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#BREAKING US envoy's Taiwan visit encourages 'separatist forces': China Image
#UPDATE Top-level US diplomat Keith Krach touches down in Taiwan, becoming the highest-ranking State Department official to visit in 40 years, in a further sign of Washington's willingness to defy China and its campaign to isolate the self-ruled island
#UPDATE A top US diplomat landed in #Taiwan on Thursday, the highest-ranking State Department official to visit in 40 years, in a further sign of Washington's willingness to defy China and its campaign to isolate the self-ruled island
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In a few minutes we’ll be live-tweeting today’s National Security Seminar Series event on irregular warfare, with Michael Kofman (@KofmanMichael), Kevin Pollpeter, and special guest Markus Garlauskas (@Mister_G_2), moderated by Bill Rosenau (@WilliamRosenau).
Rosenau: GPC often viewed on two fronts, as day-to-day competition on one hand and high-end competition on the other. Adversaries seek to use irregular warfare (IW) across both fronts
Look at questions of what modern IW looks like? How will adversaries employ IW in competition? And how they'd employ IW in armed conflict/conventional warfare?
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#DonaldTrump (@realDonaldTrump )is the probably one of the rarest American presidents who hasnt started a war like his predecessors like Obama, Bush or Clinton. Instead he has hearlded a new era in thw Middle East brokering peace between #Israel & #UAE and #Bahrain.
Initiating a dialogue with #KimJongUn of North Korea. To give credit his clarity of #ForeignPolicy has been umatched as he goes after #China something which is broadly supported in #India #Japan #Taiwan #Australia & #Vietnam.
Last but not the least he has even initiated peace talks with #Taliban to end the #AfghanWar !!
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🚨 #BREAKING [UNCONFIRMED] A Chinese #PLA Air Force warplane has been taken down, likely by Taiwan air defense systems.


#OSINT #Military #Aviation
#TaiwanStrait #China
⚠️Chinese pilot of the PLA Air Force warplane which was taken down by Taiwan, US air defense system is injured.

#Taiwan #China #Military
#OSINT #TaiwanStrait
CONFIRMED ⚠️ Pilot of Chinese PLA Air Force is seriously injured after his warplane Su Kai 35 was shot down by Taiwan ADS.

Further escalation is inevitable!

#OSINT #Military #Aviation
#China #TaiwanStrait #Taiwan
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I was honored to visit #Taiwan this week and bring the greetings of a very good friend of Taiwan, President Donald Trump. The visit strengthened the friendship between the United States and Taiwan and highlighted the global health leadership of Taiwan. Image
Thank you President Tsai @iingwen for warmly welcoming our delegation. We spoke about the friendship between the United States and Taiwan and how our shared democratic values have driven success in health. Image
At the Taiwan CDC, we met with @MOHW_Taiwan's Minister Chen and signed a joint statement as the American Institute in Taiwan and TECRO signed an MOU to expand on the longstanding collaboration on health between the United States and #Taiwan. ImageImage
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How much of a difference can 100 miles and effective social media surveillance make? A whole lot if you take Taiwan’s success against #COVID19 into consideration.
#Taiwan, is only around 100 miles away from the coast of south eastern China. The country has a lot of trade and exchange with #China and yet is at a healthily low 159th position when it comes to the COVID19 standings. Taiwan only has a paltry 455 cases and 7 deaths.
If someone were to place a bet on Taiwan having only 455 cases after 6 months of #COVID19, that too without nationwide lockdowns, that person would have become a billionaire now. #Taiwan owes its success to technology. Period.
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You must spend 56 minutes of your weekend time to watch this NTD documentary. I insist.

An explosive documentary giving step by step details of how China's Communist party wilfully spread the Corona Virus from Wuhan to rest of the world.
2) The above documentary narrated by Simone Gao almost concludes that if the Communists of Beijing were honest, they could have avoided 95% of the COVID19 spread around the globe.

That's MASSIVE!!
Trillions in economy, 100s of millions of jobs and half a million lives already.
3) You'll have to watch multiple times to get the whole plot of Beijing Communists.

So let me help with some key timeline from this NTD documentary:

European analysis shows that Corona virus started spreading in China as early as September or Oct of 2019 itself.

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People keep on asking me why I care about what's happening in #HongKong, and why at @NOW4humanity we are organizing #FridaysForFreedom across the world: "it's sad but inevitable and 'only' concerns a couple million people".

Here are some quick thoughts:

1. Nothing is inevitable. Hong Kong vs #China might be the combat of David vs Goliath, but the world can come to David's rescue

2. Injustice anywhere is a treat to justice everywhere. I would argue that a couple million people is an enormous amount of injustice!

3. What's happening in #HK is part of a wider pattern of a systematic crackdown on any form of dissent by #China. It has happened in #Tibet. It's happening with the #Uighurs. Now it's #HongKong's turn, but who's next? #Taiwan? Other countries?
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🚨 I've decided to put together a THREAD of prominent voices for #HongKong from around the word. Start with U.S. politicians. Note how @RepGregSteube is saying (as I read it) the newly-revealed #HK #NationalSecurityLaw will "threaten democracy around the world." 👇👇👇
[2/n] @HawleyMO: "Question now is whether Beijing will use this as a pretext to jail pro-democracy leaders."
[3/n] @RepJimBanks highlights how the #HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw "prohibits 'collusion' w/ foreign govs or institutions, which could target those who've lobbied the U.S. Congress for sanctions."
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The #NationalSecurityLaw has come into effect at 11 pm and here are the full text of the bill:…
1. Decision made by the National Security Committee headed by the Chief Executive won't be reviewed by judicial institutions.
2. Beijing will appoint an advisor to fill the role of the national security committee's advisor and this advisor will also be present at all meetings.
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“Policy Options to Impose Costs on #Beijing’s Coercive Envelopment of #HongKong: Version 1.0”

#NatSecLaw negates #SAR’s judiciary & freedoms

Our #ChinaSignPost™ 洞察中国 report (#102) offers analysis & recommendations…
#HongKong’s long-deteriorating situation has come to a head.

