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Upon first glance this looked like essential workers could be assured daycares would be fully funded, open and accessible for their children during the #COVID19 crisis sweeping our province & country.

But the details paint the opposite picture.
The "seven times their average monthly funding from government" sounds like a large govt commitment for daycares.…

But the 7x only covers the Child Care Operating Funding.…
It's based on attendance. Govt gives you $5.48 per child for 3-5 year olds and $12 for infant and toddler.

It's not a lot of extra money and for daycares that rely 100% on subsidy $$ from govt, it's next to nothing.

I'll explain why.
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Provincial update from Prov Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry
total 659
new 42
1 new death (14 total)
VGH 339
FH 218
Int 46
Island 47
64 hosp,
183 recovered
Another care centre Broadway pentacostal in
No new at Lynn Valley but new death
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Re dentist who passed away this weekend Dr Henry says the investigation by Coroner is ongoing and that his family is very affected but this situation
55 health care workers affect by LT care outbreaks
Other health workers - like dentists different
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Henry says difference of dentist cases vs health care workers in the field of work is because they were transmitted via the conference not via health work.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
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BREAKING - Dr. Bonnie Henry says there are 42 new positive cases in BC. There 659 cases in BC right now. There are 339 in Vancouver Coastal. There is one new long care home with a case, Broadway Pentecostal Lodge. #bcpoli
There are no new cases at Lynn Valley Care Centre but there is one additional death of a care centre resident. There are 64 people in hospital in BC with COVID-19 and 26 in ICU. #bcpoli #covid19
Dr. Henry says details are still being worked out on health care workers only being able to work at one facility. #bcpoli #covid19
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1) the G&M are not the best source these days. That being said let’s break down how things can advance.
2) Scheer has shredded his small amount of credibility with Canadians. He is only a de facto leader as he has already stepped down but they have not finished finding someone to replace him.
3) the NDP have already said that if enough funding goes to people instead of companies then they will support PMJT going forward. Other parties has said similar. Limiting the CPC opposition.
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🔥🔥OPEN LETTER to @govbc

Re: “Twelve Points for Action to Prevent and Manage #COVID19 for People who are Homeless/At Risk of Homelessness and People who use Drugs”

@adriandix @DarcyJudy @BC_Housing @ShaneLSimpson

#bcpoli #harmreduction
1. Handwashing stations immediately needed in public locations.

Today there were over 150 people on Pandora avenue in #Victoria; how are we prioritizing hand washing without access to clean water and sinks?
2. Immediately identify spaces for homeless and unstable housed people to stay at home and to self-isolate when symptomatic.

