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Jul 22, 2023 9 tweets 4 min read
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🧑‍🔬Join @marklewismd @CatherineaOC 07.25.23 8pm ET as they explore differentiating midgut & PNETs
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#TumorBoardTuesday, Tuesday, July 25, 2023 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET @TumorBoardTues Differentiate Midgut & Pancreatic NETS Mark A. Lewis, MD Catherine O'Connor CME credit available after participation. CME information: integrityce.com/tbt2023 @marklewismd @CatherineaOC @MPishvaian @JohnEbbenMDPhD @ferguskeane2 @CentralParkWMD @EileenMOReilly @PanCAN @letswinpc @PamelaKunzMD @ShaalanBeg @AaronGoodman33 You don't want to miss this #PanCan #TumorBoardTuesday!! 👆🏼 Set an alarm NOW & tell the neighbors🔥
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Jul 15, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
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🫘Join @brian_rini @katy_beckermann on 07.18.23, 8pm ET for IO refractory #RCC!

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#TumorBoardTuesday, Tuesday, July 18, 2023 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET @TumorBoardTues IO Refractory Pt w/RCC Brian Rini, MD Katy Beckermann, MD, PhD CME credit available after participation. CME information: integrityce.com/tbt2023 @brian_rini @katy_beckermann @AlbigesL @ChungHanLee3 @MPishvaian @JohnEbbenMDPhD @motzermd @DrChoueiri @DrDanielHeng @ReneeSaliby @montypal @HHammersMD Set an alarm to join #TumorBoardTuesday this week!
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Jul 8, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
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🏝️Join @dradityabardia & @ArielleMedford on 07.11.23, 8pm ET for TROP2 TX in Localized TNBC!

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Jun 24, 2023 9 tweets 4 min read
💥#ASCO23 had tx developments for #BreastCancer!

💥Tuesday 06.27.23 at 8pm ET @ilanaschlam @drsarahsam take us through 2L+ tx opts on a CDK4/6i

💬Join us here on #TumorBoardTuesday!

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Jun 17, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
🧬#TumorBoardTuesday is back this Tuesday after the brief #ASCO23 break!!

📆06.20.23 8pm ET
👨🏻‍🏫@SteveBialickDO @GinaDAmatoMD1👩🏻‍🏫
📰Selecting TKI in #GIST

🌈While we finalize the case, collect FREE #CME 👉🏽 👈🏼 #OncTwitter #Sarcoma https://t.co/cdVZreVknQintegrityce.com/TBT2023
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May 13, 2023 5 tweets 13 min read
🌻This Tuesday 05.16.23 at 8pm ET @drteplinsky @prarthnavb join #TumorBoardTuesday to take us through using baby Tam for high risk lesions & in #BreastCancer

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What to recommend for your patients who are high risk #BreastCancer?

👉🏽Join @drteplinsky @prarthnavb Tues 05/16/23 at 8PM ET

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May 12, 2023 10 tweets 20 min read
1/6 #TumorBoardTuesday

🔬🧬@PGrivasMDPhD @rafee_talukder discussed variant histology #urothelialcarcinoma & cis-ineligible dz

➡️Thursday Case wrap up 🎀

🆓 #CME: answer 2 quick ❓
ALL CME 🔗: integrityce.com/TBT2023
CME eval🔗: integrityce.com/TBTeval23 Image 2/6 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀
✅Variant hist UC changes tx
⬇️resp to plat 👉surg first, clin trial
✅Cis inelig mUC- acc approval: Enfortumab Vedotin + pembro 1L
✅Trials: 1L SG + IO, others

📚Here’s @PGrivasMDPhD @rafee_talukder’s thread
May 6, 2023 8 tweets 15 min read
1/5 #TumorBoardTuesday

🧬No more waiting! Here’s our summary of @RachelRiechelm2 @jessrzanotti’s talk re: hypermut #NET. Can biomarker become clinically actionable?

🆓#CME: 2 quick❓
ALL CME 🔗: integrityce.com/TBT2023
CME eval🔗: integrityce.com/TBTeval231/5 #TumorBoardTuesday twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Image 2/5 #TumorBoardTuesday

Take🏠 messages:
✅ Hypermut(TMB>10) RARE in NET
✅ Post-tx w alkylator (CAPE/TEM)
✅Mixed results w IO monotx; studying dual IO, combos
✅ Repeat NGS if NET becomes more aggressive; ID new targets, hypermut

📚The thread: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1653549…
Apr 28, 2023 9 tweets 8 min read

🔬🧬Tx of #EGFR Exon20 insertion has changed significantly. @LealTiciana @JennyCarlisleMD brought us up to speed at #TumorBoardtuesday

➡️Here’s the Thursday Case 🎀
🆓 #CME: 2 quick❓
ALL CME 🔗: integrityce.com/TBT2023
CME eval🔗: integrityce.com/TBTeval23 Image 2/8 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀
✅Next gen seq=ESSENTIAL. PCR misses EGFR exon20 ins!
✅CHRYSALIS: Amivantamab (EGFR/MET Bispecifc mAb) 2L
✅EXCLAIM: Mobocertinib (EGFR TKI) 2L
✅1L= Plat chemo; 2L= ami/mobo

📚 @LealTiciana @JennyCarlisleMD’s thread
Mar 25, 2023 7 tweets 14 min read
No monkeying around!
👨🏻‍⚕️@tompowles1 @drfrankiejs👩🏼‍⚕️may be in UK, but they’re leading #TumorBoardTuesday on Tuesday!

