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Here @jasonluan88 responds to arguments for #safesupply brought forward by advocates on social & mainstream media, but it appears that he needs help with understanding and interpretation of the arguments and data in support of safe supply.
Thread: 1/
#Abpoli #Ableg
In the headline @jasonluan88 continues to use stigmatizing language with the word “addict”. People who use drugs are people first!
Stigma causes people to to use and die alone.

Here are helpful resources on stigma for the minsiter.

#ableg #abpoli
A person with lived and living experience is free to chose how they self-identify, but unless @jasonluan88 has lived experience he should stick to #PersonFirstLanuage
#Abpoli #Ableg
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Have any parents called the “parent help line” for assistance with home schooling that @AdrianaLaGrange advertised to be especially for parents of kids with disabilities? What was your experience? Let me tell you about mine.

I called and emailed, when I called I was routed to the general answering line for @YourAlberta. The receptionist didn’t even know what the hotline was, said she had never heard of it. Later that day, I got a call from “Scott”. He asked me why I emailed, and I repeated

What my email said: that I was seeing what was available in terms of support and help for parents of kids with disabilities as that was what the intent of the hotline was advertised to be. I was then asked what supports my school was providing. I mentioned that

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#abpoli: A thread. Imagine your boss, who has been harassing and intimidating you for months, suddenly rips up your contract. 1/#abdocs4patients
He then makes huge cuts to your pay, and when he occasionally gives back a small part of what he took away, he lies and boasts about how he is giving you the most generous incentives in the country. 2/ #abdocs4patients
He frequently decides on a whim to stop paying you for some of your work, and this happens regularly. Sometimes you don’t find out until your next paycheque. 3/ #abdocs4patients
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Since the UCP announced the lifting of regulations on foothills surface mining of coal I’ve been looking at maps of the impacted regions.

#ableg #abpoli…

It could just be coincidence, or irrational fear, but these region maps look a lot like another map we've recently seen: maps of sites proposed to be removed from the Alberta Parks System.

#ableg #abpoli

The Government plans to find third party managers for 164 sites, but if no third party can be found: “will lose park status and revert to general Crown land, which can be sold.”

#ableg #abpoli…
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I’ve had 3 people in my mentions today who said that Albertans deserve what’s happening to them because they voted for the UCP.

Here’s why that’s problematic.

#ableg #abpoli
Only 61% of Albertans are eligible to vote. Of those, only 64% actually voted. Of those, only 55% voted UCP. So, 55% of 64% of 61% of Albertans voted for UCP. That’s only 23.2%.

#ableg #abpoli
Even if you ignore those who can’t vote, we still have 55% of 64% who voted UCP, or 35.2%.

36% percent of eligible voters didn’t vote. So more people didn’t vote than those who voted for the UCP.

