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1/15 🧵A Case for a #Bitcoin Bottom🧵
The question of whether #Bitcoin has bottomed is a hotly contested debate amongst the #Crypto Community. Below I consider some indicators that might assist in helping us determine this question & my position going forward👇🏼👇🏼
2/15 The RSI in June was at extreme oversold levels (25.84).This in fact was the lowest the weekly RSI has been in #Bitcoin's history. One must note the RSI can remain oversold or overbought longer than a trader can remain solvent. However, one cannot ignore this extreme reading. Image
3/15 The LMACD is bullish. Bearish momentum is waning and the MACD line is looking to potentially cross indicating a possible trend reversal. Below you can see the relationship with the LMAC and #Bitcoin's past cycle bottoms. Image
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I've been living on #crypto since 2015. I've learned a lot, and made a lot of mistakes.😬 These are my 5 biggest ones and what I learned from them.

If you want to #GetOnZero fiat, read this thread, ESPECIALLY #5. Let my errors save you from doing them too!


I just stopped earning fiat and then was scrambling to figure out how to spend my crypto. I should have figured out how I was going to pay my bills.

Before going fiat-free,practice paying at least one major expense (like rent) with crypto.


I just started downloading and using crypto wallets at random, causing an accounting nightmare.

Streamline the main wallets you'll use so your accounting is much simpler (especially for freelancers or multiple income sources).

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How to Research New Crypto Projects

Crypto is a probability game. You can increase or lower your chances depending on what projects you choose.

Understanding how to do research is one of the most important skills in crypto.

Check this if you prefer to read the article, instead of the Twitter thread.

Here you will find a summary of the most critical points.

Most people do research in an unstructured way, so their choices are influenced by their emotional stance, other investors, and media news.

This is the reason why we should have a process to evaluate projects in the same way.

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The thread 🧵 is long, just calm down take a glass of water and ride with me 🚘
New projects come up on a daily basis and hundreds launch equally on a daily basis making the reality of you getting at least one job possible...
howbeit this depend on how many projects you are able to approach daily… let’s say each day you dm at least 10 to 20 projects there is a higher chance of 1 out of 20 to come to a deal with you.
Twitter: CT is where one can easily see new and existing web 3 projects.
This is because social media serve as a medium through which these projects can actually showcase their product to people including potential investors without this their ideas cannot be noticed by anyone except them.

. First understand that web 3 projects are built..
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A Step By Step Guide On How To Position Yourself For Upcoming BlockChains

Brief Strategy On How To Navigate Your Way In These Blockchains & Earn Cool Cash
#Airdrops #jobs #Crypto

A Thread 🧵
Here Is A List Of Upcoming Blockchains You Should Be Interested In

Stark-net By @StarkWareLtd
SUI By @Mysten_Labs
APTOS By @AptosLabs

Now Ride Along With Me As We Dive Into This Blockchains 🙇🏾
Brief Highlights On This Blockchain
- Mysten Labs Creator Of The Sui Blockchain, Recently Closed A $300 million raise led by FTX, Of Which Binance Lab Also Participated
- Starknet Is Currently On Testnet, But Gives Access For Whitelisted Address To Be Deployed On Mainnet, They
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Market expectations for Q4 2022 & onwards:

As we head into Q4, everyone is wondering what the next few months will hold.

Here's a quick rundown of some possibilities #stocks & #crypto:

1. As the market begins to anticipate a downturn in the near future, many are predicting a retail capitulation.

This is the start of what could be an epic bear market with big stocks like Apple $AAPL and Tesla $TSLA crumbling.

This could spell trouble for #crypto market too.
2. Proposals to reverse transactions on #Ethereum may be approved.

Regulators could push for a change in how #crypto are traded globally.

They could call for CEXs to only support reversible #ETH.

This will put pressure on other #cryptocurrency to adopt a similar feature.
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This is How Influencers Make Money by Dumping on You.

A Thread….🧵

A Crypto Project / NFT Project is Getting Ready to Launch.⚡️🪙

The #influencer will tell you they are researching good projects that are 10X gems and 100x gems projects.

The project can be some NFT Project, Defi Project, Web3 & Metaverse Project, Gaming Project, etc.

#web3 #Gaming #Metaverse

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Here's my 100 weeks of backtested $EURUSD price action from June 15 2020 to 09 May 2022, here's what is covered:

- Occurrence of high & low of the week
- % of high and low of the week per day
- % of Mondays high / low being swept on a given day

Took me a while, hope you enjoy
The high and low of the week

Here we can determine that the low of the week fell 38/100 times on a Mon, while the high of the week was also most likely to form on this day too with 31/100 occurrences

Note that there's during the week, there's more of a spread compared to $BTC
Percentage / Chance wise, you can see that Monday is more likely to be the low of the week by a factor of 5, 2, and 3 compared to a T, W, or Th respectively

Friday is different though.

