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9 May
I am seeing some staunch defenders of DBH and BC’s approach to COVID-19. 😳
Unfortunately BC, like Sweden, has made a *lot* of mistakes and so many people in BC have died or will be living with the serious consequences of long COVID.
Here is my top 10 list:
Top Ten BC Covid Mistakes:
1. Refusal to learn and acknowledge emerging knowledge, stuck with status quo despite contradictory evidence.
2. Failed to acknowledge airborne transmission (likely primary mode) and what that means for safety protocols.
3. Failure to adopt masks asap.
Ton 10 BC Covid mistakes continued:
4. Failure to adopt COVID zero approach (still need to do)
5. Failed to disclose data in a meaningful, transparent, timely and honest way
6. Failed in public outreach and messaging whether in Surrey or the Northeast or Whistler
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