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Neurologist/researcher in neuroethics, decision neuroscience in aging & dementia @UCSFmac
8 Jun
Been digging into #aducanumab data, thinking about how to advise my patients & their caregivers when they ask me, keeping in mind shared decision-making and that these are individual decisions. Would be grateful for feedback/corrections: 1/7
“Some colleagues I respect say they won’t prescribe this drug. I haven’t made that decision, but as of now I don’t recommend it to anyone. I do want you to make the choice that is right for you, so if you still want to try after we talk then we can discuss how to do that.” 2/7
“When @US_FDA considers approving a drug, they ask a panel of outside experts for recommendations. In this case, none of the 11 experts thought the company has shown that the drug works. It was very strange for FDA to approve the drug despite such strong criticism.” 3/7
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