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Everything is known about before it happens.
Every event.
Every Text Message.
Every phone call.
Every DM.
Every move made in life by EVERYONE is known.
Time travel is real & there has been individuals throughout time who have gone to the future, collected data and brought it back
To whatever tineline & his that truth WITHIN EVERYTHING ..
Hid not His(Correction)
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Saturday, May 29, 2021

#Ijaw youths suspend protest over NDDC board.
#Again, Okorocha accuses Uzodinma of project demolition.
#Supreme Court dismisses certificate forgery case against Obaseki

#Atiku #Adeherself Davido Image
…as JUSUN members lock journalists out.
#Garba Shehu: Buhari administration healthiest since 1999—we respect citizens’ rights.
#REPORT CARD:Presidency lists Buhari’s achievements in 6 years.
#6 years of failure: PDP cautions Buhari against empty speech, false performance claims

#Reps minority caucus to Buhari: Nigeria becoming a failed state… tackle insecurity now.
#APC group: Nigeria’s problems not caused by our party.
#Nigeria can’t develop without restructuring – Peter Obi.
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.@DanScavino, check it out-Got A "Benifit of the Doubt" "Approval" from A "pot stirrer" that has drug my name through the mud to all his followers..

Amazes me how so many have SO MUCH to say about me but I have/had NOTHING & have NEVER said anything about anyone else.
Everyone was told, "Learn the "Inside" Comms" ..
Stay within INSIDE comms, the way it was being taught on the original platform.
Someone comes along SPEAKING the language with the other 13 & the Military, "Pot Stirrers" & the Austin Steinbarts ruin so much for everyone ..
It was said, "Don't let your emotions get the best of you & want it NOW, RIGHT NOW, NOW NOW NOW" ..
I asked/Demanded PEACE, "Pot Stirrers" & The Austin Steinbarts Spit in my face ..
Emptionally out of balance "Pot Stirrers" have been demanding Declass or documents to be released,
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Where’s Jordan? It has been a valid question from so many of you, and it has been difficult to hold back from responding. However, some things take time and here I am now. I do owe you an answer because you have graciously invited me into your home every morning for a decade 1/20
We have laughed together and cried together, and I recognize that I may hold a very special place in yours and your family’s hearts.
I came to Calgary on somewhat of a whim in 2011. An Opportunity! My amazingly supportive wife was 8 months pregnant with our second child. 2/20
On bed rest. But we picked up and left our beloved city of #Winnipeg to come west. And damn I love this city of #Calgary and this province of #Alberta. I have lived in many place and I have learned that people make a place an actual community and those of you that I have met 3/20
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Remember when Tony was on the Masked singer? I have been trying to tell EVERYONE #WHY the entire world has done all they have & for who ...
So many left truth hidden in plain sight for 10-20-30 -100 -300 Years ..

Waiting for 1 person to be born..
I showed EVERYONE for who
Without trying to sound conceded or make it seem like I was/am beating my chest because I'm not. I only have been showing to give/bring comfort to everyone in knowing it's been over, everything is fake & the only reason why EVIL is doing all they are to YOU 'THE PEOPLE'/World
Is because I exist ..
None of it could be faked & people are so lost & out of balance seeking attention from all this are failing to see WHY "Celebs"/white hats had to do all they did to preserve TRUTH given to them by ones like John Jr/Travelers in time ..
All anyone chose
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Every week is A "week to remember" . . .
Literally, everything happening each and every day is A miracle & was never supposed to be. This is the furthest Humanity has ever made it. Every other time, the plug gets/got pulled.
Every day is A Blessing because the world should
have & was going to be no more as of A couple weeks ago. Meaning the plug got pulled in another timeline. I Said from the very beginning, EVERYONE finally has the chance to make things right as A whole and within your own lives. WHY do you think tension is so high?
Because WE ALL have been here before and getting past the point where no one has ever made it passed is stressful?
WHAT IF I told you WE did it? Would you care? Would you believe A word I AM Telling You?
Would you finally change your ways and realize, your life and the ones
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This is what it look like when ones #BREAK away from their Puppet Masters or don't have masters. All those who are still in control by puppet masters (Fake news Propaganda outlets) will drag peoples names through the mud just because they can/being told too. Then in the same
Breathe will say "HEY .@elonmusk, You Should go get your vaccinations" "You can TOOOOTALLY TRUST we have your best interest at heart" . . .

