👇👇
2/ ...that time. Today it is 40 cents, for a 4,000% gain.

Her $10K investment if she cashed out now would be worth $400K.

But here's the magic in what we did:

$10K bought her about 1 million #HEX.

She created 5 stakes. Today, we call this a #STAKE LADDER.

(continued) 👇👇
3/ Each #Stake was for 200K $Hex (1 Million #Hex divided into 5 stakes.)

Stake 1 matures in 3 years
Stake 2 matures in 4 years
Stake 3 matures in 5 years
Stake 4 matures in 6 years
Stake 5 matures in 7 years

A lot can happen in the #crypto world in 7 yrs, so...

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Why should you own @Thorstarter’s native token #XRune? How does it differentiate itself from existing launchpads? Here is our 8-point explanation; feel free to comment. I hope it is worth a #satoshi. As always, DYOR! #crypto #blockchain #DeFi #investing
1.@Thorstarter is a decentralized launchpad that brings deep liquidity to long-tail crypto assets right from the beginning. On the contrary, many launchpads fail to provide enough liquidity to projects, thus leading to high slippage fees and dissatisfied users.
2.@Thorstarter provides projects with liquidity grants to give them a kickstart before the launch via Initial DEX Offerings in which investors can grab a share of the early action. The project’s token enters a liquidity pool with XRune and is available to a wider audience.
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What would you choose?

A Memecoin
- $FLOKI $SHIB #BabyDogeCoin

Or an Altcoin Gem

#Altcoins #altcoingems #cryptocurrencies
A Memecoin is a crypto inspired by jokes/memes.
The most popular memecoin is $DOGE which was created in 2013 as a parody.

Most of the time memcoins are ridiculed because they have no real utility compared to others #Altcoins

But they are still invested on because of Greed.
On the other hand #altcoingems are cryptos that have a strong real case utility and Fundamentals.

Like $MRPH is the official token for @MRPHSupplyChain where it can be used to pay for the services offered by platform.

What is @MRPHSupplyChain ?
Let me explain👇

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(1/10) I created a 6 Part Video Series discussing #ImpermanentLoss #DivergenceLoss as it relates to $EGLD/ $MEX pair & $EGLD/ $BUSD pair on #MaiarExchange & Video of Farming $EGLD/ $MEX (Walkthrough) #Crypto w/Cheat Sheets @SeverMM @beniaminmincu @iamdanvoicu
Video (1/6) + Bonus
(2/10) Video (2/6) + Bonus*
(3/10) Video (3/6) + Bonus*
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🧵6 Magical Reasons why we recommend to HODL $Rune, the native token of @THORChain. #Blockchain #Crypto #DeFi #investing
1. @THORChain is a liquidity protocol that thanks to its interface @THORSwap allows transactions across multiple blockchains. That is really powerful stuff given that no one else out there can do it now!
2. The price of $Rune is undervalued. The network had recently seen some network attacks. Many investors saw it as a bad sign, however, we believe that it is good that it happened in the early days. Thanks to them, the network is now better than ever prepared for the future.
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Let's address some concerns in this thread that people bring up when talking about $ATOM and why they are false. And the price is confirming that.
1/ GRAVITY DEX/ EMERIS is a permissionless AMM and a cross-chain dashboard. Meaning, as more chains connect to #IBC you will be able to connect to all kind of dAPPS through Emeris (Ex. swapping on PancakeSwap or LP-ing on Uniswap on one single website) That is @emerisHQ .
2/ For the comfort of using emeris as a one-stop-shop, people will have to pay fees for all the #IBC transactions in $ATOM. Creating value for the $ATOM stakers. IMO well worth it since Emeris has a clean UI/UX for all the new people coming into crypto + non-custodial wallet.
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1/ Wow this man is relentless. I grew up in a cult & he doesn’t ask questions just keeps on preaching. U R wrong, sir. U appear more like a preacher in cult religion with your approach of communication than someone looking to find truth or clarity. Let me explain $eGLD $XRD
2/ Elrond’s Architecture is designed form a first principles standpoint to solve this as it relates to sharding. This has never been done but you have chosen to assume you understand because you looked up “atomic cross composability” or U simply read the marketing $XRD provided
3/ Elrond $eGLD is the first architecture to be able to scale smart contracts via sharding. They combine a cohesive protocol design that includes all 3 types of sharding (Network, State, & Transaction). This allows for Scalability without affecting availability (so atomic cross
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💬 Parlons de @publish0x, une plateforme qui permet de gagner de la #crypto en lisant, en écrivant et en partageant du contenu de qualité.

Oui Messieurs-Dames, lire des articles peut vous rapporter de la crypto avec le #EarnToRead & #EarnToWrite, c'est GRATUIT et c'est ici ⬇️ Image
La plateforme @publish0x a été fondée en 2018 par @bigbirdvc.

Son but vise à rémunérer avec de la #crypto, les auteurs ET les lecteurs autour d'un contenu de qualité sous forme de #blog comme @Medium.

C'est totalement #GRATUIT et ça vous permettra d'arrondir vos fins de mois. Image
Pour pouvoir commencer à participer et #gagner de la #crypto, vous devez préalablement vous inscrire à la plateforme.

