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1/🧵So, who's ready to explore some "made in BC" ethics waivers w/me? Six studies w/similar stmts & one document that might just be a crucial puzzle piece. btw-this thread & corresponding paper is culmination of weeks of my intermittent research...okay, here. it. goes...#bcpoli
2/ Before getting into it, lets look at the waiver stmts w/each corresponding study. The 1st five are all co-authored by #DrHenry incl. 4 vax studies & the P.1 study. The 6th is a WGS project that took place during the P1 outbreak & the Delta wave. They are as follows: #bcpoli
3/ #1 Vax study stmt: "Data linkages & analyses were conducted under a surveillance mandate, authorized by the PHO under the Public Health Act, and exempt from research ethics board review.”#bcpoli…
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I've read the stories describing the apology tour of Pope Francis. On Monday after his first visit near Edmonton I decided to comment after the saga had unfolded. It was an emotional week for so many!
1/ #PopeFrancis #Canada #residentialschools #truthandreconciliation
We heard apologies, pleading forgiveness, more apologies, recognition of "cultural destruction" and finally on the flight home #PopeFrancis said "yes, it was a genocide, yes, yes, clearly. You can say that I said it was a genocide."
2/ #residentialschools…
The genocide was justified by the #DoctrineOfDiscovery & while #PopeFrancis, #CatholicChurch, & Crown gov'ts are reluctant to rescind it, the actions I witnessed against the #Wetsuweten in their own territory are empowered by the Doctrine.
3/ #bcpoli #cdnpoli @bcndp @BCNDPCaucus
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‘Soon it will be unrecognisable’: total climate meltdown cannot be stopped

Blistering heatwaves are just the start. We must accept how bad things are b4 we can head off global catastrophe, according to a leading UK scientist #Extinction Rebellion #bcpoli…
"5 unexpected threats posed by the pumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere" 👉🏽Make that 6.. OVERLAPPING pandemics
#monkeypox #covid
“This is a call to arms,” he says. “So if you feel the need to glue yourself to a motorway or blockade an oil refinery, do it. Drive an electric car or, even better, use public transport, walk or cycle. Switch to a green energy tariff; eat less meat."
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This week I attended the Peace & Unity Summit hosted by the Wet’suwet’en office. We were given the gift of being on the yintah, as witnesses. We rafted down the Wedzin Kwa. We drank from the river, saw an ancient village site and witnessed the first salmon return. 1/ #bcpoli
That same day we were under surveillance by the RCMP and CGL. It was unmissable - every turn, even outside of the Healing House, they were there watching side by side. We were photographed, videotaped, and had a drone set on us. We witnessed a person get arrested. 2/ #bcpoli
This industrial operation continues to disenfranchise Indigenous people on their territory every single day. We witnessed that. Over the next 3 days we heard similar stories from chiefs, elders, and leaders about their fight to defend their territory across BC. 3/ #bcpoli
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Tyre dust: the ‘stealth pollutant’ that’s becoming a huge threat to ocean life

Plastic in the depths: Scientists spent decades on the trail of a mystery toxin killing #Salmon en masse. Mystery of the mass deaths seemed to occur after heavy rains #pnw #yvr…
first real breakthrough happened when they tested actual runoff collected from a nearby road and exposed test salmon to it. The fish died within hours
Tested this product @environmentca🤔
..carefully shaved tiny fragments of tyre & soaked them in water. “When we tested the tyres it killed all the fish".. culprit a toxic chemical 6PPD-quinone, product of the preservative 6PPD, added to tyres to stop them breaking down #Plastic
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So, building on this study that @littleann4ever investigated (inc. noting Henry waived ethics on her own paper AGAIN), I decided to make a quick search of Google Scholar as well.

Buckle up. There's something rotten in the state of #bcpoli & Bonnie Henry's office... 🧵
2/ Bonnie Henry. Co-author.

Ethics: Exempt from @UBC ethics.
Funding: @BCCDCFoundation
Consent: Study does not include factors requiring patient consent.

