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18 Apr
"For all its hard #propaganda work,post-Mao Communist Party has struggled to win eyeballs away from commercial TV & film, whether domestic or foreign.Evn w/ power to compel country’s top directors & biggest stars to…
..."officials had to juice box-office numbers for films about party history by requiring state-owned companies to buy tickets for their employees.

That frustrates Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who has repeatedly exhorted his propaganda officials to “tell China’s story well.”
In a speech published last month by the party’s main theoretical journal, Mr. Xi said it was imperative to “encourage the creation of artistic content about party history, especially film and TV.”
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7 Apr
“Chinese TV stations have been blurring out Western brand logos in their programmes, in a show of support for China's Xinjiang cotton campaign.”…
Chinese censors blurred Western brand logos on over 50 t-shirts in this footage.
CCP's relentless censorship leads to some amusing effects: "Episodes of popular variety shows such as Sisters Who Make Waves now feature singers and actors who look like they are floating on clouds, thanks to their blurred out shoes."
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7 Apr
"Turkish official said that shortages had not yet impacted relations between the 2 countries. But 'if China overpromises, in the future they may be more cautious,' added the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive diplomatic…
"Turkey has maintained delicate balance w/🇨🇳over past few yrs,toning down its criticism of Beijing’s crackdown on Muslim Uyghurs as Ankara seeks Chinese investment for its hobbled economy — and more recently, vaccine."
China is only slightly behind India,which last month announcd it was temporarily banning exports amid politicl criticism of vaccination efforts at home...Citing govt reports,China sent 60% of its productn of Sinovac & Sinopharm vaccine as aid to 53 countries & paid exports to 27.
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6 Apr
Digitized money looks like potential macroeconomic dream tool for issuing govt,usable to track ppl’s spending in real time,speed relief to disastr victms or flag criminal activityW/ it,Beijing stands to gain vast new powrs to tightn Xi’s authoritarian…
"The digital yuan could give those the U.S. seeks to penalize a way to exchange money without U.S. knowledge. Exchanges wouldn’t need to use SWIFT, the messaging network that is used in money transfers between commercial banks and that can be monitored by the U.S. government."
🇨🇳’s marketing for digital yuan kicks into high gear,an Englsh-language animatn circulatd online by CGTN shows man in US-flag shirt knockd out by digital yuan.“This is one of buildng blocks of🇨🇳’s move towrd world markt status & greatr involvmnt in settng framework of globl econ"
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5 Apr
Corporate risk calculus re🇨🇳is being turned on its head. After decades in which cos most feared being locked out of one of world’s largst markts,Wstrn firms are starting to realize that even faintest link to Xinjiang’s “re-education camps” can be…
" their reputation (remember Volkswagen’s China CEO’s cringeworthy interview with the BBC?). As companies weigh the risk of doing business with Beijing, it’s a safe bet that many more will discreetly do a Stora Enso and leave."
"Beijing’s belligerence isn’t helping its cause — as orchestrated boycotts against even its mildest critics present yet another unpredictable risk to the bottom line.Campaign calling for H&M 2B boycotted erupted on Chinese social media.
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6 Aug 20
.@PENamerica publishd explosive report that may put Hollywood on defensive.Titled "Made in Hollywood, Censored by Beijing," 94pg study details how mjr studios & directors increasingly make dcsns "based on an effort to avoid antagonizing Chinese officials."…
When was the last time you saw a movie about Tibet, human rights in China or even a film with a slightly negative Chinese character?
Paramount told producers of 2013's World War Z to remove scene in which characters speculate that a virus, which triggered zombie apocalypse, may hv originated in China. Film grossed $540mln globally, nvr received release in China, likely bcuz govt frowns upon themes of undead...
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4 Apr 20
Oops 🤯 Zoom admits user data ‘mistakenly’ routed through China
H/T @Leopard212…
Zoom sends sensitive date through China 🇨🇳 2/5 Image
Zoom sends confidential data to China 3/5 Image
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2 Feb 20
This is our future: countries w/ close ties to Beijing play down threat of #coronavirus. "Some governments have either played down the threat of the epidemic or openly worried about offending a superpower whose economic heft can propel their economies."…
Philippine President Duterte, "who has brought the Philippines closer to China while distancing it from the United States, said there was no reason to bar visitors from mainland China, bringing a barrage of criticism from local medical experts."
Even high-levl officials promote folk remedies. After FaceBook user in Myanmar wrote widely read tribute to onions as way to prevent transmission of #coronavirus, chief min U Myint Mg,shared on FB:"Chinese govt announcd people shld consume & hv on hand as many onions as they can”
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26 May 19
“They spent all their resources stealing technology,” said Robert Read, a former contract engineer from 2002 to 2003 in #Huawei’s Sweden office. “You’d steal a motherboard and bring it back and they’d reverse-engineer it.”…
"Theft & industrial espionage R relatively common in global tech industry & Huawei isn’t sole co. to face accusatns of stealing foreign intellectual property. What set Huawei apart was flagrancy of its plagiarism.They made verbatim copies of whole portions of Cisco’s user manuals
"Cisco General Counsel Mark Chandler flew to Shenzhen to confront Mr. Ren w/ evidence of Huawei’s theft, which included typos from Cisco’s manuals that also appeared in Huawei’s. Mr. Ren listened impassively and gave a one-word response: “Coincidence.”
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