Ci-dessous, mon lien d'affiliation (non obligatoire) qui me permet de récupérer 5% de vos gains en guise de #parrainage.
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Aujourd'hui, j'ai gagné 33€ en $CHSB grâce à mon premier dépôt sur la plateforme @swissborg & #From0To10K

Petite présentation et je vous explique comment obtenir votre carte à gratter qui peut vous permettre de gagner entre 1/100€ et à frais réduit. ⬇️
Pour commencer, sachez que l'offre est valable uniquement pour les personnes qui ne sont pas encore inscrites à la plateforme.

Vous pouvez toujours essayer avec un autre tel et passer le #KYC, peut-être que ça fonctionnera.

Pour moi, ça a fonctionné ! Image
Présentation rapide

@swissborg est une plateforme centralisée et sécurisée un peu comme @NexoFinance qui permet à ses utilisateurs d’investir dans la #crypto.

Il s’agit d’une start-up suisse, avec une application basée sur la blockchain. Image
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Today im leaving crypto space forever. No, im not retiring with millions. This is little different story. Started investing into bitcoin in 2016, my vision was to make life changing money so my mom dont have to work anymore, i knew it was possible, believed in crypto so much.
I became crypto addict. I made some money but i lost much more. In 5 years i turned from normal, happy person enjoying life, partying, traveling - rode on my bike from Czech republic to st.tropez and back, 29 days 2900km, doing lot of sports like
downhill biking, boxing etc. into something, i dont even know who i am anymore. Cant talk to people, cant look them into eyes, have no friends, 5 years lying to my family that im fine, living in absolute isolation, dont want anybody look at me, thats how much
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(1) Watch some of the comments from Sept 14th 2021 where SEC Chair Gary Gensler testifies before lawmakers on the plan to regulate crypto.

You and I need to understand the comments and lack of education coming from regulators.

#crypto #usa #regulation
(2) Gary Gensler repeatedly focuses on "disclosures", protecting the public, making sure human capital is assessed for fair wages, etc.

All of this is a ruse to control organizations and decentralization where two things have changed.

- Capital Allocation
- Risk Allocation
(3) If governments, banks and financial institutions are not providing capital to crypto markets and are not taking risk where #defi takes place of legacy systems, controlling all of this..... Makes. No. Sense.

FACT: Gensler taught course "Blockchain & Money" at @MIT in 2016
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I remain very bullish on the Polka $dot $ksm ecosystem.

So let's talk about parachains.

Kusama has successfully had their first parachain auctions and are now on round two of parachain auctions.

The first 5 parachains resulted in 10% of the supply getting bonded! WOWSERS!!!
The star of round one was Moon River. Even if you had bought the top on KSM you would be up 10X on $movr, most who backed them are up 20 to 100X or more. And the real kicker with parachain auctions.... you get your KSM back at the end! This is solid proof Dotsama is a money maker
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My take on $SOL network issue:

1) Everyone knows what Beta is, right? ALL #crypto projects should be considered to still be in Beta testing.

2) $SOL reached TPS #ETH can only dream of before being overcome. They will fix the issues and the system will be better for it.
3) #ETH maxis crowing over spilled $SOL is rich. I haven't been able to use #ETH network reliably since January. The fact that #ETH controls limited TPS by making it prohibitively expensive to use when congested is not a design choice I favor.
4) Many L1's are in testing/development right now, and some will be better than others. ALL will experience issues from time to time. This is software reality.

5) Being a CT shitposter and small-time VC lends you no wisdom: dunking on $SOL takes no skill and narrow perspective.
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Late bloomers get a bad rap.

But that's about to change.

Structural shifts unfolding in today's economy mean that not "having it all figured out" by your 20's may actually put you at an ADVANTAGE.

🧵 #Tweet100
1/ Today's education system is still set up to support the industrial economy. Sit down, be quiet, memorize... and eventually, you might just learn to become a cog in the great wheel and get yourself a guaranteed pension.
2/ Unsurprisingly, this has produced generations of workers who are good at following orders, not causing too much trouble, and completing repetitive tasks. But, there's a problem...
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Let's talk about asymmetrical bets in the current #crypto market.
$DOT standing at $37 B market cap
$SOL almost $50 B market cap
Great technology by these 2 coins nothing to say about thus. But we need to find something that is undervalued. Something that if we win we win big, and if we don't we don't lose much
$ATOM is right now standing at $10 B market cap. Almost 4 times less than $DOT and 5 times less than $SOL
For now $ATOM is the only token which has enabled true #interoperability Image
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Good day everyone.

I've went to take some rest because of the ad-infinitum "consolidation" of @SBF_FTX

He also keeps propping it on his exchange but also on @coinbase using layered spoofing technique. Layering multiple non-bona-fide orders that favorably modify the price.
Layered Spoofing is a form of market manipulation in which a trader multiple highly-visible orders but has no intention of keeping them. The spoof buy order allowed the trader to execute the sell trade at a better price than if the spoof buy order had not been placed.
But ofcourse @coinbase is a partake and refuses to do anything.

Yet on L3 Full Channel API via @CoinbasePro it can be ID'ed as well as his cancellation rate is 98.1%

In order to have a fast cancel response he has assigned a client_oid.

I know his. Won't expose it fully yet.
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