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27 Jun
1/ My last thoughts for the day: The first time someone implied that, because my parents weren't born in the US, I couldn't understand what it's like to be Black in America...I was frustrated and hurt. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
2/ I was born in the US and grew up identifying as Black. I'd experienced the racism that comes with that - from police encounters to being told by another med school interviewee that I was probably going to be accepted because I'm Black. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
3/ That person was wrong. I am the son of refugee immigrants AND I'm Black.

But what I had to realize is that the call to disaggregate URM data isn't meant to dictate who is Black and who is not. I had let the messenger obfuscate the message. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
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26 Jun
1/ @pedsmd2b brought up how Blacks + Hispanics make up only 10.8% of the physician workforce and 13.3% of matriculants, despite these communities making up a combined 31.7% of the US population.

How does med admissions play a role in this? #Sharethemicnowmed
2/ The literature is clear: URM students perform worse than their White counterparts on the MCAT due to structural racism and SES status. Let me put this into perspective for you. #sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
3/ MCAT prep courses go for over $2,000. Committed to fulfilling my dream of becoming a physician, I asked my family for financial support. My family's annual income is $16,000; they spent 1/8th of their salary that year on test prep material. #sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
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26 Jun
1/ I've been encouraged to be apolitical, lest my political views impact my ability to care for patients. The worry that speaking up about racism/social justice issues will impact residency/job prospects weighs on the minds of all #BMIM #BWIM #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi
2/ But for some of us, this isn’t a switch you turn on/off. During undergrad, I was pulled over at least 4 times by campus police. I was asked why my vehicle smelled like marijuana, when I’ve never smoked. I was asked if my vehicle was stolen. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi
3/ My father has tried to coach me through minimizing the chance that I’ll be killed by police officers. “Always keep your hands visible on the steering wheel, ask them for permission to take out your documents, smile and say Yes Sir/Ma’am” #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi
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17 Jun
1/ A quick and brief #Tweetorial on how to provide editorial feedback on a medical or scientific manuscript. Or as I like to say “Finding the Goldilocks of giving Feedback – Not too harsh, but no too nice...”
2/ Editorial feedback is a primary means of interaction in academics – how people experience it can drastically affect their career course, well-being, and their future impact on others. This highlights the importance of optimizing how you perform this task…
3/ First and foremost, It’s always important to keep your goals in mind. While #1 is the more proximal and obvious goal, if you forget about goal 2 & 3 you will win the battle, but lose the war…
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17 Feb
1/ A short #Tweetorial on how to (not) present a “busy” PowerPoint slide. The “Where’s Waldo?” of Academic Medicine.

We’ve all seen it, and we all grumble about it, but how can we do better? Here are a few pointers I've seen and received over the years...
2/ Starting with word count. The phrase “Less is More” applies here. Your slides should act as the backbone to your talk. People are there to hear you speak, not read a PowerPoint presentation…
3/ Let’s talk Tables. We’ve all sat through a presentation where the presenter starts off by saying “Sorry, I know this table is a little busy but bear with me…” At this point, they’ve lost their audience and lost the opportunity to share their important data…
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30 Jan
1/ Here by popular demand “How to Publish in Academics When Publishing Isn’t Your Thing”.

A #Tweetorial on the picking & publishing low-hanging fruit in academic medicine.

Further input always welcome. By no means complete. Hope it helps. Thread…
@AcademicChatter @AcademicsSay @laxswamy @AdamRodmanMD @michellebr00ks @MDaware @FutureDocs @vineet_chopra @ShikhaJainMD @aoglasser 2/ First, make sure publishing aligns well with your professional goals. If it does, know why you have to do it and recognize the benefits that can come along with it… H/T @MeghaGargMD
@AcademicChatter @AcademicsSay @laxswamy @AdamRodmanMD @michellebr00ks @MDaware @FutureDocs @vineet_chopra @ShikhaJainMD @aoglasser @MeghaGargMD 3/ Understand “The Game”. I don’t necessarily agree with this breakdown, but this is an easy way to think of what are common academic standards. I like to think of them as: Gold, Silver, and Bronze coin…Today, let’s just focus on the “Silver” coin
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