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5 Sep 20
Another example of us lazy, greedy rural family docs... 🧵 for Shandro (I'm blocked) and @jkenney's files.


Saw a Lodge patient yesterday on behalf of a colleague (they've been away helping cover other rural ERs). 1/
I suspected a stubborn skin infection had progressed to osteomyelitis (bone infection). Ordered a combination of antibiotics, which the pharmacy delivered. Also had family take them for an xray to help confirm the diagnosis. 2/
Just got a call from nursing staff at the Lodge (I'm not on call, theoretically supposed to have an entire long weekend off, which is a rarity). Xray report came in, confirming the bone infection. Staff asking if I'd like them to go through the Nurse Practitioner on-call...3/
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28 Jul 20
A thread about the latest way the UCP is making it harder by the day to stay and fight for my patients, our health care system, and my province.

I recently sold my farm, b/c it looked like I wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep under the current circumstances. 1/
Luckily, it sold not long after COVID hit, before many of the economic effects had shown themselves (I doubt I would easily find a buyer now if I had waited). But sold for a lot less than I paid for it.

My plan was to buy a house in the town where my clinic is located, and... 2/
... where I do hospital work. Moved into a rental temporarily while looking for a suitable house.

Have just heard from the mortgage broker that I didn't get approved for the house I put an offer on. Asked him if I could get approved for a smaller amount, like $195K for a... 3/
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26 May 20
@sarahmavrophoto @Albertadoctors @FionaMattatall Most of us in AB are not on salary. Some are, and others have a hybrid arrangement. Those of us paid by fee-for-service submit billing claims to AB Health for each patient seen, which they'll only pay if the PHN (healthcare #) is valid.

There's an agreement btwn most of the...1/
@sarahmavrophoto @Albertadoctors @FionaMattatall ...provinces whereby they reimburse each other for services provided to their residents in another province. Usually it works fairly well. For ABns w/o valid coverage, we used to be able to submit a "good faith" claim, but now we have to provide that care for free.

If I...2/
@sarahmavrophoto @Albertadoctors @FionaMattatall ...have a busy shift in my rural ER, I make good $. If it's a slow day at the ER, I make much less $. And as a rural doc who works both hospital and clinic, I still have overhead costs at the clinic when I'm not there. The lease, staff wages, utilities, etc don't stop just...3/
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