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#Breaking: Just in - Authorities said a massive and huge gas explosion caused multiple people to be injured, and wiped out a huge chunk of a shopping center at a #Florida mall in the #US. NO WORDS ON CASUALTIES
#Update: Just in - Video footage of at the scene of when a huge gas explosion wiped out a huge chunk of a shopping center at a #Florida mall. Video Credit: @RRamosWPLG
#Update: Just in - Other Video footage of at the scene in @LAFitness of when a huge gas explosion wiped out a huge chunk of a shopping center at a #Florida mall. Video Credit: @LianeWPLG
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🔥 Voters! Dangerous #BarcodeVoting systems from ES&S, which has donated $30K to the GOP, are threatening YOUR elections if u live in:


Attend #ElectionSecurityNY on June 6 to sound the alarm for all!… 1/
2/ Article about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting…
3/ Article listing many of the states that have already moved to #BarcodeVoting ballot marking devices from ES&S, including these I forgot in post 1: WV, KY (Mitch McConnell’s State), & Michigan (another swing state):…
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of a Shooting near or at the Trump Beach Resort In Florida.
#Update: The shooting happened on the side street where the Trump Beach Resort is located, reports of some injured and possible casualties. #Florida
#Update: Just in - Three people shot at a road rage incident outside a road near the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach #Miami in #Florida. Reports of 2 suspects been arrested. The state of the 3 people shot is not known at this moment.
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#Breaking:Just in #Venezuela is experiencing a nation wide Power outage! For almost 1 hour! Maduro regime is claiming sabotage at the power station. The #Caracas airport control tower is working on generators to keep flight landing and departing.
#Breaking: Just in - Reports that generator in the biggest "Hospital de Clínicas" in #Caracas in #Venezuela has failed to start the power in the building.
#Update: Traffic in #Venezuela and in #Caracas is a complete mess. Not enough police officers in the country to guide every important traffic stop.
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

102. #Duke TE Daniel Helm
Height: 6-4 1/8
Weight: 249
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 33 3/8
Wingspan: 79 5/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

103. #Iowa TE TJ Hockenson
Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 251
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 32 2/8
Wingspan: 77 7/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

104. #Mississippi TE Dawson Knox
Height: 6-4 3/8
Weight: 254
Hand: 9 6/8
Arm: 33 4/8
Wingspan: 80 4/8
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This will be the 2019 #NFLCombine measurements thread. (The league records prospect information in 8ths of an inch and does not reduce the fractions...if you don't like it, tweet management.)
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

1. #Utah K Matt Gay
Height: 6-0
Weight: 232
Hand: 9
Arm: 30 4/8
Wingspan: 73 4/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oklahoma K Austin Seibert
Height: 5-9 2/8
Weight: 213
Hand: 8 7/8
Arm: 30 3/8
Wingspan: 70 4/8
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#Breaking: More humanitarian aid is underway from #Miami to #Curaçao in #Venezuela, a plane with more than 50 tons of humanitarian aid donated by Venezuelan charity events in Miami.
#Update: Up to now around 500 tones or more of humanitarian aid across the world is waiting to be brought into #Venezuela! 50 Tones from Miami At least 100 tones from the #UK 150 tones on a ship from Puerto Rico, And around 100 tones from the #EU and some tones from #Thailand.
And some couple of 150 tones are now on the border in 3 warehouses in #Colombia waiting to be distributed to the people in #Venezuela.
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#Trump #AtlanticCity Cocaine Dealer Joseph #Weichselbaum #Mafia
1. In a deposition taken under oath #Trump with #AtlanticCity casino regulators, #Trump claimed he didn't recall if he wrote a character reference letter for a convicted felon awaiting sentencing for cocaine trafficking

#Trump #AtlanticCity #Weichselbaum #Mafia
2.#Trump met with the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) officials in September 1990 about his relationship with Joseph #Wechselbaum, who was released from jail same year serving jail time for Tax Charges and dealing cocaine