#ableg #abpoli
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There are important issues this article in @CalgarySunRSS & the comments by @jasonluan88 miss:
(1) First we have to keep people alive to give them a chance for recovery. During #covid19 drugs are more toxic, and seeking and taking drugs is more dangerous.…
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(2) when people struggle with addiction, drug use happens, regardless of consequences. Creating more treatment spaces in a crisis will helps some but not all. People will seek treatment when they are ready and ready is different for each person
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(3) prescribing a safe alternative to toxic street drugs does not equate to "free drugs". It means prescription alternatives to toxic street supply within provincial drug plans. It is a public health approach to a health crisis. #safesupply
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Brace yourselves Alberta! The de facto head of Kenney’s “economic recovery” panel, former PM Stephen Harper, has a plan for our post-COVID economy. And it’s ugly. He thinks corporations and the rich will be our saviours. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab…
And as of on cue, the other prominent member of Kenney’s panel, corporate lap-dog economist Jack Mintz, chimes in with a call for massive public sector layoffs. These two seem intent on turning the Alberta economy into a smoking crater in the ground.…
The right wing’s corporate agenda was generating a world of a few “haves” and many “have nots” even before the pandemic. This crushing inequality will just get worse if we follow Harper/Mintz. @JimboStanford offers a glimpse at a better approach.…
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Mr. Wall is seemingly oblivious to the fact that divisive rhetoric about Québec has been a distract-from-fiscal-incompetence mainstay for AB’s Conservatives for decades. Mr. Kenney is just another hapless purveyor of the meme. /2 #cdnpoli #abpoli
2/ Canada’s equalization program has *nothing* to do with AB’s historic inability to competently manage billions in resource revenue. No other province seems to demand Martyr Medal recognition from the rest of Canada. /3
3/ Mr. Kenney isn’t concerned about “his people”, he’s concerned that they might wake up and realize that they’ve been brainwashed and duped by a self-serving oil-Conservative alliance. Hence the empty “standing up” performance.
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"We unanimously reject unilateral actions taken by this government regarding physician services. We will not enter into discussions without AMA representation AMA." - Section of Addiction Medicine
@shandro #ableg #abpoli 1/40
"We unanimously reject unilateral actions taken by this government regarding physician services. We will not enter into discussions without AMA representation." - Section of Anesthesia
@shandro #ableg #abpoli 2/40
"We unanimously reject unilateral actions taken by this government regarding physician services. We will not enter into discussions without AMA representation." - Section of Cardiology
@shandro #ableg #abpoli 3/40
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Alberta relaxing our stance inre the lockdown is an enormous risk for the still upwardly-trending Calgary and according to the curve-specific Science/Math/Metrics that rule this pandemic is *very* likely to be a disastrous decision. THREAD #abpoli #ableg #yyc #yyccc Image
Prelude: ImageImage
Here in Alberta we're opening a lot of things up on Monday & as far as I can tell we're not past the hump yet. Certainly Calgary isn't. Watching a drastic mistake happen in slow motion around me, knowing all the while exactly why it's happening. Good thing there's whiskey /3
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Today on @TheWestBlock we starts off with Treasury Board President @jyduclos talking about the recession Canada is now in, how much more the government will spend and getting Canadians back to work with the possibility of more than 50% unemployment looming in the future #cdnpoli
Then we're talking to Alberta Premier @jkenney about the struggle out West with flooding, low oil prices and COVID-19, plus his thoughts on the government's new gun control measures. #cdnpoli #abpoli @TheWestBlock
Canada's Privacy Commissioner @PrivacyPrivee will tell us what you need to know if you're thinking about participating in a contact tracing app. Can apps that help reduce the spread of coronavirus be used without sacrificing your privacy to the govt? #cdnpoli @TheWestBlock
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18 doctors in the Town of #Westlock have signed a letter harshly criticizing @shandro & Jason Kenney's UCP for creating a crisis in rural healthcare. The letter makes it clear some doctors will be forced to resign from the hospital.

cc: @GlennVanDijken

#ableg #abdocs4patients
The letter stresses that the doctors are seeking a negotiated agreement between the province and the Alberta Medical Association, one that cannot be torn up on a whim using the powers of Bill 21.
“If we are the only province without an agreement, how do we expect new doctors to come?” the doctors write.
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This didn't seem to receive much attention...Comments in reply. #cdnpoli #abpoli
Seems to me that Bay of Fundy is a bad idea. Comments welcomed. NL's Come by Chance refinery currently shut down. Irving has been interested in purchasing it but the two NY day-traders who purchased it were in disagreement. Their minds might be concentrated at this point. /2
2/ Irving can't refine bitumen, so nothing's changed there. It already receives feedstock from the US. One can be assured that there are no patriotic rationales in these plans, just business interests. Nothing, per se, wrong with that.
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Excuse me @shandro. Just wondering why Okotoks, Banff, Canmore, Olds, Black Diamond, Bragg Creek, Camrose, Carstairs, Cremona, Crossfield, Hay Lakes, High River, Mundare, Nanton, Raymond, Penhold and dozens of other communities are no longer considered rural??? #abpoli #AbLeg
What is your definition of rural? These are all communities of a few thousand people, where family doctors provide most if not all medical services.
From Med bulletin 227: Rural physicians are defined as those who practice and reside in communities eligible for the RRNP. The list of eligible communities is found in the RRNP community rate table attached at the end of the bulletin.
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While it is good that @jkenney will look at changes, he continues to be spreading false information about this Bill.

UCP going 'back to the drawing board' on controversial Bill 10, Kenney says…

#ableg #abpoli

Mr Kenney calls Bill 10 “minor technical amendments” to the Public Health Act, which has existed for decades. While the Act is not new, the amendments made were *not* technical. They take what are already extraordinary powers—beyond those in any other province—even further.

The Public Health Act does give medical officers of health powers to enter and examine people suspected of having communicable diseases and can also order the closure of any place and detention of anyone suspected of having a communicable disease. This power predates Bill 10/

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I'm a bit pissed at the hypocrisy here: Sundre Doctors are withdrawing Hospital services because their contract was torn up and a new one imposed. The Minister refuses to negotiate.

Yet this hypocrite insists that the doctors should "continue to work through the process..." /2
2/ Apparently, they WERE "working through the process" when the Minister tore up their contract and unilaterally imposed a new fee schedule on them.

Doctors have repeatedly shown that this results in pay reductions of up to 40%, and yet the government claims this is false. ../3
3/ Sundre MLA Nixon claims that "My view is that now is not the time, from both a pandemic perspective as well as from a financial perspective (to withdraw privileges)."