58d26766-3585-473a-8438-6bcba9a1b1ae.pdf (
3/ Bonnie Henry. Co-author

Ethics: Authorized by Bonnie Henry as PHO ... no need for ethics review.
Funding: Prov health authorities
Consent: No mention.…
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1/🧵So, remember when word spread that P.1. was exploding &⬆️young people seriously ill but BCPH narrative re: VOC prevalence was murky at best? Well, what if I told you there's published proof that P.1 cases were almost 4X the disclosed total by #DrHenry @adriandix & @CDCofBC?
2/ Let's travel back to Mar/Apr 2021 when doctors were sounding the alarm wrt to the seriousness of P.1. & #DrHenry emphasized "the small # variants represent" & that they were, as usual, "watching carefully," as per this @PennyDaflos news article: #bcpoli…
3/ When #DrHenry said they were "watching carefully" she really meant it! You see, as it happens there was a BC study wrt P.1. ongoing headed by BCCDC's Dr.Hogan w/co-authors incl. Dr.Krajden, hosp docs from Kelowna/Victoria/St.Paul's & none other than #DrHenry herself. #bcpoli
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This morning, the civil/mechanical engineer has some further worries about #SiteC re: its design. I'll screenshot what he wrote (you can also read it in the Alt text).

His remarks arose from seeing this recent #SiteC construction photo from @BCHydro. Site diagram for reference. Photo of the Site C dam under construction, showing the &quoArtist's drawing of completed Site C dam, showing an L-shape
@bchydro We invite anyone from @bchydro to respond to this civil engineer's concerns. Too many engineering/ construction experts have raised red flags about #SiteC's safety. The dam has already failed during construction so their fears are built on facts more solid than the dam. #bcpoli Photo of the Site C dam under construction, showing the &quoThis photo is a rear view of the buttresses showing the exca
@bchydro A few further remarks from an engineer: "Another thing we don't know is how on earth they'll attach the earthfill dam to the concrete on the north and south ends, esp the south side against the buttress. These are both shear connections... with soft banks..."
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A thread about record low #endangered Interior Fraser #steelhead. The intent of this thread is to educate people on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada's consistent habit of both destroying these fish while simultaneously editing/hiding science.

#BCpoli #CDNpoli
Steelhead pops in the two best monitored systems (Chilcotin and Thompson rivers) have gone from thousands to an estimated 19 (yes, 19) and 104 respectively. These are all-time record lows.
The neat thing about steelhead is that unlike other anadromous fish such as salmon they do not die after spawning so they can spawn more than once. Generally speaking, older fish = bigger fish = > fecundity = more babies in the water and hopefully more adults returning.

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Hibernation Day #295 | A perfect summer day, warm, not hot, wispy clouds for the perfect sunset. Grand!
We have reached an interesting point in the narrative: the BC donuts on vax outcomes have been dropped. Here's the last double glaze: 1/
Our friends in Alberta have dropped Vaccine Outcomes altogether. The invaluable, @Martyupnorth_2 posts 2/

Meanwhile, the invaluable Guillaume Comeau posts a history of the Quebec government's gradual reduction in actual information on its stats page. Read the whole thread, it is as funny as the gov't is outrageous. 3/

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As a primary care physician I cannot reconcile many current governments’ stance of “individual responsibility” with what I know about public health and primary care.

#cdnpoli #bcpoli #COVID19

Our current lack of public health protections is disproportionately affecting vulnerable populations.

Whose job is it to protect these individuals if not PH’s?

Emerging data is also suggesting that repeated infections may increase morbidity and disability.

Therefore, our pool of vulnerable individuals is likely to increase over time.