#Trump #AtlanticCity #Weichselbaum #Mafia
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#NSPNsymposium18 @yfortiss starts off the session on Rebuilding Sustainable & Resilient #PuertoRico thru #Science @scipolnetwork

w/ @Sefini @sloan_kettering, Juan Ramirez @aaas @nahjUPRRP, and @fcoloninFL of Jasperi Consulting and former advisor to US Dept of State
Ramirez shows #NSPNsymposium18 the striking and dramatic impact of the #PuertoRico hurricane, and the impact on services and #infrastructure. Power was a prominent lasting impact. Cellphone signal was out for days, but once back the people got to work 💪
Pix of the student centre & research building at the university @nahjUPRRP soon after the hurricane in #PuertoRico, taken by Ramirez. Just over a year later, the regular semester and the natural beauty of the campus has returned 👏 #NSPNsymposium18
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#Midterms2018 : plus de 39 millions d’électeurs ont voté par anticipation. C'est un record historique : en 2014, ce chiffre était de 20,5 millions. v/@ElectProject
#Midterms2018 : dans tous le pays, les chiffres de la participation le jour du vote semblent aussi largement au-dessus de la normale, et ils dépassent même parfois ceux enregistrés en 2016. Pour rappel, la participation lors des midterms est généralement inférieure de 20 points.
#Midterms2018 : à #Nashville, la participation est déjà supérieure à celle de 2016. La mobilisation dans ce bastion démocrate du très conservateur #Tennessee est essentielle pour que @PhilBredesen conserve une chance d'être élu Sénateur.
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Congressman @MarioDB refuses to return my detailed request for comment before publication about his claims of multiple primary residences to get home loans on his Capitol Hill condo and his #Miami home.

He did speak @politicofl.
I do not dispute his claim that, in fact, the Congressman's only primary home is in Miami. However, he did claim another primary residence in Washington D.C. on a mortgage in 2012.

Here's my story in @DCReportMedia about Congressman @MarioDB…
Here is the Congressman's 2012 DC condo mortgage as recorded in the DC public records. Second homes have a rider. 1-4 family rider is the name for the assignment of rents (sample attached) and this is a primary, no riders.
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Congressman @MarioDB refused comment for this story which shows that he told a bank he moved from #Miami to D.C. in violation of Congressional home state residency requirements just to get a better home loan.

It's like the Imran Awan case.…
If you want to follow along at home, here are the public records used in this story.
Congressman @MarioDB issues a non-denial denial from his mortgage originator whom he erroneously calls his "lender," doesn't release the loan application or disclosures for public inspection.

Please #ReleaseTheDocuments and give us permission to verify

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#Trump #AtlanticCity Cocaine Dealer Joseph #Weichselbaum
1. In a deposition taken under oath #Trump with #AtlanticCity casino regulators, #Trump claimed he didn't recall if he wrote a character reference letter for a convicted felon awaiting sentencing for cocaine trafficking

#Trump #AtlanticCity #Weichselbaum
2.#Trump met with the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) officials in September 1990 about his relationship with Joseph #Wechselbaum, who was released from jail same year serving jail time for Tax Charges and dealing cocaine

#Trump #AtlanticCity #Weichselbaum
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The biggest Trump supporter in #Florida is the @FloridaGOP gubernatorial nominee @RonDeSantisFL.

@politicofl's @MarcACaputo reports he chose #Miami Republican Rep. Jeanette M. Nunez as his running mate.

This is what she had to say about Donald Trump:
It looks so nice in the original mobile format.
I guess @RepJNunez has to stop opposing the KKK to join the @RonDeSantisFL campaign?

Right @BillyCorben?
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*** THREAD ***

Social Media Analysis of the race for #Miami's easternmost #FL27 Congressional district which has five Democrats vying to be the nominee (and presumptive front-runner) to replace Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

I used @crowdtangle to analyze all 5 candidates last 3 months.

@david4florida - highest engagement rate, most retweets
@matthaggman - most popular single post, lowest engagement rate, most posts.
@VOTEHEPBURN - doing better than:
@rosengonzalez - least posts, fewest interactions
@DonnaShalala - nearly fewest posts, underperforming
The most popular post in the entire last 3 months is from @matthaggman who has the most overall engagements by posting more and more material. He's also leading in most posts, almost double Richardson, but has 1/4th of R's engagement rate. Effective tho.

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Why is @DonnaShalala running for Congress in #Miami as a Democrat after she supported a generation of Republican lawmakers to turn Florida's public education system into a charter school paradise while hurting unions? #FL27

I call it: Donna Does Republican Donations

Part 1/2
Shalala donated to some of #Florida's WORST #Republican state lawmakers including bigots, tax cheats, adulterers an to employees of the state's largest charter school who voted to expand that school's reach!

