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What's clear to me is that the NEB has denied this motion because the Trudeau government specifically excluded climate change impacts from a full review of this pipeline. Thread 1/
They say they are climate champions but they won't review climate impacts and they are desperate to build more fossil fuel infrastructure. This decision exposes the governments climate change agenda as political and not based on science. 2/
In drafting our motion we consulted with @IPCC_CH scientists who clearly stated that new fossil fuel infrastructure and the expansion of the oilsands is inconsistent with a the Paris agreement and an ambition of limiting warming to 1.5C 3/
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THREAD: We need to talk about the BC electoral riding of Abbotsford South. You may know this as a safe BC Liberal seat that has also been, for the last 7 years, an ongoing nightmare for the BC Liberal Party, and which has played a huge part in BC politics since 2012. 1/x
The riding had been represented by John van Dongen for years. But in 2012, van Dongen - who had served in cabinet for years - left the party and became the BC Conservatives first MLA. This was a Big Thing.…
3/x Van Dongen was mad about several things, was an opponent of Christy Clark, and thought the BC Rail stuff was shady. He later left the Conservatives in 2012 to sit as an independent.
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On the not so shocking revelations in the @bchydro IPP review.

Honestly folks we all told you the fight against #ClimateChange was not going to be cheap… #bcpoli @nbennett_biv @richardzussman @MikeSmythNews @Mike_A_Bernier #renewables @Bernardo1130
Alt title: How is it possible that a review of green energy policy completely omitted the reason for the policy #ClimateChange and what has happened in every other jurisdiction where they tried to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels? @keithbaldrey #bcpoli #renewables
Alt alt title: If you demand that we do what it takes to fight #ClimateChange then you shouldn't really complain when you discover that the cost of doing something is a lot higher than the price of doing nothing. @jjhorgan @Wilkinson4BC @AJWVictoriaBC #bcpoli @BCLiberalCaucus
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#PnPCBC Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau's response in #Winnipeg to Jody Wilson-Raybould's resignation:

#bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
The PM was surprised & disappointed on news of @Puglaas resignation.

If the Former AG Jody Wilson felt the government had not done a proper job, it was her responsibility as AG to let PM @JustinTrudeau know about this or any issues.

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
#CtvNews Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau was asked whether he’ll waive solicitor-client privilege....Also the Unitended consequences on 2 court cases. #SNCLavalin

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
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We need a forensic audit of #SNCLavalin's activities in BC. SNC has its tentacles deep into many BC crown corps, esp BC Hydro. Value of its Hydro contracts in last 15 yrs? What role did it play in the political decision to proceed w #SiteC? SNC Chair then was Gwyn Morgan! #bcpoli
Recall that Gwyn Morgan, the far-right former head of LNG gas giant Encana before becoming SNC Lavalin board chair, was tight w Gordon Campbell & Harper. Morgan became Christy Clark's chief advisor when Campbell stepped down in 2011 & Christy took over as premier. #bcpoli #sitec
There has never been a smoking gun, but many respected #bcpoli and #SiteC watchers have long questioned if there was lobbying from #SNCLavalin to resuscitate the oft-rejected Site C dam. #SNCLavalin was named as "prime consultant" to Site C in 2010. Timing is interesting...3/x
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Hey housing folks [does finger whistle] would you listen if the things I've been trying to say about housing design were written by someone in the New York Times? Or still ignore?


#vanpoli #bcpoli #Cdnpoli

Gif:Husky dog jumping up and down, in/out of view excited
Features like open kitchens& spacious bathrooms appeal to nearly everyone. So why isn’t accessible housing more readily available?…
Yep. I've pointed this out every time someone tells me they can't design for accessibility bc 'ugly'

