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[THREAD] @IRSEM1’s report on “Chinese Influence Operations: A Machiavellian moment” by @PaulCharon and myself is now available in English! Download the full version (more than 650 pages, 3000 footnotes) on
The result of 2 years of work, interviews in about 20 countries, analysis of sources in Chinese, combined with the available scientific literature and OSINT tools, this report offers a relatively comprehensive overview of Chinese influence operations across the globe.
It shows that, since about 2017, the Party-State has entered "a Machiavellian moment" in the sense that it now seems to believe that, as Machiavelli wrote in "The Prince," "it is safer to be feared than to be loved."
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From @Reuters: #Taiwan air force jets screamed into the sky on Wednesday in a drill simulating a war scenario, showing its combat readiness amid heightened military tensions with #China.
The exercises were part of a three-day drill to show Taiwan's battle readiness ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday at the end of this month.
"With the very high frequency of Communist planes entering our ADIZ, pilots from our wing are very experienced and have dealt with almost all types of their aircraft," Major Yen Hsiang-sheng told reporters,...
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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda said Tuesday that his country's decision to allow the opening of a #Taiwan representative office there under the name "Taiwanese" was a mistake that has led to a series of retaliatory measures from #China.…
Speaking during a radio interview, Nausėda said there was nothing wrong with agreeing to the establishment of the office in the capital Vilnius last November, but the problem was the official name -- The Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania.
"The name of the office became a key factor that now has a very strong impact on our relations with China," he said said in the interview on Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT). "I believe the name was the spark, and now we have to deal with the consequences."
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According to @RadioFreeAsia, the latest statistics from the #Taiwan Immigration Department indicate that number of #HongKong residents emigrating to Taiwan hit a new high in 2021.…
#Taiwan's interior ministry handed out 9,772 residence cards to Hong Kong residents between January and November 2021, compared with 9,501 in the same period in 2020.
Permanent residency was awarded to 1,572 Hongkongers, compared with 1,397 in the same period the previous year.
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A woman working at #Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport has tested positive for COVID-19, leading to the suspension of classes Tuesday at two schools attended by her family members, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).…
The CECC did not immediately know whether the woman, who works as a parking lot cleaner at the airport, has the Omicron variant of COVID-19, but concern exists given a recent rise in the number of people who ...
... contracted the Omicron variant abroad and entered Taiwan through the airport.
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A thread on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and basics of semiconductors

#TSMC #semiconductors #semiconductorshortage #Taiwan

Given the importance and buzz around semis, a timely thread on TSMC --> One of the most important companies in the world! Image
1/ Semis basics

Semiconductor is a tiny electronic device composed of
billions of components that store, move, and process data.

Chips are fundamental to emerging technological applications such as AI, Cloud, Metaverse, 5G, IoT, large-scale data processing and supercomputing Image
2/ Semi fabs are characterized by size of wafer and the transistor