With the high of the wk, Monday leads, followed by a Thurs, then Friday.
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What does the future hold for #DeFi 2.0, and what will it take to flourish during a bull market? 🔥


#Crypto #Ethereum Image
As #DeFi industry continues to grow in popularity, so too does the need for comprehensive regulation.

Recently, Fed chair Powell spoke about the difficulties around transparency in DeFi ecosystem and urged for greater regulation to ensure a healthy future for TradFi & #DeFi.
Powell's remarks come at a time when #DeFi ecosystem is growing rapidly and beginning to affect more retail investors.

Although the recent DeFi winter wasn't large enough to affect global financial stability, it's still important to be aware of its potential implications.

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Currently, the underlying Web 3 infrastructure or stack is limited to being defined in "layers" (L1 / L2), but…

The future stack of #Web3 is not limited to 2 or more layers.

Instead, it's an agnostic stack of many different lego blocks, including the - Transaction Lego🧵👇

Let's preface by understanding that a "transaction" in Web 3 means -- the process of exchanging #cryptocurrencies on a blockchain.

So keeping that in mind, here's how we can define "Transaction Lego"👇

"Transaction lego" includes all the services required to execute a transaction on your #dApp, which most users struggle with.

The need for a better transaction infrastructure is obvious from:

- high gas fees, or;
- failed transactions pricing out non-whale users
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A few reasons why I'm mega bullish on $XRP.

There's so much going on, here are a few things you might have missed.

I'm excited!

Grab yourself a coffee ☕️ and let's jump in.

Things are heating up in the Ripple VS SEC case.
Judge Torress overruled the SEC's objection to turning over the Hinman emails. Effectively starting a (worst case scenario) 3-month clock, by the end of which the emails will be released @FilanLaw (A popular attorney in the space)
Additionally, in the last 24 hours, to more companies #iRemit and @TapJets have applied to file an Amicus brief in support of @Ripple.
They want to show how they use $XRP as a currency.
More eyes on the case, more pressure on the SEC..
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1) Everyone tells you to take PROFITS in #crypto but doesn't share how.

Here are the 3 strategies you absolutely have to apply for optimal results.

2) Almost anyone will always take profits to soon or to late.

There is no magic formula to time the market but there are strategies you can use to optimize your crypto gains.

Lets begin with showing you the method that basically always works.

Everyone is saying to dca your purchases.

Have you ever considered the opposite is also true and SUPER effective?

Instead of spreading your buys in a downtrending market you can also spread your sells in an uptrending market.
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1/ ⛓️ Gateway to Interoperability ⛓️

$BTC 📈 → $QNT goes 🆙
$BTC 📉 → $QNT goes 🆙

→ 400K+ customers
→ 550+ banks
→ 70k Holders (#early)

Please welcome 🥁 $QNT

The sleeping giant EVERYONE needs to hear about 🧵 Image
2/ TD;LR 🎙️

$QNT is @quant_network 's official token

It allows to create finacial programs that exploit features of different blockchains ⛓️

By "different" I mean ANY:ANY interoperability 🤯

Imagine #BTC's security, but with:

→ $XLM speed ⚡
→ $SOL fees 🥜 Image
@quant_network 3/ Token overview:

➜ Price: $135$
➜ Circulating Supply: 13.4m $QNT
➜ Total Supply: 14.6m $QNT
➜ MC: $1.6m
➜ ATH: $383

Launched in 2018 with an ICO around $1, has no intention of stopping here
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Brief #Macro thought:
1) As interest rates remained near zero during much of the past decade, the TINA (There is No Alternative) thesis supported equity valuations. In this environment, asset managers were forced to invest far out on the risk curve, which supported #NASDAQ and #crypto.
2) With the Fed now committed to beating back inflation, short duration Treasuries are hovering around 4% yield. Thus the environment has shifted from TINA to TARA (There are Reasonable Alternatives).
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A lengthy thread on $ATOM 2.0 #Tokenomics and why I am concerned. This commentary is the perspective of a long-term #ATOM holder, and my hope is that this thread will spark a vibrant, honest discussion in the #CosmosEcosystem and the broader #crypto community.
1) First, a brief history. The Cosmos team, led by Ethan and Jae, raised ETH and BTC in 2017 to support the development of an “Internet of Blockchains’ vision. Token sales were conducted privately and publicly via a 2017 ICO managed by the Interchain Foundation (ICF).
2) A total of 236,199,509 ATOM were sold for ~$18mm, 10% of which went to Tendermint Inc (now @ignite_com) and 10% to the @interchain_io.
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One of the tokens with the fastest recovery since the Bitcoin drop, rising more than 230% in the last months.

A thread 🧵👇 Image

It's an ERC-20 token fully compatible with all blockchains and protocols to easily integrate into MApps, DApps, and smart contracts.

