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22 Nov
The Candice Malcolms, Brian Lilleys, Anthony Fureys of the world aren't the victims of this pandemic.

But they certainly have no qualms about grandstanding on the backs of those risking their lives to care for the critically ill, as well as those who've died and the bereaved.
Get some damned perspective.
Just for the record, a small sample of that loyal crowd.

(Those lists tho! 😂)
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21 Nov
This thread is an outstanding rebuttal to the dishonest and, frankly, cruel effort/argument from Anthony Furey, published in the Sun: #ableg #cdnpoli
This is just as insulting as Brian Lilley's effort to claim covid-related fatality rates among the elderly in LTC facilities are negligible.
Every single death from covid is equally tragic and is a premature (for that individual) fatality. #ableg #cdnpoli
Also, death is not the only (or necessarily the worst) outcome of covid. #cdnpoli

Long-term damage to various organs and chronic illness are real consequences and can profoundly change the lives of "otherwise healthy" people who contract the virus.
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21 Nov
Seems like a normal and healthy thing to celebrate and revere a young extremist and accused murderer. Image
So, that coffee company on Rittenhouse's shirt? Here, they offer a glowing profile of a neo-Nazi.

Azov Battalion. It's literally plastered right on the guy.… Image
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19 Nov
Building on my previous thread, a limited look at the path to the current "Great Reset" hysteria: #cdnpoli
Lana and Goldy are anti-semitic white supremacists and Mark is a failed PPC candidate who is a hardcore conspiracy theorist. #cdnpoli

(Check the dates, too)
Wolfish is a neo-Nazi, Mercola is conspiracy theorist and anti-vax charlatan (among other things) and Mattea is a Fellow at True North and a contributor to The Post Millennial and The Rebel.

And boy, does she have *a lot* to say about this. #cdnpoli
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18 Nov
Today in science denial and covid misinformation:

A prominent IDW figure elevates false claims made by a doctor who says covid is "the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public" and does some 'contrarian' math to suit his agenda. ImageImageImageImage…

This is not a medical professional to rely on for sound opinions on things related to the pandemic.
Well, that's unsettling. #ableg

Does this accurately reflect your remarks, @shandro? Image
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17 Nov
EC's tweet was as wise as possible under the circumstances.
It should get its own Heritage Minute.
TBH, since Trump and various far-right personalities are suddenly enamoured w Canada's election process, they should be firmly behind passing reform legislation in the US.

Widespread enfranchisement, and voting made fast and easy for everyone!
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17 Nov
Yes, let's discuss Sweden's approach to the coronavirus.

True North v. Reality, Nov 16 edition: #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage


Call your office, maybe? ImageImageImage
It's laughable, but it's far too serious a situation to laugh at what they're doing.
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17 Nov
If only the medical professionals begging for meaningful policy and leadership to address the out-of-control pandemic in Alberta could participate.

Maybe if they personally offer some extra cash, since that seems to be the way to gain access to the premier these days... #ableg
Why prioritize this crisis when you can plan and host a scotch and wine party instead?
At least Doug Ford, for all his faults, sincerely cares (or manages to seem as if he does) about the regular people affected and struggling in his province.
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17 Nov
Strong Bad voice: "It's over!"

Strong Sad voice: "That's not an improvement"
And from this one alone:

"Imma call you Josh"
"Sweet Cuppin' Cakes"
"I will do it nine times"
"Shuddit up you... shuddit up, me"
Pretty much just with the people I used to watch this with, tho.

Still, it's a fun thing.
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11 Oct
Terrible news out of Denver being made worse by propagandists
Irresponsible and shameless, every one of these people.
And once again, The Post Millennial rushes out claims based on nothing.
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9 Oct
This is a situation where having people who will act in your best interest, rather than simply lick your boots, matters.

For his own sake, Trump should be forced to rest and step back for the moment.
This does seem to be an appropriate time for the 25th Amendment.

For the sake of the country, yes, but also the wellbeing of the man himself.
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9 Oct
Alex Jones and Infowars were quite broadly deplatformed and everyone was better off for it, particularly the bereaved parents of Sandy Hook children who were relentlessly terrorized by Infowars loyalists.
Whether it's either intellectual dishonesty or just laziness here, there is no use in wasting time on concern trolling, especially since this debate/discussion played itself out years ago.

