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A small, vocal group of Albertans is trying to blame troubles in the oil sands on a lack of gov't support... but I'm just not buying it. There's been billions in subsidies and tax breaks to oil companies that are reporting massive profits. See the string below. #abpoli #cdnpoli
First let's start with Alberta oil company profits. Here's the top players in the oil sands and I am going to put up their profits for the last year and you tell me if they are suffering as some might have us think:…
In the 3rd quarter of 2018 along, Suncor reported “Strong operational performance was foundational to our success in the third quarter, resulting in over $3 billion in funds from operations...”…
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This #OttawaConvoy stuff is wide open for a GOOD STRONG PITCH on #JustTransition for vulnerable oil & gas workers & communities. Which political party is planning for the situation in the attached article? If you think it's the #UCP you're on glue THREAD…
Hey #OttawaConvoy, there’s a party that will implement a #JustTransition for you. Let them. There’s another that’s using your fear & anger to wring out the last drops for their rich friends. You’ve never had a clearer chance to choose your own future. /2
If I’ve mischaracterized the #UCP’s position on #JustTransition for #Alberta’s vulnerable oil & gas workers & communities I’m happy to be proven wrong. But you better have something more substantial than just “I hate the carbon tax” /3 #OttawaConvoy…
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As @UAlberta Medical Isotope & Cyclotron Facility remains sabotaged, @JustinTrudeau $50 mil re-investment in BC is looking lovely. But @gmbutts resigned & PMO is in chaos. Can Alberta recapture the billion dollar Theranostics & Medical Isotope Industry it lost? Yes #abpoli #ableg
This is not #LavScam #SNCLavalinGATE #SNCLavalinScandal. But Alberta Health Services did recently sign huge contract with @SNCLavalin for Connect Care and did destroy Alberta's Medical Isotopes & Theranostics Industry from 2015-18 which @JustinTrudeau personally re-launched in BC
This is a big 5-year project for @SNCLavalin called "Transforming Alberta's HealthCare System". Interestingly this has never been officially announced by the Alberta NDP. #ableg #abpoli #abNDP…
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What's clear to me is that the NEB has denied this motion because the Trudeau government specifically excluded climate change impacts from a full review of this pipeline. Thread 1/
They say they are climate champions but they won't review climate impacts and they are desperate to build more fossil fuel infrastructure. This decision exposes the governments climate change agenda as political and not based on science. 2/
In drafting our motion we consulted with @IPCC_CH scientists who clearly stated that new fossil fuel infrastructure and the expansion of the oilsands is inconsistent with a the Paris agreement and an ambition of limiting warming to 1.5C 3/
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1/ Re: UCP/Kenney comments on Education. A thread.

I grew up in a maths system that only catered to one kind of thinker - for this I struggled and watched so many others around me ‘fail’.

#ableg #abpoli
2/ I see challenges in the current teaching methods where some kids get confused but I also see my daughter learn how to solve problems in multiple ways assuring her that while there might be a right answer (in math that is) there isn’t just one right way to get there. #ableg
3/ If by ideology that means teaching children empathy, kindness, compassion, and a sensitivity towards other humans and cultures, I say bring it - because the UCP is exactly the opposite of that.
#ableg #abpoli
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[Thread] Let's review Kenney's UCP pre-campaign speech last night, and see what he said, implied, or dog-whistled. #abpoli
Part I: On Education

This is getting a lot of the airtime right now, but it's hardly the only, or most significant thing Kenney said.
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The biggest news in the whole planet over the last 24 hours regarding #Climate are coming out of #Alberta. THREAD #cdnpoli #abpoli
The first story is about coast-to-coast charging stations by @petrocanada, owned by Alberta's own @suncor. On it's own a tectonic event for electric vehicle uptake & corporate climate leadership. /2 #cdnpoli #abpoli…
The second story is that billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffet, one of the top investors on earth right now just bought 10.8 MILLION SHARES of Alberta's own @Suncor (owner of @petrocanada). Get where I'm going with this? You get it. /3 #abpoli #cdnpoli…
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[Thread] I want to take a moment to put the $15/hr minimum wage in some context, because I think a lot of us are missing the full picture. #abpoli /1
First up, I want to put a little history forward about minimum wages:

source:… /2
Not so bad really - it looks like there's a nice steady growth curve here. All is fine, right? /3
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Today, @SPhillipsAB announced that Alberta has created the conditions for 4.8 cent-per-kilowatt-hour solar energy. This news cements solar energy's place in any future scenario of affordable electricity in Alberta. #ableg #abpoli
Really, the only way that solar gets shut out going forward would be a government in denial about solar's part in our lowest-cost mix of electricity, whose members harbour irrational animus against solar or renewables.
Unfortunately, that is on offer in 2019. A few examples as evidence.
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"Am I going to be asked tomorrow if I was on the grassy knoll?" @jkenney's defensive, victim-minded reply to fair questions simply asking to clarify his comment, "people of modest level of human capital".