The leader in chip mfg. is the fab that can produce the next “Tech node” first

Fabs have to make continuous R&D and capital investments to produce the most advanced semis with reduced feature size Image
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By @joyuwang: "This language is to fight against#China,” said Taiwanese writer Tenn Sun-tshong, adding that the China factor was one of the reasons behind a surge in demand for Taigi speakers in #Taiwan, especially in publishing.…
“Speaking our mother language is the most effective vaccine” against a more assertive China, said Ms. Sin, one of a growing group of Taiwanese parents who are trying to steep their children in the island’s local languages—...
... while also brushing up themselves—in what they see as a form of resistance against China’s authoritarian influence.
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After @Reuters reported the risk of Chinese spy infiltration of #Taiwan's military, Taiwan's Defense Minister said on Wednesday that he has confidence in Taiwan's ability to trigger the inspection mechanisms when any suspicious activities were reported.…
Chiou Kuo-Cheng said during a parliamentary committee session that the first step is to achieve the concept of self-defense and defense against spies and to strengthen the awareness of officers and soldiers through education and educational opportunities.
He said the most important thing is to identify the threat early and he said the national army has a counter-intelligence mechanism for these situations. "Officers and soldiers have a very good habit, as long as they think something is not quite right, ...
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Japan's @kyodo_english reported that #China tried to force Japan's embassy in #Beijing to cancel its cultural exchange event earlier this month after former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made remarks on #Taiwan.…
On Dec. 1, Abe, an influential lawmaker who still heads the largest faction within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said at a virtual event that any emergency concerning Taiwan would be an emergency for Japan and for the Japan-U.S. security alliance.
The Sino-Japanese event supposed to be held on Dec. 7 was eventually canceled, the sources said, probably making bilateral relations more fragile although next year marks the 50th anniversary of the normalization of their diplomatic ties.
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The former head of the Natl Intelligence Council thinks America is falling apart -- civilly, or towards civil war? Civility?
"In a country whose extreme violence...can only be accounted for by the omnipresence of guns, we would be foolhardy to bet on it."…
At FT @gideonrachman cites the above, adding:
"The mood of near-despair in #America is nurturing the opposite emotion among the #Chinese elite — a growing conviction that their country is outperforming the US and will eventually displace it as the world’s dominant power."
2/"#XiJinping proclaimed that 'the east is rising & the west is in decline'.
The fact that America has suffered 800,000 deaths as a result of the #Covid19 #pandemic, while #China claims a toll of below 5,000, is cited as evidence of the superiority of the Chinese system."
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By @YimouLee and David Lague: "#China has mounted a broader campaign to undermine #Taiwan's military and civilian leadership, corrode its will to fight, extract details of high-tech weapons and gain insights into defence planning."…
#Taiwan's spycatchers are battling a campaign that has compromised senior officers at the heart of the island's armed forces and government agencies, a steady stream of convictions handed down in the courts shows.
A retired presidential security officer and a serving military police lieutenant colonel at the unit tasked with protecting the president had their conviction upheld earlier this year for leaking sensitive information about Tsai's security to a Chinese intelligence agency.
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#Read this new #Report while there’s still time to act!…

“US-#China Competition Enters the Decade of Max Danger: #Policy Ideas to Avoid Losing the 2020s”

My latest with Gabe Collins @BakerInstitute!

As #PRC/#CCP power peaks over this decade, #Xi may seek #Taiwan as historic prize.

To protect their security & rules-based order, US/Allies must mobilize immediately to deter aggression.

The mission is vital, the stakes are high, & the clock is ticking. Image
US/Allies/#Taiwan now face “#DecadeOfDanger” w/ peaking #Xi/#CCP/#PRC as #China has extreme version of “S-Curved #slowdown.”

Xi’s risk acceptance will likely be amplified by his track record of largely-uncountered revisionist actions vs. neighbors & RBO.…
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So I hear you want to rise to the top ranks of #China’s Communist Party and try to take over the world w/ #fraud?

Well, I question your life choices, but let me teach you how you can do that.

Let’s start with some relevant assumptions and scene-setting to save some time…
… Assumption 1) #BigData is “the new oil” for #ML/#AI applications.

2) #China’s debt-laden #SOE’s and under-capitalized banks have a record of creative financing schemes, esp. when it comes to what used to be British #HongKong. Where better to defraud foreign investors?
… 3) State-managed economies, esp. Communist ones, control information and therefore lack proper “market signals.” They poorly allocate capital on the supply side because endogenous organic demand signals are suppressed. Consequently, Communist economies aren't self-sustaining.
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A video feed of a Taiwanese minister was cut on the request of the White House during U.S. President Joe Biden's Summit for Democracy last week after a map in her slide presentation showed #Taiwan in a different color to #China.…
When the moderator returned to Tang a few minutes later, there was no video of her, just audio, and a screenshot captioned: "Minister Audrey Tang Taiwan." An onscreen disclaimer later declared: "Any opinions expressed by individuals on this panel are those of the individual, and
do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States government."

One source told Reuters the map generated an instant email flurry among U.S. officials and the White House National Security Council (NSC) angrily contacted the State Department, concerned it appeared to show
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My article in @ForeignAffairs today. "Deployed correctly, border management can enable international travel to continue, albeit at lower levels, in ways that genuinely control and mitigate the risk of COVID-19." Special thx to @Rhys_Dubin…
2/8 Scientific evidence on travel restrictions evolved since #COVID19 - combination of novel pathogen spread by asymptomatic travellers and interconnected of globalization posed unprecedented challenge for governments at borders.
3/8 Lessons from #COVID19 include: a) fast action at early stages of this pandemic to restrict travel reduced imported infections; b) sustained vigilance at borders rather than reactive strategy for #variants more effective; c) global nature of travel disperses risks from travel.
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America's words on Taiwan can no longer be trusted…
2/“The lawmakers' visit is a blatant violation of that commitment and a brazen facilitation of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials' separatist impulses.