"The open kitchens, stall showers and spacious baths found in so many pricey new towers often have accessibility laws to thank for their existence."
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Exclusive: River Rock Casino in B.C. ‘knowingly accepted’ millions from banned loan shark and E-Pirate target Paul King Jin, audit alleges… #bcpoli #vanre #cndpoli
1. This story highlights at the least, gross failure, incompetence, or worse, for Canada's anti-money laundering system. The 2012 Fintrac report says that Jin was an "extreme risk" to Canada's financial system, and it was known he was providing cash to Chinese VIP gamblers.
2. But Jin's activity continued in BCLC casinos unabated. He continued to provide cash and chips to Chinese high-rollers that BC officials knew, or should have known, were connected to transnational organized crime. Canada's gov't knew from 2012, based on the Fintrac reporting.
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If journalists want to understand what frustrates environmental scientists nothing better demonstrates what is troubling than the news story I have seen re-tweeted numerous times today. It typifies what is wrong with environmental journalism. #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpol @sjmuir
Here is the story it addresses a complaint about river crossing work conducted on the #transmountain pipeline. It starts with an overwrought headline: "Trans Mountain pipeline work destroyed salmon habitat, scientist says"… #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpol 2/
Pardon me @theprovince the same story appeared in the @globeandmail and other media outlets.

Now let's see what the story entails: approximately 17 m of river affected in an aquifer system that includes literally thousands of kilometers of river area. #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpol 3/
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When the hell is @ElectionsCan_E going to put an end to Hamish Marshall's meddling in elections across the country. "NB Proud" funded by "ModernMiracleNetwork" who's members all work for Calgary based energy co. Questerre. NB Proud hired Ballingall's co. ENOUGH! #cdnpoli #pnpcbc
Terrance Oakey was president of Merit Canada. Went to Hamish Marshall's co. OnePersuades. Merit Ontario gave Ontario Proud $50K. Then ONProud hired One Persuades paying over $30K for Advertising. Did Marshall give ONPr access to #CPC CIMS database during ON elxn? #cdnpoli #onpoli
Here is Terry Oakey with Premier Doug Ford at a Merit Ontario event on Sept. 24, 2018. This after Merit Ontario gave Ontario Proud $50K & then ONPr used that money to pay Oakey/Marshall's co. OnePersuades $30K for ads to help Ford win Ontario elxn. #Ontario #Onpoli #cdnpoli
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Honestly, I have no time for the people who keep attacking @FairQuestions for her work uncovering the financing behind the campaigns against Alberta oil. She did the work on her own dime and more importantly has the paper trail to support her claims. #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 1/
The funniest ones are the ones who argue that she has not made a case that the money really made anything happen. This argument assumes that the American donors to these programs are idiots. To understand follow my logic #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 2/
Vivian has presented documents from the original funding bodies that indicated that their overall goal was to land-lock Alberta oil. This is not really up for debate all the original documents are presented on Vivian's web site #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 3/
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Warning - long twitter rant inspired by @Wilkinson4BC’s request that we not become “bogged down in political posturing” in regards to #PlecasReport and in response to the #bothsidesism running rampant throughout #bcpoli. 1/
There are, to me, two distinct streams to the #PlecasReport story. Which are, of course, related. #bcpoli 2/
First is about the excess & extravagant spending. I don’t doubt some of this may go back decades, through past govts & there are likely MLAs from various parties who could be implicated, just as likely MLAs from various parties who did not engage in this behaviour. #bcpoli 3/
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.@BCLegSpeaker Darryl Plecas just wrapped up a 20 minute scrum in Abbotsford. This is the first time he has commented publicly since the release of his explosive report. #bcpoli
Plecas says he knew on his first day as speaker that something wasn't right at the Legislature in terms of expenses.
Plecas says he feels vindicated and the attacks on his were terrible for himself and his family. #bcpoli
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Everyone cool with me tweeting out every single line of this AMA Journal of Ethics article, Three Things Clinicians Should Know About Disability?…

No seriously. Read this medical community.
Not gonna tweet every line but…

He begins by acknowledging work of - hold your hat…or stethoscope - disabled people. Also, arguably everything in that list is result of first - sustained disability activism. Clinicians' Power to Name Disabilities: While medical practice has always involved people with disabilities, it is only in recent decades that sustained disability activism, increased legal protections & social awareness & new forms of communication have afforded various
*waves vigorously at every doctor on planet*