Social Media & Fake news = Virus of life...

All these people saying, "I'm getting Vaccinated, I got Vaccinated" are
Only testing me to see if I will judge them soulfully on them receiving A vaccination. No one qas loud about flu shots & saying "I'm going to get A flu shot"/"I got my flu shot" over the past 10 years-SO AGAIN, #WHY now all of A sudden people want to make it known?

The truth
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I want to help Skateboarders/Action Sports people that Are struggling with Addiction ..
I Know what ones have to do to make it & what they put their bodies through. Many Skateboarders I've known come from broken homes as A child & seek skateboarding as A escape from that
reality. That demographic, Evil people in this world will target. Whether it's evil people within pushing drugs or pain pills into the public PURPOSELY to control A certain demographic into being controlled or recreational. I want to help. Everything that has been done to
Humanity/This Country has A REASON #WHY it was being done. There is/was always some kind of Agenda that purposely was keeping ones enslaved in some way shape or form. I Want to break ALL those chains. I Am going to break all those chains.

NOTHING can stop!
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@KeesvdPijl1 Rapid opponents of the #Trump admin📝turned to creating tremendous social, economic & political chaos by massively overblowing the severity of widespread viral pathogen📝metaphor for the political infection they believed afflicted the country.

@KeesvdPijl1 No one interest📝group could have achieved this on its own. It required a perfect storm [no] conspiracy much less a specific plot. It only requires that the right confluence of events #Event201🚩present themselves in a way that prompts action & cooperation
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Part of #TTP's focus is helping you build a resiliency toolkit to spot #fakenews & #disinformation b/c preventing the dive down the #rabbithole is far easier than pulling someone out of it once they've become entrenched. /1
The way many consume news has become lackadaisical. Whether you're a headline scroller, or a keyword searcher, it is important to follow a #factchecklist to verify & confirm what you're reading is true. /2
With that in mind, #TTP is starting a #TTPBrief where we look past the headlines and breakdown the information to share the pertinent points that apply to our look into #deradicalization #deprogramming and our mission to #BringThemBack from #QAnon. /3
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1. Demam ➡️ Kompres hangat
2. Cedera
- Kalau cederanya memicu inflamasi (mis., memar, terkilir), HARAM pakai anget+diurut ➡️ pake kompres es (PRICE)
- Kalau nyeri krn kaku otot/peningkatan kontraksi, kram ➡️ pake kompres anget + dipijet alus

Deal? ImageImageImageImage
Nah! Ngomong-ngomong soal inflamasi. Bengkak tidak selalu inflamasi/radang.
Tanda-tanda umum bahwa anggota tubuhmu mengalami inflamasi ada lima
1. Jika disentuh/tekan, nyeri
2. Teraba hangat
3. Warna kulitnya memerah
5. Anggota tubuhmu mengalami penurunan fungsi Image
Kamu juga gaboleh melakukan kompres pada LUKA TERBUKA dan BAKAR ya gaes. Luka terbuka berarti semua jenis luka yang dibarengi oleh kerusakan integritas kulit yg ditandai oleh keluarnya darah baik sedikit maupun banyak.
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Myxedema Coma vs severe hypothyroidism
First #Medtwitter #Tweetorial #ICUconsult
Do I have the correct diagnosis ?
Why steroids ? Why cortisol ?
Do I wake up endo at 3AM ? #endotwitter
Looking for answers ? 👇
A thread 🧵

#Medthread #MedStudentTwitter #pccm
Myxedema coma is a medical emergency. Period.
Act fast, efficiently and start treatment if your pretest probability is very high. No TSH ? No prob.
We don't wait for a CTA in a patient with massive PE and don't wait for an arterial duplex in acute limb ischemia right? same here
Ok How do I know/suspect myxedema ?
1. #History (if severe pt may be obtunded, ask family!)
2. #physical #exam (thyroid scars, delayed reflexes, macroglossia, slow mentation, bradycardia, hypothermia, low BP, myxedema in extremities....)

