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#sharethemicnowmed @Julius__Wilder #COVIDー19 disparities are also related to implicit bias and racism. Based on state billing data, African Americans with cough and fever have been less likely to undergo appropriate testing for COVID-19. @D_R_Williams1…
@D_R_Williams1 writes that "The racial/ethnic disparities reported for COVID-19 infection, testing, and disease burden are a clear reminder that failure to protect the most vulnerable members of society not only harms them but also increases the risk of spread of the virus"
"COVID-19 disparities are not the fault of those who are experiencing them, but rather reflect social policies and systems that create health disparities in good times and inflate them in a crisis."
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1/ My last thoughts for the day: The first time someone implied that, because my parents weren't born in the US, I couldn't understand what it's like to be Black in America...I was frustrated and hurt. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
2/ I was born in the US and grew up identifying as Black. I'd experienced the racism that comes with that - from police encounters to being told by another med school interviewee that I was probably going to be accepted because I'm Black. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
3/ That person was wrong. I am the son of refugee immigrants AND I'm Black.

But what I had to realize is that the call to disaggregate URM data isn't meant to dictate who is Black and who is not. I had let the messenger obfuscate the message. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
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How long did it take???

Say their names and know we have come a long way but have so much further to go.

@arghavan_salles @FutureDocs @Oga_DoctorBlue @Okanlami @deled_dele

#ShareTheMicNowMed @TypicallySilent

#Blackthinkers Who have BEEN DOING THIS and are unapologetically brilliant!

Follow, please 👀😉
@CornelWest @DrIbram
Up and Comers @TheNewThinkerr @TheReFTW @YESHICAN

@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed @DocWak @Abdi_Abdullahi_
#Weremeber The faces that aren't mentioned #tyronewest
This story can only be heard, not read.
Check out the podcast 😐

@marcsteiner @MDaware @DrAyanaJordan @drjaysheree @BmoreBloc @drniidarko @RUBraveEnough

@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed

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So about COVID & Health Disparities?
What is @emoryhealthcare @GradyHealth doing about this on a Structural Level?
Very Good Question!
It is institutions that we focus on, not just ppl
Let's Begin!
@TheRealDoctorT #ShareTheMicNowMed @arghavan_salles @FutureDocs @EmoryNews
Sometimes there is sooo much going on at once it's hard to keep up.
But let this be the Guide to #DEI at @EmoryUniversity!
Follow me and I'll show you around.
Don't stop at the attractions too long you may get lost,
But Do follow everyone who is linked! 😉
#DEI introducing @EmoryDOMRyse #DOING THE #WORK!
Vision Statement: "To be a destination and model for inclusive caring, training, development, and celebration of a diverse patient population and workforce"
@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed
@arghavan_salles @DrHowardLiu
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At this point many physicians and scholars have discussed how and why COVID-19 disproportionately affected black and brown folk. @ezekielRMed #ShareTheMicNowMed 1/
They’ve said it better than I have: decades (centuries) of systemic racism that created packed housing, chronic illness, and the lack of capital that disallowed many to adjust. @ezekielRMed @uche_blackstock @dn_charles @CamaraJones #ShareTheMicNowMed 2/
So what do we do about it? Why aren’t the issues that spread COVID like fire through kindling as central to the field of medicine as sterile technique? (serious question) @ezekielRMed #ShareTheMicNowMed 3/
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#Advice to COVIDSeniors
As you reached the halfway point of intern year and you were just about to hatch and pop out your shell, Boom! ICUs explode, gowns disappear & COVID hits.
@JenniferSpicer4 @TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed
Lesson #1 Get To Know your Colleagues In Training (CITs) aka Interns Well!
🧐Discover their strengths and weaknesses quickly.
🪜Support them where they are weak and encourage them to excel where they are strong
🤜Give them grace early on
@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed
Lesson #2: Give Effective Feedback. What is #effective feedback?
Frequent and Early in the rotation
Not long-winded, but concise
Above all else constructive! Don't just say be better, tell them HOW to be better!!
@docwithapurpose @nobility75 @TypicallySilent @DrAyanaJordan
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1/ @pedsmd2b brought up how Blacks + Hispanics make up only 10.8% of the physician workforce and 13.3% of matriculants, despite these communities making up a combined 31.7% of the US population.

How does med admissions play a role in this? #Sharethemicnowmed
2/ The literature is clear: URM students perform worse than their White counterparts on the MCAT due to structural racism and SES status. Let me put this into perspective for you. #sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
3/ MCAT prep courses go for over $2,000. Committed to fulfilling my dream of becoming a physician, I asked my family for financial support. My family's annual income is $16,000; they spent 1/8th of their salary that year on test prep material. #sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi_
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#Speakingof COVID
The Pandemic has exposed the depths of health disparities present in America

As data on these health disparities emerge it has revealed this issue is #PERVASIVE