Remember that promise you made - first do no harm. 👇👇👇 Clinician misunderstanding concerning the meaning of disability & the resultant miscommunication btwn clinicians & ppl w disabilities can lead not only to negative health outcomes but to much larger social consequences, ranging from ill-conceived state & federal policies that result in systemic oppression to various forms of interpersonal discrimination & stigmatization.
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“Wet’suwet’en conflict echoes bitter oilsands battles — only this time it’s natural gas”...& people are just figuring this out? What we are saying is no expansion of oil AND gas infrastructure or production. Thread 1/…
Of course these battles are connected. Along w/ Energy East & Northern Gateway & KXL & many more around the world. We are not saying shut down oil and gas overnight. But consistently in all of these places people are rising up and saying no new expansion of fossil fuels #cdnpoli
New oil and gas projects, in fact any expansion, is inconsistent with a climate safe world of below two degrees. That’s clear in the @IPCC_CH report and it’s clear from analysis of even Canada’s weak targets #cdnpoli #abpoli #bcpoli…
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I think in light of repeated Twitter conversations about #BCLNG, #bitumen in BC. I think it is time for a thread explaining some basic information that may not be understood in the general about the use of coal in China #bcpoli #cdnpoli @nbennett_biv @TerryGlavin @keithbaldrey 1/
China has a massive need for fossil fuels for energy use as well as in their chemical and production chains. Because China does not have large reserves of nat. gas or oil they end up using coal as a generic replacement #bcpoli #cdnpoli @nbennett_biv @TerryGlavin @keithbaldrey 2/
We all know that China uses a lot of coal to generate electricity. They o this even though they are also installing a tremendous amount of renewables. This is because renewables need back-up and coal serves that role #bcpoli #cdnpoli @nbennett_biv @TerryGlavin @keithbaldrey 3/
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First let’s talk about basic Indigenous rights, then we’ll get to reconciliation

The 2 events are aspects of the same fight — "to be fairly, legally recognized in a country that spins stories about the sincerity of reconciliation...."
Thread: Unist'ot'en camp awaits RCMP after injunction enforced at Gidimt'en anti-pipeline checkpoint.

Mounties enforcing court order to allow pipeline company access to northern B.C. road and bridge

#bcpoli #cdnpoli…
Trudeau's meeting with Indigenous leaders changed venues after First Nations pipeline protest

Trudeau addressed Indigenous forum in Ottawa as First Nations protesters marched through city…
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Meanwhile in Canada: Check out #Unistoten #Gidimten #Wetsuweten for RCMP dismantling First Nations pipeline blockade, complete with mass arrests & limited media because we do so love hiding it when we silence protests.

#bcpoli, but also indigenous rights & climate change.
Add on #ShutDownCanada #TheTimeIsNow to hashtags to explore on the conflict going on in Canada right now, especially as it’s expanding beyond the pipeline blockade arrests.

I don’t think I can fairly summarize, but I do think we need eyes on this. #bcpoli #canpoli
Q: ...uh, I’m going to need at least some context.
A: This doesn’t get at any historical context, but does solidly cover current events. CBC’s @pieglue is on-site.…
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So... @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman @scottfraserndp et al. @bcndp just going to turn a blind eye to #Unistoten situation or are you going to step up and act like leaders on this? #BCpoli #CdnPoli #Deescalate #UNDRIP #NoConsent #NoPipelines
...there's an aching silence right now that for #BCNDP folks in particular should smell a lot like the days leading up to August 18, 1995. #BCpoli
also - I think @jjhorgan @SohiAmarjeet @DonaldsonDoug @GeorgeHeyman @michellemungall @lanapopham & @BruceRalston should withdraw from the @BCNRF #BCNRF19 until the conflict is resolved in order to show respect. #BCpoli #UNDRIP
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1) We need a Lie tracker on Andrew Scheer, Doug Ford, & Jason Kenney

Those I follow who are excellent sources on the carbon tax are
@trevortombe @andrew_leach, @EcofiscalCanada @kevinmilligan

The rest of the thread is mostly ammunition against lies
#cdnpoli, #onpoli #ableg
2) Andrew Scheer begins new year with warning of skyrocketing carbon taxes

"The Liberal carbon tax is just about raising revenue for government."

