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6 Jul 20
Federal Judge Orders Dakota Access Pipeline Shut Down


After years of litigation from Native tribes threatened by DAPL, today Judge James Boasberg ordered the pipeline be shut down and emptied of oil within 30 days.
The shutdown order is intended to last until the Army Corps of Engineers produces an Environmental Impact Statement.

In Dec 2016, the Army Corps under Pres. Obama declined to permit #DAPL passing under Lake Oahe, a federally protected waterway:

One of Pres Trump's first acts in office was to reverse the Obama admin. decision, forcing the Army Corps to approve and expedite DAPL permitting: unicornriot.ninja/2017/trump-pus…

Trump also courted support from North Dakota law enforcement who violently repressed the #NoDAPL movement.
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4 Jul 20
Large protest getting underway in Philadelphia, PA currently, at the site of the recently removed statue of former white supremacist Police Commisioner and Mayor Frank Rizzo
After some indigenous African ceremony, protesters held a 9-minute moment of silence to honor #GeorgeFloyd and others killed by police
Protest to free political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal is getting underway. Contingent of Philly Police is guarding some hate preachers who have showed up to disrupt this event. The Free Mumia event has been a yearly July 4 protest at Rizzo statue site by Philly City Hall
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3 Jul 20
#LIVE Keystone, South Dakota: #Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land At Anti-Trump Protest pscp.tv/w/cc5CbTFheVFW…
#NEW post — learn more about today's event here

Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land At Anti-Trump Protest

"Even natives have been extracted from their own sacred land."

A young #Indigenous woman who's been protesting since she's a baby heatedly explains the situation.

We are #live in Keystone, South Dakota
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30 Jun 20
Last night a new encampment for unhoused people was started outside Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) HQ in North Philly.

Since early this AM, PHA has had work crews out erecting heavy duty fencing as private PHA police officers stand guard.
The only police presence we’ve seen here is maybe a dozen police officers.

While their uniforms seem deliberately crafted to mimic official Philly PD uniforms, PHA PD is in fact a private police department with significant differences in jurisdiction and authority.
This laminated eviction letter from PHA was recently delivered to unhoused residents of the new encampment. PHA has drawn criticism for leaving thousands of PHA-owned homes vacant, instead of using them to house the homeless.
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26 Jun 20
Minneapolis: Justice for Breonna Taylor Protest pscp.tv/w/ccUc0DFheVFW…
“Breonna Taylor’s life is just as important as George Floyd’s.”

Community organizer Mel Reeves speaks at Powderhorn Park in #Minneapolis, adding the only reason that the case of 23-year-old Elijah McClain is now getting attention is because of mass protests.
“Our Black women are the pillar of our community and we have to start treating them like it.”

Tajir Adams (sp?) speaks about the intersecting oppressions against women & against #BlackPeople endured specifically by Black women.
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15 Jun 20
This clip clearly shows one man yell “kill him” as a group of right-wing Columbus statue protesters charge our reporter and beat him.

We will release footage soon showing repeated violent threats made towards reporters and anti-racist protesters in Marconi Plaza -we lost count.
Context: Last night (Sat June 13) we went to check our reports of armed vigilantes at the Christopher Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza. We were attacked as soon as we began filming, then police threatened us with arrest for inciting a riot.

Our report: unicornriot.ninja/2020/philadelp…
Thread of real-time video updates from the scene as it happened (Saturday June 13, Marconi Plaza, South Philly):

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14 Jun 20
NEW: Our report on tonight’s incident with racist vigilantes at the Christopher Columbus statue at Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia

Includes raw video compilation of all our available footage from the event (before police forced us to stop reporting)

Our thread covering the event in real time can be seen below. Please note we mistakenly misidentified the location at first but this was definitely at Marconi Plaza on South Broad Street.

