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Je parle feministe. Community Fellow @WeAreTheTempest. Working to create awareness about abuse and harassment through @ProjectAgahee
May 17, 2019 5 tweets 2 min read
I have shared my story before but her question on how far I got with it makes me want to write about the development of my case against my abusing inlaws. I was pushed to bring money from my father’s house after my marriage. And when I stood against it in the courts, they tried to slander me by sharing my pictures with my friends, colleagues, and family in the court and using degrading words for me. Their only concern is that I’m a “happy” woman without him & I can’t agree more because not only the gold, money, and furniture but my happiness and content
Sep 27, 2018 35 tweets 7 min read
My nephew, H, turned 1 & I feel like I should share his story with y'all. Somehow I'm sure so many people, unfortunately, could relate to this story. Because the cast in his story is the same people who live and breathe around us, destroying other people for material love #Thread One year ago when H was being born in a hospital room, I was standing right next to my sister hearing her cry in pain. As her screams muffled, I heard baby H’s voice for the first time as he cried in the nurse’s arms. I welcomed him to the world with the cheeriest hello ever.