when in doubt @uptodate
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Today on "ADHD or Fae": All of my crochet hooks are in the bathroom except one, which is in the pantry. #why #adhdtwitter #fae #WHYNOT #adhdorfae #boyfriend #mentalhealth #crochet #craft #witchcraft
Next on "ADHD or Fae": I used my car keys to move our boxes over here, but somehow my keys are in the bottom of this packed box. #how #adhdtwitter #adhd #adhdproblems #fae #moving #boyfriend #fairies
Next on "ADHD or Fae": We own 10 nail clippers. I certainly didn't buy them. No one knows how they got here. #adhdtwitter #adhd #fae #boyfriend #adhdorfae
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@realDonaldTrump talked about HCQ back in March! Nine months ago, many “REAL” Doctors heard our @POTUS and started research and then trials which turned out amazing results. In their research they also found medical journals and papers dating back a decade that showed the
Effectiveness of this medicine. Immediately the medical establishments and the press started smear campaigns on sound science. Good Doctors continued to use this treatment and the results were all confirmed as 100% success when treated early. #WHY is our country shut down? I’ll
Tell you why! The so called people you are taught to trust the most want complete control over your lives, while making your tax dollars pay for it. You’ve been hearing about this coming for decades and here it is right in your face. Either take a vaccine/microchip or have no
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C’è un momento nella vita in cui tutto ruota intorno ad una domanda, composta da una sola parola. Perchè?
Ed è difficile trovare una risposta quando già la domanda non è chiara.
Ad Anne da Aberdeen accade vicino ai 40 anni.
Perchè? Anzi, Why?
⬆️Aveva sognato di fare la cantante, era diventata un’artista, un’icona riconosciuta in tutto il mondo. Insieme a Dave nel 1980 era fuggita dalla band, The Tourists, per provare a mischiare il loro amore con un nuovo progetto artistico. L’amore era presto finito, l’arte no.⬇️
⬆️E furono successi, di quelli che ancora oggi si cantano e ballano, e tante icone diverse: Anne, che nel frattempo per tutti è Annie, è l’immagine simbolo degli anni ’80: androgina, luccicante, bellissima, gioiosa ma con una venatura malinconica, nella voce e negli occhi.⬇️
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@SonnieJohnson well worth listening to your history lesson, your civics lesson, your vision, your #Why #Renaissance Demystifying Local Government vs. Federal. Excellent. I want @farmerdarrell to have a listen. We need a new party. I’m Caucasian, moved to Virginia from Vermont.
I suffered mightily at the hands of a local Progressive government, Violating my Right to Property Ownership, My Due Process Rights, My Constitutional Rights.…+
It Is Local Control that Failed Me.…+ And Nobody Cared.
I will be thinking about your message a long time 😎
I hope @realDonaldTrump invites you to speak and help shape our Future. All of us. 🙏🏼
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We are on onto telecommunications during #ADA30LeadOn and I can tell you as a Deafblind person I literally had to ask a hearing person to make phone calls for me on my behalf because my kind of deafness is NOT accommodated for by the Gov't institution I was dealing with
Despite asking for assistance, the state department I was dealing with just... couldn't get it together.

So yes, we have work to do. Sooooo much,.
It took me 3 weeks to finally break down and ask for help.

It took the hearing person around an hour to get the form I needed.

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#Thread #Tips for #HomeSchool #Teachers - (Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

🤦🏽‍♀️Keep #children on the #schedule they use on a regular school day. Wake up times, school timetable and bed times.

🤦🏽‍♀️Ensure they complete activities within the time given for the session on the time table
🤦🏽‍♀️Allow the free time only during the day based on the timetable and let them do a fun activity of their choice.

🤦🏽‍♀️They will #manipulate you by saying they are hungry or want to sleep but at school there are specific times for eating and rest time.
🤦🏽‍♀️ They WILL want to go to the bathroom many times, especially when working on a subject/topic they do not like or don’t understand or if something else interests them. You will have to use your discretion with this.

