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16 Oct
It’s easy to forget, or perhaps many haven’t learned, that less than 150 years ago, the now polarizing hot-button issue of #abortion was a widely accepted part of life in the U.S. In fact abortion “is absolutely traditional, it is sacred,” says Rachael Lorenzo (pictured left).
“Our ancestors have been having abortions and controlling our fertility since time immemorial, since our Creator put us where we are today. And whether it was drought or famine or war or whatever, we have been controlling our fertility.” -- Rachel Lorenzo
Lorenzo, who is Mescalero Apache, Laguna Pueblo, and Xicana, is a queer parent of two. One of the main motivations for them in creating reproductive health and justice center Indigenous Women Rising, was to make "space for us to tell our own stories on our own terms."
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15 Oct
LIVE NOW: Press Conference with Winston Smith's Family Denouncing No Charges in Police Killing [MPLS] twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…
unicornriot.ninja/2021/federal-t… Sheriffs deputized as federal agents ambushed and killed 32-year-old father of three, Winston “Boogie” Smith Jr., around 2 p.m. on June 3, 2021.
Attorneys, supporters and one of Smith's family are speaking at the press conference at the Hennepin County Government Center
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14 Oct
Political prisoner #EricKing has his first evidentiary hearing this morning in #Colorado Federal Court for a charge while in prison for allegedly "assaulting" a Bureau of Prisons officer in 2018. According to King, he was the one who was assaulted that day by a prison guard.
Presiding Judge William J. Martinez made a motion prior to the hearing that it would be closed to the public because the court "became aware of information which causes it to be concerned of a potential disruption of the hearing."
The Judge admitted on record that U.S. Marshals and others looked at social media accounts and saw discussions that people were going to be at the hearing. He didn't share specific details or say if there was talk of a "disruption" on social media.
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13 Oct
“They came and walked up on us and said they’ll ‘Trayvon Martin our little Black asses.’ His exact words.” A Downtown 100 youth retelling an encounter with @MinneapolisPD

NEW -- Part 4 in the Series: 21st Century Jim Crow in the North Star City unicornriot.ninja/2021/targeted-…
As explained in Part 3 of this series—Minneapolis’ Downtown Dark Alliance—a program called SafeZone began with cutting-edge surveillance technology when Target donated 30 cameras to the city, & grew into a citywide public-private surveillance state. unicornriot.ninja/2021/minneapol…
#Minneapolis: The Downtown 100 Initiative (DT100), an extension of SafeZone, is essentially a criminal registry compiled of downtown’s top ‘livability crime’ repeat offenders. #Thread 🧵
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12 Oct
LIVE in Colorado: 20th Annual Four Directions March Honors Indigenous Peoples’ Day: unicornriot.ninja/2021/20th-annu… twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…
Stream is temporarily muted w camera shutter closed while participants in the event hold a ceremony that they asked not be filmed
Denver Indigenous People’s Day stream is back - speakers are starting now
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10 Oct
While the less privileged were seeking to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the current Brazilian government on #7SForaBolsonaro, Bolsonaro supporters took to the streets en masse in Brasilia. Bolsonaro continued his threats against the Supreme Court. unicornriot.ninja/2021/brazil-60…
As Brazil passes 600K coronavirus deaths & continues through a controversial presidency rife with investigations on mismanagement & scandals during the pandemic, the population continues to protest the incessant rise in the price of gasoline & food, & ending of emergency aid. Rally in Vitória, the capit...
Brazil has the second highest death toll from the #coronavirus with over 601K deaths. The United States leads the world in deaths, with over 733,575.

An inquiry into Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic has been ongoing - more in our Sept 19 publication: unicornriot.ninja/2021/brazil-mu… Image
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10 Oct
For more than 6 years, we have been engaging and amplifying stories of social and environmental struggles from the ground up. We bring you raw and authentic stories with our on-the-ground coverage, and then contextualize it by connecting the intersecting dots.
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30 Sep
Enbridge Inc., the Canadian-based energy giant, announced yesterday that their new #Line3 tar sands pipeline was complete and that oil is expected to flow through it tomorrow.
In their press release, Enbridge states that "its completion ensures a safe, reliable supply of North American crude oil to U.S. refineries," which is evocative to their arguments in appeals court defending one of their approved permits.
Instead of showing any proof that forecast the public’s need for more crude oil products, in the appeal hearing against the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, Enbridge focused on how there is enough crude being produced in Canada from tar sands to ship it through the line.
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27 Sep
NEW: School Board Disruptions Escalate, Funded by Conservative Dark Money