📅03.28.23 at 8pm ET/12am BT
📰1L pembro or Nivo+Cabo?

🐵While case is finalized, collect FREE #CME (AMA & MOC)

🐒integrityce.com/tbt🙊#OncTwitter #RenalCancer Join us for a #TumorBoardTu... @tompowles1 @drfrankiejs @MPishvaian @minaseconomides @JohnEbbenMDPhD @JineshGheeya @niklas_kluemper @EHeath4100 @Heer_Lab @MariaChiaraMCS @ReisLO @PGrivasMDPhD A tad bit of 🙊monkeying around in #TumorBoardTuesday land by attaching a sneak peak into @JohnEbbenMDPhD's wrap up image. 😉

The info is the same!
📅Tues 03/28/23
🕰️8pm ET/12am BT
☕️Cuppa with🇬🇧@tompowles1 👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️@drfrankiejs
🗞️1L tx decision for #RenalCancer
#Urology @Uromigos Join us for a #TumorBoardTu...
Jan 20, 2023 9 tweets 14 min read
💥#EndometrialCancer TKI/IO safety data & AE mgmt webinar 💥┈┈┈ w @DrMMurphy & @drteplinsky ┈┈┈🔹#CME info 👉 bit.ly/3Vqtabi 👈 @BonumCE ┈┈┈🔸Supported by edu grants from Eisai & @Merck 🔹#TumorBoardTuesday #gyncsm #OncTwitter twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1… 1/#TumorBoardTuesday #OncTwitter

#1:Answer #PreTest❓🔗bit.ly/EC_AEs_TBTpre
#2:Tell us who u are👇
#3:🔁Retweet & tag colleagues

🧧#CME ℹ️bit.ly/3Vqtabi
Supported by edu grants from Eisai & @Merck

🟢Where r u in your career?
Jan 19, 2023 5 tweets 8 min read
1/#TumorBoardTuesday #OncTwitter

🗓️TODAY🗓 w @DrMMurphy & @DrTeplinsky
🎥#EndometrialCancer - Mnging TKI/IO AEs

#CMEℹ️ bit.ly/3Vqtabi
Support by edu grants from Eisai & @Merck

🚨Be ready @ 8p ET/5p PT
✅Answer #PreTest👇
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🟢Where r u in your career? 2/#TumorBoardTuesday #OncTwitter #GynCSM #gynonc

🟢#PreTest Q 1️⃣
📊Diarrhea, nausea, & vomiting are common GI toxicities associated w pembro + lenvatinib combo therapy

🟢Which other tox may occur if these GI toxicities are not effectively managed?
Jan 18, 2023 27 tweets 36 min read
1/#OncTwitter #TumorBoardTuesday #MedTweetorial 🧵

#EndometrialCancer AE deep dive🤿
🧪Trial results
🔬Tox for TKI-ICI
w @DrMMurphy @MeganLeigh127 & us!

🆓#CME @BonumCe🔗bit.ly/3VBGJEJ
Supported by edu grants from Eisai & @Merck

🟢What's your specialty? 2/#TumorBoardTuesday #BonumCE #OncTwitter #gyncsm #gynonc #EndometrialCancer #MedTweetorial

🆓 CME > full info➕ref list🗒️& program archive

🔑#CME info👇 Image
Jan 16, 2023 6 tweets 5 min read
@MPishvaian #GI23
Coming at you from #TumorBoardTuesday
The TOP 🎯💊abstracts for ASCO-GI 2023

➡️Starting with MSI-H cancers:
✅Path CR neoadj ICI MSI-H GI Cancers
👁️L Pappas, Abs 43, Pos B18

✅A Ph 2 trial of toripalimab in adv tumors with POLE/POLD1🧬mut
👁️Y Jin, Abs 802, Pos M17 @MPishvaian #GI23
➡️Exciting updates in HER2➕Cancers

✅A Ph 2 trial of trast➕pertuz vs. iri➕cetuximab for HER2➕mCRC: SWOG S1613
👁️KPS Raghav, Abs 140, Pos G18

✅Zanidatamab➕chemo as 1⃣st-line Tx for HER2➕met GE jxn AdenoCa
👁️Ea Elimova, Abs 347, Pos E8
Dec 15, 2022 6 tweets 9 min read
1/🛎️#TumorBoardTuesday #OncTwitter #NephTwitter
#RenalCell wk continues🔁