🤦🏽‍♀️Create a space for to work - quiet with little distraction
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This is your daily pension announcement: the Mike Ellis @MikeEllisUCP edition. Mike, as I am sure you know, is the MLA for Calgary-West. He had this missive published in a neighborhood gazette. Some of the facts are correct and some are just plain wrong. #ABLeg #ABEd
He is sticking to the old script that Travis put out months ago. Even Travis has changed his tune. For example @MikeEllisUCP says:

"Over a ten-year average, AIMCo outperformed ATRF at 9.4% vs 7.4%."
That statement is a half truth. #snap #ABLeg
Does it mean anything? Compare that to Travis' latest statement:

"The 10 year comparison is less relevant as ATRF’s portfolio was in a state of transition due to the assumption of all pre-1992 pension liabilities by the government during the first years of that period." #ABLeg
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----- #JOINtheDOTS -----

#QUESTION = WHO is Really at Fault for OZ Demise ??
1 = Detractors
2 = Enablers
3 = Providers
4 = Ignores
5 = Presenters
6 = Advocates
7 = Lazy
8 = Blind to Reality
9 = Stupid
10 = Appeasers

WHO are YOU ??
Did You allow it ??


Bill enshrines Legislation principles of multiculturalism & diversity in law is consistent with state legislation & ensures multilateral & ongoing support
#NOTE = Above is
WHAT they are Doing
HOW they are doing
WHERE they are doing

NOW = This is #WHY they are doing

Are YOU still Allowing it ??
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Federal law makes the act of providing a #falsestatement to the government a #crime.

You know what this looks like:

FBI Agent [to a person of interest, after appropriate warnings]:

"Were you at First Central Bank between 10 and 11 am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2016?"

Person of Interest: "Not at all! I was in South Carolina, boarding the Big M Riverboat, for a day of gambling with friends."
FBI Agent: "Let me show you a video taken inside the bank on the date and time in question." [shows video clearly depicting the person of interest in the bank, video date, and time stamp confirms date and time].
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#QUESTION = Are ALL Politicians absolutely LYING to the Australian Public about the Issue of -; #MIGRATION ??

See the Below Thread & Judge for Yourself

#REMEMBER = To make an informed choice for Voting requires ALL information to be presented
#QUESTION = Has that Happened ??
#ALP = Increasing Australia’s annual humanitarian intake of refugees to 27,000 by 2025 to address the global humanitarian crisis
Providing $450 million in funding over three years to support #UNHCR both globally and in South East Asia and the Pacific;
#GREENS = Full implementation by Australia of 1994 UN International Conference on Population & Development Program Action
+ Increase overseas aid budget to #minimum of 0.7% of GNI
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Cement companies around the world appear to be built adjacent to golf courses, athletic centers, nature preserves, trampoline parks and amusement parks, dog racing tracks. Mostly golf courses though. #WHY #NoCoincidence
Some interesting locations...

● A golf course in Paris on island on the Seine flanked by Cemex and Lafarge plants
● Near Philippines presidential palace
● Beside Haitian Prime Minister's residence
● Several ancient Welsh castles
● Downtown Jakarta, Bangkok
More questionable spots...

● One cement plant/golf course hundreds of miles from any city in the Australian outback
● Many casinos and aquariums
● Orlando Pulse Nightclub right behind Cemex plant
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Born & raised in #Fanar #Lebanon, a tiny country in the middle east with a lot to offer. I always had a positive outlook on life maybe because of the culture or values🤷‍♀️.
If you don't know #Lebanon or a #lebanese then you should start mingling 🤣
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS
I grew up surrounded by a loving, joking & tough type of family that always support each other even amidst fighting. You can imaging being 4 kids in different age groups can cause a lot of fights growing up 😂 #siblingsfight #family #VoicesIWS
I have my issues🤷‍♀️! I always wanted to prove myself & make my family proud(2nd child). A pressure that was just in my head; they were always proud of us. I wanted to grow up to be a doctor or an army officer like my dad. Let's just say I changed my mind! #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network
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