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A detailed thread on why US is undergoing such a stealthy bear market where even Mega Caps are falling insanely in the range of 30-50% and the previous year high growth names like ROKU and TDOC have tumbled 80% . That's one of the worst bear market seen by US

Let's look at WHY US is a developed country and in general keeps inflation within 4% at worst . The growing economies always have a higher inflation and that's alright . US registered a 5%+ inflation and to control this inflation the FED hikes the interest rates so that the liquidity is pulled out
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A Thread on #GNFC and a Deep Dive into it's Business

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals

⚡️A Chemical Major in love with a Fertilizer Minor

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( A small Effort from your side could make a big Impact ) GNFC - A small peek into Valuations and Results before studying the Business

Posted Best ever Results - It was a clear Bumper

An EPS of 35 in a Quarter with a Margin of 28% and Sales at 2400 crores

Trades at a P/E of 6 ... Yes you heard me right .. A P/E of 6 ..
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In this Thread I will be sharing all my Trades in Dec/Jan with Entry , Trailing and Exit

Will include how Big Winners ( Kothari Petro ( 100% Gain), KPR and Nahar Poly ( 50% Gain ) were forming the same VCP Setup and you dont need to find multibaggers they come on their Own ! #KPR Mill

Marked in Detail each Action

All of this was mentioned live in my Twitter Handle

Hope you could learn from this Trade Explanation

Have shared my Tradebook too !

Do Like Retweet . Give me some motivation guys and i will explain each of my trade this same way Image
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India is a Growth Story !

What is Important in India's Growth ?

Isnt it Infrastructure ??

So today's Let's look at a Infrastructure Company having Aim as high as the Sky and Vision as clear as the Glass and Focus as sharp as the Arrow !

Like and Retweet for wider reach ! The Company is none other than G R Infra

Now Let's see what GR Infraprojects does ?

Civil : Construction of roads, state and national
highways, bridges, culverts, flyovers, airport runways, etc
Railway : Construction, track lining, bridges, etc.
• Construction of metro rail
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Learnings from Zero to Hero Interview of @VijayKedia1 Ji

1. Aim Big : He did not aim small . He didnt want to trade for 100-200 Rs . He wanted to make his capital massive in Lacs ..

When i started small and kept growing my capital i never have checked my Percentage Returns . My aim was certainly to just keep doubling tripling the Money .

The same should be your goal ..
You aim is to not beat Nifty or Small Cap Index .. Aim Big so that you can easily beat the Street .

When i prepared for IIT . My School exams automatically turned Easy
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A Must read Thread for all Investors and Traders who are into Markets after the 2020 March Crash

A general Query that hit's my DM and also when i meet my friends ..

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(1/n) Are we underperforming the Trading Community ?
We haven't got a single Multibagger and all around me everyone gets a multibagger ?
I havent made even 50% Returns this year and everyone posts MTM in crores and Returns over 100% ?

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A thread on #Valiant Organics

A Fully Integrated speciality Chemical Company !

Now Let's dive into what the company does ! Valiant Organics is in agro-chemical, pharmaceuticals, rubber, dyes, pigment industries .

Revenue Split 88% Domestic and 12% from Exports
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Weekly Charts of some companies i have done my Deep Research !
#SSWL ImageImageImageImage #ACE
#RAJRATAN ImageImageImageImage
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#Clean Science - A Thread about the Biz

Why the business deserves such valuations is very clear. There are almost no other business which ever sector having such gross margins . Ignore Chemical sector etc. Any business you take this Margins is exceptional and can do magic With such increase in the Raw material price they have maintained the margins to a great extend without passing the raw material prices .. Exceptional Work
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Time to read some annual reports and get confidence in the companies you invest .

Else in the panic we will miss good Biz.

This is the #Revenue split from Tatva , THought the EV theme part has minimal contribution now , growth is expected from that Space .. Phase Transfer Catalyst and Tatva being among the Leaders in this segment
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A Small Thread on Chemplast Sanmar

A Chemical Company in the PVC Space !

Dominant producer of paste PVC
2nd Largest in PVC Suspension

EPS CAGR = 37% Image PE 22.5
When ROCE / ROE is above the PE then it generally means that there is a good chance of Revaluation .. ( Backtesting some value winners )
Acc to Management they will be able to sustain the margins to a good level

Execution from management should be good , but lets see
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A Detailed Thread on #JubilantIngrevia as Promised

Let's start with the #Technicals to time the Entry

A perfect VCP -3 + Shakeout and crawling near the ATH and awaiting a ATH Breakout

For Investment I use the Weekly Chart with 10EMA ImageImage Let's Deep Dive into the Fundamentals of #JubilantIngrevia

Jubilant Ingrevia is an Integrated Speciality Chemicals Comapany

They are into Speciality Chemicals ,nutraceuticals and Life Sciences

Revenue Split and Region wise Revenue in the Below Presentation Image
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#AMBIKA cotton Mills

Holding Small Tracking quantity from 1670

Will add from Tomorrow by slowly Releasing Radico Khaitan

Generating Alpha is Important not the Company

Look at the Stats of the Company ! Bought Ambika Cotton at 1875

Will add again if it Dips Sharply !
#Ambika Cotton Mills
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Tightness and Inside bars like a maestro

Rare Pattern . Wil try for a Quick Intraday to 2 days time here with Almost very small Stop

Have a look Image Have Placed GTT above the Line !

with SL as the Below Line
4% SL Trade for Me
#EasemyTrip Image
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Have been repeatedly posting how the strong chemical earnings can continue and rerating in some names can occur

Holding everything Except Tatva and Vinyl from this List

And getting the Highest Allocation to Balaji amines Deepak and Jubilant Image Fairchem Fluorochem are trading names

Even NOCIL is on fire !

Get the sector Right Sit tiight

#Chemicals #stocks
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#BSoft #BirlaSoft

🏅Multiple Attempts to breakout of the tight Range

Breakout when done should be very powerful considering that it has to catch up with the Index Outperformance during this phase

Will add some more position once all the resistance is crossed on CB #BSOFT #BirlaSoft

Moving as per morning Expectations

A decisive break of 435 near EOD and I will add some more quantity

For now it's just a wait and watch

Dont Jump now is my idea ! as it faces strong resistance her e
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#Long in #Laurus Labs at 610 ( 3% ) of PF
A near Reversal near Support ImageImage Stop at 600 Initially ! Now moved to 606
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A Thread on #Laurus Labs as Promised
#Technicals - To time the entry and Price
Laurus Labs Currently near Support zones .
620 in my view is a strong support
Showing Buying Volumes since yesterday ! Image #Fundamentals

Laurus labs is into API , Formulations , Bio Synthesis and CDMO Bussiness

API Bussiness leader #Divis Labs - Only API . No formulations - PE Rating 66
Lowest Cost producer

#Laurus Labs - Into API and formulations . One among the lowest cost producer