Right-wing agitation around masks & vaccines in schools is thriving thanks in part to funding & infrastructure from shadowy foundations like the Council for National Policy (CNP): unicornriot.ninja/2021/school-bo…
Behind the scenes, a shadowy network of conservative dark money entities has spent millions attempting to remake public education in their own image. Helped by a constellation of disinformation artists and alt-right celebrities, conservatives have revived a Reagan-era strategy...
A complex network of shared influence ensures a steady stream of income for a wide ecosystem of right-wing influencers and parents’ groups. Funded by groups like the Council for National Policy, advertised by conservative celebrities like Michael Flynn ...
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24 Sep
The 31st Annual Black Master Storytelling Festival titled “Black Joy: Stories Celebrating Hope, Resilience and Love” is being held virtually this year. unicornriot.ninja/2021/celebrati…
Continuing the legacy of carrying on Black culture & traditions through storytelling, elders Nothando & Vusumuzi Zulu with the Black Storytellers Alliance organize a yearly festival that draws master storytellers from across the US. Our coverage from 2016: unicornriot.ninja/2016/black-sto…
After storytelling performances during the 2018 festival, we spoke with six of the master Black storytellers including festival director Vusumuzi Zulu, who said that storytelling is "one of the most powerful ways to transmit culture." See the videos here: unicornriot.ninja/2019/sharing-b…
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23 Sep
[Content Warning - Sexual Assault]

UPDATE: The man that raped Ali (who had shared her story with UR) accepted a plea bargain today in Dakota County, MN, for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 5th Degree (Nonconsensual Sexual Contact).

Full Vid [Aug '21]: unicornriot.ninja/2021/surviving…
The deal allows for Ali's perpetrator to execute his sentence w/ time served, meaning he doesn't have probation & won't serve jail time.

He was sentenced to 365 days in jail but given time served after receiving credit for a recent prison stint from a separate drug sentence. ↕️
Along with no jail time specific to the sexual assault on Ali & no probation, the plea deal signed today by the perpetrator also means he won't have to register as a sexual predator or be charged w rape. He was assessed a $130 fine after having $75 for his public defender waived.
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22 Sep
Last month over 50 water protectors were arrested, some violently, outside of @GovTimWalz mansion in #StPaul.

Led by #Line3 pipeline resistance camp Camp Migizi, three people locked down to the mansion fencing as the group sought to speak to the governor🎥unicornriot.ninja/2021/over-50-l…
Hundreds of water protectors marched from the Minnesota Capitol grounds on Saturday, August 28, 2021, to the MN Governor's Residence demanding the government #StopLine3 construction in Northern MN: unicornriot.ninja/2021/over-50-l… Image
#Line3: During the march from the MN State Capitol to the governor's mansion, the group stopped at the Cathedral in St. Paul to rally and hear speeches: unicornriot.ninja/2021/over-50-l…

↕️ Thread ↕️ ImageImageImage
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19 Sep
New report from #Brazil containing info on what many deem as pandemic mismanagement by the Bolsonaro admin & an interview with Miqueias Luiz Miguel, the Pastor of Ebenezer Church in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, who has done some extensive social work. unicornriot.ninja/2021/brazil-mu…
Providing #MutualAid in #Brazil during the pandemic, Pastor Miqueias Luiz Miguel said his church, Ebenézer Church in the Jardim Zara neighborhood of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, distributes food to the community & pre-packaged meals to homeless residents: unicornriot.ninja/2021/brazil-mu… ImageImageImage
Organizations & neighborhood groups across the world have altered their services since the pandemic. Minas Da Quebrada free space which provides literature & youth programming in Cariacica, Victoria, turned to distributing food & hygiene baskets last year: unicornriot.ninja/2020/the-coron… Image
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13 Sep
At least 6,416 people were #KilledByPolice in #Brazil last year, setting a record high. This year after several massacres, police are on pace to break the record again. unicornriot.ninja/2021/police-in…
The 6,416 people killed last year by police in #Brazil are a 190% increase from 2013. Black Brazilians were killed at the highest rate, accounting for 79% of the deaths by police in 2020 while only representing 56% of the population in the country of 211 million people. sign reading 'vidas negras ...
The vast majority of the families of those #KilledByPolice in #Brazil never receive justice and the lack of accountability has led to the Human Rights Watch seeking a dedicated prosecutorial body to handle cases of police abuse: hrw.org/news/2021/04/1… Image
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12 Sep
LIVE: 'Running Down The Walls' Marathon Organizes to Support Political Prisoners [Philadelphia, PA]

