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Fire has dominated the news cycle recently for good reason. People have died. A BC community destroyed, thousands are evacuated, and the sky is once again filled with smoke. This is beyond a crisis and we need to respond with urgency. #bcpoli #Wildfires🧵…
In a white paper (link above) collaborators and supporters lay out the problem: our current strategies for landscape management and fire suppression are no longer sustainable or effective. We need to proactively mitigate wildfire risk and we need to act now. So what is at play?
1. Decades of aggressive fire suppression and landscape management have made our forests more vulnerable. The 'fire deficit' and increased fuel loads are putting our communities at risk:…
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I really want to comment on the BC & Central Okanagan mini-mockdown, but I can't stop thinking about Alberta & Hinshaw & Kenney bringing the weapons-grade stupid today.

I do have a theory on that, though... 1/
Alberta has more vaccine-reluctant holdouts, so perhaps they've determined all eligible teens and adults who want to be protected now are, so let's "let 'er rip" and let the rest get sick and build up natural immunity prior to school opening? 2/
"Getting sick with a potentially deadly virus with concerning long-term impacts, in order to avoid getting sick with a potentially deadly virus with concerning long-term impacts" isn't exactly the strategy I would go with. But then again, I've never understood AB politics 3/
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NEW - An outbreak has been declared in the Central Okanagan of COVID-19. #bcpoli
NEW - Masks are now mandated for indoor public spaces in the Central Okanagan. #bcpoli
The rules are in place at midnight.
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NEW - Dr. Bonnie Henry is announcing regional restrictions only for the Central Okanagan. #bcpoli
These restrictions include Kelowna, West Kelowna and Peachland. #bcpoli
More than half of the new COVID-19 cases in the province over the last week have come from Central Okanagan. #bcpoli
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NEW - British Columbia finished 2020-21 with a deficit of $5.5 billion, well below where the province projected. In the budget the province projected an $8.1 million deficit due to COVID for 2020-21. #bcpoli
The improved economic picture is due to many sectors of the economy bouncing back from COVID more and faster than expected. It also includes an improved economic picture at ICBC. #bcpoli
Province has released the top 10 public sector earners.
Thomas Bechard, Powerex: $934,521
Santa Ono, UBC $611,712
Chris O'Riley, BC Hydro: $590,114
Brenda Leong, BC Securities Commission: $527,004 James Hamilton, Okanagan College: $495,493
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It's Tuesday - BC CDC's Surveillance Dashboard is updated. Some warm spots. Let's start with the Kootenays (whoa, Castlegar at 24/100k), Central Okanagan at 15/100k. Looks like Glenmore & Downtown Kelowna broke the colour scheme at 21 & 22 respectively.

#bcpoli #covid19bc

1/ ImageImageImageImage
With 4% of BC's population, Central Okanagan now has 34% of BC's cases. It won't stay that way, those cases will head elsewhere soon enough.

IH's vax rates for 1st dose are lower than VCH/FH - but not 2nd dose. However, Central Okanagan lags slightly.

BC should be nervous

2/ ImageImageImageImage
That said, one thing that seems to exacerbate Delta this summer are more granular readings of age-based vaccination. Calgary has exceptionally low rates among 20-29; Kelowna may have the same, where older or younger people make the numbers seem better than they are for 20-29? 3/ Image
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NEW - B.C. is reporting 150 new cases of COVID-19, including one epi-linked case, for a total of 149,259 cases in the province.
This is the highest single day number since June 9.
The rolling 7 day average is now 99 new cases per day. #bcpoli
Case explosion continues in Interior Health.
Interior: 95 new cases, 412 active
Fraser: 32 new cases, 196 active
Coastal: 17 new cases, 122 active
Northern: 3 new cases, 14 active
Island: 3 new cases, 35 active
Outside Canada: 0 new, 4 active
80.7% (3,742,081) of eligible people 12 and older in B.C. have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 62.3% (2,887,730) have received their second dose. #bcpoli
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The eligibility time frame is 49 days between first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses. Anyone in B.C. can get a second shot 7 full weeks after their first. #bcpoli
On using vaccine passports or segregating public events between vaccinated and unvaccinated, Dix says focus is doing positive things over the next two weeks (and assumedly not negative). #bcpoli
On Wednesday night, Dr. Henry, Dix and Shirley Bond are doing a telephone town hall in Price George about vaccines. #bcpoli
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NEW - BC will hold Walk-in Wednesday on August 4 across the province with 20,000 COVID-19 shots available with no appointment needed. #bcpoli
NEW - From June 15 to July 15, 1,210 unvaccinated people got COVID, 499 partially vaccinated people got COVID and 68 fully vaccinated people got COVID. #bcpoli
From June 15 to July 15, 137 unvaccinated people got hospitalized with COVID, 31 partially vaccinated people went to hospital and 8 fully vaccinated people went to hospital with COVID. #bcpoli
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Map of current groundwater licence applications for BC water bottling #bcpoli
Meanwhile 63% of us are living in water-stressed areas & many Indigenous communities have variable access to safe drinking water & no control over water use in their territories…
While the Water Protection Act bans bulk water export, a loophole permits water to be taken out of BC in containers of 20 litres or less = so it no longer achieves
the goal of banning water exports, due to the scale in monetary value & global reach of the water bottling industry
"In 2020 the water bottling industry in Canada extracted 2.611 billion litres of bottled water.
In BC, water bottling users pay $2.25 per million litres – less than a penny per bottle – returning almost no revenue to the Prov of BC for water management"…
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NEW - B.C. is reporting 267 new cases of COVID-19, including one epi-linked case, for a total of 149,109 cases in the province:

July 23-24: 94 new cases
July 24-25: 79 new cases
July 25-26: 94 new cases
The rolling 7 day average is now 89 new cases per day. This is up from 73 on Friday. #bcpoli
There are currently 695 active cases of COVID-19 in BC.
43 individuals are in hospital and 17 are in intensive care. #bcpoli
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LONG THREAD about forest industry jobs, based on Stats Can data:

So I'm looking at numbers on logging levels and forest sector employment for some research I'm doing, and comparing how many jobs are created by logging in different provinces.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #forestry
2/30 The data is from this Stats Can data set, which lets you toggle between the numbers for logging (by volume or by area), employment, inventory, investment and other values.…
#bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli #forests #forestry
3/30 I'm particularly interested in efficiency --not in the standard sense under capitalism, but with regard to the actual value this industry provides to our communities, in exchange for it's huge impacts, which anyone who follows me on here will be aware of my thoughts about.
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Engineer friend watching today's LNG business news (thread): "So much for that one...Pieridae Energy put itself up for sale this morning. How they thought they could ship gas from southern AB to Germany as LNG, likely burning 40% or more on the way, & make a profit is a mystery..
.."Pieridae had to compete with the US as well & US is on tidewater to start. Same w/ the Quebec LNG project that just got cancelled, doing the same w/ gas from AB. LNG has to be the most wasteful process imaginable, esp. from western Canada which is so far from markets" #bcpoli
.."Pieridae took over Shell's dangerous old sour gas wells in southern AB that need to be cleaned up. Who will buy them now? The advantage Pieridae had was that the gas in southern AB wasn't fracked so could be sold to Germany, but they did need processing to remove the H2S gas"
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Remember that huge landslide at the town of Old Fort in N.E. BC, a kilometre from #SiteC? Well the geohazard assessment is complete. My engineer pal says it's very well done, & more proof #SiteC is unsafe. Highlights from his remarks: (thread).. #bcpoli… ImageImage
Engineer: "there's so much info in this #OldFort slide report it would take a month just to digest it, but it tells us the basics: this is no area for a dam. #SiteC… #bcpoli
Engineer: "What a comprehensive report - compliments to Tetra Tech. Anybody reading this would find somewhere else for a dam! They're careful to limit their work to the Old Fort slide area, so they don't make any statements about #SiteC, tho they do show it is in close proximity"
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Drea Humphrey visits Lytton, B.C. for an investigation as to what could have caused the start of a devastating fire that wiped out much of the town of Lytton.
While most reports initially linked the fire to a spark from a passing train and climate change, the area is also in a hotspot where numerous church arson attacks have happened? Could a church arsonist have caused the fire? Drea Humphrey investigates.
INVESTIGATION: Could a church arsonist have caused the Lytton, B.C. fire?

FULL REPORT from @DreaHumphrey:

#cdnpoli #bcpoli #churchfire
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NEW - British Columbia has declared a provincial State of Emergency connected to the ongoing wildfires. #bcpoli #bcfires
Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says he received a briefing last night showing winds and weather that could lead to an increase in evacuations. #bcpoli #bcfires
BC has now called states of emergencies linked to fires in 2003, 2017, 2018 and 2021. #bcfires #bcpoli
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Some morning thoughts about #wildfires and forest management in #bcpoli:

About a month ago I started playing drop in soccer again.

