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At the end of #AceWeek, I wanted to highlight some of the terms you might hear under the #AsexualUmbrella

Alt-Text in the thread 🧵

#Asexual #AsexualAwareness #AceWeek2021 #GraySexual #GrayA #GraySexual #DemiSexual #Ace #AceUmbrella #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ
Box 1: Umbrella "Asexual"
Asexuality is defined as a lack of sexual attraction to others/ low/ absent interest in/ desire for sexual activity. Asexuality is sometimes called ace.
Asexuality is like any other identity – at its core, it's just a word that people use to help figure themselves out.
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˚₊✧ Acefobia e Estereótipos ✧₊˚

#Assexual #Ace #Acefobia #Preconceito #Estereotipos #Lgbtq #Lgbt #AceWeek e #SemanaAce a imagem apresenta um fundo...
A acefobia é usualmente descrita como o preconceito, discriminação, aversão ou ódio direcionado à pessoas assexuais. Ao contrário do que muites pensam, a acefobia pode ocorrer de várias formas, não necessariamente através de agressão física ou verbal direta e explícita.
Um exemplo de acefobia é justamente falas problemáticas direcionadas a pessoas assexuais e o reforçamento de estereótipos.
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Fansnya @official_ACE7 ngumpul yuk!
Kamu dapet salam nih dari A.C.E😍

Untuk merayakan comeback mereka, minhot dan A.C.E punya kejutan buat kamu! Penasaran? Ikutin terus #Thread ini ya😉
#ACE #Changer
Minhot kasih bocoran deh kejutannya...
Akan ada foto, wawancara eksklusif, dan giveaway dari @official_ACE7!

Stay tune ya!
#ACE #Changer
Kali ini Jun, Donghun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan, dan Chan comeback dengan merilis album Changer: Dear Eris.

Simak wawancara eksklusif tim detikcom bareng @official_ACE7 di sini👇
#ACE #Changer #KSpotlight…
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I did not expect that in the days between #biweek and the @BECAUSEConf, a leading representative from a #bisexual organization would painfully erase #pansexual people and reignite the tired #bisexual vs. #pansexual label wars on social media. But here we are.
At this time, I think it is important that #bisexual leaders who organize #bisexual, #pansexual, #queer, #fluid and otherwise #nonmonosexual (sometimes known as "bi+") communities online and/or in person speak out to affirm that #pansexual people are valid.
Some suggestions about how to avoid causing pain regarding labels. First, if you don't use a label, don't define it. Not #pansexual? Don't define #pansexuality. Not #bisexual? Don't define #bisexuality. This places definitional autonomy where it belongs: w/ ppl who use the label.
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270/365-For the riders who prefer to live on the edge, #Aprilia #SR150 #SR160 #RACE is perfect. The scooter gets racy graphics, a single-channel ABS, a semi-digital instrument console, displaying fuel level, time, 2 trip meters, odometer, and a USB Phone charger. #BikerLife ImageImageImageImage
271/365-The Fastest Indian, was the name given to the #Bajaj #Pulsar220F, the carburetted variant of the legendary 220cc sports bike from BAL launched in 2009. The 220F churned out 20.9bhp and 18.55 Nm and had a top speed of 134 Kmph yet returning good mileage of 35 kmpl. ImageImageImageImage
272/365-#Suzuki launched the 155 cc #Intruder 'Modern-Cruiser' Motorcycle in 2017 making its entry into the mass-market cruiser segment. Opinions about its radical design are polarly opposite. The engine churns out 13.6 ps and 13.8 Nm resp and is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. ImageImageImageImage
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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the intersection of tradition and K-pop? Well, I do. It is because of releases like this. #강민수 #AQUINAS
And of course this powerful video that dropped earlier this week: #StrayKids #소리꾼 #스트레이키즈
Because of government sponsored fight songs like this #PSY #Korea
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#CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec is Live!
@li_fuxin is opening the 1st "Workshop & Challenge on #ComputerVision in the #BuiltEnvironment for the #Design, #Construction and #Operation of #Buildings"
The winner of the 2D challenge is the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The winner of the 3D challenge is Purdue University

Congrats! #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
First Keynote talk by Prof. Derek Hoiem @Illinois_Alma @reconstructinc #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
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One day I'm gunna do a deep dive of Accelerated Christian Education. It's nearly 3am and I'm scrolling through pages and pages of their material online and it's messed up and it's not good for my soul. But one day. I'm gunna do it. Image
TW. Home schooling
Since I have them saved from last night, I'm gunna dump a bunch of pics of the workbooks, cartoons, etc here and maybe you'll can work out what's wrong with them. #exposechristianeducation #aceducation #homeschooling ImageImageImageImage
TW. Victim blaming, abuse, grooming ImageImage
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#StockIdea !!

Action Construction Equipments


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Huge opportunity Size for Action Construction Equipments...👌👍

#ACE ImageImage
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#2NE1 Image
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@mellojonny @DianeOLeary @rmm_0811 @eleanormorgan @ObsMagazine 1) Thank you for sharing. Great perspective from a GP. Really caring is of the utmost importance, but as I explained in my blog. If clinicians lack basic knowledge miscommunication & therefore possible iatrogenic harm might still be just around the corner.

I think that's also
@mellojonny @DianeOLeary @rmm_0811 @eleanormorgan @ObsMagazine 2) why the #ACE subject exploded. Previous studies (Heim et al., 2009) indeed showed a "well established link" between ACE & ME. However just like with the CBT/GET, it was based on broad empirical definition of ME or rather CFS.