This is the second time in just over two weeks that Philadelphia Police have directly forced us to stop reporting on important street events:

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14 Jun 20
Racial Justice Teach-in at Abolish ICE Camp in Aurora CO pscp.tv/w/cbQUQjFheVFW…
Live now: Racial Justice Teach-in at Abolish ICE Camp in Aurora CO
Speaker compares colonization of land and the pillaging of its resources, to looting. "This colonial theft is the main project of the US."

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14 Jun 20
Racist vigilantes gathering with bats and guns at the statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Square in South Philadelphia, some of them just assaulted our reporter
Several guns, bats and sticks carried by white vigilantes here at Columbus square in South Philly to “protect” the Columbus statue. Police have been visibly quite friendly with this group
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8 Jun 20
It's been recently reported ICE surfaced with a deployment at at least one NYPD precinct.
Did you know Unicorn Riot obtained 100s of pages of confidential ICE Special Agent manuals? Our #Icebreaker series takes a deep jump into smallest details (thread):
ICE has two main branches: Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the little-known second biggest component of Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs). We obtained the entire Obama-era Special Agent guide for ICE-HSI agents.
"Targeting and stripping citizenship from naturalized foreign-born Americans" - #Icebreaker Pt 1 – Secret Homeland Security ICE/HSI Manual for Stripping US Citizenship
Story: unicornriot.ninja/2018/icebreake…
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3 Jun 20
White supremacist group Identity Evropa has been spreading disinformation, posing as 'antifa' groups to scare suburban residents, reported by @BrandyZadrozny @oneunderscore__
Unicorn Riot has reported extensively on leaked chats from this racist group
Unicorn Riot has released millions of far right, white supremacist and adjacent groups chats from the Discord platform going back to 2017 when we obtained #UniteTheRight Charlottesville planning discussions.
Get introduced to our work here:
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31 May 20
Philly police pin young black man to the ground with their knees, swat our field reporter with a baton for filming the scene.

"Beat it."

"I'm a journalist, sir!"

"I don't care what you are. Beat it."
We’ve ended our ground reporting from Philadelphia for the night due to repeated assaults by officers on our reporter making it unsafe and impractical to continue. Our Philly staff is safe at home now but Philly Police made it clear our 1st Amendment press freedoms are suspended
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29 May 20
Context on state police and inter-agency compacts is key as extra forces are now tapped to pacify #GeorgeFloyd uprising.

In 2018 we proved cops from across MN were training at a military base to prepare to repress protests against the #Line3 pipeline:

After an introduction via the shadowy private nonprofit ‘International Association of Chiefs of Police’, @Enbridge oil private security staff were able to directly request government assistance in dealing with potential future pipeline protests from concerned MN residents
We were the first to uncover the existence of the ‘Northern Lights Task Force’, an inter-agency Minnesota police project coordinating with pipeline employees to prepare to repress indigenous and environmental protesters concerned about #Line3:

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29 May 20
⬇️Thread of HD stills from tonight in #Minneapolis, taken during the ongoing #GeorgeFloyd uprising in the #TwinCities.

Slides 1–2: maX it PAWN, 28th Ave & Lake Street
Slides 3–5: heading West on Lake Street, approaching the #Minneapolis police dept #3rdPrecinct station.

A sign on a repurposed Target cart corral reads "R.I.P. Big Floyd" #GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydProtest
The #3rdPrecinct was burning steadily at ~11 p.m. last night. The grounds were covered with graffiti, while the building was occupied inside all the way to the rooftop.

Spray-painted on a barrier is the phrase "Burn The MPD"

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27 May 20
Live from Minneapolis, Minnesota: mass protest after last night’s police murder of George Floyd

Protest march has ended up outside the Third Precinct building, one door has been smashed.

Some people have left due to rain but still a sizable, angry crowd out
Last night, Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin (fired today) killed George Floyd by pressing his knee into his neck for ~8 minutes while Floyd gasped “I can’t breathe”:

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26 May 20
Yesterday’s tragedy is hardly the first instance of @MinneapolisPD killing black people and sparking outrage.