LIAR: 90% of it goes back to Citizens. #cdnpoli
3) Trudeau’s carbon tax takes effect in industrial heartland

"Consumers in the holdout provinces will receive federal payments that will exceed their carbon tax bill in a bid to cushion the blow"…
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A simple question for @singingwithin and @WCELaw

Why are you not suggesting Climate Accountability letters to every car maker out there.

They have a more direct responsibility for our burning fossil fuels and have aggressively advertised its use for decades? #bcpoli #abpoli
Your Climate Accountability project seems a bit off-target. It ignores the companies that have done the most to encourage use of fossil fuels and removes agency from consumers, the people who actually generated the emissions. @nbennett_biv @singingwithin @wcel #bcpoli #abpoli 2/
A logically consistent program would be going after car manufacturers who aren't building enough ICE vehicles; the airline industry and the tourism industry since they both advertise heavily encouraging wasteful emissions @nbennett_biv @singingwithin @wcel #bcpoli #abpoli 3/
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1) Why are some Albertans throwing a temper tantrum without knowing facts?

Jason Kenney asks: "Yes, why the double standard?" in response to
"Why no oil tanker bans for Quebec?"

#cdnpoli #abpoli #bcpoli #ableg…
2) It's not about Alberta, Quebec, oil transport on the St Lawrence River, Beluga Whales, or Energy East.

It's about BC! Why must it always be about AB?

Why are Albertans not angry at Politicians with an election Agenda?

Imagine Supertankers navigating these islands
3) The article also doesn't capture the important details: the navigational, ecosystem,and demographic differences between the St Lawrence, the Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte islands (Haida Gwaii).

It blindly ignores details and invites Albertans to send hate to QC & BC. Why?
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1) Conservative collusion with the oil industry, stacking the NEB with industry insiders, & gutting Canada’s environmental protections led to the failure of Northern Gateway (NG), TMX, the creation of #IdleNoMore, entrenched pipeline opposition, and #cdnpoli #abpoli #bcpoli
2) to Bill C69 and:

Fisheries Act no longer protects most fish

Navigable Waters Act doesn't protect most lakes/rivers

Environmental Assessment Act replaced with a skinny law probably written on a napkin

Round Table on Environment & Economy dismantled

But Harper wasn’t done!
3) He demonized the environmental movement & aboriginal groups, and laid the groundwork for conspiracy theories: anti-oil-activists were a threat to national security, were “eco-terrorists” or “violent aboriginal extremists”, & that foreign money was blocking oilsands expansion.
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All the complaints about lack of information and clarity on the #ProRep referendum options are a distraction, aimed to sow doubt by the No side. The tactic is proving somewhat effective, but it is mischief. This thread seeks to outline why. #pr4bc #bcpoli
There is a plethora of good information & resources on the 3 reform options from Elections BC (in 14 languages) and from many other sources. We have created a webpage that serves as a helpful portal to many of them:
The No side seems to be simultaneously complaining that there isn’t enough consultation yet that there are too many choices on the ballot. Isn’t it good that we the voters are empowered to indicate our preferences for which type of #ProRep we most like?
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The NO side in referendum is making outrageous claims about representation, running ads that #ProRep will mean “time to say farewell to your local MLA” and “Pro Rep moves the balance of power in BC to Vancouver alone”. This is blatantly untrue, as I explain in this thread #bcpoli
These claims are a wilful misrepresentation of the 3 reform options on offer. Under all 3 pro pep models on the referendum ballot, EVERY MLA will remain accountable to either a local riding or a particular region of BC. Each system is structured to ensure this is so.
Moreover, each system on offer is designed to ensure that no region of the province will have fewer MLAs than it currently has. But it’s even better than that...
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