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I spent a lot of time looking over old tweets to find useful information and #TaTip that new investors/traders may find helpful.

Please retweet this main tweet to share all the helpful info in this long thread.

We'll start with this one. I think it's relatable for any beginner:
Here's one way to combat those emotions you may experience.
We'll start off with a series of tweets relating to controlling these emotions.
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1/ INTRODUCING AVANTI BANK, a new US #bank to serve #digitalasset industry, offering new products & svcs not currently available in USD mkts along w/ tech partner @Blockstream. #Wyoming-based. We’re preparing long process of charter application & aim to open early 2021. @AvantiBT
@Blockstream @AvantiBT @adam3us 2/ Co-founder/team news soon. I’ve founded @AvantiBT w/ key support from top people in #crypto + important innovators from traditional finance. Seed funding round recently closed. Avanti will serve institutional customers that need services around #Bitcoin & #cryptoassets.
@Blockstream @AvantiBT @adam3us 3/ A critical piece of US mkt infrastructure is missing—a regulated #bank that can act as bridge to Fed for pymts + custody #crypto for BIG institutional money (pensions/endowmts/foundtns/corps/sov wealth) who need this b4 entering #crypto in a big way. Regulation had blocked it.
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Fascinating argument about "where" a #bitcoin transaction occurs in briefing on appeal of conviction for wire fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(4)), in US v. Costanzo; Defendant argues in person cash for bitcoin trades do not implicate interstate commerce. Let's dive in on this one:
transasctions at issue were IRL cash for #crypto. USGovt argues interstate nexus b/c the website is “based” outside the US, and that a #bitcoin node alleged to be in Germany was involved in this transasction. LOL. Defense here argues that /2 is “based” outside the United States is irrelevant b/c was not used for any of the charged transactions; used Mycelium, Breadwallet, and other wallets. Defense argues no evidence that #Bitcoin "travels through" /3
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It's been a while since I talked about this, but let’s get back to it

It is useful for traders to see what successful traders focus on vs what they think or more importantly what someone else wants them to think is important

The best traders I know cont’d

A thread...
I’ve covered this a number of times before in my tweet storms

But I think we need a refresh!
My weed smoking polymath trader friend who collected degrees before he dropped out of his doctoral program to trade full time
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1/ Just went through the second video on Retirement Crisis that @RaoulGMI has done. Highly recommend both.

Watching the first one on youtube is what got me started on @realvision actually.

Here are my notes and thoughts on the second video.

2/ To be transparent, the focus of the notes are for what I'm going to do in my late 30s. I'm very lucky, my parents always lived well below their means, now in late 60s own rental property, no debt, plenty of cash on hand, and good income.

That gives me a lot of peace of mind.
3/ This video is like the capstone course on the perils of passive indexing.

It took me a while to figure out my view of it, but am starting to look at passive investing as keeping up with the Joneses.

Doing it I'm not getting wealthier in relation to my peer group.
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🚨@stratisplatform #GlobalCryptoNetwork - January 2020🚨

Total nodes: 5,655
New nodes: 961
New: Antarctica 🇦🇶
Countries: 84

If your country is not a shade of blue on this map, your country is missing the 4th Industrial Revolution!
What $STRAT versions are people running: - 1519 (27%) - 1416 (25%) - 849 (15%) - 675 (12%) - 456 (8%)

Core 2.0 wallet will be release for community testing soon! Please help test and make it more secure. It will use or
Europe continue it’s dominance.
- I suspect Germany will release a CBDC in 2020.
- UK will release a CBDC or stable coin by Q4 2020 as well!
- Croatia and Austria have been growing extensive since November.
- Russia will dominate.
- Luxembourg will double in size next month.
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The #crypto bull is here.
People invest in hyped protocols, smart investors invest in promising tech, network effect, and even rumors.
I will give you my POV on #Bitcoin, on #Ethereum, #Tron and also on #IOTA
Share this with newcomers, protect future investors.
The most important rules before you invest:
-NEVER invest money that you can't afford to lose.
-NEVER participate in signal groups or pump and dump groups
-NEVER trust a stranger, don't send him money
-only trade on reputable exchanges, don't do personal trades in forums.
-You should go to (for example) Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Bitpanda, Shapeshift, Gemini.
Create an account, verify yourself.
Only trade there and secure the account with 2FA and at best with a separate phone. Don't share your email or number anywhere!
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हमारे प्रधान सेवक @narendramodi @PMOIndia जी से एक बात कहना चाहती हूं और उन तक ये सन्देश भी पहुचना चाहती हूं कि , आपने हिन्दुत्व की दहलीज पर गंगा-जमुनी संस्कृति के चार चाँद फारस से लाकर लगा तो दिए !

आपने भारत की राजधानी "दिल्ली" की जो झूठी व्याख्या शान्तिद्दूतों ने की थी उसी
को प्रमाण माना और कहा कि दिल्ली की व्युत्पत्ति "दहलीज" से हुई है क्योंकि यह नगर गंगा-जमुनी संस्कृति की दहलीज है, प्रवेशद्वार है (पश्चिम से आनेवाले शान्तिदूतों के लिए )| अर्थात दिल्ली से पश्चिम की भूमि गंगा-जमुनी नहीं थी, विशुद्ध शान्तिदूतों की थी !!

