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Some thoughts on BC Liberal plan to eliminate PST for 1 year, and cut it by 4 points (57%) after that:

The 2020 budget says PST would raise $7.9b this fiscal year, rising to $8.6b by 2022. So the Liberals' costing seems too low.
#bcpoli ...2
They say their plan would cost $6.9b in year 1, $4b after. Seems like it would be more like $8b in year 1 (depending when it starts), $4.5-5b/year after that. So they are low-balling the fiscal implications of this very expensive idea. ...3
In year 1, their plan would thus increase the (already-record-high) provincial deficit by over half: from projected $13b to something like $21b. I am not averse to larger deficits to spur post-COVID reconstruction, but we need to be sure we're spending the funds well. ...4
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When CleanBC was announced we were told government would close 25% gap to meet our legislated emissions gap within two years. Then they dumped hundreds of millions into fracked gas & LNG expansion. In fact 79% more $ to Oil and gas than Christy Clark’s government. THREAD #bcpoli
Honestly didn’t see that coming. I get that being the government to actually get LNG built feels good to the NDP because it’s a way to stick it to the Liberals and an easy way to look like they are creating economic opportunity. But, it ignores the market trends 2/
Price of fracked gas and LNG is low and lots of other big plays in the market before us are struggling. Also, ya gotta wonder, if it’s such a big bet why does it need a billion dollars of tax payers money to get off the ground? 3/
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Ever heard that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a climate-friendly fuel? Well, you’ve been sold a lie. LNG, made up of methane, is one of the fastest growing threats to our climate. RT to expose the truth about #LNG. #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Didn't think we'd need to say this, but the responses we're getting on this tweet really prove our point: the fossil fuel industry has done a great job convincing the public that "natural gas" is good. It's not. Read more here:…
In B.C., methane emissions amounted to an estimated 8.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2017, according to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. That’s equal to 1,724,724 vehicles on the road for one year. Read more:…
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Looking at the polling data from @insights_west it is striking how the heavily linked issues of #COVID19, economy/jobs, and health care are far and away top of mind for voters. Things like crime and even education are way down the list. #bcpoli Image
The other thing that strikes me about the @insights_west west poll is that it seems to show the @bcndp and @jjhorgan don’t seem to have taken as much as a hit to their support as one might think with the whole snap election during a pandemic thing. #bcpoli
Things are still early and know..polls, but if it is a squeeze election. That is if it is a horse race between Libs & NDP voters will likely flock to one or the other and away from a #bccp or @BCGreens #bcpoli
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As promised: my thread on last night's Zoom q&a with new @BCGreens leader @SoniaFurstenau's thoughts on #bced. I'll save the hashtags for the end and unroll the thread when I'm done in case anyone wants to RT. 1/
Sonia was and is disappointed with the @bcndp back-to-school plan bc instead of seeing this as a chance to do things differently and offer alt to in-class learning, she says it's been too much about jamming the situation into existing #bced framework which was already not wkg 2/
As a teacher, Sonia says, when you're trying to teach something, you start from where you want your stds to get to and work backward from there and that's how #bced model should be: look at the needs for young people today and then wk back to figure out how to achieve that. 3/
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Post-COVID rebuilding will need stronger business capital spending, and @carolejames' announcement last week of a temporary PST holiday on corporate machinery & equipment investment is a good way to do it. Far more bang for buck than ineffective corporate income tax cuts #bcpoli
Impact of a PST M&E holiday is similar to an investment tax credit, which I advocate in this piece for @CdnTaxFdn:…. Companies only get the incentive when they actually invest the money: unlike CIT cuts, they must pay to play.
The truly best way to boost business capital spending post-COVID is to restore healthy macroeconomic momentum. Public investment has a big crowding-in effect on private investmt by boosting output and aggregate spending power. @carolejames' Recovery Plan did a good job there, too
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2nd question - Who is managing the #COVID19 pandemic during an election? Premier @jjhorgan says outgoing MLA/Finance minister will be a caretaker minister for government overseeing the pandemic response during the election. #bcpoli
Question - Would we be headed to a snap election if polls didn’t have @bcndp well out in front? Premier @jjhorgan responds by again referring to partisan bickering and division during a pandemic requiring an election and thus stability. #bcpoli
Should British Columbians trust you that a pandemic election will be safe? Premier @jjhorgan “it will be unlike any other campaign without a doubt.” Horgan cited technology in engaging in different ways. Doesn’t really answer the safety question. #bcpoli
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Horgan explaining why now is the time for an election. Says the pandemic will be with us for a year or more and that is why it is needed now. #bcpoli #bcvotes
Horgan says waiting a year for an election would be time wasted. Says the Liberals will focus on the wealthy and well connected. #bcpoli #bcvotes
Horgan says last week’s announcement were just some of the plans the NDP has. There will be a full platform. #bcpoli #bcvotes
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Premier @jjhorgan is about to speak to officially kick off a snap pandemic #bcpoli
Here we go. Premier @jjhorgan begins his snap election address talking about his riding noting he is speaking not far from his home. Says people in #Langford are like other British Columbians who are worried about not having a stable government....
Premier @jjhorgan makes it officially official it is a snap #bcpoli election. He says he “struggled mightily” with this decision.
He is trying to tie the #COVID19 pandemic to the need for a stable government and “the needs of all British Columbians.” #bcpoli
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Since there's still 391 days until the provincial election, there's still time to deliver on all the items in the 2017 #bced mandate letter for K-12.