Also, they're all still welcome on Gab along with the Nazis and Infowars crowd.
We really don't have to do this ritual hand-wringing.

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27 Sep
Probably unpopular opinion, but one reason I find the ongoing fixation over Woodward sitting on the fact that Trump knowingly downplayed the seriousness of the virus is that everyone already knew that he did based on his entirely public words.
When there are multiple should-be-career-ending scandals almost daily, what in hindsight might seem to have been *the* lost opportunity to have changed everything would likely just have been another thing quickly lost in the tide of everything else.
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24 Sep
My goodness, the Premier of Alberta is quite casual with racism nowadays, isn't he? #ableg
This is, in one way, a white supremacist mindset, for the record.

The belief or inherent assumption that non-white populations are uncivilized and/or incapable of modernity.
And no, I am not suggesting Kenney is a white supremacist.

I am specifying how racism, xenophobia, and other (sometimes quiet) bigotries continue to flourish and exist, often with people sincerely thinking they have nothing to learn or hear from others on these matters.
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19 Sep
I'm sorry for the torrent of abuse @EmmMacfarlane is getting right now at the hands of those who claim to be opposed to twitter mobbing and cancel culture.

The same people who scream "never apologize!" and celebrate being offensive via "wrongthink" are trying to get him fired.
Everyone, at some point, tweets something impulsive and thoughtless and I'm not here to defend anyone else's tweets.

But @EmmMacfarlane has retracted the tweet and apologized. There's nothing more for him to do.

The question is, how much longer will the mob call for blood?
It should tell you how disingenuous the outrage is that these actually menacing calls to "burn it all down" from the right were endorsed, celebrated and amplified by many of those now targeting Macfarlane. ImageImageImageImage
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7 Sep
Speaking of an incomplete/lack of teaching of history: How many like myself remember the Ipperwash crisis, but learned next-to-nothing (aside from a very happy and sanitized caricature of the past) about Indigenous history in Canada? #cdnpoli
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6 Sep
"Young women are encouraged to pursue hooking up because that is what empowered women are supposed to do. Those who abstain are seen as unfortunate casualties of a culture rampant with slut shaming and repressive gender norms."

Uh, that is absurd.…
Maybe this is the case in some funhouse mirror corner of the internet, but my goodness that's embarrassing to see put forward as a serious argument by anyone.
"If a woman is more interested in having committed relationships, that should be completely fine, too. She should not be made to feel as though she is uptight, unenlightened or a sexual prude."

Good news, that is indeed completely fine already.
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2 Sep
Erin O'Toole has named Candice Bergen deputy leader of the Conservatives. Here she is (among others) in July participating in a virtual summit hosted by, in Juneau's words, "a violent and corrupt cult." #cdnpoli
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31 Aug
It would help if you could clarify exactly what your concerns are re: Soros, his actions, and/or his money. What exactly is he doing wrong, and why should it alarm Canadians? #cdnpoli

If what Findlay tweeted here was accurate and fair criticism, explain in detail why that's the case and why her subsequent (lacklustre, imo) apology was unwarranted.
I'm asking sincerely, @CandiceMalcolm: What precisely do you feel Canadians (or others, for that matter) have to worry about when it comes to George Soros?
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31 Aug
This is going to be unpopular among my usual crowd, but Charles Adler is first and foremost out for Charles Adler.

He was a big contributor to the fringe-right's hate and growing extremism thru the years, and while people can and do change, he's never actually made right on it.
He continues to get a pass.

Say what you will about Coren, but he went to great effort to own the terrible things he said and acknowledged the ways he hurt people.

Coren owned his past. Alder would prefer you just forget all about his and just praise his apparent epiphany.
Which, okay!

Give the guy some love. Good for him. But remember that the pockets of hate in Canada were established with his help.
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29 Aug
Periodic reminder that Ezra Levant continues to entertain and amplify anti-Semitic conspiracies. Also that this strain of anti-Semitism is a feature, not a bug, of the fringe right in #cdnpoli.
This one too, for those who might be new to this stuff #cdnpoli
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