तोमर राजा अनंगपाल ने
इन्द्रप्रस्थ को "ढिल्लिका" नाम से बसाया ऐसे कई शिलालेख मिलते हैं | 1170 ईस्वी का एक आलेख उदयपुर में मिला है जिसमें ढिल्लिका नगर का उल्लेख है | आज भी दिल्ली के संग्रहालय में 1383 ईस्वी का शिलालेख रखा हुआ है जिसमें तोमर राजा (अनंगपाल) द्वारा "पृथ्वी पर स्वर्गतुल्य हरियाणा" में
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Amazing dinner w/ @WarrenBuffett finally! Thx for your support & advice on how to take #TRON to the next level! Loved our talk on #Bitcoin, @Tesla & #TRON! Glad to support @GLIDEsf as well! C U at #BRK2020 & our reunion meal in 2030! Details below 👇
(1/12) Most delicious meal ever! Thks @WarrenBuffett for taking us to Happy Hollow Club! $4.56 MIL for a $515.05 dinner was money well spent! The insights I received are priceless. I enjoyed every bite with my friends @SatoshiLite @ChrisLEE_Crypto @HelenHaiyu @yoniassia!
(2/12) @WarrenBuffett received his first #Bitcoin! This lucky #Bitcoin is safely stored in his #Samsung Galaxy Fold. Since I gifted him this #Bitcoin, $BTC has increased 16%! Hope it continues to moon! Check out his address:…
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🚨It took Kraken Security Labs just 15 minutes to hack both of @trezor’s crypto hardware wallets.

Here’s how we did it and what it means if you’re a user:…
@Trezor 2/ This attack relies on voltage glitching to extract an encrypted seed. This initial research required some know-how and several hundred dollars of equipment, but we estimate that we (or criminals) could mass produce a glitching device that could be sold for about $75.
3/ We then crack the encrypted seed, which is protected by a 1-9 digit PIN, but is trivial to brute force.
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Growing up in Tucson and going to med school @UAZMedTucson, I thought I knew a lot about #coccidioidomycosis. Definitely not!

Here we discuss history, epidemiology, ecology, some cool facts about #Cocci, and reasons why #fluconazole may not be the best drug for Cocci.
In 1892 in Argentina, Alejandro Posadas wrote the first report of a pt w/ disseminated cutaneous cocci

Shortly after, a laborer in San Joaquin valley also had skin lesions

Skin biopsies of both pts revealed protozoa-like orgs, similar to Coccidia…
Here are images of the first patient diagnosed with #Cocci, Domingo Escurra, by Alejandro Posadas

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1/ What are you doing @nathanielpopper @nytimes?

Opening sentence reads, "The last few months have not been good for #Bitcoin. The value of the digital tokens has steadily dropped (1/28/20)." In reality:

1-month: up 40%
3-months: flat
1-year: up ~3x…
2/ Your sensational title includes "But Criminals Still Love It," but the body of the article later admits "illicit activity accounts for only 1 percent of all #Bitcoin transactions."

Again, what are you doing @nathanielpopper @nytimes?…
3/ This reminds me of the panel we did at the @Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research Conference, where you shocked me by spouting sensational half-truths about #Bitcoin to feed an audience pre-disposed to skepticism.

You didn't educate them Nathaniel, you misled them.
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"helped criminals launder $billions"
hmmm.. which criminals I wonder, and are they connected to our favourites in the Deep State?…
Oh lawdy..
That's where Guistra's Elpida refugee center is.
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1. Must read @josemariairujo @el_pais on the #UCGlobal's espionage operations against Julian #Assange and all of us inside the @EmbajadaEcuUK (Spanish):…
@josemariairujo @el_pais @EmbajadaEcuUK 2. As a journalist heavily targeted by #UCGlobal which spied on my convos, unscrewed my phones, spied on ALL my electronic devices [ARCHIVE]:…, it's crucial to make #UCGlobal and the #USintelligence accountable
@josemariairujo @el_pais @EmbajadaEcuUK 3. it's crucial #UCGlobal and the #USintelligence are accountable not just because the espionage ops against are appalling, but because it's crucial to understand to what extent #cryptography protected our materials and information from our sources
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Most new #Crypto invents new words to be compatible with their product and services, some of them unless you follow it closely are just plain weird.
#Holochain being new also has it's own idioms but thankfully they are self-descriptive, below I have added and linked the main👇
words along with their descriptions. #Holochain is complex yet also understandable once you are able to put all the pieces together in your head and visualize it.

But for a new form of #Crypto a Million times faster than #Ethereum one has to expect some degree of intricacy.👇
What is #Holochain

What is #Holo

What is the difference between Holo and Holochain

What is #Holofuel

1% or less Transaction fee 👇
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To all involved in #crypto and not, DO NOT ignore this tweet

I was introduced to #bitcoin and #ethereum 5 years ago.
I even wrote my thesis on tokenizing real assets onto the #blockchain.