My first night there, there were three guys I didn’t know, talking about setting wedges + other things I know to be associated with falling trees.
I asked them if they were arborists, or if they worked in the forest industry.

They said neither, they are forest fire fighters on the local crew. This was a couple days before the heat dome, and we talked about how busy they expected fire season to get in the coming weeks.
They haven’t been at soccer since, and, as there are mercifully fewer fires here on the Island, I assume that’s because they are redeployed to the interior, where hundreds of fires are raging.

#BCPoli #BCWildfires
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Today, July 20, 2021, is the 150th anniversary of BC becoming a Canadian province.

It also marks the 150th anniversary of BC being Canada’s best province. #bcpoli
I am now going to attempt to use this thread to post 150 facts about British Columbia to mark the 150th anniversary as a province. This will likely go all day. #bcpoli #bcfacts
Bryan Adams may not have been born in British Columbia (he was born in Kingston, ON) but he did finish high school in North Vancouver. In his career he has had 4 number 1 hits on the US charts. #bcfacts
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NEW - Over a three-day period, B.C. is reporting 156 new cases of COVID-19, for a total of 148,487 cases in the province:
* July 16-17: 56 new cases
* July 17-18: 60 new cases
* July 18-19: 40 new cases
There are currently 653 active cases of COVID-19 in the province.
49 individuals are currently in hospital and 12 are in intensive care. #bcpoli
Fraser: 63 new, 166 active
Coastal: 27 new, 246 active
Interior: 58 new, 179 active
Northern: 3 new, 33 active
Island 4 new, 21 active
Outside Canada: 1 new, 8 active
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NEW - On August 9, 2021, Canada plans to begin allowing entry to American citizens and permanent residents, who are currently residing in the United States, and have been fully vaccinated for non-essential travel. #cdnpoli #bcpoli
All travellers regardless of vaccination will still a pre-travel negative test. But no at border test unless they are randomly selected. #cdnpoli #bcpoli
Hotel stay will be eliminated for air travellers starting in August. But those travelling without Canadian or US passport or residency card will still be required to quarantine. #cdnpoli
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This is shocking from the @bccla, and complete cowardice.

Sandbagging @HarshaWalia over a tweet — one which is certainly within the realm of progressive discourse, now & always — is unbelievably terrible.

#IStandWithHarsha #IStandWithHarshaWalia #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
For the @bccla to force @HarshaWalia, by far their best Executive Director and staffer in decades, bar none, to resign over a tweet is shocking.

The credibility of #BCCLA has been shaken to the core.…

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
As @MatthewGreenNDP aptly says: “Burn It All Down” is a call for decolonization, not arson… not an ignition of actual, literal fires... but burning down structures of injustice to create better futures.

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA

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BREAKING!: Harsha "Burn It All Down" Walia has quit @BCCLA. #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Can't tell you what the reaction is from @harshawalia and whether she really jumped or was pushed out of the @bccla organization. #bcpoli #cdnpoli
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A Practice Brief:
Implementing the #Victoria SAFER Initiative

What does a #HarmReduction + flexible model for #SafeSupply look like?

Amazing work by everyone at @OutreachSolid, @UVic_CISUR, and @SaferVic.


Today marks my 1-year anniversary as clinical lead at @SaferVic.

We started this work with a cell phone + clipboard. We connected with folks 1:1 across various encampments in #Victoria.

Every effort to connect someone to a safe supply led to medical barriers.
We started the work right away, and concurrently engaged in thorough consultation and engagement with people with lived/living experience.

We developed, modified, and modified again based on the feedback we received from people who use drugs (PWUD).
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Alarmist not so alarmist now.
Climate Crisis: Science failed to predict flood & heat intensity

Top climate scientists have admitted they failed to predict intensity of German #floods & the North American heat dome #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #bcpoli #bcheatwave…
#climatescience former Met Office chief scientist Prof
told BBC News: "We should be alarmed because the IPCC #climatemodels are just not good enough

It’s is IMPOSSIBLE to say how much of an (existential) emergency we are in because we don’t have the tools to answer question🤔
Some scientists argue that it's futile to wait for the @IPCC_CH to say how bad the #climatecrisis will be 👀

#AbruptClimateChange #COP26
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