Key words: defensive; victim-minded

#ABPoli #ABLeg
On the one hand, it's not inspiring leadership to react defensively, nor as if victimized.

Imagine this mentality & behaviour at the table discussing major issues with major consequences.

#ABPoli #ABLeg
Or, just imagine how you'd take it if anyone you hired, or the person at the drive-through window, spoke to you like this if you questioned anything they said or did.

On the other hand, he started with, "I'm happy to take your questions."

#ABPoli #ABLeg
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I feel the need to address one aspect of The Rebel Media’s recent video which allegedly “exposes” the two NDP MLAs who were involved in sexual misconduct investigations. The facts are extremely distorted in this video. #ableg #abpoli 1/5
Aside from my many issues with this coverage - having read the court file, there is no indication an “affair” took place between Deron Bilous and Heather Sweet. Bilous’ wife was absolutely fine with this casual relationship that took place while the couple were not together. 2/5
I invite anyone who can to view these documents to see this for themselves. To stretch this into “evidence” that these are the two NDP MLAs who were investigated for sexual misconduct is shoddy journalism - end of story. 3/5
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A thread. Minimum wage needs to be a living wage regardless of who is applying. 25+ yrs ago I was a teen in Alberta. At the age of 12 I desperately took any work I could get. We were poor. 3 kids raised by a single mom. #abpoli #minimumwage #ableg…
Most of the money I made went to food. Anything I had to spare went to personal hygiene and other necesities. There was no extra’s. I babysat. I detailed neighbours cars. I cleaned houses. Yard work, shovelled snow, pooper scooped and any other odd jobs people would pay me for.
I was looking forward to 16 when I could a ‘real’ job making ‘real’ money. Imagine my devastation when I had collected references and built a killer resume out of all my odd jobs, distributed that to every employer in town only to find that I was only entitled to a ‘student wage’
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#PnPCBC Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau's response in #Winnipeg to Jody Wilson-Raybould's resignation:

#bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
The PM was surprised & disappointed on news of @Puglaas resignation.

If the Former AG Jody Wilson felt the government had not done a proper job, it was her responsibility as AG to let PM @JustinTrudeau know about this or any issues.

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
#CtvNews Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau was asked whether he’ll waive solicitor-client privilege....Also the Unitended consequences on 2 court cases. #SNCLavalin

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
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The illegal federal political contributions from #SNCLavelin were to both federal parties back in 2004-11

All the funds have been repaid to the federal treasury by the respective national parties, both of whom disavow any knowledge of the scheme

@StephenHarper appointed gov't employee remained on payroll despite links to illegal fundraising

Former #SNCLavalin VP #NormandMorin was named by PM @StephenHarper to the port authority in 2006!!

#Cdnpoli #Abpoli #Ableg #Alberta #Yyc #Yeg
The #CPC gov appointment of #ArthurPorter to Canada's intelligence oversight agency after allegations surfaced the he was involved in a kickback scheme in #Montreal involving #SNCLavalin.

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So @jkenney told @charlesadler: "I'm opposed to #Islamophobia. I've said that countless times in the past."

Okay… let's run a little Twitter experiment. #abpoli #canpoli
Here's how many times he's just used the word "Islamophobia" in 33,200 tweets.
Hmm, maybe his preferred term—as is mine—is anti-Muslim. After all, it's far more humanizing.
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It's time to talk about the right wing NDP shaming I see in Alberta. The NDP government took power after 44 years of PC's, and had their work cut out for them. They took power in the middle of a major recession, and were stuck with decades of infrastructure and health shell games
The PC's played hide the debt extremely well. Defer costs here, avoid upgrades there, freeze spending in another place. Shift costs to contracts instead of employees to make it look like labour spending was lower than it was. It takes money to fix that sort of mismanagement.
After 4 years, the NDP government has spent the money they had to to fix what needed to be fixed. They've done so with fiscal restraint in mind.
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The CBC is now producing unreliable news at taxpayers' expense. Tonight's The National features a man from Drayton Valley who claims that the federal government caused the downturn in the oil industry. No, it didn't. The US shale revolution did. #cdnpoli #abpoli @PresidentCBCRC
Now The National, in its "in-depth" coverage, lets the mayor of Drayton Valley get away with the statement that it's government policy that killed the town. "In-depth" apparently means recording everyone's uninformed sob-story.
Now Ian Hanomansing lets the next uninformed interviewee state that AB should stop transfer payments to Quebec. AB does not make transfer payments to QC. Furthermore, QC is taking a lot of AB oil via the Line 9b reversal.
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5 questions that every Albertan should be asking Jason Kenney prior to the election.