Let's Discuss!
#ShareTheMicNowMed @typicallysilent
#Dothework @FutureDocs @nytimes @NOLAnews
#SayhisnameGeorgeFloyd was found to be COVID+ on his autopsy...what?!?! Yep @RUBraveEnough @arghavan_salles…
Large cities have major Disparities in-terms of COVID-19
@EmoryDeptofMed @EmoryRollins now has a data tracker to track COVID across a number of categories @CarlosdelRio7 @JenniferSpicer4 #ShareTheMicNowMed
@EmoryNews @EmoryDOMRyse @docwithapurpose…
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1/ I've been encouraged to be apolitical, lest my political views impact my ability to care for patients. The worry that speaking up about racism/social justice issues will impact residency/job prospects weighs on the minds of all #BMIM #BWIM #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi
2/ But for some of us, this isn’t a switch you turn on/off. During undergrad, I was pulled over at least 4 times by campus police. I was asked why my vehicle smelled like marijuana, when I’ve never smoked. I was asked if my vehicle was stolen. #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi
3/ My father has tried to coach me through minimizing the chance that I’ll be killed by police officers. “Always keep your hands visible on the steering wheel, ask them for permission to take out your documents, smile and say Yes Sir/Ma’am” #Sharethemicnowmed @Abdi_Abdullahi
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#Storytime At the beginning of COVID.
There was so much we didn’t know. 💡
Some people didn’t even believe in the virus, but there was that moment.
Where you and I could no longer ignore it was real
But, When did Coronavirus Become Real?
#ShareTheMicNowMed @typicallysilent
When I think about where we are now, I almost forget what life was like before...
Before masked faces became commonplace, and social distancing pulled us 6 ft away from each other. Before we became well adjusted to awkward elbow taps and daily zoom chats.
But when did coronavirus actually, become a real thing?
When did it go from being some external far off threat to right outside my front door?
To inside the hospital.
To on the other side of the anteroom?
When did it go from being one of the many distant threats,
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#Purpose So, in true @therealdoctorT fashion we will start with #storytime.
🔖 First why #stories?!?
@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed
Louise Aronson-Story As Evidence, Evidence as a Story
"We in medicine have been slower to appreciate the power of anecdotes and stories... tools for public communication, education and professionals must be aware of and, if relevant to their careers, competent in not only clinician-patient and scholarly communication but also this new modality that I call public medical communication."
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Good Morning Everyone! This is @Typicallysilent taking over for @TheRealDoctorT.
Feels kinda strange to gettin the keys🗝️ to the jag, but I don’t mind taking these wheels 🚗 for a spin.
Oh, the places we're going! #ShareTheMicNowMed
😃I was born in BMORE!
👪Both my parents are Nigerian 🇳🇬 and Igbo
🏚️My father worked for the Housing Authority of Baltimore for those in need of Section 8 housing.
👩‍🏫Mom is a teacher in special education Walter P. Carter #firstgen #firstMD
🏫I attended the @UMmedschool for Medical School
🎓Just #graduated from @EmoryDeptofMed
💩Will be starting a fellowship in GI @EmoryGastroHep with an interest in Motility/Esophagus

I learned a lot and hope to keep learning!
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America, we need to hope together.

This period has been one of the most consequential in the history of the United States, that threatens to either tear apart the very fabric of the nation we know today or unite us more than ever.

#ShareTheMicNowMed (1 of 13) Image
Watching George Floyd pinned down for almost 9 min under the weight of Derek Chauvin & other officers, as he begged for his life was one of the toughest things I have ever had to watch in my life, not just as a person of color, but as a human being.

#ShareTheMicNowMed (2 of 13) Image
It would have been equally hard to
watch had Mr. Floyd been a white
man or woman, or if the perpetrator
had been white or a person of color
or if it occurred in China or Nigeria.

It was especially hard after 3 months
of COVID-19 ravaging America.

#ShareTheMicNowMed (3 of 13) Image
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1/ I'd like everyone to meet @UCSF med student @Abdi_Abdullahi_ (right). Abdi will be taking over my twitter feed tomorrow, June 26 for #ShareTheMicNowMed where we're giving focus and attention to #BlackMenInMedicine

A preamble for what's to come... Image
2/ From @Abdi_Abdullahi_ : "I’m a 3rd yr med student @UCSF, originally from San Diego and a proud first-gen student. Interested in #MedEd, #healthdisparities, politics, writing, and for the sake of speaking it into existence: future Med/Peds physician and Dean of Admissions!" Image
3/ Also, in picture above is @UCSF med student @KidaneMD - another rising star here in SF. Both deserve your ear and hope #ShareTheMicNowMed urges further conversation and understanding around #BlackMenInMedicine
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This poem's inspired by #BlackintheIvory

𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐞 by @pedsmd2b
Take pride, Black girl, in
Your eyes—keen, ablaze
Thick, comb-breaking hair in puffs

We were meant to be,
Here, in this place, now
Though told we’re others, outside
Take pride, Black boy, in
Your smile—wide and bright
Long, wiry arms, perfect hugs

We deserve the sky,
Clouds, sun, stars and all,
Earthward they pull as we soar.

@pedsmd2b #sharethemicnowmed
You’re worthy of life
But guilty at birth
Of living while Black—full stop.

The power in you
Cannot be measured
Narrow your life for no one

Quietly screaming,
Under masks and knees
Slowly on we trudge forward.

@pedsmd2b #sharethemicnowmed
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I want to use this platform to tell a personal story of professional gaslighting that *almost* drove me out of medicine. #ShareTheMicNowMed .@AmmahStarr thread/
I joined Mount Sinai as faculty after completing an HIV/research fellowship. I worked in the @ArnholdInst, and had the pleasure of leading a team tasked with optimizing how health systems delivered ambulatory care to patients in NY and globally. 2/
I worked my tail off. Weekends, evenings, early mornings- I wasn’t ever NOT working. Because at that time, I believed in the myth that hard work alone equals academic success. Through Harvard undergrad, med, + public health school, head down and hard work was my recipe. 3/
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So I think it’s really important to consider ways in which we can deconstruct racism in #Academia so please feel free to interact and share your thoughts...a thread 🧵 #SharetheMicNowMed @DrAyanaJordan
Some ideas To advocate for structural change within academia to address racism and increase the presence of Black & Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC)
(1) chairs establish Anti-Racism goals that everyone must adhere to for tenure
(2) appoint BIPOC faculty to tenure committees
(3) acknowledge/value community work within the academic dossier
(4) undoing racism seminars funded for all faculty including volunteer faculty
(5) journal clubs throughout all medicine sub specialties highlighting scholarship in this area
(6) GRand rounds on anti-racism
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