The IOM report 2015 and Clark et al., 2007
@mellojonny @DianeOLeary @rmm_0811 @eleanormorgan @ObsMagazine 3) disagree with Heim et al.. Once controlled for these factors Clark et al. found rates from 61% to only 17%. I personally don't think this correlation will be any different with #LongCovid. Therefore the link is indeed old but also imo debunked news.…
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The further on I go through life the more I realize how trauma makes you rootless. It rips out tender shoots of relationships, it amputates attachment, it hacks down lineage, it truncates tradition, and leaves the survivor adrift with neither a compass nor an anchor. #Trauma #ACE
Early and protracted trauma coupled with multiple abandonments leaves the soul unsheltered and open to the eviscerating elements — and eviscerate the elements do. They also erode, disorient, and create a dyslexia of both direction and discernment. #Trauma
The motherless child, devoid of all good nurture, must herself mother and nurture. Absent of mortal guideposts she must seek and find an inner compass embedded by mothers of old, pulling from some deep nurturing well that she having not sipped from herself, must lead others too.
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The government wants to tackle #obesity.
Lots of commentary on the poor food choices overweight people make & how to change it.

Here’s a little bit of information that not many people know.

The #ACES study came about as an unintended consequence of a weight-loss program
This is the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, initiated jointly by the Kaiser Permanente HMO in California and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1995–1997.
The study, by Vincent Felitti, the founder of Kaiser Permanente's Department of Preventive Medicine, demonstrates a correlation between childhood maltreatment and later-life medical illnesses and premature death.
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Why the negative reporting @BBCNews about MoJ providing accommodation for people who are #homeless on release from prison? Would you prefer that they were released to live in the streets? Increase the spread of #COVID__19? Do people not deserve 1/3
basic human rights after they have served their sentence? What about supporting #rehabilitation and enabling people to contribute to society? How many people in prison are there because of what society has inflicted on them #ACE (adverse childhood experiences) abuse, neglect? 2/3
I celebrate the decision to make sure people have accommodation on release from #prison. It’s probably saved lives. No-one should through choice be released to the streets, ever. As a ‘developed’ society surely that’s what we all want? #homelessness #homelesshealth 3/3
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#coronavirus ‘ün, vücuda girebilmek için hücre yüzeyinde bulunan #ACE reseptörlerini kullandığını biliyoruz.

Bu reseptörleri, uygun noktasına dokununca açılan sensörlü kapılar gibi düşünün. Virüsün yüzeyindeki bir çıkıntı ( Spike proteini) bu reseptöre dokunup kiliti açıyor.
Virüs içeri girince, hücre içindeki enerjiyi, üretim mekanizmalarını kendi adına kullanıp kendini çoğaltmaya başlıyor. Böylece enfeksiyon oluşuyor. Yani kalenin kapılarından, surlarından geçtikten sonra, iç kaleyi tahrip ediyor. Bu tahribatı sadece kendisi yapmıyor
Sitokin fırtınası diye, dengesiz ve abartılı bağışıklık yanıtına neden olduğu için de yapıyor. Sitokin fırtınasını daha önce anlatmıştım; eve giren yabancıyı abinize haber veriyorsunuz, o da ne kadar bıçkın Arkadaşı varsa toplayıp geliyor. Dost- düşman demeden kafa-kol giriyorlar
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1. Let's talk about adult survivors of #childhoodtrauma & #COVIDー19 . There are a few survivors who understandably are triggered by chaos, but I bet, if you ask most adult survivors of adverse childhood experiences, they're doing just fine during the #CoronavirusPandemic . Why?
2. Preparing for the worst is our norm. If we come from poverty, we always keep extra food & supplies in our homes & if we come from chaos, we always keep a to-go bag packed & ready. What everyone is doing now, is what we do normally. So, this chaos is calming to us. #COVIDー19
3. Adult survivors of childhood abuse have always known the status quo isn't reality & life will change. It's not always a healthy way to live, but now that this has come, we smile, & we breathe deeply. Because we know we are in control, prepared, and ready.
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52 episódios assistidos e contando...

(A segunda OP é bem ruim hein)
Já passamos dos 100 episódios. O arco de Alabasta ficou bem legal no anime também.
Acabamos Alabasta, não tem como não se emocionar com esse final.

(primeira vez que chorei lendo um mangá foi nessa cena lá no começo dos anos 2000)
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The #ACEs studies conducted by the #CDC and Kaiser Permanente demonstrated that traumatic experiences in
childhood are a prime source of physical, psychological, and behavioral problems throughout life. #traumainformedKE
#ACEs also provided a new scientific basis for approaching human development through what the #WHO terms #biopsychosocial approaches. Moreover, they show that traumatic experiences tend to occur in highly interrelated clusters, rarely alone. #DevelopmentTrauma
@DFHRC @Resindiyo @ZahraTJuma @jamlekjakababa The #ACE studies used a questionnaire that asked respondents about a dozen common adverse childhood experiences. The results showed the more traumatic experiences suffered in childhood, the more illnesses, mental problems, and destructive behaviors people will suffer in life.
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Tennis season is in full swing here in Australia so let’s check out #5injuryfacts specific to Tennis.

Thanks for following and commenting!

#tennis #ATPCup #BrisbaneTennis #ATPCup2020 #bartoldclinical
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