The thread below ⬇️ goes through each item.
The current government's work to-date on Indigenous education in K-12 has been positive, and the BC Tripartite Education Agreement is important.

Still much more to do - including more support for implementing curriculum, and providing training as per TRC Call to Action #57.
(Here's what TRC Call to Action #57 says, by the way. K-12 has to play a big role in reconciliation. A plan is needed to provide the education and training detailed in Call to Action #57 for all K-12 staff across BC.)
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Our Friday Toronto Sun editorial: We can't afford more green energy failures:… #cdnpoli #onpoli #bcpoli
We do know many of the people Trudeau listens to are advocating spending tens of billions of dollars we don’t have to finance a so-called green and resilient economic recovery from the COVID-19 recession.
This approach is grounded in the illogical idea that after more than three decades of Cdn governments spending billions of dollars on green energy, never once having met an industrial greenhouse gas reduction target they set, the solution is to double down on what hasn’t worked.
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The BC government announced a stimulus package today containing less than half the recommended funds to address climate change.

The west coast is burning. BC is choking on smoke. Maybe we should listen to the science on climate change? 🙃 #bcpoli…
“I am disappointed that Premier @jjhorgan would ignore the recommendations of their own handpicked advisory body on climate.” - @Tzeporah

The Climate Solutions Council recommended at least $500M be committed to climate mitigation and adaptation. BC fell far short, under 50%.
“The BC Government will still spend more in 2020 on fossil fuel subsidies than they do on their entire plan to fight climate change.” - @svenbiggs

A recent report from Stand found @jjhorgan’s government increased fossil fuel subsidies by 79% compared to the Clark government.
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On 26 Aug, @Rob_Fleming said: "[...] my expectation is that school districts will be flexible and work with families to provide remote options that keep children connected to their school community..." #bced #bcpoli #UnsafeSeptember #SafeSeptemberBC 1/
Cont...@Rob_Fleming 26 Aug: "[...] The Ministry of Education has also given school districts the flexibility and certainty to find options that work for families..." #bced #bcpoli #SafeSeptemberBC #UnsafeSeptember 2/
Cont @Rob_Fleming 26 Aug: "[...]This includes the authority for all school boards to offer remote options to students within their districts,as well as the tools they need to increase their existing programs to meet demand." #bced #bcpoli #UnsafeSeptember #SafeSeptemberBC 3/fin
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Did you know:
1. Old growth forests slow down forest fires.
2. Meanwhile, BC old growth forests are being clearcut & exported for wood pellets. The cycle of cutting old growth then burning its wood pellets in other countries can be worse than coal, total carbon-wise. #bcpoli
..For more information, this expert panel on BC forestry and turning our forests into pellets is worthwhile: Dr. Mary Booth, Partnership for Policy Integrity, Michelle Connolly, Conservation North,
Tegan Hansen, Stand.Earth #bcpoli
..The industry & govt push for biomass energy is destroying old growth. The BC public must speak up on this. In the video Dr. Mary Booth explains why burning wood should not be counted towards renewable energy targets. This mirrors 'LNG is clean' spin, Min @DonaldsonDoug #bcpoli
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BC Government Old Growth Panel in new report: Despite commitments on old growth management: No review in 20 years, No monitoring, No system to track compliance, No evaluation, previous recommendations not implemented. #bcpoli
"We also encourage you to consider our recommendations as a whole. Had previous old forest strategies and recommendations been fully implemented, we would likely not be facing the challenges around old growth to the extent we are today." pg 3 Amen to that.…
Impressive extensive process in a short time. 800 direct conversations and thousands of surveys and written submissions.
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BC will make an announcement about old growth today. There’s only 415,000 hectares of ancient giants left. Deferring logging permits for those last stands is an immediate step the province could take today if they listen to the science & citizens.
THREAD 1/ #bcpoli
Yes we must support BC’s working forest families and we can do that and protect the tiny amount of productive old growth left. Less than 1% of forests in BC are home to the big old trees that we know and love. That still leaves a huge amount of the landscape for forestry. 2/
if COVID has taught us anything it’s listen to the science. Setting aside the few remaining stands of big tree old growth will increase our forests resiliency in the face of climate change. With the smoke billowing up from the US right now that seems like a really good idea. 3/
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Damning new story by @BenParfittCCPA. Wonder if NDP regret their move. "The #SiteC Dam’s Radical, Risky Makeover - BC Hydro says it has just discovered new, costly problems for the megaproject. In fact, engineers have known about them for decades." #bcpoli…
@BenParfittCCPA ..So many notable things in this story. Parfitt got a top engineer with serious qualifications in rock mechanics, hydro AND fracking to go on the record and raise doubts about #SiteC's safety & buildability. Anthony Ingraffea, professor emeritus of civil engineering at Cornell
@BenParfittCCPA ..And then Parfitt's article has former CEO of BC Hydro Marc Eliesen saying that the revelations of foundational problems at #SiteC cry out for “an immediate halt” to all work at the project and a sober assessment of whether or not it’s in the public interest to continue" #bcpoli
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Ontario has 149 new cases of COVID-19. That's a decrease from previous days but the daily total has been above 100 since August 26. The majority of today's cases (107) are in Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa. Canada's total is now 133,897 with 9,194 deaths.…
180 new COVID-19 cases in Quebec, slightly below the province's last 7-day average of 187. Officials are also attributing 3 previous deaths to the coronavirus. That pushes Canada's total to 134,077 cases with 9,195 deaths. 117,939 people have recovered; 6,943 cases remain active.
16 new cases reported in Manitoba, just below the province's 7-day average of 17. Nationally, there are 134,093 cases with 117,945 recoveries; 6,953 cases are still active. 9,195 people have died.
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As I keep saying, these nonprofits exist to pay their executives' salaries with public grants. They need to justify their own existence and will snitch on actual mutual aid programs in order to do so.