It is a P2P protocol that uses smart contracts to enable people to create, manage, and trade their tokens on the network.

1/8🧵 Image

The communication, interoperability, and scale hurdles frequently seen on blockchains were intended to be eliminated with the Quant protocol.

Layers are matched to tasks as follows:

➡️Filtering and Ordering

2/8🧵 Image
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Why is Helio Protocol perfect during a 🐻 market? (and not just 🐂)

Read the 🧵 below to find out!
2/ During a bear market aka when the market is down, people tend to hold their assets - finding a way to generate passive income during these times is key ($BNB). Image
3/ Helio Protocol is a great option if you hold extra $BNB as we help you gain the most yield possible 😉
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🏆 Ganadores 🏆 RANKING VENDE HUMOS 2022 Entrega de Premios

Este año el pueblo llano ha elegido ⁣a 🎖️@josefajram como nuestro Vende Humos invicto del año

⁣👏 ¡Nuestra más sincera enhorabuena al tito Josef
😎 Pero aquí no acaba la cosa


Vamos con los TOP Vende Humos en las categorías de

⓵ Copy
⓷ Negocios y marketing
⓸ Crypto
⓹ Desarrollo personal

💨 Ganadores Vende Humos #Copy

🏅 @jpastorre
🥇 @maidertomasena
🥈 @NudistaI
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Thread :
Pourquoi est-il particulièrement bénéfique de s’intéresser à l'investissement dans un marché baissier comme on le vie actuellement
#Crypto #investing #cryptomonnaie
Le premier point important à soulever c’est que les plus grandes opportunités financières se trouvent dans les périodes de crise. Pour les rendements les plus élevés sur les coins les plus connus il vaut mieux se placer quand ces dernières sont loin de leur point le + haut (ATH)
Presque toutes les cryptos ont perdues un gros pourcentage de leur ancienne valeur et celles qui retourneront à leur ATH connaîtront une hausse de plusieurs centaines de % (voir milliers pour certaines) par rapport à aujourd’hui.
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📢 We're excited to announce the first $50M Sei Ecosystem and Liquidity Fund to back teams building on Sei and bootstrap liquidity from day 1!

We're proving our conviction in the builders of the Sei ecosystem by doubling down during the peak bear market.…
Amidst all the market pain, this is a generational time to build in #Crypto.

Honored to have partners like @multicoincap, @Delphi_Digital, @FlowTraders, @wehrtyou, @MexC, and many more.
Why is now the best time to act?

Much of the industry has been de-risked from an adoption and capital perspective, yet we’re still early enough where there is a meaningful opportunity to make a dent.

We want the Sei Ecosystem Fund to highlight the brightest teams.
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#DAOs enable rapid allocation of value for influencing human action through on-chain democracy. We can incentivize the change we wish to see in the world.

👇🧵 👇 Image
Mahatma Gandhi changed the world. He led non-violent protests that catalyzed a generational movement for Indian independence…. He said:

> Be the change you wish to see in the world.
He meant that people should take action in their own lives to change things they felt should be changed. If the world does not conform to our expectations, we should take action to make it so.
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1/ #ConvergeSF22 is here! 🔥

We’re kicking the morning off on the Main Stage with @jerallaire chatting with @VitalikButerin on all things #crypto and perspectives from Wall Street with @kevinolearytv hosted by @AngieTVLau of @Forkast_News
2/ On the Inclusion track, hear from high-profile speakers like @ChrisBrummerDr of @GeorgetownLaw and Professor @rogercaruth, J.D., Ph.D. of @HowardU on the essential task of catalyzing digital financial literacy around the world
3/ And join @DenelleDixon of @StellarOrg alongside @taliafayeklein of @BNYMellon and Kevin Peach of @aidtechnology to discuss how #blockchain and crypto are changing the game for social impact
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1) July

Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 is an AngelHack hackathon focused on building on #Avalanche.

#AvaxholicInsights #CSSADT #AVAXDT #AVAX #Blockchain #Crypto AVALANCHE'S LANDSCAPE IN Q3...
Collaborating with partners across the Avalanche ecosystems, this hackathon aims to ensure that hackers have a wide variety of technologies to use to build their projects.
2) August

@OpenBlox_io, an EVM-based NFT gaming platform, will be bringing its existing and upcoming titles to Avalanche. Image
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When they pull this off let me assure you "The #GSX will be the world's first exchange to create a seamless and fully regulated bridge that links the fiat and crypto markets,"
The prize, of course, is juicy business.
Valereum targets a cryptocurrency sector worth, according to its estimates, approximately $3.5 trillion.
This deal has the attention globally with countries such as Russia, China, USA watching closely as are the likes of #Binance
This will give listed instruments on the GSX access to a regulated pool of crypto capital that is not available anywhere else, and it will give crypto currency holders the ability to have a direct, verifiable holding in fiat securities."
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