In 2015, MPD shot Jamar Clark, a black man who was handcuffed at the time of his death.

Protesters responded by occupying a police precinct:

The winter 2015 #4thprecinctshutdown quickly became an national symbol of escalating conflict between militarized police and communities they claim to serve and protect.
On Nov 17, 2015, protesters outraged by the @MinneapolisPD killing of Jamar Clark shut down the I-94 highway.

Police responded by arresting dozens. Our reporter on site was among the first arrested (his charges were dropped before trial).

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13 Dec 19
NEW: #Icebreaker Pt 7: ICE Case Management Handbook Based on Federal Law Enforcement “System of Systems”

Unicorn Riot examines TECS, a multi-decade backbone of federal law enforcement data management and intelligence gathering
A 61-page leaked manual from Homeland Security Investigations, a branch of ICE, lays out how agents open and track cases. Official policy manual 2008-2016 labeled "OFFICIAL USE ONLY" now released fully here: unicornriot.ninja/2019/icebreake…
The version of TECS referenced in the handbook has been replaced in recent years with “Integrated Case Management” (ICM), which is designed and managed by controversial data mining intelligence contractor #Palantir (owned and controlled by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel)
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13 Dec 19
Unicorn Riot has published a continuing series of leaked documents from #ICE's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit, which both conducts traditional law enforcement activity & assists ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) wing which detains immigrants
#Icebreaker pt 1: the denaturalization handbook which guides HSI policy in targeting and stripping citizenship from naturalized foreign-born Americans. This little known practice has been expanded significantly during the Trump Administration
unicornriot.ninja/2018/icebreake… Icebreaker Pt 2 – Confidential Homeland Security Asset Forfeiture and Search and Seizure Handbooks.
A closer look at how ICE agents aim to track and seize valuable property in connection with investigations, feeding revenue back into the budget
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17 Nov 19
#Breaking: Massive Hack Strikes Offshore Cayman National Bank and Trust
A blast of sunshine has hit a secretive banking network used by global ultra-wealthy figures following a massive hack by #Hacktivist “Phineas Fisher“ ...
Fisher hacked the Cayman National Bank and Trust, which serves nearly 1,500 accounts in Isle of Man. Transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets has began publishing copies of the bank’s servers, a cache of documents as well as communications among bankers and others.
Journalists around the world have been investigating this data for months and have begun publishing the first of their stories.

Following the hack, a manifesto was uploaded to the Internet addressing the motivation for hacking financial services companies.
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8 Oct 19
Far-Right Stirs Violence Against Anti-Trump Protests coming up on Oct 10 in Minneapolis, MN.

@RealDonaldTrump announced a 2020 re-election rally in #MNdistrict5 of fervent political opponent Rep @IlhanMN 2 days after impeachment inquiry began against him. unicornriot.ninja/2019/far-right…
This will be Trump's first visit to Minneapolis "the City of Lakes" since 2016.

for more info: is.gd/dumptrump

"President Trump’s actions have been reprehensible & his rhetoric has made it clear that he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis’ diverse communities."

#Minneapolis "enthusiast" Mayor @Jacob_Frey on 45th @POTUS re planned Oct 10 event.
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5 Oct 19
#BREAKING: It appears the American Identity Movement, the neo-nazi group formerly known as Identity Evropa, has had their Twitter account suspended.

Earlier this week we released additional private chats leaked from their web server: unicornriot.ninja/2019/identity-…
In March of this year we published over a year of leaked private Discord chat logs from inside Identity Evropa: unicornriot.ninja/2019/neo-nazi-…

They renamed their group the ‘American Identity Movement’ shortly thereafter.
While the American Identity Movement claims to be a different group than Identity Evropa, they have the same President, Patrick Casey.

We also proved that they’ve been using the same infrastructure:

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