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BREAKING - Dr. Henry says there are 74 new COVID19 test positive cases in BC. #bcpoli #COVID19bc
There are 27 cases where people are in hospital. There are now 10 deaths in the province from COVID19, 9 are linked to Lynn Valleg Care Centre. #bcpoli
BREAKING - Dr. Henry ordering tattoo shops, hair salons and barbershops to close. There are other services closed as part of this order. Full list will be out soon. #bcpoli
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My trusty energy engineer source is back with some interesting comments on today's disturbing news of a federal bailout of the oil & gas industry. He has some ideas on what Canada should be doing instead: 1/x
#bcpoli #SiteC #LNGCanada #CoastalGasLink #Wetsuweten #ableg #cdnpoli
First, here is the news of Canada's federal bailout of the oil & gas sector in the midst of the #covid19 pandemic, instead of letting the industry sunset & retraining workers & incentivizing alternatives: 2/x… #cdnpoli
Engineer: 'the Canadian oil & gas sector is on its knees. It cannot compete with big global producers, esp with its inferior oil product. Maybe time to use the bailout money to switch to hydrogen & keep people employed in a growing industry, not a dying one we can't compete in..'
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BREAKING - Dr. Bonnie Henry announces 40 new cases of COVID-19. One more person has died from the virus in BC. There are now 271 cases. 152 in Vancouver Coastal Health. 81 in Fraser Health. 22 in Island Health. 12 in Interior and 4 in Northern Health. #bcpoli #COVID19
The latest death is also from the Lynn Valley Care Centre. There are still only 2 cases at Hollyburn care centre. #bcpoli #covid19
Dr. Henry says these measures ARE NOT OPTIONAL. Everyone has to take this advice. "It will protect ourselves, it will protect our communities." #bcpoli #COVID19
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BREAKING: BC has announced K-12 classes are suspended in BC. This is being done indefinitely and timing will be determined down the road. #COVID2019 #bcpoli
Premier Horgan says all parties are working together to figure out what happens in terms of passing emergency legislation needed. "Bringing the legislature back is inconsistent with the advice we are giving to others" #bcpoli #COVID2019
Horgan is speaking about having a quorum of MLAs come to debate the changes being announced. #bcpoli
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🚨B.C. Premier @JJHorgan says impact of social distancing on the economy, fate of school schedules and working with other governments are major challenges. Says K-12 is suspended for now. #bcpoli #coronavirus
@JJHorgan says "This is the time when all of us need to come together" and says co-operation between NDP, BC Liberals and Greens. Will #BCLeg return March 23? He says full legislature not needed, could have quorum of MLAs. (87 MLAs is over the temporary 50-person limit). #bcpoli
🚨Amid suspension of K-12 learning, B.C. Education Minister @Rob_Fleming says every student will receive a final mark. Graduation assessments will be postponed, but every student eligible to graduate will do so. #bcpoli #bced #coronavirus
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking now around the financial concerns of all Canadians. “We will get through this together” #cdnpoli #bcpoli
Trudeau reiterates the Feds will reduce the number of airports in Canada accepting overseas flights. #bcpoli #cdnpoli
On closing borders, Trudeau “We won’t be closing the door to any possible measures.” #cdnpoli #bcpoli
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BREAKING - BC health officials advising all gatherings more than 250 be cancelled. #bcpoli
Dr. Henry says these are all things we must work on together. It will be up to community groups to control crowd sizes. #bcpoli
Dr. Henry is telling workplaces on how it can increase distances, hold virtual meetings or work from home. #bcpoli
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BREAKING - There are 7 new COVID-19 cases in BC. Two of the new cases are care workers at the Lynn Valley care centre. #bcpoli
Three of the new cases have returned from Egypt. #bcpoli
There is the first case of COVID-19 on Vancouver Island. It is someone in his 50s who travelled from Egypt. #bcpoli
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Breaking: There are 7 news cases of COVID-19 in BC. Two of the cases are linked to the Lynn Valley Care Centre. There are now 39 cases in BC. #bcpoli
Two new cases in Fraser Health. One is man in 90s, not clear where contact may have been. Currently in hospital. Another is a man in 40s, it is a community case. He is in isolation at home. #bcpoli
Dr. Bonnie Henry says the province is 'hunting' for the causes of the cases not linked to previous cases. Henry says there have been some recoveries, including individual who was in critical condition last week. #bcpoli
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A reminder, heavy crude and light crude occupy different niches in the global market and outside our bottle-necked supply chain, heavy oil has mostly maintained its price point while light crude has spiraled. This makes a stronger case for #TransMountain #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Right now MAYA (a heavy crude chemically similar to WCS) is trading at almost $8/barrel higher that WTI while WCS is less than half the MAYA price.

Were #transmountain completed and shipping, those Alberta barrels would be worth over twice their current price. #bcpoli #canpoli

MAYA is $41.16
WCS is $15.73

Difference $25.43

Line 2 of @TransMtn would carry 540,000 b/d

That is $13,732,200 of additional value lost TODAY!!!!

or $5 Billion per year!!!!

That is $5 Billion not generating royalties or value
#bcpoli #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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Six new #COVIDー19 in bc
2 related to Iran travel
2 in 60s from princess cruise 11-21 feb trip - Fraser health region - stable but in hosp for observation
More may test positive who were on that cruise
2 most concerning - residents of Lynn valley care centre
Dr Bonnie Henry says the two positive tests in the care home leading to large investigation into residents and workers and what contact they’ve had.
And there are restrictions on that facility now for who is in and out.
#bcpoli #COVIDー19
Four recovered
The icu patient stable
2 I
All others in isolation
Also those with contact in isolation
“We are in an extraordinary situation” - Henry says - if you are sick stay home, keep your kids home.
But know that not everyone who is sick has #COVIDー19
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#BC government-wide response to #COVID19 includes -IF NECESSARY- prep for outbreak lasting up to 4 months.