All I have to say is #Tezos! See threads below

$xtz #btc #eth #xmr #xrp $trx $btc
1/ #Tezos , #xtz is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself and it establishes a true digital commonwealth.
While #ethereum, is undergoing two fork, $xtz is upgrading its protocol by using voting on the blockchain.
Currently this is the 5th successful upgrade, #Babylon
2/ #Tezos is the first production-scale multi billion dollar asset tokenization project on the #blockchain.
Currently over $5 billion of assets ready in the pipeline for Q1 to be tokenized on the #xtz blockchain.

$btc $ltc $eth $eos $xtz $xmr $xrp $iot $neo $trx $ada $atom $tomo
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👋We've just uploaded a mid-week exclusive interview with @MatiGreenspan which we recorded on Tuesday.

The topics we cover include Mati's most recent venture - Quantum Economics, $BTC's price movement, #crypto adoption in Iran & Venezuela, #altszn and privacy coins.

👂Listen to the full interview available on all major podcast platforms including:

Spotify —…
Apple Podcasts —…
SoundCloud —…
🍻 Special thanks to @MatiGreenspan for his time.

Make sure you check the website of Quantum Economics — — where you can also subscribe to receive Mati's newsletter!
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🎊🎉Happy New Year 2020!🎉🎊

We had such an amazing time interacting with the community and our partners throughout 2019🌎

Follow the below thread for a 2019 @CryptoLiveLeak Recap

#Crypto #Blockchain #CryptoNews #CryptoMedia #Marketing #Advertising #Bitcoin #Tezos #CLL $CLL
Tezos Boston Meetup 5 Featuring @KenGarofalo and @TezosCommons - Presentation on Tezos Amendment Process and Governance. @TezosBoston

Athens Tezos Protocol upgrade initiated.

#Tezos #XTZ $XTZ #TezosBoston #TezosBostonMeetup #TBM #Governance #AThens #TezosAthens
MVP launched for @AttentionMining - #AttentionMining #CLL $CLL - Check it out at and being demonstrated on
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For our content kings and queens, these were the top 5 most read blogs on our community content page ( this year (thread):
5) Dividents & Compound Interest by @Leon_WayWay
Covering stocks and ETFs, this blog delves into the principles of making money on top of money in the markets:….
@Leon_WayWay 4) US stocks forex solution: how to use EasyFX

Did you know that investors on our platform can invest in offshore stocks like Facebook, Apple, and others. Our future billionaire and rich aunt @Dowsky26 has the juice on it all:….
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Follows & Unfollows - #FF & #UFF 2020

Isn’t Friday, but if you are in #crypto, want a balanced,well-informed view & are looking for accounts to follow,I suggest both a list of follows & mutes to avoid the cult.Opinion only! My suggestions:

#bitcoin $BTC #CT $crypto #blockchain
The Follows:

#CT accounts I genuinely respect or provide value mixed with some I do not agree with at all that are key to #bitcoin. Some will still spam you with typical propaganda from time to time, but at least they eat their own medicine and are undeniably core to $BTC
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1/ The year in #Decred.

Markets ebb and flow, but Decred maintains a long-term approach to rebuilding the financial system in a fairer way. The year included software releases, community evolution and maturation, and a crystallization of how Decred will become a SoV, MoE & UoA.
2/ Software Releases
#Privacy using CoinShuffle++ and DiceMix enables opt-in for security of users and long-term network interests via @real_or_random. dcrppool ensures decentralization of PoW. Mobile wallets released for iOS & Android. dcrln launched #LightningNetwork on mainnet
3/ Evolving the Organism
#Decred formally approved and built towards a #DAO, which will provide security. It proved adaptable, as the Politeia platform matured and was updated. Decred upgraded software by changing consensus rules in a coordinated manner.
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The last episode of Silicon Valley had some pretty awesome #crypto in it - and a ton of easter eggs (including some serious in jokes about the NSA and common #infosec standards like FIPs 140-2) for those in the know.

Thread (and spoilers):
In the above scene where Gilfoyle says he hacked Dinesh's SSH/TLS keys for his car this screen pops up. It might look like gobbledigook, but it's actually referencing a core component protecting these keys: The Discrete Log problem.

And what it says is horrifying.
The Discrete Log Problem (DLP) is a mathematical problem that says it's computationally intractable to compute discrete logarithms - especially when using large prime numbers.

For an awesome lecture on DLP and its applications, check this out:
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While @ work

Decided to take a Intro to Portfolio Risk Management in Python @DataCamp

Gonna apply the lessons to #Bitcoin price from Nov 2014 onwards /thread
@DataCamp General Bitcoin data so far:

Daily average return - 0.2406%

Implied average annualized return - 140.4271%

Standard deviation (volatility measure) - 3.9660

Graph below shows the daily return % on the x-axis plotted against the number of its occurrences on the y-axis $BTC
@DataCamp Does #Bitcoin follow a normal distribution?

For that we will need to measure the tilt of the distribution (Skewness) and the probability of outliers (Kurtosis)

Skewness - 0.2085

Kurtosis - 6.5293

This suggests that the is a greater probability of outliers & +ve returns
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