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I posted this donut graph from the BC gov't in my earlier Hibernations thread. But it really is worth looking at on its own and on its page… 1/ Image
Branch Covidarians will make noise about the age profile of the triple vaxed, as they should, and then they should click on the link and look at the age breakdowns. Nasty. 2/ #COVID19 #bcpoli
It's late. My takeaway is that the jabs are very disappointing and may even have negative efficacy. The unjabbed seem to be doing fine - probably smart to try and avoid getting the damned virus - but at least no adverse or immune effects. 3/ #COVID19 #canpoli
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Hibernation Day #292 | Victoria was jammed today. It was "Deuce Day" down at the Inner Harbour and the chrome could be seen from space. Two full cruise ships, lots of other tourists. Place was hopping. 1/
Tourism is seasonal and for the last two years there was not "a season" because of the measures introduced to contain COVID. The US border was pretty much closed, cruise ships were idle. Which meant the tourist buses were not running, restaurants empty. 2/
Did these measures "save lives"? Maybe, but probably not. The fact is that 80% of the deaths in BC were over 80 and a significant fraction of those were in LTC settings - not where tourists were likely to go. 3/ #bcpoli
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We have a failing government and rising costs. A sad time for BC

#BetterBC #NDP #bcpoli #cndpoli
@BCNDPCaucus @BcND
and watersheds are suffering. The Site C Horgan dam is continuing to rack up ridiculous debt and there is no leadership away from fossil fuels. Land defenders on unceded land are jailed for protecting their territory, old growth logged.
Public health has become a personal DIY project with more than one virus spreading at pandemic levels without public protections (ventilation, masks, vaccines) and without data or public education to make personal risk assessments.
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1/I am really upset at pic emerging wrt massive (& dangerous) overstepping of BC's Provincial Health Officer (#bonniehenry) & regional MHOs into building engineering, a legally regulated engineering practice in which they have no training or license to practice

2/ To recap, building engineering is a regulated practice. The application of ASHRAE technical standards and guidance = building engineering. Only appropriate P.Engs can practice building engineering.

3/ Any regulated engineering work MUST be backed by a Responsible Engineer / Engineer of Record. There must be a paper trail ("Authenticated Documents") of work product and assurance that underpins engineering advice relied on by others.

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Hibernation Day #288 | Summer day, but not too hot. Lovely really. The masks have all but vanished. The holes in the narrative are coming quickly now. The possibility of nasty adverse effects is beginning to gain traction. 1/
The great Mark Steyn put up a one hour show on GB News on the vax injured. GB News is not quite mainstream, but it has a big audience. 2/
It is a very sad show. Too many people have been killed or badly injured by the lightly trialled jabs. Until now, the stories have not really been collected. Steyn collects more than a few. @BreesAnna suggests "more balance". I can't see why. 3/
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"[The study] was conducted during last winter’s coronavirus outbreak, which was dominated by the Omicron variant.

The fourth shot of Pfizer’s vaccine slashed the chance of hospitalization for COVID by over 60% and delivered a 34% reduction in chances of infection.."
"“The most important message here is that the fourth dose was protective for the most frail elderly people who are in residential facilities.." “Fourth shots reduce hospitalization and death — they’re lifesavers."
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The secret answer to an effective + accessible #SafeSupply is


💊 Options that respect the autonomy, needs, and wants of people who use drugs.

💊 Options that reduce and eliminate accessibility barriers.

💊 Options that reflect the ways people use drugs

People use drugs for many different reasons in many different ways.

Supplanting the unregulated and volatile drug supply requires a continuum of 💫options💫that are informed, designed and led by people who use drugs.

#SafeSupply from @CoLab_CISUR, @OutreachSolid and @SaferVic
Here’s a thread detailing the six main features of an effective + accessible #SafeSupply:

✅Right dose + right drugs
✅Easy access
✅Safe, positive + welcoming spaces
✅Access to additional supports (if desired)
✅Respect + trust
✅Honours + affirms goals of the individual
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1/Excellent reporting by @TheTyee:
“Although many PH officials still dismiss COVID infections as inevitable & even beneficial, a growing body of science shows this fashionable dogma is dangerously wrongheaded, if not an outright form of malpractice.”