@timrichter let the mask slip a bit too far. Screenshots are forever. #cdnpoli
Nonprofit CEOs will never end houselessness. If they did they'd be out of a job! So they actively try to sabotage any attempts at organizing that prioritizes houseless people's voices and agency, because they want to keep their jobs as "helpers".
Sure the corporate structure is officially 'nonprofit' but that's such a weak, flimsy ass cover because the *executives* still personally profit off of houselessness by making a comfortable salary as "helpers".

It's fucking sick.
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#bced #bcpoli @jjhorgan @bctf @Rob_Fleming @RichmondSD38 @Hamiltonsd38 please read this thread and subthreads. Or even just the first. Schools can only reopen safely if community transmission is very low. @_valeriei @jodyvance
Also from @DrBonnieHenry’s deck...the vast majority of cases in BC are in folks under age 60. Few in the youngest, but teachers are in this too, many between 20-40yo. Seems they are being asked to risk most. Image
Also concerning is that R is trending up. Likely another spike this weekend, then into widespread increased contacts due to school. Image
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#bcpoli When there's a new virus there's going to be a huge variation in science. Dr. Henry was lead public health officer for Toronto for Sars-CoV 1 in 2003. There was a disaster in Toronto not duplicated in BC. The Sars Commission report blasted Ontario health agencies. 1/9
Justice Archie Campbell's Sars Commission stated: "One example was the debate during SARS over whether SARS was transmitted by large droplets or through airborne particles. The point is not who was right and who was wrong in this debate." 2/9
And Sars arrived simultaneously in Vancouver and Toronto. Campbell praised VGH for exercising the precautionary principle and treating first patient cautiously. While a patient who arrived in a Toronto hospital was treated as a potential TB patient. 3/9
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Amidst the massive backlash against that fantasy classroom ad with Dr Henry, let's reflect on how we got here.
Schools closed on 17 Mar. There were 103 Covid cases.
Schools partially re-open in June.
In Surrey, largest school district in BC, 15% of students returned #bced
2/ On 19 June @bcedplan published, in English only, the ‘Covid 19 Impact on Learning Survey’ of parents and students.

There was an extremely low response rate to the survey which excluded all non-English/French speaking parents & students.

#bced #bcpoli

3/ On 29 July the MoE announced a full return to classes with 100% of students expected to attend school every day. Reasons given for the 100% return referred to the role #bced schools play in supporting the social-emotional, mental health & food needs of students.
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Alright, this is my last #bcpoli #bced #covid #backtoschool thread before I get down to working full time designing learning for my students. It’s story time.
We’ve been invited by @rob_fleming and @jjhorgan to a party. They’ve had some challenges lately and money is tight, but feel they have to throw this party anyways. /2
So #bced #k12 #teachers and #parents get there. @Rob_Fleming offers everyone a drink. He’s got Coke, but tells everyone that an unknown number of cans can make you sick. Nonetheless, the party is too important to change the plans now.
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@deltasd37 just finished reading…. This isn’t a plan, it’s a word salad with assurances and assertions about safety. That is not what a plan looks like. This is what a plan looks like 1/ #bced #bcpoli #covid
If more than one student in a class tests positive or is epi-linked to a positive case for COVID, the class will be sent home for two weeks, every family in the school will be notified, all the classrooms anyone in that class went in will be sterilized by a deep cleaning. 2/
If more than two classes have a detected or epi-linked case, then the entire school will be shut down for two days for disinfecting and cleaning. /3
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