🗓️Thu 12.15 @ 8p ET

⚙️Mnging AEs w TKI/IO combos

#CME ℹ️🔗bit.ly/3iLN6aX
Supported by edu grants from Eisai & @Merck
🚨Be ready 4 tmrw!
✅Answer #PreTest polls👇
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Answer Pre Polls Qs 👇today
🟢Where r u in your career?
Dec 13, 2022 27 tweets 38 min read
1/ #OncTwitter #NephTwitter #TumorBoardTuesday
#RenalCell #MedTweetorial🧵
w @brian_rini @shilpaonc @katy_beckermann

🦺TKI/IO safety data
🥽Tox to look 4
⛑AE mgmt

🆓#CME @BonumCe🔗bit.ly/3VDaK81
Support by edu grants from Eisai & @Merck

🟢What's your specialty? 2/ #TumorBoardTuesday #BonumCE #RenalCell #OncTwitter #NephTwitter
🆓#CME info ➕ full ref list🗒️ 👉 bit.ly/3VDaK81

✳️The critical elements👇 Image
May 30, 2022 32 tweets 21 min read
#TumorBoardTuesday #ASCO2022

📢@ASCO is only a few days away & we really wanted to put out our top abstracts to👀for

🙏note - we viewed several thousand titles - so we definitely may have missed some‼️
👉And these are not in any particular order

✅But enjoy, RT, and reply😀 #TumorBoardTuesday #ASCO2022
✅Dr. Jones👨‍🏫the Ph2 FAKTION trial of fulv/capi vs fulv/placebo for Breast Ca
➡️Capi⬆️mOS by 6 mos
➡️This⬆️jumped to 19 ms if the tumor harbored PIK3CA or AKT1 activating OR PTEN inactivating🧬mutations
🔎Breast Ca Oral Abstract # 1005
May 25, 2022 6 tweets 8 min read
🙏🏽Thank you @Latinamd @GDutcherMD for an informational & exhilarating #TumorBoardTuesday!!

🏆Remember 🆓CME

Look for the Case Wrap Up🎀 05/26/22

📅Mark your calendar for 𝙉𝙀𝙓𝙏 𝙒𝙀𝙀𝙆 05/31/22 when our own @MPishvaian joins us for a breakdown of #ASCO22 abstracts!! 🏝#TumorBoardTuesday education is beyond Twitter - we offer🆓CME!!

🫁Before you run off exploring, pick up your🏆#CME by answering quick questions regarding a case similar to @Latinamd’s‼️

🔗ALL CME: integrityce.com/tbt

🔗CME eval: integrityce.com/TBTEval

May 23, 2022 6 tweets 7 min read

🎓We have had some highly educational🗣️on tumor biomarkers
👍This week’s conversation will NOT disappoint

📢Join us as @Latinamd & @GDutcherMD from @SylvesterCancer discuss MET Exon 14 skip mutations in #NSCLC #Miami Image #TumorBoardTuesday

@Latinamd & @GDutcherMD @TumorBoardTues 🗣️
📅Tuesday, 05/24/22 at🕗8PM ET
📊✅the polls
⚖️in & bring citations🧾
🔁Retweet & tag your🩺colleagues
🏆Earn your🆓CME and MOC integrityce.com/tbt

And B4⃣the case:
🧐tell us where you are in your🩺journey
May 20, 2022 15 tweets 19 min read
1/12 #TumorBoardTuesday
2L treatment in #HER2+ breast cancer #MBC is 🤯! @PTarantinoMD led us through latest evidence👩‍⚖️

➡️Here's the Thurs Case🎀
👉Grab🆓 #CME credit by answering quick❓
ALL CME 🔗: integrityce.com/tbt
CME rationale🔗: bit.ly/3NnreMW
Here we go! 2/12 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀

⬆️ options to tx HER2+ #MBC
✅T-DXd >T-DM1 in 2L setting (DESTINY BREAST-03)
✅Beware ADC tox- think 🫁pneumonitis & GI w T-Dxd
✅ADC design is 🗝:
➡️Need to consider DAR, linker, ability to cause ADCC
✅ADC + IO= open ❓
May 13, 2022 18 tweets 26 min read
1/12 #TumorBoardTuesday

🔬🧬Discussion on #ColonCancer and BRAFv600E disease w dMMR led by @FlavioRochaMD
➡️Here is this week's Thurs Case🎀

👉👉 Don’t forget to pick up🆓 #CME credit by answering 2 quick ❓
ALL CME 🔗: integrityce.com/tbt
Now…we’re off to the races! 2/11 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀

#CRC 🚫one disease!
✅Diff 🧬subtypes that define tx sensitivity
✅BRAFv600E is bad–but may be ⬆️sensitive to IO w MLH1 meth
✅Neoadj tx: 🦊FOXTROT= poss benefit, depends on subgroup
✅Keynote177: IO= way to go in dMMR!