Today, just b/f #July1, Beijing imposed a popularly-opposed #NationalSecurityLaw negating the Special Autonomous Region’s judiciary & freedoms.…

Dissidents are vulnerable; everyone is at risk.
#Beijing has abruptly abandoned binding commitments & reassurances, which underwrote #HongKong’s handover from Britain in 1997, & its subsequent special treatment by the United States & other nations.

Now, sadly, Hong Kong’s identity & status lies damaged & altered irrevocably.
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[End of Hong Kong, Beginning of Reign of Terror]

1. #Beijing has just passed the sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw. It marks the end of Hong Kong that the world knew before.
2. From now on, #Hongkong enters a new era of reign of terror, just like #Taiwan’s White Terror period in history, with arbitrary prosecutions, black jails, secret trials, forced confessions, media clampdowns and political censorship.
3. With sweeping powers and ill-defined law, the city will turn into a #secretpolicestate. #HongKongProtesters now face high possibilities of being extradited to China’s courts for trials and life sentences.
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Surely every serious national security strategist understands the distinction btwn Govts Geopolitical decisions and th military's detailed scenario planning & action program. A govt can decided on basis of expected value of outcome or worst case scenarios-the latter is paralyzing
2/ns The critical issue in China-India conflict is that,as of now (2020), #China controls the #escalatory ladder. So India's #National #Security Apparatus has to make assumptions about when and how #CCPpla will escalate, if it loses the first few steps on its escalatory ladder!
3/ns The worst case scenario for us is therefore the one in which after loosing previous escalations, #CCP China escalates to a full fledged war/attack on India, by shifting US-facing troops and highest quality equipment towards India. This has proved paralyzing for past Govts!🤔
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/28/2020-2…

How deforestation helps deadly viruses jump from animals to humans…

#animals #viruses #humans #deforestation
The Shape of Epidemics | Boston Review…

#epidemic #shape #coronavirus
System Overload: Can China’s Military Be Distracted in a War over Taiwan?…

#Taiwan #China
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#China will Pay for The #15June2020 & #Galwan : TREACHERY & DECEIT.
12 Points : What COST ?
1. #India's Trust in #China : Go, Went & Gone for Next 100+ Years
2. #Chinese Products & Applications BOYCOTT by 1.379 Billion Consummers hereafter
3. #PLA Credibility & Dependibility for Next 100 + Years gone ... They can only have Cheap Thrills of Excesses Against their Own Population Now
4. #China will Loose Supply Chain Lines & Manufacturing Hubs hereafter...
5. The Diplomatic Cost of QUADS+, G7..10+....
6. The Agreements of #India, #China 1993, 1996, 2005, 2012 & 2012 Gone in The Wind at #Galwan. Will be Replaced by New ROEs : Rules Of Engagements...
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THREAD: How much of a threat does China’s #PLA pose to Taiwan? We mostly focus on the military balance and challenges for U.S. intervention, but another angle needs more exploring—competing demands on PLA attention and resources. 1/9…
The PLA has to prepare for a war with #Taiwan while also handling a growing array of other missions, with finite resources. The #Ladakh crisis is an example. Worries about conflicts in the west tie up a quarter of China’s ground forces. 2/9
Chinese strategists understand the dilemma and discourage over-concentrating on a single contingency. In their parlance, the PLA has to be prepared for war in ALL “strategic directions,” not just the “main strategic direction” (the southeast). 3/9
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"Country X has been lucky." "Nation Y has low population density." "Climate in tropical state Z has an impact."

Probably true, but then still:

massively influence a country's dealing with a #pandemic or a #crisis.

Would countries have done better or worse with different #leadership and #strategy? I have NO DOUBT.

Key drivers like #leadership and #trust often seem underestimated or hard to grasp.

This is probably due to #complexity of the matter and that drivers are hard to measure.

The drivers are all related:

#leadership ➡️ trust ➡️ successful execution of #strategy ➡️ empowered leadership ➡️ #trust

#Communications is the glue.

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Tahukah anda, di Laut China Selatan sedang ada konflik?

Negara mana saja yang terlibat, paling ngegas, dan bagaimana posisi Indonesia?

Drone Emprit menganalisis cepat dari data yang telah dikumpulkan dari tanggal 7 sd 25 Juni 2020.


Dalam periode ini:
- China anggap Taiwan bagian dr PRC
- USAF menerbangkan drone di LCS
- China menenggelamkan kapal ikan Vietnam
- Pompeo: PLA bikin ulah di perbatasan India-China
- Pompeo: membahas UU keamanan di Hong Kong
- US Navy latihan gabungan dg Jepang di LCS
SNA 'South China Sea'

Dominated by big accounts from
- @Chellaney
- @NavroopSingh_
- @AdityaRajKaul

- @StateDept
- @USNavy
- @USPacificFleet

Information arbitrage: @IndoPac_Info
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