But it apparently WAS a good time to tear up the contract and impose NEW (punitive) conditions? ../4
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A few high-level comments on these legal obligations as found in Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act <thread>


#ableg #abpoli #COVID19
It is the obligation of every employer to ensure “as far as it is reasonably practicable to do so” the health and safety and welfare of workers engaged in the work of that employer”. To this end, the employer has to ensure there are supervisors who are competent and trained.

As soon as #COVID19 was identified as something dangerous to health and safety, the owner must communicate that information to employees and the employer. This can include notifying employees if any worker has tested positive for the disease.

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THREAD: It's a different time. Every day more folks're questioning the assumptions behind our entire system. A non-zero number of countries'll choose to build anew rather than rebuild a system needing enormous structural changes. Canada'll be one of them. What of Alberta? #abpoli Image
The brightest countries'll make the switch to the next generation of energy, a circular and/or donut economy & a future-facing climate-friendly approach. Canada'll choose this route & it's up to Albertans to decide whether we show leadership or get dragged kicking & screaming /2 Image
The challenge facing Albertans during the coronavirus (other than #FlatteningTheCurve) is the same one we've been staring down & *mainly* ignoring for many decades now. Maybe the history books'll say it took a global pandemic for us to finally start making the right decisions /3 Image
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Man in Texas where Permian tight oil was released by oil industry innovation - thus contributing to global oversupply and diminishing Canadian oil and gas prospects - has the nerve and obtuseness to blame the Canadian government. #cdnpoli #abpoli
Preemptive screenshot:
Considering that Jason Kenney has done nothing but whine and badger for handouts, I think AB wants handouts. The industry won't create jobs when WCS is south of $10/bbl. Well cleanup funds *will* create jobs via charity to a grossly irresponsible oil industry.
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Because I can't stop thinking about this weird letter lie Kenney is trying to put on Albertans, I did some really amateur sleuthing. #ableg #cdnpoli #abpoli /1
The letter alone is kind of weird, right?

Who would give this to the premier without filling in the "Note" section? Why are there no folds? Was this sent courier in a cardboard envelope? Maybe but that doesn't make sense for not-1%-ers. #ableg #cdnpoli #abpoli /2
Then there's the address being partially cropped. The font is a standard Serif-typeface which means it's not hard to reverse engineer that postal code by sight. This limits it to two streets in Kingston.

Why Kingston? It's mostly a college town... /3 #ableg #cdnpoli #abpoli
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[Thread] With all of the foofurrah over testing #hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for #COVID19, I decided to go looking to see what the evidence was in the medical literature. #abpoli #cdnpoli
For clarity, I am not a doctor, so it is entirely possible that I have misread aspects of these papers. I will happily accept correction from those who are more qualified than I am in these matters. /2
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a well known drug with a long history, and well known but potentially very serious side effects. /3…
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1. @jkenney is fucking little bastard weasel.

On @PnPCBC he was asked directly about his reckless and dangerous decision to not wait for Health Canada vetting of tests, test vaccines, and medication before unleashing them on Albertans.

2. His reply: "Is Dr Tam suggesting that the European Union's regulator of medications or the FDA would approve things that are dangerous for public use?"

3. "The same Dr Tam who was telling us that we shouldn't close our borders to countries with high levels of infection and who in January was repeating talking points out of the PRC about no evidence of human-to-human transmission?"

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Now that @Albertadoctors are getting the courts to support the fight against #COVID19, it is time we use our energy to unite with other advocacy groups in Alberta for all social issues that affect our patients.

We support all Health Care Heroes!
Alberta Doctors support our patients right to quality public education.

Evidence shows that patients involved in their healthcare decisions leads to better outcomes. Our paediatric patients need access to an effective and free education.

Alberta doctors recognize that we need the best research to support our patients. @UCalgary and @UAlberta were once known to produce amazing research and amazing doctors.

Cuts will hurt students + our skilled workforce.

Cuts will hurt our patients.

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This Tuesday, @jkenney & the UCP introduced Bill 8 - Protecting Survivors of Human Trafficking Act. This is an incredibly important piece of legislation that affects children and adults who may be victims of sexual, labour or organ/tissue exploitation. #ableg #abpoli
The first opportunity to debate this legislation was on Wednesday and my colleagues and I were proud to stand up repeatedly and commend the government for bringing this legislation forward and indicate our general support for it. #ableg #abpoli
We were also very clear that due to the significance of the subject-matter & that many stakeholders were not even aware the legislation had been tabled or of its content, it was important that we do the job we were elected to do and ask questions about it & debate it. #ableg
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