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1/ Can we think for a moment about the @UCPCaucus and Postmedia "journalists" misinformation and lies about the selection of @SenateCA members for Alberta?

Because there's some really serious crap going on there, and the situation ISN'T what @jkenney is falsely claiming.
2/ First, the selection process. Kenney and his lackey Postmedia columnists want you to think Albertans have no say in the current selection process - that an election would be more democratic.

This is not really true.

The Senate selection process was changed. There is now an
3/ independent committee with a changing membership that uses an open application process and then makes recommendations to the PM.

The committee is reconstituted based on which region's going to have senate vacancies.

So there are Albertans on the Alberta selection committee
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A screenshot from the latest taxpayer-funded mailer from my CPC MP. Mr. Webber forgets the federal government's purchase of the TMX project, the $1B in funding to reclaim abandoned wells and create oil patch jobs, and the approval of Line 3. #cdnpoli #abpoli
Not to mention today's federal-AB MOU with Air Products to produce hydrogen using AB natural gas. Mr. Webber makes this erroneous claim. Backstop carbon levies do not "flow to government", but to individuals, households, small business, and institutions in AB, MB, ON, and SK.
The touted Conservative carbon plan would reward people with money to burn on carbon emissions by giving them points to spend on whatever the Conservatives think they should.
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1/ As knives come out in UCP over the Sky Palace Dinner, let's spare a moment to think about how none of these MLAs broke ranks over racism, over moneylaundering, identity theft, election fraud, harassment, homophobia, attacks on the poor, the war on MDs, the

#abpoli #ableg
2/ hijacking of ATRF, the shenanigans to pervert #abpse, the compulsive lying, the widespread incompetence, the abuses of democracy - none of those were enough to make the UCP MLAs take a stand on principle.

But the Sky Palace Dinner does.

Because it's about showing the public
3/ the government's entitlement. It isn't about ideology and policy - which most Albertans seem not to mind - but about character.

Redford was seduced by it. Prentice was seduced by it. Both started with seeming genuine intention of serving Alberta, but seemed to lose their way
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I only have immense anguish for the #215children whose mass grave was recently uncovered at a former residential school.

Despair is close behind that anguish..

That can only be described as the most representative act of genocide that's taken place over more than a century. 1/?
That genocide continues, in ways big and small.

Again and again we ask: Why is nothing meaningful being done to address this?

That is always the wrong question when injustices like this are uncovered. A mass grave of children has (as it should) immense emotional impact. 2/?
But it is far from the first evidence Canada has seen of injustice against the indigenous.

A better question to ask is this: Why has horrible government policy persisted, given that this failure of justice continues?

Well, my fellow settlers, here's the thing. 3/?
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The person who wrote this also drafted the UCP social studies curriculum. In other posts, he shrugs off the 215 children's bodies buried at a residential school, blaming the deaths on TB. 1/5 #abpoli #cdnpoli #abed
He says it as though putting people in close quarters and malnourishing them had nothing to do with the incidence and spread of TB. 2/5
He shrugs it off as though it is no big deal that those children died far from their families, alone and afraid. He suggests the parents wanted to send their children to residential schools. 3/5…
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A wee thread about how people in power can subconsciously try to diminish voices of others. Last night when I was sitting with @punchedfaceguy, chatting w the sheriffs who patrol the legislative grounds, one of them used the phrase: “twitter isn’t real life.” 1/

#Ableg #Abpoli
It was in the context of asking Albert "why are you doing this? What’s the point? Who will hear you?” Albert tried to explain: even if few people were ON the grounds to see him all night, there were still plenty of people watching/supporting online & it was important to him. 2/
The sheriff (who was, incidentally, very respectful, and simply doing his his job) was a bit perplexed and said something along the lines of “Edmonton has over a million people. How many people can really be online knowing about you – I mean, twitter isn’t real life.” 3/
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Jason Kenney once again proving his position of being tough on lives, as long as we get to wear a cowboy hat and watch live animal abuse all the extra death/illness is worth it!
/anger /sarcasm
#ABPoli #Covid19 #OpenForSummer #Stampede
Usually you have to get into animal agriculture to see abuse of animals live but Albertans make it part of our culture to bring our children along to enjoy it with us at the Calgary Stampede!
Y'all think kink at pride is a problem for kids?