Note that not every Albertan is concerned with his social policies (sadly), so I steered clear of them.

#abpoli #cdnpoli
1. If you repeal Alberta's carbon levy as you have suggested, what will you do to ensure Albertans will not then pay into the federal climate leadership program (aka federal carbon tax)?

Funneling money out of Alberta can't possibly be a good economic solution for Albertans.
2. If you repeal Alberta's carbon levy as you have suggested, will you replace the financial relief to those who are net recipients of the carbon levy?

Alberta's economy is getting a needed and sizable boost from the increase in spending from lower income households.
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If journalists want to understand what frustrates environmental scientists nothing better demonstrates what is troubling than the news story I have seen re-tweeted numerous times today. It typifies what is wrong with environmental journalism. #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpol @sjmuir
Here is the story it addresses a complaint about river crossing work conducted on the #transmountain pipeline. It starts with an overwrought headline: "Trans Mountain pipeline work destroyed salmon habitat, scientist says"… #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpol 2/
Pardon me @theprovince the same story appeared in the @globeandmail and other media outlets.

Now let's see what the story entails: approximately 17 m of river affected in an aquifer system that includes literally thousands of kilometers of river area. #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpol 3/
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Honestly, I have no time for the people who keep attacking @FairQuestions for her work uncovering the financing behind the campaigns against Alberta oil. She did the work on her own dime and more importantly has the paper trail to support her claims. #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 1/
The funniest ones are the ones who argue that she has not made a case that the money really made anything happen. This argument assumes that the American donors to these programs are idiots. To understand follow my logic #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 2/
Vivian has presented documents from the original funding bodies that indicated that their overall goal was to land-lock Alberta oil. This is not really up for debate all the original documents are presented on Vivian's web site #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 3/
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This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed. #abpoli #climateaction…
This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed.…
This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed. #cdnpoli #abpoli…
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1/ Here's my first @YouTube video of 2019. I discuss what can be expected this year in Canadian politics and the role religion could play in the political landscape of the country. If you enjoy these videos, please share, like and consider subscribing!

2/ As a complementary reading, you can check-out my co-written text with @afebresg on the political impact of the Christian Right, published in the @ConversationCA last December.

#ChristianRight #uspoli #cndpoli #onpoli #abpoli…
3/ We were both also interviewed by @rick_gibbons on @1310NEWS about our Conversation article.…
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“Wet’suwet’en conflict echoes bitter oilsands battles — only this time it’s natural gas”...& people are just figuring this out? What we are saying is no expansion of oil AND gas infrastructure or production. Thread 1/…
Of course these battles are connected. Along w/ Energy East & Northern Gateway & KXL & many more around the world. We are not saying shut down oil and gas overnight. But consistently in all of these places people are rising up and saying no new expansion of fossil fuels #cdnpoli
New oil and gas projects, in fact any expansion, is inconsistent with a climate safe world of below two degrees. That’s clear in the @IPCC_CH report and it’s clear from analysis of even Canada’s weak targets #cdnpoli #abpoli #bcpoli…
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1/ If after reading all the accusations and evidence surrounding @jkenney's illegal activities, you still want to vote for him, you aren't looking out for Alberta's best interests. You're buying into lies, cheating, and deviant behavior at Alberta's cost #ableg #abpoli #yeg
2/ @jkenney has proven time and time again that his interests come before Alberta's. He came here campaigning to be the #pcaa leader while still receiving his MP pay from Ottawa. He's paid others to run suicide campaigns to dirty up his rivals to ensure a win. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
3/ @jkenney promised Albertans that he would stay humble and earn every vote, but we're learned he's done just the opposite. He's cheated, lied, paid people off, ran illegal campaigns, and took illegal donations. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
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