The one-China principle is the cornerstone of the China-U.S. relationship. It is China's red line. But it has become
3/“clear that forces within the U.S. political circle are dead set on breaching it. With President Biden reiterating his government's commitment to the principle, lower members in the political echelon are taking advantage of the stabilizing Biden's reiterations have and pushing
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1/2 Last night we had posted this news.👇
#BIG if u knw what this implies!!!
#Russia needs Ukraine bcoz it is the BREAD BASKET of Europe.
If any action is tkn against Ukraine #NATO will become busy.
Once that happens CHEEN might want to tk #Taiwan or it can be at INDIA’s LAC. ImageImageImageImage
2/3 This buildup has been happening at Ukraine since April. I had posted about it. 👇 Russia maintains this is defensive step. But if CHEEN or Russia move their fingers in their respective regions, then I wld hate to fathom what follows. So then why is this news doing rounds?
3/3 There can be 2 reasons— the build up since April is so BIG that we are moving into inevitable circumstances. Or others are preparing to put harsher sanctions on these 2 countries and news about the 2 regions will facilitate it.
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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and European Council President Charles Michel are planning to meet in Japan on Nov. 29 to discuss closer ties in the Indo-Pacific region. The stability of the #Taiwan Strait is one of the main topics for discussion.…
Kishida and Michel are expected to raise the importance of peace and stability in the #Taiwan Strait, democratic values and the rule of law as well as #China's attempts to unilaterally change the status quo in the East and South China seas during their talks, the source said.
The first visit by Michel to Japan since he took office in December 2019 comes after the EU released its new Indo-Pacific strategy in September that includes bolstering relations with Taiwan ...
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Taiwan’s zero-#Covid_19 policy has now forced some foreign residents to petition for some flexibility to allow families to be reunited. Here’s one example:…
An American surgeon on Friday hand-delivered a petition to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA), calling for entry permission to be granted to family members of foreign residents in #Taiwan who have been separated from their families because of COVID-19 border restrictions.
The United States national, a 36-year-old man, identified as only Alvin, took the action on behalf of a group of 11 foreign residents who want to be reunited with their family members in Taiwan.
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The son of #Taiwan’s “White Wolf,” who founded the biggest gang and the party that promotes unification with #China, has been indicted for his involvement in a scam that allegedly helped more than 1,000 Chinese nationals, including government officials, get visas to Taiwan.
The son, Chang Wei (張瑋), his wife Wang Shu-ying (王姝茵), a retired reporter surnamed Hung (洪) and seven others were indicted on charges of helping Chinese nationals enter Taiwan illegally from January 2017 to June 2019,……
…and doing so with the purpose of making a profit, according to Taipei prosecutors.
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Malaysian rapper Namewee and Australian singer Kimberly Chen sipped champagne to toast their song "Fragile" that has 30 million views as of Monday.

Fragile, which pokes fun at Chinese government and nationalist netizens, has become a viral sensation across Asia and beyond.
#Taiwan-based Malaysian rapper Namewee defends China satire 'Fragile' as views hit 30 million.…
Malaysian rapper Namewee and Australian singer Kimberly Chen, both based in #Taiwan, performed their hit song "Fragile" at a press conference.
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Tibet's spiritual leader @DalaiLama criticised the leaders of #China, saying they "don't understand the variety of different cultures" there and there is too much control by the main Han ethnic group.
"I know Communist Party leaders since Mao Zedong. Their ideas (are) good. But sometimes they do much extreme, tight control," he said from his base in India, adding he thought things would change in China under a new generation of leaders.
"Regarding Tibet and also Xinjiang, we have our own unique culture, so the more narrow-minded Chinese Communist leaders, they do not understand the variety of different cultures."
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