Premier @jjhorgan and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry say focus remains on identification and containment of isolated cases. #health #bcpoli @NEWS1130
.@jjhorgan says more than 2800 tests done in #BC and response so far has been “robust.” He’s appointing deputy minister to oversee response. #COVIDー19 #bcpoli @NEWS1130
Premier offering assurances everything that can be done is being done to keep #COVIDー19 virus from spreading in #BC. So far, only one case out of 21 admitted to #ICU. @NEWS1130
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For those travelling over Spring Break, Dr. Henry says she is shifting her mindset to recommend people stay at home and cancel trips. #bcpoli
British Columbia now has 21 cases of COVID19. #bcpoli
On health resources, Dix says as province prepares for more cases they are insuring health authorities have what they need. #bcpoli
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This was posted by Chad Day, Chief of the Tahltan Nation on his FB page: Thread #bcpoli

Tonight upon landing in Victoria and going for an evening stroll downtown, I got to see up close all these protestors, along with all their garbage, dirty clothes + dishes, tents,
fires and all these displays they have set up all over the front steps, lights and entrance of the BC Legislature.

I decided to walk up to take a closer look and was warned by the two guards not to engage with anyone. I was shocked to learn this has been going on for eight days.
Before I could get close to the front steps, a young lady in her early 20s purposely walks in front of me...

Her: Are you here in solidarity with us and the Wet'suwet'en?

Me: Which portion of the Wet'suwet'en are you talking about exactly?
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My former gas pipeline engineer pal is on a roll this morning: 'Now we know how much power it takes to make #LNG: it's equivalent to fueling a large coal plant in Alberta, & does absolutely nothing other than basically throw all that CO2 in the air just to put methane in a boat.'
"Considering all the costs, delays, fighting for a right of way, environmental damage, wouldn't it have been simpler and more effective to just sell the fracked gas to Alberta, and build a pipeline to convert even 1 coal plant there to natural gas?" Not to mention cleaner..
"This would save the country and the planet from burning more CO2 than this whole LNG project does, as it ships what's left all the way to Asia. Right now, for example, 4 coal plants are running in that power range [LNG Canada takes 420 MW to refrigerate methane into LNG]."
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ICYMI, there's a hidden driver behind the fracking of gas in NE BC & the associated #CoastalGasLink pipeline being pushed through #Wetsuweten territory. It's condensate, a fracking by-product, & the Alberta tar sands need it for diluting bitumen:… #bcpoli
In that 2018 article on condensate by @BenParfittCCPA in @thenarwhalca, Parfitt points out that mainstream media doesn't cover the key issue of condensate. That's still as true today in 2020 as it was in 2018.
@BenParfittCCPA @thenarwhalca In a thread a month ago I tried to quickly show the intimate link between BC fracking, #CoastalGasLink, #SiteC, #LNGCanada and the #TMX pipeline, but this time I'll focus more on the condensate. #bpcoli #LNGCanada #Wetsuweten #cdnpoli
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THREAD: over the past month we’ve been covering the #Wetsuweten crisis from inside police lines, and across the country. In case you missed some of it, we’re highlighting a few of our favourite pieces. Our goal is to inform, but also contextualize. #cdnpoli #bcpoli
On Feb. 5th we published a context piece (or explainer) on how the oft-discussed ‘rule of law’ applies to the #Wetsuweten stand off with the Coastal GasLink pipeline. It’s our most popular article of the year.…
On Jan. 17, we published journalist @GitxsanJt’s first report from #Wetsuweten territory. It focused on the RCMP roadblock and how it was effecting Wet’suwet’en people, as well as media trying to report from the area.…
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Twitter rant incoming: I've been in #Wetsuweten territory for two weeks, covering what's happening. I've had dozens of conversations, incl. w/ many hereditary chiefs. It's factually inaccurate to say that the hereditary system is universally opposed. #bcpoli #cdnpoli 1/12
This is a *consensus-based participatory democracy*. That is the design of the feast hall system.

Hereditary chiefs are obliged to listen to their members, and when they fail to consult (by hosting feasts) they aren't justified in acting. #bcpoli #cdnpoli 2/12
Many super traditional and well-educated Wet'suwet'en have explained to me that some of the chiefs in the anti-pipeline faction are refusing to host formal events to seek consent from their house.

Allegedly this amounts to suppression of debate. #bcpoli #cdnpoli 3/12
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Ok, I can see that people need reminding about my deep dive into the foreign-funding canard:…

Start by watching the first 20 seconds of this video:

If you think this is a made-in-Canada issue 2/
That video, attacking radicals from outside Colorado, was produced by the Environmental Policy Alliance, which sounds like a citizens group

But it’s not 3/
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