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💻 Lead Engineer at @DigiCorpLabs ⚡️ Supporter of DigiByte 🛠 Rust/Swift/RN/Blockchain. ⚡️ Rapid Prototyping Skills. 💎 Quality first. 🍕 Lover of food.
Apr 7 11 tweets 3 min read
Finally. My first #DigiByte update/AMA video is online. 🎉🥳🎊

There are huge news for $DGB, because several things happened in the recent months:

A small thread .. 🧵 The most time-consuming during the merge of 8.22 wasn‘t the merge itself. In fact I have been working several hundred hours to fix the functional tests and related issues in DigiByte Core. As I mentioned before, this is the first time we have working functional tests in #DigiByte
Jan 4 7 tweets 4 min read
#DigiByte Development Update Jan 4th, 2022:

While it may seem there is no progress in regards of DigiByte v8.22, the opposite is the case.

Why is it taking so long? Please allow me to explain.

🧵 1/7

$DGB This is by far the most complex merge that was ever done for the #DigiByte Core codebase.

1) $BTC developers have gone mad with their codebase, which is a very good sign. The code's structure and quality has risen immensely. Many new features and bugfixes were introduced.