This year’s Running Down The Walls marathon in Philly is in honor of longtime political prisoner, journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, and features a large puppet in Mumia’s likeness: unicornriot.ninja/2021/running-d…
Mumia Abu-Jamal’s grandson, Jamal Jr. is addressing the crowd now:
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10 Sep
In response to @JailLawSpeak's callout for #ShutEmDown2021 actions, autonomous prison abolitionists in MN vandalized the office door of prominent jail/prison designer Klein McCarthy Architects with red paint & "No new jails" flyers referring to Klein designing new Winona Co Jail. ImageImage
This morning, along with targeting the office of Klein McCarthy, prison abolitionists in St. Louis Park dropped a banner reading "Klein McCarthy: Architects Of White Supremacy" over Hwy 100 & spray painted "Abolish Prisons", "Klein Cages Kill" & "Avenge Attica". #ShutEmDown2021 ImageImageImage
An anonymous participant of this morning's #ShutEmDown2021 action at Klein McCarthy Architects said although police came, those involved in the action "evaded arrests."

For more on the struggle against the new Winona County Jail, see last month's report: unicornriot.ninja/2021/midwest-c…
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4 Sep
Ruby Montoya admitted along w Jessica Reznicek to sabotaging the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Recent motions filed by Montoya seek to nullify her guilty plea, in part by claiming other activists coerced her into acts she previously stated she undertook freely: unicornriot.ninja/2021/ruby-mont…
Ruby Montoya’s codefendant, Jessica Reznicek, recently reported to prison to begin her 8 year sentence, saying she was “feeling strong in spirit and ready to move on to the next phase of my life”: unicornriot.ninja/2021/dapl-sabo…
Unlike Reznicek, Montoya has had her sentencing hearings delayed, and has filed sealed motions with the court - activists charged for direct actions generally avoid sealed filings because they are often a sign that a cooperating deal may have been reached with prosecutors.
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2 Sep
NEW: Protests Highlight U.S. Non-Profits Driving Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine
Palestinian Homes Stolen; Theft Abetted by U.S.-Based Settler Organizations
On July 27th, Palestinians & allies held protests in East Meadow, Long Island & Brooklyn as part of the Defund Racism campaign targeting US settler orgs that support the theft of Palestinian land.
The Long Island protest was outside the home of Yaakov Fauci, an American settler currently living in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem. He told Muna El-Kurd, whose home he non-consensually occupies, that if he did not steal her house, then “someone else” would.
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1 Sep
Two years ago #ElijahMcClain had a deadly encounter with police officers and paramedics in Aurora #Colorado. Today, three of the officers and two paramedics were charged in connection to his death.
The charges handed down by a grand jury to each of the five defendants are one charge of manslaughter, one charge of criminally negligent homicide, and various assault charges.
On August 23, 2019, McClain, a 23-year-old Black man, was walking home from a convenience store listening to music through his headphones and dancing, while also wearing a ski mask for warmth since he was anemic. Someone who saw him thought he looked suspicious and called 9-1-1.
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25 Aug
LIVE: Thousands Rally At Minnesota Capitol to #StopLine3 twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…
Winona LaDuke calls on President Biden to stop the #Line3 tar sands pipeline project, noting that a federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) hasn’t been done at a federal level. Image
Lack of a proper federal EIS was the reason that a federal judge found the Dakota Access Pipeline was built illegally. (DAPL is still operating as this ruling is being appealed.)

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21 Aug
March is now on the move, from Western District in St.Paul Minnesota. twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…
March and caravan for justice for stolen lives lost to police violence in the Twin Cities on it's way to the Capitol, headed by families of #JustinTeigen #DaunteWright #JamarClark #BrianQuinones #IsakAden #WinstonSmith #DolalIdd #CourtneyWilliams. #LIVE -> twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1… Image
March for #JustinTeigen and all stolen lives has reached the Capitol. Watch #LIVE twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1… Image
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