2/ “Reinfections, and 2022 is surely the year of reinfections, just increase the damage from COVID, which can be profound: immune dysregulation, blood clots, nerve cell death, inflammation, lung damage, kidney failure and brain damage.”…
3/ “New science shows that Omicron & its variants are getting better at evading immune defences induced by vaccines or by natural infection. BA5, for example, is more transmissible than any previous variant.”
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Tale of 2 restaurants:
Cactus Club Café & Earl’s Restaurant, Station Square, Burnaby, BC.

Right beside each other, newly-built restaurants, both busy.

#bcpoli #COVIDisAirborne

A thread: 🧵 Infographic picture. Title: Safer indoor air for workplaces.
Station Square, Burnaby:
Cactus Club - has glass floor-ceiling walls that open. Except they were closed. Outside temp 20C. Non-chalant “no” when asked if they would open walls, even partially. CO2 levels 850-880 ppm.

Patio area was closed, too, so indoors was it.😬

Grade: C- Photo shows interior of Cactus Club Cafe, Station Square, Bu
3/ Meanwhile…
Earl’s Restaurant, next door.
Heated, outdoor patio w/ roof overhead, open air. Plus the indoor part of the restaurant has windows that open; they were opened on this day.

CO2 levels on patio 450-480 ppm.

Grade: A Photo of Earls patio, Station Square Burnaby location. Taken
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#NEW: Omicron's newest subvariants are already here and spreading fast, with their ability to bypass antibodies from both vaccines and prior infection, says new data from BC + experts.

What it means for our healthcare system this summer:
“We are all incredibly worried that there will be more morbidity and mortality," said ER physician Dr. Jeff Unger.

Last week, Saanich Peninsula Hospital asked Island Health to shut down the ER overnight, to redirect staff to their busiest hours.

Island Health said no.
With public health measures all but gone & waning immunity from 3rd doses, BA.4 and BA.5 are expected soon become dominant in BC.

A new study shows that the more times you get reinfected with COVID-19, the higher your risk of death, hospitalization, and long COVID.

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This article covers it all. It's so satisfying to hear the truth. Out loud. #bcpoli

Martyn Brown: As B.C.’s health system death spiral revs up, the only thing sicker is governments’ feckless response… via @georgiastraight
"Too many have been lulled by their blind faith in the likes of Dr. Henry and by the mostly unchallenged narratives that are amplified by the media." #bcpoli
"Some 70 percent of British Columbians apparently now disapprove of the Horgan government’s performance on health care, with 56 percent of NDP supporters giving it a thumbs down." #bcpoli
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1/7🧵So, remember when we were begging for RATs & BCPH & #DrHenry were refusing us access at every turn? Well, a certain @CDCofBC PH Laboratory Medical Director, not only knew early on their usefulness, esp wrt asymptomatic infection but he co-authored article about it.#bcpoli
2/7 Mel Krajden said this Mar29/21: “RATs can detect infection in people w/viral loads…regardless if they're symptomatic or not. People who have asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic infections may account for more than 1/2 of SARS-CoV-2 transmissions” #bcpoli…
3/7 This is very same Mel Krajden that 7mths later on Nov16/21 emoted these ideologically laced words in @frozen’s video clip as RATs were withheld. FLWs, LTC residents, health-compromised & #bced staff/families were at high risk & getting sick.#bcpoli
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1/ 🧵Well, it took me awhile to organize all this research info. So many rabbit holes. I finally decided the best way forward was to divide into parts. So the following is Part 1 summary of BC's vast research funding sources/initiatives. Hold on to your hats, it's a ride! #bcpoli
2/ 1st up, @HlthResearchBC. Did you know that the MSHR launched a Covid-19 Research Response Fund at outset of pandemic w/call out to BC researchers to have results available in time to inform public health responses thru fall/winter 2021? #bcpoli…
3/ Also, did you know that there's a Covid-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) that supports BC's coordinated research pandemic response? It's bridge btwn PHO, gov't & research community w/primary role to advise on priorities/funding/…
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