She said it was a quid pro quo to get benefits for UM.

Part 2/2
Full video here.

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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Week of July 30, 2018
1. Las Cruces Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Pornography Charges.

#childpornography #projectsafechildhood #ICAC #NewMexico…
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*** THREAD ***

#Miami Commissioners @JoeCarolloNow @KeonHardemon @kenrussellmiami just put a vague 3-page public land giveaway on the ballot in November to "let the voters decide" on a blank check 100-acre no-bid real estate deal for a billionaire with a soccer stadium.

Local residents are telling me they feel threatened by the two arson blazes at the 175-acre city's Melreese golf course and adjacent Grapeland Water Park.

It's tough for voters to feel comfortable debating amidst these acts of devastating violence.

Police arrested a suspect one of the fires, but he may not be the one who set both blazes.

Imagine the fear of having your home burned down for speaking out.

Commissioners don't have to, they can get full-time security at public expense if scared.

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*** THREAD ***

I would like to say something about the #Miami MLS proposal.

Firstly, forget the merits, there's a big problem.

The process.

I do not trust it.

Residents must make a final decision on a complex multi-million dollar real estate transaction.

Thus far, the @MiamiHerald's @joeflech was stonewalled when requesting the public records to report on it during the last month.

The vote is Thursday.

Then it goes to a referendum where competing groups will dump millions of dollars into lobbying a plan nobody has seen yet.

Residents of @CityofMiami have seen the failure of the backwards approach to business time & time again.

Not just from failed developments.

But from MLS very specifically, who has already announced another stadium deal with the City of Miami in 2015

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Dear #Miami Democrats

The movement to #AbolishICE - which #FL27 candidate @matthaggman supports - isn't just a symbolic maneuver and @Ocasio2018's victory on that platform isn't just a "mood."

ICE's most important agents agree.

"It says a lot about the mood in that district," former Health and Human Services secretary @DonnaShalala, a Clintonite

This is exactly what #Republican-lite looks like in #FL27





Obedience to the status quo…
#Miami voters don't need someone whose entire policy agenda is an unreasoning mood.

They need someone who will look under the hood of any problem and understand why it causes so much emotion.

And address it.

Trump broke ICE.

19 Top ICE Agents agree.


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Absolutely shocked with @Uber customer services after the worst Uber trip in #Miami

Booked a trip to FLL Airport yesterday, should be an easy trip, one highway most of the way

Driver spoke not a word of English, ok I get Miami is partially Spanish speaking, but not a word? 1/
Uber's response: "We know that not being able to clearly communicate with your driver can be frustrating."

What? There's no basic requirement to be able to talk to passengers?

But actually that wasn't the main issue, more so that he couldn't operate his - Spanish - SatNav 2/
So he exits I-95 (the highway up from Miami north) early THREE times. Each time he has to get back on the highway which involves sudden veering of lanes.

At this point I'm getting anxious - no phone roaming to call for help, can't talk to him and a flight to catch 3/
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Michael #Cohen and the case vs Vladimir #Malakhov
1.Vladimir #Malakhov is a #Russian-born retired professional hockey player. He was active in the NHL 1992 to 2006, playing for the New York Islanders, the Montreal Canadiens, and the New Jersey Devils.
2. In January of 1999, #Malakhov wrote a check for $350,000 to #Cohen The check was deposited — and then the money disappeared.

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1 .In 1981, David #Bogatin arrived in #NewYorkCity, #Bogatin was a former pilot in the #Soviet Army, and shot down #USA planes during the #VietnamWar, he arrived in #NewYorkCity broke.
2. Three years later in 1984, David #Bogatin bought an apartment in #TrumpTower on Fifth Avenue, paying $6 million to buy five luxury condos. #Trump personally attended the closing, along with #Bogatin.…
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Thanks to @RepTedDeutch who has been doing great work in calling attention to the need for common sense #gun measures that Congress should adopt…
.@RepTedDeutch told me that the dad of @Emma4Change wanted to speak to me because @SteveKing and others are wrongly interpreting why she wore a Cuban flag on her jacket during #MarchForOurLives rally
I spoke to Jose Gonzalez who explained that @Emma4Change is proud of her dad and abuela’s #Cuban heritage and in no way was it a sign of support for the #Castro dictatorship
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