Anyone wanna talk about seeing artificial impregnation, bleeding and scared animals, animals struggling with injuries from the show only to be assured they are gonna be "put out of their misery"
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Kenney is widely expected to announce a significant re-opening of things “just in time for Stampede” (convenient, that) - this is pure politics for Kenney - he needs Stampede to go ahead so he can justify campaigning in Calgary, where his numbers have tanked. #abpoli #ableg /1
Yes, the COVID numbers have been dropping, but more worrisome to me is the fact that testing numbers have plummeted while the R value has been persistently around 10-11%, and ICU occupancy remains disturbingly high. /2
In this morning’s news, I found this:…

For context, this is across the street from Chinook Centre - the biggest mall in Calgary - worried yet? /3
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So are we going to talk about the fascist flag flying over @YEGPA HQ during the #yegcc elections this year?

Are next year’s police uniforms going to be MAGA hats and “I heart oil” hoodies?

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #DefundThePolice
I mean, “I heart oil” *is* Alberta’s MAGA hat.


Here’s a thread about systemic racism in policing with an Alberta focus.

Warning: Starlit tours and police brutality.

(I never did finish my conclusion, but maybe I’ll get back to it some day.)

@TaylorMadeYYC @N8V_Calgarian if you have suggestions I’m open to feedback.
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So, over the weekend, the Alberta government ordered the province's universities to stop collaborating / partnering with China. /1 #ableg #abpoli…
If this seems a trifle odd to you, it should. It's a unilateral action by one provincial government - and like many things the UCP does, it got announced by e-mail on Friday.

This inevitably means that this is something the Kenney government doesn't want you to notice. /2
There's been a flurry of articles this past week about the origins of the Coronavirus variant that triggered the pandemic we're living through right now - all of them seemingly pandering to various forms of conspiracy theory. /3
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@jkenney this isn't true. You know it isn't.We have experienced every second of this pandemic. Do you think you can re-tell us the story of this pandemic with a different set of facts & we won't rise up & say that you are lying? 1/ #COVID19AB #AbLeg #abpoli
Albertans died on your watch & on @CMOH_Alberta 's watch. Together, you both made decisions that put Albertans at risk, severely stressed our health care system, overtaxed HCWs, oppressed teachers, & disregarded labourers in mass producing plants. /2
You cut funding and programs for vulnerable populations, went to war with phys, nurses, & delisted medical services. You tore down a living plant wall, for goodness sake. You allowed freedom rallies, rodeos, protests, marches, & church services. You didn't /3
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This seems to be the message that's on repeat. Is it true? Are we getting back to normal? What are we going to do about all the things we've learned about each other?What are we going to do about LTC & ventilation in schools?What are we going to do about 1/10
the way phys have been treated? How teachers have been treated? How nurses & essential workers in hosp have & will lose jobs. What about ERs being closed & on bypass? What about the failures of pandemic management by @jkenney & @CMOH_Alberta ? Ppl died. /2
What are we going to do about the rise of white supremacy? What about some @RCMPAlberta wearing the thin blue line logo? What are we going to do about the closure of safe-consumption sites? The lack of jobs? The fact that UCP provided no help to Albertans /3
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It's an old political ploy, giving people and ideas they don't like a negative name. Rather than answer the criticisms of the curriculum, they accuse critics of having nefarious motives. #abLeg #abpoli #cndpoli 1/25
The Calgary Chamber of Commerce supports paid sick leave. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce supports paid sick leave. Everyone not blinded by ideology can see that paid sick leave helps stop the spread of the virus. 2/25
And the virus must stop spreading before there can be any "economic recovery". Jason Kenney is speaking ideology that has no relationship with how the world actually functions. 3/25
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1/ On occupying myself at the #ABleg, a 🧵
2/ After a lot of thought about what I hope to accomplish and why, I've decided to go ahead and devote a solid 7-12 days spent on the Legislature grounds.

If I can, I'll be there all day, and all night. If I'm in danger I'll go to safety, but the idea is to be there full time.
3/ It's pretty clear we have a bad faith government in @jkenney and the @UCPCaucus.

We want:
-The @UCPCaucus to resign.
-A writ drop for late summer/early fall.
-Pandemic response handed off to decisions by AHS and municipal leaders.
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It’a time to take notice of what’s happening in Nova Scotia.

“[Anti-maskers are] nothing more than an alt-right group that wants to protest things like science.”

@IainTRankin, Premier of NS.

Why are other leaders hesitant to say this?


On May 14th, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court granted an injunction to "prevent Freedom Nova Scotia and similar groups from staging illegal gatherings in defiance of Nova Scotia's public health orders."

I'm so envious. 😭

#nspoli #cdnpoli #COVIDIOTS…
Yesterday NS was arresting people FOR ATTENDING an anti-mask rally.

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This coming from the guy who has threatened the livelihoods of every healthcare worker in the province, while @shandro yells at doctors in their driveways, & who’s policies have prompted hundreds of doctors to close their practice &/or relocate. In a pandemic.

#abhealth #ableg
Sources to support claims to follow:

#ableg #abhealth #covid19ab #shandemic
“Health Minister Tyler Shandro said the UCP government would rip up the existing contract and impose changes to billing and compensation after talks with the Alberta Medical Association broke down.”

via @DrewPAnderson, Feb, 2020

#abpoli #abhealth…
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In a letter notifying Jason Kenney of his decision to resign as UCP Caucus Chair, Too Loewen referred to a "hostile federal government". I guess billions to get TMX going is a hostile act. Then there's the billions for urban infrastructure. Very hostile. /2 #abpoli #cdnpoli
2/ Then there's the $686M+ that the federal Liberals provided in enhanced and expanded EI benefits for unemployed Albertans *retroactive to January 4/15*, or for nine months when Stephen Harper did nothing to help. /3
3/ Approving Keystone XL? Hostile. Approving Line 3? Hostile. Forking over multiple millions to remedy the abandoned well situation and employ Albertans? Terminally hostile. The UCP is tin-foil territory.
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Having travellers quarantine would basically shut down fly-in-fly-out workers at oil camps like those owned by CNRL, which have been hubs of covid spread.

Oil and Gas doesn’t love you back.

Voting Conservative has consequences.

#ableg #cdnpoli
I wonder how the current #CNRL outbreak compares to earlier outbreaks at #Cargill and ther meat processing plants?👇

#CNRL received $192,648,603.55 from the federal government in CEWS benefits in 2020, but would not keep their workers safe.

Where did all that money go?

#BoycottUCPdonors #ableg #abpoli

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Do you ever wonder what @jkenney was thinking when he assembled his ragtag caucus? Did he want a bunch of MLAs who aren’t very smart, so they wouldn’t question him, or did he want better but these were the best people willing to align themselves with him? (1/10)

#ableg #abpoli
He ended up with a functionally illiterate Education Minister who produced a plagiarized curriculum full of factual errors, while allowing more than half the province’s schools to get #COVID19AB, forcing all the schools to close. (2)
He found a Justice Minister who allowed public health violations to go unchecked for more than a year, and who accused members of the press of wanting to see more people die. (3)
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Dear @jkenney @sonyasavage @shandro @CMOH_Alberta @AHS_media my father-in-law now has a tracheostomy and remains on full life support after contracting Covid at a northern oil and gas camp. 2 weeks in and he faces new complications daily, including paralysis (a thread-1)
Contrary to @jkenney, he wasn’t socializing after hours, but rather thought that distancing in an indoor space was protection enough. The site had an over reliance on rapid tests and there was NO messaging that #COVIDisAirborne ...2
The consistent downplay of the role aerosols play in transmission led to infection. Inconsistent messaging and dissension by @UCPCaucus MLAs like @AngelaPittAB, @Drew__Barnes and others had perpetuates distrust and fostered misinformation and conspiracy theories. 3...
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Why should Albertans care about what the UCP govt is doing to post-secondary education institutions, including the @UAlberta? #Alberta #abpoli #abspe #StopPSEcuts #UAlberta @ryanjespersen @660NEWS @edmontonjournal @GlobalEdmonton @CAUS @cafaab @The_Gateway #Yeg @davideggenAB
2/ UAlberta wasn’t created overnight; it was built into a top 5 Canadian university by decades of public investment. It is the people’s university, and the people have every right to the best educational opportunities available.
3/ I’m not going to sugar-coat it: @UAlberta is being dismantled. A whole lot of parts are being taken out and tossed away.
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Canadaland and Jesse Brown need to be seriously reprimanded for promoting this type of reporting.

The man is a menace to investigative journalism in Canada.

This isn’t a whistleblower. It’s a saboteur looking to denigrate the public service.

Which party would most benefit?
This isn’t journalism. It’s gawking at human imperfection.

Do human beings have real life problems and also work for the public service? Yep they do. Because public servants are actually real people.

Are people employed in private sector just as plagued by real life issues?
Yep they are. Which is why we have employee assistance programs, in both the public and private sector.

Substance abuse, relationship issues, health problems, mental health, dying relatives, and an assortment of other real life issues impact people who work.
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➊ 🍁 If TODAY you live in #Ontario or #Alberta and have NOT asked for #DougFord nor #JasonKenney to step down as Premier of your province
🅐 Why not?
🅑 What are you waiting for?
➋ 🍁 #IfNotNowWhen?
They need to step down, for the good of their province, this nightmare can't go on
#onpoli #abpoli
🍁 #Alberta #Ontario Tweeps, what are you waiting for ?
Because I'm waiting for YOU
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